Short post

So, I’m still working on finalizing the public blog. Need to pick a theme for good and work on a cover photo and some other layout stuff, but


I think it’s off to a decent start. I’m not planning on


making it anything crazy at first. I’m already SO overwhelmed with going back to school that I feel like it’s SO much to juggle that, my new health and wellness business, and trying to plan mine and Jon’s Eurtrip for October.


I’m at the surgery center now while Jon gets his elbow operated on (nothing major), so I’ve been chilling here. I was going to go to the gym, but Jon was surprisingly pretty nervous about the surgery so I ended up just staying in his room with him while I did some work.


Anyway, I’m off to work on some other stuff, but add a .com to those lone words above, and that’s my new blog.


3 thoughts on “Short post

  1. Wooo new blog! Following! Whats the difference in a public blog though?

    • This one is public right now, but I’ve never advertised it. So I’m going to include more pictures and make it a blog that I’m more comfortable sharing with people that I actually know because I’m going to add the link eventually to my IG and FB profiles. I may still write in this one occasionally though.

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