Vacations as a Mom

Man, late night post before Iceland! (Kind of.)

I’ve been packing tonight for Iceland and I’ve been thinking a lot.

Obviously, I LOVE to travel. I think I can be kind of obnoxious with my love for traveling and how I could seriously talk about it forever. And I wonder if I ever come off as bragging to new people I meet, but I am used to having friends who are just as well traveled as I am or more (seriously, I somehow managed to surround myself with ALL friends who LOVE to travel and have made it to tons of countries in their short lives so far- I have actually probably traveled the least out of most of my friends). My coworkers have been around for awhile and have seen trip after trip, so they get it. But new people? Well, I don’t know. I get overly excited thinking about new trips, and then when I talk about recent trips, it just seems like a lot. But this is my priority. But for those who haven’t made traveling a priority, I guess I can see how it’d seem annoying.

Anyway, since Jackson was born, I went to Yosemite in October for 10 days, Poland in January for 10 days, and now Iceland for 11 days coming up.

Jackson was 8 months when I went to Yosemite. He stayed with Jon at my mom and dad’s house (because that’s when we were living there too). Obviously, Jackson is always safe at home, so I never have to worry about him being left behind. Yosemite was a welcomed break though. We were just starting to come out of the super rough baby phase and I had felt overwhelmed and frazzled for months on end. Yosemite was like a taste of the old me. I felt so renewed! I got to wake up with no responsibility and have ten days of fun! It was the most needed trip I’ve ever taken to date. I almost dreaded coming home and returning to my new life at home, with a baby and less work, but still trying to juggle school. Being a mom wasn’t enjoyable yet. It was just tough and I was still waiting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. And while I was excited to see Jackson, I was so busy enjoying my freedom for once that I didn’t really miss him. I just wanted to revel in every second of being ME.

Poland in January was nice because Jon and I had been living apart and it was our first big trip together after Jackson. Also, Jackson was 10 months old, so he’d been more fun for a few months and it wasn’t such a difficult time with him. But reconnecting as husband and wife again was needed at that point, and I enjoyed it immensely. I wanted that magical winter vacation and Poland fulfilled that completely. Jon and I also got along better in Poland than we probably have in our entire life. I missed Jackson, but not that much. He was at home with Grandma and Grandpa and I still needed that break from him, but not quite as much as I did when I went to Yosemite.

But this time is different! Jackson will be 15 months old this Friday and he is fun now. While I still question why we had a kid at times and I still miss my old life regularly, I also really love this phase we’re in. This is the first trip where I don’t feel like I need a break from Jackson and I’m actually sad about leaving him. I’m obviously super excited about Iceland (although, it is a little overshadowed by the amount of prep that goes into a trip when you’re leaving your child at home with his dad who works a ton and has no back up!), but I’m also sad that I won’t see my boy for 11 days! I had wanted to leave for Atlanta tomorrow night because it really makes the most sense (if I can get my shit together and get out of the house!), but then I really want to see Jackson on Thursday morning because if I don’t, it adds another whole day where I won’t see him!

I guess this trip is the start of a new perspective. I’m curious how I’ll feel on this trip. I wonder if I’ll come home with even worse travel fever and wonder even more why I had a kid, or if I’ll come home so happy to see my kid that I’ll decide I never want to take a longer trip away again (I don’t mean another 10 day trip, but I mean like, a 17 day trip). I know traveling is my passion and I will continue to do it, and no matter how hard it is to leave Jackson, it’s not going to stop me from pursuing the things that I love. Ten days isn’t the end of the world, and I’d rather Jackson get used to us leaving for trips now than having it be a surprise when he’s older. But maybe I’ll come home even more content with this life that I have at home now… There’s just something about the way that Jackson crawls into my lap and calls me Mama that makes it hard to leave!


Almost Ready for ICELAND

Guys, Iceland is FOUR DAYS away! How has this happened?! I don’t think it’s any secret that flying is my biggest fear (like, if you told me I would either have to be in a plane crash or something bad would happen to Jackson, I wouldn’t be able to pick the plane crash- THAT is how terrified I get about flying). So, unfortunately, the fear of the flight is sort of looming overhead and I’m just ready to be on the other side of the two flights and land for our vacation! I think this is made worse knowing we have to fly in a smaller plane over the ocean, as I can’t remember the last time I had a 47 seat plane for a transcontinental flight.

We’ve started doing some planning, but still not a ton. We’re mostly going to explore as we drive and just see where the roads take us! Most of my planning recently was screen shotting maps of our AirBnBs and getting the directions since I know our internet will be nonexistent out in the middle of nowhere. We are looking up a few things for along the way, but not a ton. We did allow a full day for Landmannalauger too, which is still snowed in so we can’t make it there. So maybe we’ll snorkel in the tectonic divide instead!

This weekend was a decent one! I went to have sushi on Friday night with Lisa (of Lisa and Nora). The service was pretty slow, but it was nice to get out of the house so I didn’t care! I miss having friends to just go meet up with after a long day, so it was really nice. I even got to put real clothes on too!

Jon and I have made Saturday mornings our gym date time, so we worked out. We actually sort of did a workout together. We typically go our separate ways, but we both did shoulders/back so we stayed close by. Jon went golfing on Saturday with a friend so Jackson and I hung out. I thought about things to do, but kind of just enjoyed hanging around the house. I took Jackson on the patio with a big mixing bowl of water and measuring cups and he had a blast.

We went to Barnes & Noble Sunday afternoon (we have to work our separately on Sunday mornings since there is no childcare, so it takes up our whole morning before nap time) to get Jackson some more books, since he is loving flipping through books lately and we had a gift card. Then we went to the beach. Jackson was still scared of the waves but he’s warming up! We took a few toys into the wet sand and Jackson was loving it! We need to buy a little pop up canopy thing for the beach since Jackson is so fair, so he can’t stay out that long. Even with sun screen, he just gets too pink. I feel like I’m always trying to shade him and then even after about 45 minutes, we feel like it’s time to head in. And it was even overcast sort of Sunday and we didn’t get there until 4, so it shouldn’t have seemed so bright!

I went to Magnolia Plantation this morning with Lisa and Nora. I thought we may not go since rain was in the forecast on my phone, but on Lisa’s phone, it wasn’t. It was still pretty hot out. The humidity here is killer. The plantation was beautiful though! I want to go when it’s cooler out and without a baby. But they had a really nice petting zoo with deer in it and Jackson thought the zoo was THE BEST! I was actually impressed with it too. The guy working there let Jackson have his rake to run around with and Jackson went nuts. Nora is always so calm and Jackson is always running nonstop. My boy has so much dang energy!

We got home around 11:30, just in time for Jackson’s nap. I just uploaded all of my phone photos and transferred everything to my external hard drive, so my phone and camera will be Iceland ready. I think Jackson and I are going to the mall this afternoon to look for sunglasses. I have prescription sunglasses, but I have contacts for traveling (I had Lasik when I was 21 and my eyes have changed- they still keep getting worse so I’m waiting to use my guarantee until my eyes finally finish changing) so now I need to get nonprescription sunglasses so I can wear my contacts in Iceland.

I also need to pack. I ordered a rain jacket that I am HOPING fits! It’s an XXS Marmot brand jacket that runs slim, according the reviews. It was also on a major sale (although rush shipping was $20). It’s being sent to Laura’s since I was worried it may not actually arrive until a day late, but I’m shit out of luck if it doesn’t fit. I don’t own a rain jacket and the only jacket I found that fit was a $220 Arcteryx jacket, and I’m not spending that! I’m just crossing my fingers for this one! I totally forget what 40-50 degree weather feels like when it’s summer here, so I can’t even decide what to pack. But I just looked and it’s 50-60 in part of Iceland. So, I don’t know. I’m packing mostly outdoorsy stuff. Leggings, sweatshirts, workout stuff, hiking boots and hiking socks… And we’re taking a suitcase with just food in it since it’s so expensive there.

I still need to go grocery shopping for Jackson’s food. Jon is taking Jackson to see my mom and dad in Atlanta this coming weekend since he has a three day weekend. It’ll give him a break from taking care of Jackson alone. Then I’ll be home the following Monday and I’ll have to go back to Atlanta on Thursday to work! When I land on Monday, it’ll be so rough! We’ll have spent ALL day flying and I land at 3pm, and then we have to get to Laura’s in rush hour (we’ll probably take MARTA at least, but that takes about 45 minutes) and then I’ll be leaving Atlanta during rush hour to get back to Charleston, which is a five hour drive (I could have flown from Charleston to Atlanta, but I cannot handle THREE flights in one day! I’m a mess when I have a layover at all because taking off is so scary, but I’d rather drive 5 hours than take a 45 minute flight). I’m going to be tired of being awake and tired of sitting. But Jon goes out of town on Tuesday for the night, so I have to be home.

Alrighty, well, Jackson should be waking up soon. I should probably go get some lunch together for him and then get ready to head out to look for sunglasses. Watch it not be sunny at all! But it’ll be light out for 19 hours a day, which is so crazy! I’m actually super excited to experience such long days!

Who knows if I’ll be back on here before Thursday 🙂

Weekend Updates

Sometimes I just have to laugh at my notifications on WordPress:

“Your blog, at20something, appears to be getting more traffic than usual! 30 hourly views – 0 hourly views on average”

0 hourly views, haha. But I only had 7 visitors, so it was probably Angela catching up on my old posts.

I’ve been MIA for a few days now. I’m just feeling way busier with less daycare days and this upcoming Iceland trip (which I still have done NOTHING for and still haven’t found a rain jacket that fits me, which I’m pretty sure is an essential item in Iceland!).

I had to go back to Georgia last week. I left on Wednesday when Jon got home from work. I think I got in around 9 and hung out for a bit. Thursday I was called in from 11a-7p and worked Friday and Saturday 7a-7p. I was off on Sunday, so I woke up and was able to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee again with my mom! My dad got a job at a hardware store now that he’s retired, so he was working on Sunday morning which meant our cup of coffee was finally in silence and not over Fox news (Fox news is on 24/7 at their house- drives me INSANE!). I really love my mornings with my mom!

I went and had my French cafe breakfast with Laura on Sunday afternoon. Then we went shopping. I did some serious damage, holy moly. I rarely go shopping anymore so it’s not like I’ve spent tons of money recently, but I felt so guilty after spending so much on Sunday! But has anybody worn Athleta’s clothes before?! I love their leggings already (Chaturanga leggings are the BEST) and got the pant in black for Iceland. But their other clothes are amazing. I got two sweatshirts (I know- it’s summer) and they are like wearing butter! They are SO soft and they fit so nicely! They had workout tanks on sale for $30 each (on sale?!) but I love them, so I stocked up on 6 of them! I haven’t found tank tops that I like for working out in forever since Under Armour quit making the kind I like and all of my workout shirts are from 2011. I got another long sleeve tighter top on sale… And I got a run swiftly long sleeved shirt from Lululemon. They had my favorite color so I couldn’t help myself! I ended up getting a sweatshirt from REI (not a cheap sweatshirt) and I think that was it. It was insane. And really, for a higher end workout clothing store, Athleta was actually way more reasonably priced than I expected. I guess I’m used to Lululemon and their clothes are just insane (and I hate their leggings, for the record- the Wunder Unders suck).

My brother came over for dinner on Sunday night, so we all ate and then I chilled upstairs in peace and quiet for awhile!

Monday I worked from 9a-3p and headed back to Charleston after. I stopped at the outlets and spent way too much money their on work clothes for my internship! I got all tank tops, so I guess I’ll be living in cardigans too. I think because I don’t have any hips at all, a lot of the short sleeved dressy tops just look really strange on me. My shoulders look super broad and it’s just a weird look. I bought three pairs of dress pants (which I will end up returning some of!) so that Jon and I can go through my dress pants and figure out which ones I should alter and which ones I should return or donate. But Loft had some super cute clothes. Their pants don’t fit me, but their tops were actually really cute. And the outlet was actually not expensive at all. The shirts were all about $17-$20.

I have no idea why this is all about what I bought. Maybe because I am seriously excited about my finds from Athleta and I actually really like the shirts I found at the outlets. The pants were not exciting because I hate dress pants. I wish dresses looked decent on me, but again, the narrow hips and broad shoulders doesn’t do me any favors.

I got back late on Monday and spent Tuesday with my boy! I spent all morning doing laundry and cleaning up, followed by the bathrooms during his nap, and then I think we finally made it out for a bit in the afternoon. You know, the usual toddler life.

Yesterday was my LAST day with our sitter before Iceland! I totally decided one day a week (once I get back in town), I’m taking one day for the beach and my French food. I went to work out with Jeremy in the morning. On my way in, this guy was walking in from his outdoor workout. He was like, “You’re really looking strong these days.” I kind of laughed and thanked him and he was like, “No, I’m serious!” I think I was sort of surprised since I rarely interact with people at the gym, but it was so nice! I was so happy about it all day, haha. I even texted Jon as soon as I got in the locker room and he was like, “He must have been looking at that booty.” Hah. I do feel much more comfortable with my body these days and feel so much more back to normal now that I feel stronger, but it’s always nice to get a compliment! I remember pretty much every compliment I’ve ever gotten at the gym! Especially when it’s just a compliment and not somebody hitting on me (which has only happened once, thankfully).

I left the gym and went to the French cafe here that I love for some quiche and crepes. Then I headed to Isle of Palms for a beach day. I would totally not recommend Charleston for beaches unless you’re renting a house, just because I feel like there are other better beaches out there. But I LOVE the beaches here because I like that they’re lined with houses and not condos (like Florida). It was another super nice day, except the waves were pretty rough and they were stirring up all the sand and shells. So I get nervous about being in water when it’s super murky because of sharks. The usual. Haha.

I came home and got stuff done around the house for a bit. I had to go to the chiropractor for a massage, but Jon had a surprise conference call at 5 and the masseuse was running late, so I only got 15 minutes. Bummer. But she was so good! I’m totally going to make that a normal thing for as long as I can! I love that our insurance covers chiropractic massages! It’s awesome! I used to have a ton of pain in my mid back, radiating all the way across it, from that subluxation. Not all the time, but I couldn’t arch my back at all without having a ton of pain. It has improved SO much in the last week from the adjustments. I’ve always been weary of chiropractors but this is amazing. I wish I had gone when I was pregnant. I stretched at the gym this morning (the ab stretch where you lay face down and push up on your arms) and I had no back pain. I totally love this chiropractor!

Jon asked me the other night if I “confirmed with Jessica.” Out of the blue. I had no idea what he was talking about. He wanted to know if I confirmed that his sister (Jessica) was coming to help out while I was in Iceland. I was like, “Um, I told you that she had school and couldn’t come at all.” I feel like he knew that and was trying to be a smart ass though, because we had just talked about how much he’d have to do while I was gone a few days before that. Hopefully these 10 days go well!

My oldest sister, Tonie, is moving to Asheville soon! Well, apparently the company she’s going to work for could be bough out and she’d move to California, but I hope not! She’s talking about watching Jackson while Jon and I take vacations! Um, YES! Like, whenever you want to watch Jackson, YES! I’m excited to live near a sister anyway (Annie lives in Wisconsin and Tonie lived in Italy for a long time and has been in Texas for a long time) but who doesn’t want vacations?! I also think Tonie and I may try to go on a trip together! I would LOVE to do a sister trip! Flights to Paris are super cheap in August, but I don’t think that I can swing another trip this summer. Jon would kill me.

I should be off to get some stuff done! Not sure what because I feel lazy and want to sit and catch up on trash TV before my shower (Jackson is napping), but I doubt I will. I need to finish my requirements up for my internship today!

Keto. Gym. Iceland. LIFE.

Man, I have a lot to get done! I’m finishing up a cup of coffee though and then I’m off to be productive during Jackson’s nap time! He has been incredibly difficult lately. He has gotten VERY picky about how he eats- like sometimes I can hand him the spoon and he takes it and eats off of it. Sometimes he wants me to lay it on his tray. Sometimes he doesn’t want a spoon at all and wants to eat with his hands. Sometimes he wants me to feed him (not usually). He has started refusing almost everything I give him. He is throwing serious temper tantrums! His one this morning was so bad that I was checking his ears and nose thinking he shoved something in them and was hurting! Then it just stopped and he was fine (after like, 20 minutes). We are in a very opinionated and very difficult phase, but he is still the best and I’m going to miss him like crazy! I’ve been home with him for a full week with no sitter, which is actually the longest I think I’ve ever been home with him. Honestly, I’m fine with it. I wouldn’t mind a few more days before wanting a break. It helps that I don’t have school to focus on right now, but I’m sort of enjoying him, even if he is a major pain in my butt at times.

I only have two sessions with Jeremy (personal trainer) left! I’m kind of bummed! I’m actually considering keeping him for twice a month through the rest of the summer just because I really enjoy my workouts with him. I could totally manage on my own, but eh, there’s something I’m liking about it! Or I could see if a CrossFit gym here does drop ins and go one day a week for the same price, probably. I’ve been making it to the gym 4 days a week most weeks, although it’s about to get crazy since I go to Georgia this afternoon and get back late Monday evening, and then I leave for ICELAND in two weeks!

Speaking of Iceland, I have got to get my shit together. I have stuff to finish for my internship. Bathrooms that haven’t been cleaned in five weeks (I do wipe down the sinks, mirrors, and toilet!), floors that are a disaster. I need to make an appointment with a dermatologist to get a skin check because I have so many moles. I need to just… I don’t know. Be productive. I also need to finish with my photos (I am working on that! 11,000 photos to go through!) so I can delete everything off of my camera in preparation for Iceland. I need to finish my Shutterfly album for Jon for Father’s Day. I need to research Iceland! We don’t have ANYTHING planned other than our car/hotels, and we really need to look stuff up! Time is running out!

In other news, I started seeing a chiropractor. I went in Georgia, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. Jon started going here and really liked the doctor, so I decided to try again! It has gone much better! The doctor actually took x-rays and measured everything out on the film, so I was able to visualize what is going on (the other one never did that). He set up a plan of coming three times a week and just does a quick adjustment and then puts me on the little stimulation machine for 10 minutes. But I can finally see how jacked up my back is. And the x-ray showed subluxation right where my back is always hurting! No doubt from leaning over for so long while pumping. Displaced those vertebrae! That caused pressure in my lower back, and my pelvis is rotated too. So, totally makes sense why my lower back has so much pain in certain spots and why my upper back is always feeling like it needs to be popped! Because it does. I only have gone for two visits and already feel an improvement. When I lay on my stomach and try to push up (surely that’s a yoga pose- no idea what it’s called), I couldn’t bend my back before, and I already have increased mobility. I’m looking forward to even more improvement.

Jon is still doing keto. He went to Publix and spent $200! WTF. He came home with SO MUCH MEAT! I love Jon dearly, obviously, but that man! Who goes and buys that much meat at once?! Especially because he doesn’t like to eat meat once it’s been frozen! He has to be one of the worst planners ever. Clearly there is no way he can eat that much before it goes bad. So now, we have probably like, $50 of food about to go bad that he isn’t going to be able to eat. But he is doing well on keto! Shockingly, he is sticking to it. I know it’s only been four days, but that’s fantastic for him! I’m really proud of him. He’s been cooking in the evenings and preparing food. I’ve been eating better too since I’m trying to eat up $200 worth of food, haha. But it’s a good thing for both of us. I’m not doing keto at all, but I am eating a lot of the stuff he’s making and trying to eat cleaner overall (which I had actually been better about lately than I was while I was with my parents). He’s already lost some weight and already looks so much thinner because he’s not so bloated! I’m hoping that this becomes a serious change and he shifts his focus back onto his health. I know Jon thinks that I am less attracted to him when he’s not all thin and buff, but I really don’t care if he’s 200lbs or 225lbs. I just want him to be healthy for our family as we grow old together!

Alright, my coffee is gone, so I’m off to clean up, finish laundry, and pack! I have to run to the chiropractor when Jackson wakes up so that I can head out to Georgia before it gets too late! Hoping to make it in time to go grocery shopping tonight when I get in, otherwise I’ll have to wake up early tomorrow and go, and I’d really like to go to CrossFit in the morning since I can’t work out again until Tuesday.

How Life Changes With a Kid

I’m on a blogging roll! I guess that’s what happens when school is out for the summer! I really should be accomplishing a lot of things (mostly finishing my internship paperwork!), but I’m not! I put Jackson down 45 minutes early for his nap today since we’re meeting Lisa and Nora at the museum this afternoon, but apparently he doesn’t do that. He’s just talking in his crib like crazy.

We took Jackson to the beach yesterday. It was another awesome day for the beach, but he’s still not totally feeling it anymore! He’s definitely hit a phase where he is more cautious and gets scared a lot more easily. I’ve noticed him getting shy and clinging to me too when people approach him. But the beach was still tons of fun. I think Jon likes taking him because Jackson just clings to him and it’s super cute. Jon gets his snuggles in for the week!

I’m really loving this age SO much! Jackson is steady enough when he walks to really be able to play at the park. He’s climbing on stuff and goes down the slide alone. He can be entertained for so long doing one simple task (opening and closing the gates at the park). He is clearly understanding what we say now. When I asked him where his ball was, he started looking for it. If I tell him there’s a dog, he looks around. When I ask him to come sit down to put his shoes on, he does and he sticks his foot out. He’s gotten way more snuggly lately and will actually come sit in our lap for a few minutes while he plays with something. He is just really the best right now!

I’m getting kind of bummed about having to go back to such a busy schedule because I really love this age. It’s hard to picture our life with daycare five days a week again and only spending a few hours in the evening with him, if that. I know it’s only 9 months and then I’ll probably continue working less for awhile (although, hopefully more than I work right now! 80 hours a month would be ideal). But man, I’m just used to our days together! I’m used to taking him to the gym and having slow mornings together. I love our park outings together and taking him to the children’s museum. This is just a really great time with him! I really hope I’m able to keep him home from daycare one day a week in the fall, but I also know that between work and my internship, I’m going to need my days off to get schoolwork done, work out, run errands, and cook for the days I am working. Life is just really good right now with my boy!

Having a kid has really changed my perspective on things. I’ve always thought about the next step and I’m a huge planner. When I got into nursing school, I found a job as an ER tech because I knew I wanted to get into ER nursing. When I took my job as an ER nurse, I was planning on going back for my master’s degree. My degree plans changed from being a nurse practitioner to management, and I had planned on using my internship at my hospital to get my foot in the door for a management job there once I was done with the program.

But with moving to Charleston and actually enjoying days at home with my boy (daycare was still my lifesaver in the early days though!), I just don’t know where life will take us. I had planned on wanting to go back to Atlanta, but part of me is enjoying being away from Atlanta! I had moved a lot in my earlier days, but lived in Atlanta since I was 14. So Atlanta became home. My parents are there. My best friends (whom I also consider my family) are there. I know the city well. I like my job. I’m comfortable there. But the traffic! Man, the traffic is horrendous. I’m loving that my life isn’t planned around traffic anymore. Rush hour here is much closer to an actual hour, whereas in Atlanta, it’s from 6:30am-10am, and 2:45pm-7pm (close to the city, anyway, otherwise push that starting time back about a half hour on both ends). And rush hour here still moves. I’m not sitting at 0mph for the majority of my commute somewhere. It is SO different. And I love being near the water. I love the ocean. I love being in a city near water. I have told Jon forever that I need to live on the water one day. I dream of owning a beach house (so I better use my master’s degree so I can start making six figures, haha). I don’t know. It’s getting harder and harder to imagine going back to Atlanta and being happy there. Laura is planning on moving at the end of the year. Kassie is moving away for the next two years, and then who knows if they’ll move back to Atlanta. Everybody is moving away. So, aside from my mom and dad, what’s keeping us wanting to go back there?!

For the first time ever, I just don’t know my plans for the future. I don’t know that I want a management job (right now). I don’t know what I want to do. I’ve thrown around the idea of blogging more publicly to maybe eventually make money from it. I’ve considered getting into personal training. I’ve thought about switching fields in nursing. (Oddly enough, when I sat down at my computer, I got an email from the Children’s Hospital in Atlanta that I wanted to work at so bad before). I don’t know where we’ll live when I’m done with school. I don’t know how long we’ll be in Charleston for, or if we’ll decide to make this permanent. Part of me wants to move out west for a few years (every move with Jon’s job will be at least a few years, ideally). But I’m okay with not knowing. I’m okay with not having a plan at all. Once I finish school, we can do anything we want. As long as I have my family, we’ll figure the rest out later.

Weekends. Keto. Gym Clothes.

Two blog posts in a row, oh my!

Really, it’s just nap time again and I thought about cleaning the bathrooms, but then decided against it. Or maybe I will after this, since it’s kind of been awhile.

Yesterday afternoon, Jackson took a LONG, hard nap. I woke him up at 2:15, and then Jon and I headed out to Dick’s. I want a raincoat for Iceland, but we didn’t find one. I did get some new workout shorts, a hoodie, and three tank tops to work out in, except I wore one today and don’t love it. I like tight tank tops to work out in (I just hate anything loose at the gym) and hate built in sports bras. Seems easy to find tank tops like that, but I guess because I’m so small, hardly any fit like that. I’ve been working out in the same tank tops since 2011. Seriously. They’re in rough shape, but I just never find anything I like. I bet I’d like the Lululemon ones (same style as their long sleeved tops), but they’re so expensive. Maybe I should just invest in 2 of them though. I wore one of my white shirts to the gym the other day and noticed I have a dark oily looking spot starting right at my nipple and it’s huge and super obvious. I have no idea what it is. But it’s not cute.

We took Jackson to the park after that since it’s SO nice out! He had so much fun playing on the baseball field and opening and closing the gate. We came home around 5ish and he had dinner. I had wanted to go out and do something, but I felt guilty for spending money on gym clothes so I decided to just hang out with Jon at home.

Jon is starting the keto diet today. He sort of makes a lot of decisions and rarely sticks to them, so I really hope he sticks with this. He bought a TON of stuff, but really, not much for entire recipes. So, I’ll probably have to run to Publix later to get stuff. I’m hoping he can sort of get into a groove of making meals and eating throughout the day (he is the most sporadic eater ever), and even being more active. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes. I’m not doing it because I don’t want to lose weight, and I felt fine with Paleo and not watching my intake of specific fruits or vegetables. I feel okay with cheese though, so really, I just need to clean up the breads again. I think him doing keto will be good for me too though, since I should start cooking more too and I’ll eat more throughout the day if we have a bunch of food prepared already for us. We made Bulletproof coffee today, which I’ve always thought sounded so weird, but it was actually pretty good! We did 2 tbspn of butter and 1 tbspn of coconut oil and blended it in the blender. I still prefer my maple syrup and heavy whipping cream, but it really was good. I’ll probably do that when Jon makes coffee in the mornings.

I went to the gym for a little while this morning. I actually wasn’t really feeling it today, but decided to go since it’s easier to make it on weekends when Jon has Jackson anyway. I did mostly back stuff and left after about 45 minutes.

I headed to Wildflour to get a cinnamon roll for breakfast. It was a really cute little cafe so I think I may go back there to do work! The cinnamon roll was good, although it almost has a firmer glaze under the frosting. I think I prefer softer cinnamon rolls. I also haven’t eaten anything else other than that (well, and an avocado and some oatmeal before the gym), so I feel a little gross now after all that sugar, although I definitely didn’t finish the cinnamon roll since they’re huge.

Jon is at the gym now and Jackson is napping. I think we may head to the beach this afternoon since it’s not super hot out still. I definitely want to get out and do something though!

I have to head back to Georgia on Wednesday when Jon gets off work. I’m on call Thursday, working Friday and Saturday, and working 9-3 on Monday before heading back to Charleston. It’ll be busy and I kind of hate working two 12 hour shifts in a row, but oh well. I really hope I don’t get called in on Thursday, but the money would be nice (time and a half). It’d be nice to have a little extra cash too since Iceland is right around the corner.

I need to finish up the last of my paperwork for my internship in the fall. I was finally assigned a preceptor (I wasn’t sure how the process would go) and it’s my big boss. I’m a little nervous since she has a super strong personality and I feel like I haven’t learned much about the business side of management in the program, so I could totally see feeling dumb around her. But she is a REALLY good educator (when she was our manager and not our director, she would teach part of ACLS or PALS) and her portions of our education are always the best. She’s really engaging and despite being a little nervous, I think I’ll really learn a LOT from her. I can’t believe my internship is so close! Nine months of hell (because of how busy I’ll be, especially with Jon living 5 hours away) and then I will be DONE! I can’t wait.

Alrighty, time to go do something productive with my time. Even if that’s organizing photos and working on my album for Father’s Day for Jon (I plan on making him albums of every year of Jackson’s life for Father’s Day, which is sweet for him and nice to have for photos of our boy).


Date Night at Slightly North of Broad

Hey-o! HAPPY SATURDAY! I love Jackson’s nap time on weekends because it’s just our chill time. I mean, his nap time is always my chill time, but I guess it’s just nice having Jon home for it too. I was actually planning on napping today, but then I just drank coffee instead. I’m sure it’ll wear off at 2pm, just in time for Jackson to wake up.

Jon and I had a date night last night! WOOHOO! Jon’s mom got here around 6:15, so I did my hair real quick (hard to do while caring for a child) and we got dressed to go. Jon and I didn’t actually plan anything and figured we could wing it, but apparently you can’t do that in Charleston. All the restaurants we looked at had a 2-3 hour wait OR reservations after 9:30 at night. WTF. When we called Magnolia’s, they said there were plenty of seats open at the bar, but when we got there 20 minutes later, it was jam-packed.

We ended up at Slightly North of Broad. They said it was a 10 minute wait so we said we’d eat there. We hung out by the bar and then got seated. Our server was awesome. The menu wasn’t my type of menu (but most places in Charleston are seafood/Southern type stuff, which is right there with Chinese for foods I’m not big on), but they had triggerfish on the menu of the day, so I went with that. Jon got the braised pork cheek appetizer too. The food was SO good! So far, that was my favorite meal at a restaurant (I still love my Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit). The sauce on the fish was so good! The pork cheek was super good, but I love all pork cheek that I’ve had. Even their bread basket was awesome. Definitely not a cheap place (although Jon suggested a chophouse that had $50-$60 plates, so this was much more reasonable), but super good. Also, while I sort of cringe spending over $100 on dinner, we also almost never go out to eat anymore. Our date nights every 6 weeks or so at over $100 a meal is still far cheaper than what we used to spend eating out in Atlanta. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t live near babysitters! I actually sort of prefer it this way. It’s kind of fun to explore the nicer restaurants, and we really enjoy our date nights since they’re so infrequent. Definitely much more satisfying in both ways than just running out to grab Mexican every Friday night. Jon really wants to get a babysitter so we can go out more frequently, but I just can’t spend $15/hr for somebody to watch Jackson. I’d rather just start being intentional about our time together at home, and splurge on our rare date nights when we get them!

Anyway, after SNOB, we went to Revelry Brewing, which was right next to a really awesome looking gym (Big Work Fitness Factory, for any Charleston peeps or people visiting). I want to go do a drop in at that gym because it just looked awesome! But anyway, Revelry was not really my scene. Definitely a younger crowd, and last night was pretty cold! We stayed for one drink and then Grandma over here (me) wanted to go home and relax. I also was hoping to get a few minutes to chat with Jon’s mom before she went to bed, since she drove four hours to let us go on a date night. We did make it home in time to see her and stayed up until midnight chatting.

This morning, we went to the gym as a family (Jon’s mom left early). We did last Saturday too, since they have daycare on Saturday mornings. Since the daycare girl at the gym is different on the weekends, I try to make the time a little shorter on Saturdays since Jackson doesn’t really know her. We were there for 45 minutes. I did a leg workout that was good, and tomorrow I plan on doing more upper body. Jon pretends he doesn’t know me when we’re working out, but I’m really trying to get him to go to the gym more often. I want us to be as healthy as possible for the rest of our lives, since we have a little bub to raise.

I have no idea what our day has in store. I’m about to shower, but it’s SO nice out today. I’m hoping we get some park time in with the boy since it’s probably going to get hot again soon. I also need to find a rain jacket for Iceland (19 days until departure!!!!!). I really need to take my rings to get inspected for their warranty too, which is hopefully still valid since we haven’t gone in like, a year to have them inspected (supposed to be every 6 months).

Oh, also, I’m contemplating switching to a more public blog (I know that this is public). Not necessarily to make money off of it, but just to have something I wouldn’t mind people I know seeing. I don’t know if I will, just because I don’t know that I’ll have much time to commit to well thought out blog posts (or at least, more thought out than what I write now) once I move back to GA in September. Life is going to be insane when I get back, so maybe I’ll wait… But, just thinking about it!

Georgia Weekend and Charleston Week

It has been a busy week! I went back to Georgia last weekend to finish up my paperwork for my internship. I ended up picking up from 7a-3p on Saturday, but they approved my shift as a 7a-7p shift. It was a whole mess and I ended up ugly crying to my supervisor about it, but it was basically a whole miscommunication (at least, the reason I cried was- the shift approval was an error on their part) so I shouldn’t have cried. I could have made totally valid points too had I not gotten so worked up over nothing. I felt stupid, but at least everybody cries in the office, haha.

Saturday night, I had dinner with Gina, Kassie, and Laura. I picked Kassie up on the way down to Gina’s, which ended up being really nice since we sat in traffic for SO LONG (on a Saturday at 3pm- Atlanta is horrendous with that 85 bridge collapsed). We all went out to eat at La Parilla. The service was so incredibly slow but since it was nice to catch up, it was no big deal. We have just been hanging out at Gina’s every time we get together lately, so it was fun to get out and actually do something for once. We sat on Gina’s porch until about 9pm that night since it was a beautiful night out, and then I headed home.

I hung out with my mom over coffee on Sunday morning. It was actually really nice. Even though I lived there for 5 months, our weekend mornings are typically rushed and normally we have a one year old demanding all of the attention. The weather was crappy on Sunday morning and my mom wasn’t running errands, so it was just nice to relax over coffee with her. Even though it’s totally not ideal for Jackson and I to move back in there while Jon stays in Charleston, I actually really do enjoy spending time with my parents as an adult, especially working in the field that I work in. I know they won’t be around forever, and I enjoy my mom and dad so much more as a grown up so it’s just nice to have this time together.

I got my hair cut on Sunday and then met Laura to run some errands at the mall. I miss our best friend errand running together! And her and Doug want to move to Colorado next year, so I feel like these days are coming to an end! Sunday night, I went to eat at Cue (barbecue) with my mom and dad for my birthday. My mom and I started watching 13 Reasons Why and then I finished 5 episodes before going to bed at midnight!

Monday I turned 31! Woohoo! Kidding. There wasn’t anything special about it. I slept in and then met up with Lizzie and her 6 month old for brunch. She brought me balloons and a card and it was so sweet! I didn’t even know if she knew it was my birthday! It was so good to catch up with her and James just chilled the whole time! I drove home Monday afternoon and got home just in time to put Jackson to bed!

The rest of the week has been decent. I had Jackson on Tuesday, so we went to the park and played outside pretty much all day since it was nice out.

Wednesday I had a personal training session in the morning. I hadn’t worked out all week except for a quick home workout on Friday morning and I usually do some pull ups, push ups, squats, and rows at the park, but that’s it. It was nice to work out again. After that, I came home and changed and went out to the French restaurant I found awhile ago for brunch. This was a new location though and it was WAY less busy and perfect for doing work, which I haven’t really found yet. After that, I went to the beach for an hour. It was a perfect day at the beach! It wasn’t too warm and the water was a good temperature! I could have stayed forever except I knew I’d burn if I stayed! I came home in time to shower, have lunch, hang out on the couch and watch TV for a minute, and then went to get Jackson.

Yesterday morning I took Jackson to the gym with me and then we played outside for awhile after. After he napped, I took him to the chiropractor with me, which was NOT fun! I’ve never taken him to an appointment with me and he is just in a phase where he is all over the place but doesn’t comprehend directions very well. Jon was home when we got home, so we went to Target together and then Jackson was over being out, so we came home to hang out.

Today, I met up with Lisa and Nora at Bee City, which is a petting zoo about 40 minutes away. Jackson liked it, but it was kind of a gross little petting zoo. Haha. And the lemur and monkey food was Cheerios! I mean, Cheerios aren’t even good for humans, so I can’t imagine ingesting a bunch of them is good for “wild” animals. It was fun to get together with Lisa and Nora though, especially since we missed our playdate last week.

Jackson fell asleep on the way home, so I got ready and had lunch while he napped. Jon’s mom is coming in town to watch Jackson while we have a date night tonight, except I’m actually really tired. Lame. I know. We’ll still rally and go out while we have a babysitter though! I think we’re going to run to Publix right now for a few things and then I’ll try to get ready while I have a crazy boy with me.

I think this weekend, we’re going to go find a raincoat for me for Iceland. I also need to start getting clothes for my internship since I don’t think I can just wear scrubs. I have dress pants, but EVERY single pair needs to be taken in along the entire legs to fit and some need to be hemmed still. So frustrating. I wish I could just wear regular sized clothing. I may only get 2 or 3 pairs of pants altered and just wear the same ones all the time and then get some tops that go with them.

I guess I’ll go. Jackson is up and he is being super fussy. I think he’s teething, so he’s been clinging to me like crazy and not eating nearly as much.