Short post

So, I’m still working on finalizing the public blog. Need to pick a theme for good and work on a cover photo and some other layout stuff, but


I think it’s off to a decent start. I’m not planning on


making it anything crazy at first. I’m already SO overwhelmed with going back to school that I feel like it’s SO much to juggle that, my new health and wellness business, and trying to plan mine and Jon’s Eurtrip for October.


I’m at the surgery center now while Jon gets his elbow operated on (nothing major), so I’ve been chilling here. I was going to go to the gym, but Jon was surprisingly pretty nervous about the surgery so I ended up just staying in his room with him while I did some work.


Anyway, I’m off to work on some other stuff, but add a .com to those lone words above, and that’s my new blog.



Hey guys! I’m going to be missing for a bit since I SHOULD be heading to Vermont with Gina tomorrow! She’s on her way here now, but it’s been a doozy of a last few weeks planning this trip. We haven’t wanted to book anything based on some personal issues, and then Jackson was sick at the end of last week, so we decided to hold off JUST in case he wasn’t any better. But then my sitter texted me today that HER son is now sick, but we think that it’s what Jackson already had. So, hopefully we leave tomorrow, but I want to make sure her son is feeling well enough that she won’t be drowning with three kids.

But, if we get to leave in the morning, we’ll be headed to Philly for a day and Vermont for 4 days, followed by a stop in Charlottesville (I think). I don’t even know what state that’s in. Virginia? Don’t know. That’s how much we’ve planned. We may head to Montreal too, since it’s close to Vermont. This is the last trip before school starts again! Hopefully we’ll be heading to Europe in October though.

Our weekend ended up being pretty boring. I did get to go downtown for dinner with Lisa on Friday night, which was nice! Especially since I spent two days home with a fussy baby. We went to an Asian fusion place that was pretty good.

Jon had a class all day Saturday for concealed carrying in SC (he could carry in GA, but SC requires a course) and in the afternoon, Jackson was being really difficult. So we stayed home!

Sunday morning, we decided to head out to the beach. It was a perfect beach day! Not super hot, and it ended up being overcast almost the entire time we were there, which was surprising because there was really only one cloud in the sky and it was directly over the sun. We were inside of a sand bar, so it blocked all the waves and the water was super calm. Jackson actually got down and played in the water a little bit by himself. We need to get him a life jacket since he’s getting too adventurous these days near the water, but I keep seeing ones for over 30lbs. And he’s not there yet.

We ran to Target in the afternoon and then I headed to the mall alone to look for some shorts at Hollister. Sadly, only the “trendy” shorts were left. I got a perfect pair of shorts there earlier this year and I was REALLY hoping to find them again. My two favorite shorts ever are from Hollister, but my other pair is SO old. My butt has gotten too big for all of my other shorts, and theirs just seem to fit my booty the best.

I wanted to go to the Children’s Museum this morning, but I think I stressed my neck doing a cable machine workout the other day and had such a bad headache last night and this morning. I was awake SO much throughout the night. So Jackson and I cuddled on the couch and watched Nashville, and then we went to Barnes & Noble for about 45 minutes this morning.

I need to get so much stuff together for tomorrow! But I’m going to relax over lunch, a cup of coffee, and another episode of Nashville before worrying about my responsibilities! Jon and I have our first marriage counseling session tonight and I’m really looking forward to it, even though it’s at 8pm and I feel like my brain will be shut off that late in the day. Oh well. It worked since Gina can stay home with Jackson while he sleeps tonight.

I think when I get home, I’m going to kick off the public blog and start on some Iceland recaps. But we’ll see if I actually do it. I sort of plan on going more public with blogging and possibly making a public IG (I really don’t like pictures of Jackson on public stuff, which is one of my hesitations of a public blog, but I may have to figure that out- maybe just never post his face?) and then next year, once I’m done with my masters, try to pursue some online ways of making money. But who really knows.

4th of July Weekend

It’s been awhile since I’ve been back! I mostly hung out last week at my parent’s house with Jackson. Nothing super exciting. Jackson seems miserable right now and this is the FIRST day he has refused a nap in months and months. I got back in town yesterday and went to the chiropractor, where Jon was handing Jackson off to me after just picking him up from our sitter. He seemed hot and cried the entire time I was there (thankfully they’re quick), and then he fussed all evening and barely ate. The crying has been pretty nonstop this morning, but after I finally got him to eat around 10:30, he seemed to cheer up a little bit. We have a follow up appointment with our pediatrician at 3pm today, so I’m hoping we get an idea of what’s going on. He seems to have a generalized rash that popped up today too. Or maybe his teeth are just bothering him, since his canines are finally popping out of the skin.

Anyway, Jon got to Atlanta on Friday night around 9pm. I was already laying in bed and watching TV, so he hung out for a bit and we went to bed around 10.

I worked Saturday morning from 7-11am and was so glad when I left! I had a really difficult patient that drove me up a dang wall. And right when I left, things really turned into a disaster.

Jon and I went to see Eleanor after that and we ended up hanging out at Kassie’s for awhile. We left there to go drop Jackson off at my parent’s house and I showered before heading downtown to meet up with Crista and Billy.

It’s been so long since I’ve seen Crista, so it was so good to hang out! We met up at Smoke Ring since it was downtown near this event Crista and Billy were doing during the day. We enjoyed some good barbecue and then Crista and I went to Kilwin’s about 20 minutes away. So we got in a little bit of girl time. We hung out for a bit at the bar after we got back to Smoke Ring and then went over to Crista and Billy’s house. I was so tired, but they had gotten Jon a squished penny while they were on their honeymoon and he wanted to get it. I’m totally a party pooper and wanted to go home and sleep the whole time, hah. But I had slept terribly the night before (we went to bed at 10, but it took me forever to fall asleep) and was up at 5am to go to work, so grandma here just gets tired at 9pm.

Sunday morning we hung out at home. I was going to a birthday brunch up at a winery for my coworker, Stephanie. It was such a beautiful day out! I hung out and drank coffee with my family in the morning and then showered and got on the road.

The winery is right near the college I went to and I haven’t been out that way in forever. I hadn’t driven those roads in years (I usually go a different way when I go through that town). The roads I took were the ones my ex used to live off of way back in the day, so it was a total throwback! Crazy to think about how life has changed in the last 10 years, but I’m so glad it has! I was such a mess back then!

The winery was good! The service was slow but I was fine with it since I had already had breakfast. I got a chicken dish and the chicken was phenomenal! The rest of the plate was decent, but man, that was some good chicken! My coworkers all left early so I stayed and hung out with Stephanie and her friends. I ended up going back to Stephanie’s house to drop some stuff off and I met her new little boy (well, he’s 5 months now).

That night, Jon and I went to the Avalon (an outdoor shopping area) and walked around. We decided to go to Cafe Intermezzo for some dessert. I actually ended up getting a duck crepe, but it wasn’t great. Of course, duck isn’t actually my favorite because it’s too gamey, but the rest wasn’t what I was picturing. We didn’t get back until past 10 that tonight.

Monday morning, Jon went somewhere (not sure where- I don’t remember), so I cleaned out my foot lockers that I had in my mom and dad’s garage. I had two packed full of Army uniforms! I thought I got rid of everything (except a few things from Iraq). I also found all of my old journals and letters from friends and ex-boyfriends in one of my foot lockers. I brought them all back with me, so I’m so curious to go through them and see what they say. I found my scrapbooks that I had made Andrew way back in the day. It’s kind of fun to go through that stuff! I’ve thrown away a lot of stuff throughout all of our moves, but I think I’ll probably keep that stuff!

In the afternoon, my parents said they’d watch Jackson, so Jon and I went out to get sushi. It was a nice little lunch date! We were supposed to go meet up with Lizzie and some of my coworkers and their kids in the afternoon, so we didn’t really plan anything, but then Lizzie had car problems and cancelled. We decided to go to Barnes & Noble to let Jackson play, but that Barnes & Noble didn’t have a very good play area. We still let Jackson run around for a bit and he carried a stuffed dog around the whole store, but we didn’t stay long.

We got back in time to have dinner with my parents and then we put Jackson to bed and I had to pack up everything for Jon and Jackson to head back on Tuesday.

I worked on Tuesday from 7a-7p and Jon and Jackson came back to Charleston. I went to bed early that night and since I didn’t get called in to work on Wednesday, I got to sleep in! It was wonderful! I had thought about getting up to go to CrossFit but decided to enjoy sleeping in for once. Glad I did! I ran my pants over to the alteration place and then headed back to Charleston!

I got here last night and I’ve been dealing with my McFussyPants since I got home. Jon and I did start looking at Eurotrip 2017 (number 2). We plan to fly into Prague and out of Budapest, so we’re figuring out the road trip. We need to book tickets too, but I can’t wait! WOOHOO!

I did go to the gym this morning and got in a 30 minute workout. I thought about skipping it because by the time we got out the door, it was almost 10am! But I decided to go, even if it had to be short. I actually had a really good, sweaty workout and got a good leg day in (my favorite! I don’t get all the leg day hate), but Jackson cried the entire time I was working out. Thankfully those gym daycare ladies are the best!

I better go wash our dishes from lunch and get Jackson up. He’s still been talking in his crib this entire time, so no nap. Ugh. I just scheduled a massage for 4:30 today, so that’ll be nice! I need to run to Publix too and get a few things, or maybe I’ll just run out to Whole Foods after bed. I had planned on going to Publix this morning, but our morning just didn’t go as planned.

Alrighty, time to go get stuff done. (I also think Jackson finally fell asleep, OF COURSE!)


Hey-o. Long time no talk. Still throwing around the idea of going more public and it has totally just made me not feel like blogging for some reason. And I’m trying to work on Jon’s album of Jackson for Father’s Day. I’m not sure how, but when I uploaded all 15,000 photos off my camera (my DSLR, not my phone), a month of photos was deleted. I go through and save my photos to months on my computer, and looking back, I never remember seeing those photos back when I was saving them. I had a few glitches when I was uploading photos last time because of how massive the photo dump was (and my camera takes super high res photos so a lot of space) and I am also positive something went wrong with uploading those photos. Totally bummed because it was from a beautiful day in Piedmont Park with Jackson and Jon and I LOVED those photos! I’m not sure what else went missing, but I really wish I had those photos. I’m bummed that somehow I seem to have deleted such important photos recently (those photos plus ALL of my personal photos from my wedding day- so we have none of us girls getting ready except what was uploaded on FB, which changes the resolution for printing).

Anyway, I’ve been in Georgia all week. I’m totally itching to go to the gym, but I haven’t yet. I don’t have anybody to watch Jackson during the day here. I was planning on going at noon on Monday (Jackson’s nap time), but my dad ended up going to work and now he works all week. I could go in the evenings, but my mom watched Jackson while I worked over the weekend and will be watching him some this coming weekend too, so I hate asking her to keep him all evening every day so I can go work out. I think I might try to go tonight, but I’m really just out of the habit of evening gym sessions. I want to get my workouts done in the mornings! This also is a little taste of what’s to come when I move back here. My mom is AMAZING and SUPER helpful with Jackson, but it’s hard to ask for favors for things that I want to do when my mom already helps so much with things that I need for Jackson. She is always willing to keep him when I work, but then I feel guilty asking her to watch him so that I can go out and have fun or so that I can work out. Ultimately, Jackson is mine and Jon’s responsibility, and even though she want to help out, I never want her to feel taken advantage of. In the evenings after work (this is looking back to when I was living here and how I know it’ll be come September), it’d be so nice if I could just get help with Jackson so that I can work on schoolwork sometimes. If I get home with Jackson around 4 or 5 and take care of him until bedtime at 7, then I still have lunches to pack, sippy cups to clean, a bunch of stuff to put away that toddlers drag out, and then I typically eat something and need to shower and have an hour of me time… I have a feeling I’ll be packing weekends full of schoolwork, which sucks because that’s when I’ll see Jon. It’s only 9 months of craziness, and then I’ll have a master’s degree and be DONE with school FOREVER (I hope). We can get through it, but it’s going to be a challenge on my end. I feel like I supported Jon taking the job in Charleston, but it will really make life a lot harder for me… But he loves his job and is doing well at it, and he pays our bills and pays for my vacations right now, so it’s worth it. It gave me a chance to spend 6 months at home with Jackson…

This weekend, we had a 31st birthday dinner for Laura. Just Gina and I went, but it was so nice out so we sat outside. The weather in Atlanta is SO NICE after being in Charleston. It seriously feels so cool outside now. It’s a little less humid in Atlanta right now than it usually is, but I’m just so shocked at how cool it feels here compared to Charleston. I took Jackson to the park at 3pm yesterday and we were in the sun for about 45 minutes and that would never happen at 3pm in Charleston.

I met Kassie’s baby, Eleanor. I’m totally over baby fever! It was nice to hang out and have Eleanor nap on me, but man, no thanks! Kass has been texting about her lack of sleep and life with a newborn and I am so glad I have a toddler! I can handle toddler fussiness and craziness with no problem, but the sleepless nights? Nope. Can’t handle all that milk making and big boobs and looking like a hot mess express. Life with a toddler is like heaven compared to that newborn life.

Speaking of toddlers, mine is up now, so I’m going to go get us some lunch so we can head over to Kassie’s to see Eleanor again!


I’m about to go clean the bathrooms today so I don’t have much time… I wonder why I pay somebody to watch my kid? Maybe I should watch my own kid and pay somebody to clean my house. Now there’s an idea!

I’ve been super busy lately so haven’t written a thing about Iceland, but I think I may postpone it to go to a fully public blog. I know this is a fully public blog, but something with more of a theme. Not even a theme, but eh? I don’t know. But I’m not even in my 20s anymore, haha. But this is why I’ve been putting it off. And because I know I will be SO busy come fall, that I have no idea HOW I will find time to write anything for fun.

We had a busy Father’s Day weekend. We worked out together on Saturday morning, as is our new usual. We ran to Publix and hung out during nap time. Jackson and I went out to pick blueberries in the afternoon with Lisa and Nora. It was so hot out! And I have SO many bug bites now! Jackson just wanted to play with sticks and didn’t really pick many blueberries.

We woke up on Father’s Day and had our breakfast. Jon and I typically alternate gym sessions on Sunday mornings since they don’t have childcare, but we decided to head out to the beach early. We planned on spending the morning there, but it poured about 15 minutes after getting there. It was totally random because the skies were clear except ONE massive rain cloud! So we headed back home shortly after getting there and Jackson totally passed out way early in the car!

I decided to see if he’d just nap early since we wanted to go to the aquarium after nap time, so I put him in his crib when we got home! I had to wake him up at 1 (after 3 hours and 15 minutes- a SUPER long nap for him!) and then we headed out to the aquarium.

Guys, Jackson is the CRAZIEST kid. I know he’s young and we’re in a stage where he is just really starting to understand directions, but he doesn’t understand anything complex yet. But he is ALL over the place. Other kids are so calm compared to him and he just runs and screams everywhere. I’m probably worrying needlessly, but I’m already worried he is going to be that kid in daycare in the fall that causes tons of problems! He is so much more calm in an environment he knows, but he just gets SUPER excited in new places or if we go outside. I just don’t get how he has 100x the energy of other kids his age! I don’t mind it when I’m alone with him and we’re outdoors, but when we’re with other people or out in public, it definitely makes it difficult.

Anyway, the aquarium is decent here. Not huge and kind of expensive, but it was okay. I didn’t feel like there was a ton to do there so we didn’t stay super long, but it was still nice to get out!

We hung out at the house last night. I was feeling super dizzy all afternoon for some reason so I ended up not running any errands like I planned. Figured I shouldn’t drive while everything was spinning around me.

I was SO tired last night! I fell asleep on the couch during the second episode of Iron Chef (am I the only one obsessed with cooking competition shows?) so I went up to bed.

Jon had a late morning (for him- so he left at 8am compared to 6:45am) so he hung out this morning with Jackson. I took Jackson to Ali’s around 9 and headed to the gym. I wanted to go to the beach but it’s cloudy now. So I think I’ll start on the bathrooms and then head out to get some groceries. We won’t be here much longer (headed to Atlanta on Thursday or Friday), but I need my cottage cheese! Whole Foods is the only one that sells the kind I like and I eat it every day (Good Culture) so I’m going out there to get some.

Anyway, off to be productive!

Home from Iceland

Hey guys! Back in the swing of things!

I got back from Iceland on Tuesday night last week. It was an AMAZING trip! I landed in Atlanta around 4:30pm (delayed flight) and had to head back to Charleston that night. It was a long drive since I had sand embedded in my eye (and had a TERRIBLE experience at an Icelandic urgent care!) and could barely see. Wednesday morning, Jon’s sister was here since Jon had to go out of town for work. So I hung out with her and Jackson and she left around nap time.

I spent all afternoon (literally, it was terrible) at the eye doctor in the waiting room. I spent all evening packing and making food and preparing to go back to Atlanta to work.

Thursday morning, I dropped Jackson off at daycare and headed back to Atlanta to work all weekend. I didn’t get called in on Thursday evening, so I actually had dinner with Kassie and Billy. Unfortunately, my AC in my car went out, so I had to drop my car off at the shop (love it when I have to pay $1200 to fix my AC, RIGHT after spending $1300 on a 150,000 mile check… AND we spent almost $2000 on Jon’s car this month too- please remind me why we never put money in savings, ugh!).

I worked Friday and Saturday from 7a-7p. Sunday I worked from 7a-3p and then headed right back to Charleston after getting off work.

Gina came in town on Sunday night about an hour after I got home.

We spent Monday with Jackson! Went downtown to Charleston and hung out at the parks and walked around. Jackson was somewhat well-behaved. He was SUPER excited to be downtown and playing outside! The weather was fantastic for a day downtown, which was surprising for the middle of June!

Tuesday we had daycare for Jackson, so Gina and I went and had breakfast at Tricera downtown (because Breizh Pan Crepes was closed, OF COURSE, on Tuesday, when I finally made it downtown to try them) and walked around for a bit. Then we went to Sullivan’s Island and spent too long at the beach. It was cloudy and cooler, so it was a great beach day! We came home and showered after and then went for sushi. Ali texted me while we were there and said Jackson had a rough day, so we decided to go get him after eating.

I was super exhausted on Tuesday night. I think the crazy schedule after my long trip to Iceland got to me! So we hung out and watched Netflix.

Wednesday morning I ran to Costco and the chiropractor. Gina left before we ran errands! Jackson took a solid afternoon nap and woke up early, which worked out since we had a pediatrician appointment at 2:40.

Jackson SCREAMED his head off at the appointment yesterday! It was just a routine 15 month appointment and they found out he still has an ear infection. Ugh. So I’m trying to look into natural preventative remedies so this can be our last round of antibiotics.

I finally made it back to the gym this morning! WOOHOO! I actually had lost all motivation. You know how it goes when you’re out of the gym for awhile! So I took it sort of easy there and didn’t push it too much. I just felt tired and my legs were so tight.

Jackson is napping now but should be up in a sec! I think we’re going to go get markers so we can color on the porch this afternoon! I need to clean up the house and go to Target and just get things done, but I don’t want to!

I’m babysitting for my babysitter this Saturday night and then Sunday I may head back to Atlanta to see MY NEW NIECE (not really my niece, but I consider her to be my niece) and to give Jon a break. He’s been pretty busy with working such long hours and having Jackson!

Off to relax for a few before Jackson wakes up! Maybe I’ll make a trip update at some point!

Vacations as a Mom

Man, late night post before Iceland! (Kind of.)

I’ve been packing tonight for Iceland and I’ve been thinking a lot.

Obviously, I LOVE to travel. I think I can be kind of obnoxious with my love for traveling and how I could seriously talk about it forever. And I wonder if I ever come off as bragging to new people I meet, but I am used to having friends who are just as well traveled as I am or more (seriously, I somehow managed to surround myself with ALL friends who LOVE to travel and have made it to tons of countries in their short lives so far- I have actually probably traveled the least out of most of my friends). My coworkers have been around for awhile and have seen trip after trip, so they get it. But new people? Well, I don’t know. I get overly excited thinking about new trips, and then when I talk about recent trips, it just seems like a lot. But this is my priority. But for those who haven’t made traveling a priority, I guess I can see how it’d seem annoying.

Anyway, since Jackson was born, I went to Yosemite in October for 10 days, Poland in January for 10 days, and now Iceland for 11 days coming up.

Jackson was 8 months when I went to Yosemite. He stayed with Jon at my mom and dad’s house (because that’s when we were living there too). Obviously, Jackson is always safe at home, so I never have to worry about him being left behind. Yosemite was a welcomed break though. We were just starting to come out of the super rough baby phase and I had felt overwhelmed and frazzled for months on end. Yosemite was like a taste of the old me. I felt so renewed! I got to wake up with no responsibility and have ten days of fun! It was the most needed trip I’ve ever taken to date. I almost dreaded coming home and returning to my new life at home, with a baby and less work, but still trying to juggle school. Being a mom wasn’t enjoyable yet. It was just tough and I was still waiting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. And while I was excited to see Jackson, I was so busy enjoying my freedom for once that I didn’t really miss him. I just wanted to revel in every second of being ME.

Poland in January was nice because Jon and I had been living apart and it was our first big trip together after Jackson. Also, Jackson was 10 months old, so he’d been more fun for a few months and it wasn’t such a difficult time with him. But reconnecting as husband and wife again was needed at that point, and I enjoyed it immensely. I wanted that magical winter vacation and Poland fulfilled that completely. Jon and I also got along better in Poland than we probably have in our entire life. I missed Jackson, but not that much. He was at home with Grandma and Grandpa and I still needed that break from him, but not quite as much as I did when I went to Yosemite.

But this time is different! Jackson will be 15 months old this Friday and he is fun now. While I still question why we had a kid at times and I still miss my old life regularly, I also really love this phase we’re in. This is the first trip where I don’t feel like I need a break from Jackson and I’m actually sad about leaving him. I’m obviously super excited about Iceland (although, it is a little overshadowed by the amount of prep that goes into a trip when you’re leaving your child at home with his dad who works a ton and has no back up!), but I’m also sad that I won’t see my boy for 11 days! I had wanted to leave for Atlanta tomorrow night because it really makes the most sense (if I can get my shit together and get out of the house!), but then I really want to see Jackson on Thursday morning because if I don’t, it adds another whole day where I won’t see him!

I guess this trip is the start of a new perspective. I’m curious how I’ll feel on this trip. I wonder if I’ll come home with even worse travel fever and wonder even more why I had a kid, or if I’ll come home so happy to see my kid that I’ll decide I never want to take a longer trip away again (I don’t mean another 10 day trip, but I mean like, a 17 day trip). I know traveling is my passion and I will continue to do it, and no matter how hard it is to leave Jackson, it’s not going to stop me from pursuing the things that I love. Ten days isn’t the end of the world, and I’d rather Jackson get used to us leaving for trips now than having it be a surprise when he’s older. But maybe I’ll come home even more content with this life that I have at home now… There’s just something about the way that Jackson crawls into my lap and calls me Mama that makes it hard to leave!