The Love Story Part 5: Back together!

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The Love Story: Part 4

After Jon and I had began spending a decent amount of time together, I brought up going to Italy together. I had already planned a trip to go see Adam and Jessie (Adam has been Jon’s best friend since childhood, but Jessie and I remained friends after Jon and I broke up) since they were living out there. At first it was just a random suggestion about how cool it would be to surprise Adam for his 30th birthday by bringing Jon with me! But then I Skyped Jessie about it and we wanted it to happen.

Throughout the Italy “planning,” Jon and I were having a bit of a rough spot. I was starting to have feelings for him again and we were having so much fun and it felt like we were best friends. He said he had feelings for me but still didn’t want  a girlfriend, which I understood. But it was becoming a situation with a lot of gray area and I didn’t like it. We were starting to have some longer “discussions” about where our friendship was going.

At this point, Italy was starting to become a reality. We were already going together and we were getting close to leaving. I had a feeling that Italy may be the end of our friendship. I was getting too drained and had told myself ahead of time that if I was becoming unhappy in our friendship, that I still gave it a fair shot and things just weren’t meant to work out.

Very shortly before I left for Croatia (I went to Croatia first and met Jon in Italy), Jon and I had a big conversation where he said he actually was open to dating me. At this point (like today- February 2014), I can’t remember all the details of that conversation, but it was the first time he said he just wanted to get back in school and then he thought he’d feel ready. Also just before leaving for Croatia, I bought my condo and moved into it, which is very close to Jon’s work and much closer to downtown than where I was previously living.

I was already kind of over everything at this point. So off to Croatia I went. Fortunately, Jon was staying in my house to watch the cats until he came to Italy.

When I arrived and met Jon in Italy, things were very different. He was acting like my boyfriend! I was a little thrown off and also feeling a little distanced because of how things had been over the last few months (remember- we first hung out at the end of February, and we went to Italy at the end of June). But over the trip, things started to feel a little more real. He was definitely acting very okay with beginning another relationship.


That is not a boxing glove that I’m wearing. That’s my thumb splint that I wore for 3 months from my overuse injury.

We came home from Italy and he never went home. He often talked about how he wanted to go home, and I totally supported him spending more time at his own place. But things were still going really well with us, we just didn’t want to rush into anything. He also didn’t see a point in labeling the relationship, but I was somewhat frustrated with that because he spent every night at my house so it didn’t even make sense not to. The actual change in our relationship status was done on Facebook. I thought the whole thing was stupid so just changed that. And after about a week, it just kind of seemed normal again to have a boyfriend.


While Jon was still talking about spending more time at home, he went down to Florida for a weekend. He had a talk with his parents that basically encouraged him to take our relationship to the next level if I was as supportive as he said. And this is where it all changed.

Jon came back and we started talking about marriage. And he was totally fine with it. He decided to get rid of the room he was still paying for at his house (that he hadn’t stayed in for months) and move in with me officially. Things continued going well and then we got engaged!


And that’s the end of our love story! Well, or it’s to be continued since we’re planning our wedding now, but I finally (months later) caught you guys up on the rest of our love story, for those who are interested.


5 thoughts on “The Love Story Part 5: Back together!

  1. Wow, I read the entire thing and you guys have been through a lot. And sometimes, couples that go through the most, learn to appreciate each other more and become less selfish in the relationship. Glad you guys worked things out and are happy together! Can’t wait to hear about your wedding day that just keeps getting closer!

    • I KNOW! Three months away!!!! Yeah, we have definitely gone through a ton. But I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I’m glad we had our time apart and definitely think we needed it. And Jon grew a TON without me too. And I did too, although I think I still need some work, haha. I’m very happy with how things turned out though. It’s been a good 5 years!

  2. This is the best! Seriously, I love your honesty. I’m obsessed with reading other couples love stories (and really weird, but birth stories too, you should do one of those lol!, but sometimes doesn’t it seem like everyone just leaves out the hard parts? That’s like the best part. I mean, this whole story line just shows that you two are basically meant to be together. EVEN if wasn’t always easy. I’d like to someday but I haven’t written ours yet…because it’s messy lol. Not ready to let the world know that we’re kind of crazy haha. I just can’t even tell you how much I loved this. And I feel like I should thank you for it also because it’s not easy to share this kind of stuff. But I always appreciate reading an honest true story. And especially a love story 😉

    Also, I think it’s so funny you seriously look like a different person in like every picture! All your hair changes! You can pull off a lot! I love it.

    • I want to hear your love story! I noticed that part in your blog the other day that you mentioned writing one! You totally should! And I’m with you on being honest. That’s my favorite part of your blog too! I hate it when people are like, “Life isn’t always perfect! We fight occasionally too!” and then gloss over it. That’s what makes relationships and people real! All the hard stuff where you totally look like a crazy person! And I will definitely be writing a birth story! (I just typed “bitch story,” haha.) I’ve had long hair now for years but I’ve been thinking about cutting it shorter again! It was just such a pain not to be able to just pull it back though!

    • By the way, I totally went back and read my love story again while I’m eating dinner and I so wish I could have put ALL of it in there! There was so much crazy stuff I couldn’t ever put online that happened, haha. It’s all in an old anonymous blog that I have online, but definitely not this one!

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