Hey guys! I’m going to be missing for a bit since I SHOULD be heading to Vermont with Gina tomorrow! She’s on her way here now, but it’s been a doozy of a last few weeks planning this trip. We haven’t wanted to book anything based on some personal issues, and then Jackson was sick at the end of last week, so we decided to hold off JUST in case he wasn’t any better. But then my sitter texted me today that HER son is now sick, but we think that it’s what Jackson already had. So, hopefully we leave tomorrow, but I want to make sure her son is feeling well enough that she won’t be drowning with three kids.

But, if we get to leave in the morning, we’ll be headed to Philly for a day and Vermont for 4 days, followed by a stop in Charlottesville (I think). I don’t even know what state that’s in. Virginia? Don’t know. That’s how much we’ve planned. We may head to Montreal too, since it’s close to Vermont. This is the last trip before school starts again! Hopefully we’ll be heading to Europe in October though.

Our weekend ended up being pretty boring. I did get to go downtown for dinner with Lisa on Friday night, which was nice! Especially since I spent two days home with a fussy baby. We went to an Asian fusion place that was pretty good.

Jon had a class all day Saturday for concealed carrying in SC (he could carry in GA, but SC requires a course) and in the afternoon, Jackson was being really difficult. So we stayed home!

Sunday morning, we decided to head out to the beach. It was a perfect beach day! Not super hot, and it ended up being overcast almost the entire time we were there, which was surprising because there was really only one cloud in the sky and it was directly over the sun. We were inside of a sand bar, so it blocked all the waves and the water was super calm. Jackson actually got down and played in the water a little bit by himself. We need to get him a life jacket since he’s getting too adventurous these days near the water, but I keep seeing ones for over 30lbs. And he’s not there yet.

We ran to Target in the afternoon and then I headed to the mall alone to look for some shorts at Hollister. Sadly, only the “trendy” shorts were left. I got a perfect pair of shorts there earlier this year and I was REALLY hoping to find them again. My two favorite shorts ever are from Hollister, but my other pair is SO old. My butt has gotten too big for all of my other shorts, and theirs just seem to fit my booty the best.

I wanted to go to the Children’s Museum this morning, but I think I stressed my neck doing a cable machine workout the other day and had such a bad headache last night and this morning. I was awake SO much throughout the night. So Jackson and I cuddled on the couch and watched Nashville, and then we went to Barnes & Noble for about 45 minutes this morning.

I need to get so much stuff together for tomorrow! But I’m going to relax over lunch, a cup of coffee, and another episode of Nashville before worrying about my responsibilities! Jon and I have our first marriage counseling session tonight and I’m really looking forward to it, even though it’s at 8pm and I feel like my brain will be shut off that late in the day. Oh well. It worked since Gina can stay home with Jackson while he sleeps tonight.

I think when I get home, I’m going to kick off the public blog and start on some Iceland recaps. But we’ll see if I actually do it. I sort of plan on going more public with blogging and possibly making a public IG (I really don’t like pictures of Jackson on public stuff, which is one of my hesitations of a public blog, but I may have to figure that out- maybe just never post his face?) and then next year, once I’m done with my masters, try to pursue some online ways of making money. But who really knows.


5 thoughts on “Weekend.

  1. I love Hollister shorts. I have several pair and they fit well and hold up well. I’ll also recommend the Red Camel brand shorts at Belk. I have a few pair of those from the juniors section and they don’t look teenybopper-ish and fit well, so that’s another place you could check if you’re near a Belk (there’s a Belk in Citadel Mall so you wouldn’t have to drive to North Chas. or MTP).

    Sunday was a nice day! I ran then we went to 82 Queen for Brunch and I walked around Second Sunday a bit, but it got hot in the afternoon with all those people on King Street. I bet the beach was awesome though- yesterday cooled off a lot after the storms and that was nice!

    Charlottesville is definitely in Virginia and UVA is there! I hope you guys have a great trip and I want to see Vermont pics too.

    • I am JUST seeing this now! How is that possible? We didn’t even up going to Charlottesville, but to Richmond, which I LOVED. But I love everywhere I go! I’m going to write that brand down because I definitely need more shorts and I would really like them to not look like I’m 14.

  2. I’ve been loving your IG posts of your trip! Glad Jackson is feeling better. How did counselling go? My friend is a marriage counsellor and tells us all we should go to couples counselling, its beneficial even if we aren’t having issues!

    • I totally forgot to write about marriage counseling! We’ve had two sessions now! I’ll have to do that! I’ve been so busy with other stuff that I haven’t even thought about blogging on here! But I think I’m going to pay for a more public blog this week and do trip recaps when I start!

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