Just a quick post T-day Update

Nothing too exciting to report here! I just finished working my three days (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!) for the week! In my work week, I ate far too much food, including pumpkin bread pudding with a toffee sauce that tasted just like heath bars. I was in heaven. I stayed late last night. And then, as always, after my three days of work, I crashed and slept for 11 hours last night without waking up once! I’m a little too excited to get back on my 7a-7p shifts!


I also got a bag of vomit spilled on me. So glad we keep extra scrubs in our locker room! I rocked this cute outfit home and got jiffy feet walking out to my car and then to the house in my sock-only feet while it was raining. #nurseproblems My goal for the weekend is to find new work shoes since mine got puked on (and I’ve had mine for 3 1/2 years and keep telling myself that I’ll buy new ones).

After a very unhealthy week of eating and lots of stomach problems yesterday, I decided I have to go back to 90% Paleo. I kept saying I would once I leave this city of delicious food, but I can’t make it another two weeks! I still plan on having kefir and cheese (they never upset my stomach) and I’m going to eat white potatoes if I feel like it, but the grains, sugar, and beans have got to go. ASAP.

I’m about to head to the gym now, but I ended up being famished when I woke up after not really being able to eat much yesterday, so I had a full breakfast (at 5pm) and am now waiting for it to settle! I did get to FaceTime with Jon for awhile which will probably be the highlight of my day! I’ll be heading to the airport to pick him up at this time in 11 days and I am beyond excited!

Off to handle some bills before the gym!



What do people call these posts where they make a list now? Coffee talks? Or something?


Whatever. I’m just calling it “I’m too lazy to form any sort of train of thought, so you get numbers.”

1. I had such a good workout last night! I slept till 3 again (how do I do that?!) and then ate 1/2 a mashed banana scrambled with 1 egg and a little kefir so I’d have some energy. Then I just killed it at the gym! At least for what I can do with this hip. I ran a mile at 5.7 (running faster than 5.5 is so exciting- but I’m not pushing it till all my hip pain is gone so I think that’ll be the top of my range!) and then I’ve been working on inclines. I walk them since I don’t think running them is a good idea yet, but I did 1/2 a mile starting at an incline of 12 and going up every .1 miles. I have done this a few times and I’m dying by the end of the 1/2 mile (speed between 3.2-3.5). How do I even hike? Then I ran another 1/2 mile with an incline of 3. Definitely sweating! And then I worked out upper body and was done by the time I left! Felt great!

2. I made some Asian dish. I don’t know if it really counts, but I used peanut sauce.


I used sugar snap peas, carrots, water chestnuts, broccoli, chicken, and basmati rice. It ended up being pretty good! I was impressed! Sorry for the horrible photo. Night time, bad plates, and my phone don’t work well together.

3. I feel so lazy for buying pre peeled mandarin oranges at Whole Foods, but I did it anyway! I’m sure it would have been cheaper to buy the whole thing, but I tend to buy oranges and let them all go bad because I hate peeling them so much! I ate one when I got home from the grocery store and I must say, it was divine, and there was no hassle.


4. Jon sends me cat pictures occasionally and I always get so happy when he sends them! Tom is such a good little buddy and is always cuddling with Jon!


5. Time to go. I work Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week! I bought some stuffing at Whole Foods to make on Thursday morning! I wanted to make this soufflé but didn’t want to buy a bag of sugar and Whole Foods doesn’t have canned pineapple. I made that recipe last year and it was so good! I’d definitely  recommend it for any of you needing a dish for a Thanksgiving meal! Not for those of you who want to eat clean on the holidays though!

Seattle Trip

My trip to Seattle wasn’t exactly beyond thrilling, but I am definitely glad I got to see part of the city! I got into the city around 1pm and decided to head to the Space Needle first! Seems to be the biggest tourist thing to do in Seattle so I figured I might as well! If anybody ever goes, there’s a public parking lot right at the base of the Space Needle (well, really close), but outside the lot and down the street is free 2 hour parking!


I paid $22 (I think) to go up, but you could pay $32 for a day and night trip. I was tempted, but wasn’t really sure how much time I’d have to do it at night again! I stood in line behind by some really obnoxious children, sweated through my winter clothes, and wished desperately that Jon was traveling with me!

I made it to the top and I must say, it was pretty awesome! I love being up high in cities and being able to look down!


Just kidding! That photo was taken at the bottom and superimposed! They could have at least superimposed it onto an entire city shot instead of having that big white half moon thing there!





Awesome city views! The only unfortunate part was that Mt Rainier was fogged out and I would have loved to see it in the background! I might have cried, that’s how much I love volcanoes!

Once I had my fill of the cityscape, I decided to head down to the Pike Place Market! I took a quick detour to try and see some of the waterfront, but it was a lot of highway down there!

IMG_7439 111111

IMG_7446 2

After that, I finally made my way into the market!


It was a cute market! Lots of stuff! I ended up getting some Greek yogurt from a vendor that reminded me so much of the real Greek yogurt in Greece! It was so thick and creamy! Then I got a crepe that was delicious! Savory crepes are the best! After that, it was getting dark and starting to rain! I made one stop by the first Starbuck’s ever and decided there was no way I was waiting in line for coffee that I don’t even like! Neat to see it though!

IMG_7480 111111

Next I stumbled upon the famous gum wall that was started in the early 90s and was really disgusting! I hate gum anyway cause I think it’s so gross to repeatedly chew on your own spit, but I thought I’d snap some photos since it’s well known!

IMG_7493 11111

There were a ton of really cute alleys and little shops! Our closest couple friends may move there and I’m tempted to try and take an assignment there in the summer! I would love to explore the mountains up there and I’d still be close to Oregon!

The rest of the evening (till my meltdown over the ferry and not having my husband) was spent at Starbuck’s, just killing time. I wish they had other coffee shops, but I went down by the ferry terminal and there weren’t many options! I had the new praline latte or whatever it is- disappointing. Starbuck’s sucks.

And that’s it for Seattle!

Downsides of Travel Nursing

I remember talking to Jon last winter right after we got married and telling him that we’d see how this next winter goes with my mood. I’ve told him before that I think that the older I’ve gotten, that I have seasonal affective disorder now (instead of just being depressed all the time). Last winter was tough, and you’d think right after an engagement and a secret courthouse wedding, we’d be happy! But I struggled.

I had a fantastic summer and I’m having a rough winter! This assignment isn’t quite like Massachusetts. Mass was awesome! The weather was wonderful, it was prime hiking season so all the hikes I did alone still felt safe due to having a fair amount of people any day of the week, I was really able to explore on almost every day off, minus a few rainy days here and there, and all the parks were very easily accessible. Portland isn’t the same. The sunny days are a rarity. I find the rain forest to be a bit scary to hike in alone, especially since it’s the off season and nobody is out hiking during the week. The state parks have all kinds of crazy rules about parking around here, and since I live on the Oregon/Washington border, I need separate types of passes in both states.

Despite all of that, I know I’m still unbelievably lucky to be traveling. I got to see so many things on the drive out here and Jon and I are about to drive down the California coast and back to Georgia together! I love the job I have out here. I am glad to be living with a friend from college! I still see some beautiful sights out here and still get to explore, even if not as often as I’d like!

But I’m just feeling kind of flat lately. I wouldn’t say depressed necessarily. I still feel more positive than negative overall, but I guess that “positive” is really just more like “even.” Not depressed. Not really happy, just not depressed. I miss Jon like crazy and am dying to see him right about now! I feel lonely. I’m tired of traveling for right now. (Side note: I know that this is a temporary feeling and I am not giving up on travel nursing.) I am so ready to be at home with Jon, cuddled up on our couch with him and the kitties, going to my own gym, making dinner for both of us, and hanging out with my friends. I miss Atlanta. I miss knowing where the hell I’m going and where I can park! I miss my life at home.

I was supposed to go to Vashon Island to see my sister today. I spent the day exploring Seattle since her flight didn’t land till way later in the evening, and then decided to get to the ferry terminal early since I read there was no parking lot at the ferry terminal (seriously, wtf). I couldn’t find anywhere that would let me park overnight! I mean, I did, but 2 miles away. I didn’t want to pay to take my car over to the island because I had no reason to pay for it. I just wanted to park my car and not have to walk back 2 miles tomorrow, up and down hills, through the constant drizzle! My sister told me that she landed (from Texas) and by that point, I was so frustrated with the whole thing! I was going to go stay with her and her fiancé’s family, but I was just getting so bummed out and I didn’t feel like dealing with parking or taking a ferry or walking back to my car tomorrow!

Finally, I just asked if she’d be upset if I went back to Portland (this was at 9:45pm). She said she really wanted to see me but understood. I feel so bad for letting my mood get in the way of seeing my family, especially since I only see her once a year usually, but I’m just over this! I’m tired of traveling, tired of being without my husband, tired of not having my cats, tired of looking for parking, tired of always paying to park, tired of exploring alone, tired of not having friends to hang out with… And I’m not somebody who wants to hang out with people when I feel down. Actually, I would have been fine with seeing my sister and wish I could have, but I didn’t want to deal with family members I hadn’t met before and the pain in the ass ferry.

So I called Jon and I cried. Thank god for my husband that answers my phone calls no matter what time I call him (I am not such a good wife- I get really annoyed when he calls me when I’m sleeping but I can’t help that I’m a grumpy sleeper!). I cried for a good 30 minutes about how much I miss him. I can’t wait for the next 14 days to fly by. I miss him so incredibly much. Then I had to get gas and looked at my reflection in the window (in the dark) and thought I didn’t look too bad! So I walked inside and made lots of eye contact with the guy working there while I tried to figure out if the door marked “Employees Only” was the bathroom (it was), only to find out I was looking like a hot mess when I saw my reflection in the bathroom mirror. Jeebus.

I’m home now (well, to my Washington home). I feel okay now. Still just ready to get home (to my Georgia home). I still would not trade travel for anything and am still so glad that I’m doing it. I’m not the type of person that needs to have her husband around all the time (clearly, I’ve left him at home for the last 6 months) at all… I think with this weather and the season (ugh, dang season) and all this birth control mess (and now getting my period back- pretty much exactly on time too), I’m just needing some comfort, and there sure isn’t much comfort when you’re traveling alone! I’ve been fairly isolated from anybody close to me for about 6 months and I’m really looking forward to an end to that, at least temporarily.

(Also, I promise I’m not just posting this to complain publicly! But I post tons of awesome pictures of my life and it makes it look like travel nursing is the best thing ever- which it kind of is- but there are days that aren’t so awesome too and since other travelers can read this, I’m just keeping it real!)

Workouts + Waffle Window

I had another day of staying in bed till 3pm! The rain was coming down pretty good today, so I lost all desire to get out of bed! No way I’m exploring in constant rain! I was awake a lot of the time, but really, I’m still enjoying my lazy days in bed! Can’t help it.

As soon as I got up, I headed out the door to the gym. I had a good mile run and then did some sumo deadlifts. I was able to lift more and go a little lower than I was before and actually think I may have been able to hit my weights on the floor at the end of every rep, but I didn’t. I made it through some Romanian deadlifts and some dips and a bit of an ab workout, but then I was feeling depleted! I go to the gym without eating first about 25% of the time and typically make it through fasted workouts just fine, but every once in awhile, I just want food! Today was one of those days. So I kept it short and sweet and headed out to get some waffles! (Duh- gotta refuel after a fasted workout.)

the waffle window

I decided to head to the other Waffle Window on Alberta St today (this one was closer) and it definitely was cuter than the other one on Hawthorne St. This one actually had its own space!


How cute is this place?



I ate the same savory one as I did last time (Three B’s, added an egg) and then got a pumpkin pie waffle since it’s the last weekend for it! I ate part of the pumpkin pie one at home and it was good, but not as good as the savory one! I need to cut back again on my breads, but I’ll only be here to enjoy these for 2 more weeks, so I’m just kind of ignoring my eating habits for right now.

I ran some errands after that and then came home. I took some Benadryl tonight so I’m about to shut off the computer, get ready for bed, and do some reading! I’m headed to Seattle tomorrow to hang out for the day exploring and then at night, I’m going to Vashon Island with my oldest sister for the night and part of Tuesday! I’m excited!

I’ll check back in later!

Things I’m Loving Friday

No, it’s not Friday (but it does feel like it, since I haven’t gone to bed yet). Do I care? No.

1. I absolutely love all the coffee in Portland! It may be one of my favorite parts about this city, actually! Even when I’m not out getting Dutch Bros and Peet’s, I’m kind of liking having a regular coffee pot at home (I only have a Keurig in Georgia) cause there are so many different flavors of ground coffee! I really do look forward to my cup of coffee every single day!


2. This vest from lucy. I had been looking for a plain vest for awhile and never found one that fit me like I wanted and didn’t have too much going on! I just wanted something plain and simple (my style)! I finally found it at lucy (part of The North Face, I hear). It was my first time visiting that store and it was comparable to Lululemon in price and style, but unfortunately, I don’t think it’ll be a regular store for me because almost all of their clothes ran too big for me! Absolutely love the vest though! (Also, love my headband/ear warmer thing from there too!)


3. I found this chocolate at Whole Foods a few weeks ago and bought it again when I went the other night! Adding it to my list of chocolates that I love! I hate really gritty chocolate lately and just want really creamy chocolate. This does it for me! I typically snack of Enjoy Life chocolate chunks, but this is a nice switcharoo.


4. This next one may be cheating since I didn’t buy it, but this shirt is pretty perfect for me! I mean, a “Meowy Christmas?” Come on, guys! Awesome! I think the creators of this shirt probably had crazy cat ladies like me in mind with this one. If only I had some tacky Christmas party to wear this baby to! Or if I wasn’t on a budget…




1. Falling asleep when it’s cold out. My face freezes so I have to bundle up with all the blankets and then my hair peeks out and tickles my face. Then my arms get cold when I try to push my hair away. Then my feet are cold. Then my legs get hot under so many blankets. I can’t win. No picture of this necessary.


That was it for that list. I’m too much of a grouch to make an entire post about things I like, so I thought I’d  throw that negative one in there! #negativenancy (Isn’t it annoying when people throw hashtags into their paragraphs? That’s okay- I’m going to do it anyway.) I figured I’d get that one out of the way before I start bitching about wearing my hair down and wearing a scarf at the same time.



1. I don’t think I’ve included this yet in my blog, but Jon is making the drive home with me! I have 19 days until he gets to Portland and I am way beyond excited! I was fine (missing him, of course, but nothing too crazy) until we booked his ticket to Portland and now that’s just about all I can think about! If you ever want to know how to make your first year of marriage work, just separate! Distance makes the heart grow fonder! Now I can enjoy my nightly hotel Forensic Files on the way home because I’ll have him to protect me and keep me safe!

2. My oldest sister is coming to an area close to Seattle next week with her fiancé! Hopefully the staffing coordinator at work will approve me to swap shifts with another girl so that I can actually go see her! It would be awesome to see Seattle (and I’m thinking I may spend the day beforehand up there too) and get to see my sister too!

3. My hip is finally getting better! I’ve been able to squat down at work without having any pain and I’ve noticed a decrease in the pain while I’m in bed (laying flat on my back and lifting my leg has been consistently very painful- finally improving!)! I may try to go to the gym this weekend and see how it feels there! I’ve noticed that every time it gets irritated, there’s a noticeable improvement in it when the irritation goes away. I won’t be going too crazy, but since I need to cancel my gym membership anyway, I might as well try to get a workout in! I’m really hoping to start squatting again by the first of the year, but I want to make sure I have a few weeks without pain first and I’ll most definitely be starting out at a very light weight (or no weight) and building back up.

4. While my hip is better, I’ve had a lot of left knee pain lately. I don’t know if I was somehow compensating for my hip on that side (thought my hip hasn’t bothered my while walking for awhile) or if my work shoes are screaming at my and telling me that they need to be replaced. Or maybe I just twisted it when I was getting out of the car and didn’t notice. Who knows! Not too concerned, but I’m tellin’ ya, I’m really feeling like my body is going downhill in my late 20s!

5. My roommate is making some Thanksgiving dinner in the crockpot and it smells amazing. I may have peeked in it (I know, you aren’t supposed to open a crockpot or it adds 30 minutes to the cooking time- or maybe that’s a lie- but I know she’s going to be cooking it plenty long enough tonight!) and saw turkey, stuffing, and green beans! What an awesome idea.

6. I got off work 1 1/2 hours early tonight. I normally wouldn’t have accepted an offer to leave early (I owe money if I’m short on hours), but I’m working Saturday night for a few hours for somebody and this allows me to give her another 1 1/2 hours off to spend with her husband! I’ll be heading down to bed in a few! It’s getting late.

7. I think my hormones have finally evened out after going off my birth control. I haven’t cried in awhile, so I’m hoping I’m back to normal! I can’t be crying regularly- that’s just not me!



Getting Dressed and Getting Beer!

Another lazy day down in the books! I woke up at 9am and started doing business from bed! Jon called me with some current updates, which affects my job situation come January! Then I talked to my recruiters about my January job (I’m wanting to go to Santa Fe, NM!) and then called Jess to talk to her! Then I called Jon back to talk to him again! My hold up now is that Jon may have to travel coming up, and if he does, I don’t want our cats to be alone all week long! Our cats are not independent at all! They follow us around, get ready in the morning with us, join us in bed, and sit with us all the time! When it was just Kitty and me living alone, she would eat the fur out of her back when I was working a lot as a stress response! And Tom pees on the carpet when he gets angry (luckily, we only have one entry rug in our house now- but only cause he peed on all my other rugs and we have hardwoods in the whole house now- also why he can’t go to my parent’s house, which was my usual solution in my pre-Tom days).


Things are still unknown as of this time, so I may have to hold off on applying for jobs in Santa Fe and put my traveling on hold for the time being. I’m not ready for the traveling days to be behind me, but those little furballs have my heart and I could not leave them home alone for 4 days at a time for a few months! I would feel like such a guilty, horrible mother! I don’t think I could even enjoy traveling as much if I was worried about them at home! (My love for cats is serious business.)

After my business was complete, I fell back to sleep till 2pm. I’m getting in a bad habit of sleeping all day, but I’m calling this “resting my hip.” I woke up and headed out to the gym after eating a little something, but ended up skipping it and getting coffee instead! I decided to be smart and give my hip some more rest since it’s been a little achy lately.

Tonight I went out for beer with Adam! I got dressed for the third time in 6 weeks tonight!


Sometimes I forget what it’s like to wear clothes and have my hair down (this was only the second time having my hair down in 6 weeks)! I actually kind of enjoy it at times, especially because lately it has happened so infrequently!

We went to Base Camp Brewing Co downtown and got smores stouts!


I’ve really come to like stouts lately! I’ve still had my fair share of stouts that I don’t prefer, but there are definitely some good ones out there! This was a good one! And the toasted marshmallow (mine was the perfect one, Adam’s was the burnt one) was a bonus too! Adam reconfigured my external hard drive in about 5 seconds and then my computer spent an hour transferring pictures! I still need to transfer the photos from my other external hard drive over to the new one too!

Tomorrow is back to work for three days! I’m going to see about extending my contract by a week and I’m really hoping they let me! It would give me a chance to work another week before Jon gets here and that money would definitely help us out since both of us will be taking over 2 weeks off of work in December! I have no idea what is happening this weekend, but probably a lot of sleeping and being lazy! Seems to be my thing lately! And I’m just going totally enjoy it while I can and not feel guilty about laying in my nice, fleece sheets till 2pm anymore! I have a feeling these lazy days are only going to last for a few more months and I might as well soak it in! Those grad school days are coming!

I was hoping to curl up on the couch and catch up on some TV, but there’s no cable right now! I don’t even know why! It’s not even raining!!! Frustrating! I get tired of watching everything on my computer!

My Husband is the Perfect Dad Response

Have any of you guys read this article: My Husband Is the Perfect Dad – and It Almost Killed Our Marriage? I read it and felt like I could feel what this woman felt! She tried communicating with her husband to tell him how she felt, and he said the right words but never followed through (something that Jon and I deal with)! She felt alienated and alone in her own home, and typically, when somebody feels that way, their loneliness just leads to a downward spiral! She felt so grateful to have such a great dad but what about his role as a husband? Despite having three kids close together, shouldn’t a woman still feel wanted by her man? Although sometimes I get annoyed with how much my husband wants to be intimate with me, I would also be worried if he didn’t feel that way about me!

Then I read the comments!

This article makes me sick.. A baby or a grown woman; who needs my attention?! What a pathetic excuse for a pity party, I cannot fathom someone actually being jealous of their children.

Why even have kids if you are so insecure in your relationship with your husband? With all the single moms out there today, any of them would be extremely happy to be married to a guy like this. You are so right- she is spoiled, insecure, selfish, and wouldn’t know what it is to be a good parent if it smacked her in the face.

How STUPID do you have to be to have 3 kids in less than 3 years and then complain about how you aren’t the center of the universe anymore? … And I’m sorry, but your children ALWAYS come first and if you want it any other way PLEASE DON’T HAVE ANY!!

The entire article is, “oh poor pitiful me…nobody’s paying attention to me anymore.” Not once did she mention that she made any effort in the slightest to balance anything out.

This woman is selfish! Im a single mom of 4.. i wish i had a guy come take a load off of me so i can have a good nights sleep!

You’re such a victim.he did everything and all you saw was what you weren’t getting.

Do you ladies realize that kids should be put first, before intimacy and etc.?

Wow. I felt pretty annoyed by reading those comments, as I’m sure they were reading the article. Although, multiple comments focused on how communication is key and I can’t help but wonder if they skimmed over the parts about her trying to tell him how she felt! You can communicate all you want, but if nothing is resolved, then it doesn’t help!

Who expects to have kids and then be pushed to the side? I doubt any mother of 3 expects that it will be easy, but you also don’t know before you have children what you’re getting into. You can’t just decide you’re overwhelmed and give one back! When you feel alone or overwhelmed, your partner should be there to lift you up! Not to ignore you and lift up the kids!

I understand single moms say that they’d love to have this help. But that’s the thing. This woman isn’t a single mom! She is married! And she should have a husband who wants to kiss her when he comes home! And yes, kiss her first! She should also have a partner who will discipline the children along with her and will stick to his wife’s words when she parents them. You can’t undermine your spouse when you’re supposed to be united.

I know plenty of comments said that she should co-parent and should be awake with her kids sometimes and let her man sleep. I don’t think the article ever mentions that she didn’t to that, it was just that she felt lonely to wake to an empty bed. Her husband could have gotten up with their daughter and brought them to bed to see the sun come up as a family, or go to bed with his wife and then get up for the last feeding when the child woke up. Nobody in a marriage should have to feel like they’re chasing their spouse around and they shouldn’t have to beg for attention.

When you marry a man/woman, you are committing your life to them. If you kiss them every day when you get home, then do that when you have kids. Your kids don’t have to get the first kiss. They’ve never had it! They won’t suddenly feel like they aren’t good enough if if you’ve been kissing your spouse every day when you get home. That child will see a loving marriage and hope that when they get married, their spouse wants to kiss them every day when they get home too.

I think people confuse meeting the needs of their child with making them a priority. Yes, your kid needs to be fed and changed. If you are in the middle of a conversation with your husband and your child is suddenly hungry, should you jump up to feed them? (Many people used this as an example and said yes.) I say no! Kids don’t need to learn that if they want something, they can get it now no matter what. Also, feeding your kids in 5 minutes when you’re done with your conversation about your day with your husband is just fine. Five minutes of hunger is not “neglect!” I don’t know how many times I told my mom I was hungry and she told me to wait till dinner was ready in an hour! And look at me now- I’m alive- I don’t think the world revolves around me either.

I don’t think this woman got to the point of separation because she was jealous of her kids. I think it was because she tried numerous times to tell her husband that she needed to feel like his wife, not just the mother of his children, and he didn’t listen.

Children are (supposed to be) brought into this world when a couple loves each other! That love came first, before a child. I know Jon’s family was raised “God, spouse, children” and it worked. Although we don’t believe in God, I do believe  that I married Jon. I chose to be with him and I choose to live him. I want him with me for the rest of my life. (I did read a comment that said your kids will always be yours, but you can always get a new husband. I feel pretty certain that person came from a divorced home and if she hasn’t been divorced yet, will be.) In order for that to happen, he needs to come before our kids when we have them. If we don’t meet each other’s needs and one of us leaves, that leaves our children in a broken family. Wouldn’t it be better to show your kids how to love your spouse, how to be a good parent, and not have them go back and forth between Mom and Dad’s house?

I know I’m still childless (thankfully), so maybe my opinion doesn’t matter. When I have kids though, I want to make sure that I remember how I feel about this. I never want to feel like I take a backseat in my marriage and I never want Jon to feel that way either. I want us to continue living the reasons that we married, not just think of them as a distant memory.

Silver Falls State Park & Lazy Days

Yesterday I went to Silver Falls State Park! Best decision ever! I found it randomly through some searches for hikes in the area (also found the Silver Star Trail in Washington which I am dying to do now also!).

I woke up early-ish yesterday and headed south! The drive was just under two hours and I was so glad to find how easy it was to pay to park and that there were no crazy fees at the park!

I started out at the main lot and headed to see one of the most photographed falls in Oregon! Notice that you can walk behind the falls!

IMG_7244 111111

IMG_7271 1111111

It was very icy out there and I was moving so slow! There were rails along the way to hold onto though and the ice wasn’t anything too extreme, so I kept on going! This park has 10 waterfalls and you can do a 4-5 mile loop and hit a bunch of them, so that was the goal!

silver falls state park

Little bitty falls! I don’t think this one counts towards the 10 falls!

IMG_7289 1111111

The next fall was also awesome and the trail continued behind it also! Unfortunately, the trail on the right side of this photo was like a skating rink and it was tilted towards the water (doesn’t seem like it in the photo, but it was). I literally had to crawl on my hands and knees and then decided to give up! Quite frankly, I was freezing cold and while I could have crawled to that rail in the distance, I wasn’t feeling that adventurous!


After having to stop there, I went back to my car to try and drive to the parking lots near some of the others! I had seen two lots on my drive in so I knew you could!

IMG_7314 11111

This one was tricky to get a photo with! I had to crawl down to the bottom and then couldn’t get far enough away to get a good shot of the entire fall! It was amazing with all the ice near it though! Imagine the ground covered in that!

I decided to go to one more waterfall and then head out! I was so cold and my gloves got wet holding onto all the rails, so my hands were barely functioning anymore! I was grateful for my warming time in the car driving between these places, but it was such a short distance that I didn’t get warm enough!

IMG_7326_2 11111111


This one was so amazing! To walk behind the fall, you’re in this huge arch and it’s so incredibly loud with all the water rushing over the rocks above you and hitting below you! It also was a huge amount of water coming down! Very awesome! I’m adding this one to my favorite falls list!

Afterwards, I stopped by the outlets to check The North Face outlet for gloves! Of course, I accidentally got back on the highway instead of turning into the outlets and it took me 16 miles out of my way (the exits are so far apart!). I ended up buying another pair of Under Armour leggings (I LOVE their leggings and wear them all winter- either for running, under jeans, or under yoga pants). I got lost trying to find The North Face and then when I found it, it was super crowded and they only sold jackets.

I headed back to get dinner with Juliette. I was absolutely starving (it had been 9 hours since I ate) so I asked if she was still going to want to get dinner or should I stop in Portland. No answer (she rarely has her phone on her). She finally answered when I was minutes from home (30 minutes north of Portland) and said Roy wasn’t going to tolerate sitting in a restaurant! I was craving Waffle Window so I headed downtown! Turns out, I missed them by 45 minutes! I was so bummed and so freaking hungry! I found a Thai place close by with great reviews of their crab langoon (do Thai places call it langoon and not rangoon?)! I love crab rangoon so I went there! Turns out, they were out of crab langoon! UGH! #travelfails

I ate a mediocre dish (I’m not a big oriental food person) and then went to get a berry pie from Whiffies. I headed home to eat it and then relaxed for the night!


I had planned on hiking Angel’s Rest today but stay asleep till 1pm! Impressive! Then I laid in bed reading blogs, got up to eat, and am now sitting by the fire writing this. I may head to the gym later or to the grocery store, but being lazy is feeling pretty nice today. I wish I could just curl up in my pajamas by the fire and have a movie night, but living with an almost 3 year old prevents that type of thing from happening!


Time to go clean up the kitchen from my 3pm breakfast!