Weekend Updates

Sometimes I just have to laugh at my notifications on WordPress:

“Your blog, at20something, appears to be getting more traffic than usual! 30 hourly views – 0 hourly views on average”

0 hourly views, haha. But I only had 7 visitors, so it was probably Angela catching up on my old posts.

I’ve been MIA for a few days now. I’m just feeling way busier with less daycare days and this upcoming Iceland trip (which I still have done NOTHING for and still haven’t found a rain jacket that fits me, which I’m pretty sure is an essential item in Iceland!).

I had to go back to Georgia last week. I left on Wednesday when Jon got home from work. I think I got in around 9 and hung out for a bit. Thursday I was called in from 11a-7p and worked Friday and Saturday 7a-7p. I was off on Sunday, so I woke up and was able to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee again with my mom! My dad got a job at a hardware store now that he’s retired, so he was working on Sunday morning which meant our cup of coffee was finally in silence and not over Fox news (Fox news is on 24/7 at their house- drives me INSANE!). I really love my mornings with my mom!

I went and had my French cafe breakfast with Laura on Sunday afternoon. Then we went shopping. I did some serious damage, holy moly. I rarely go shopping anymore so it’s not like I’ve spent tons of money recently, but I felt so guilty after spending so much on Sunday! But has anybody worn Athleta’s clothes before?! I love their leggings already (Chaturanga leggings are the BEST) and got the pant in black for Iceland. But their other clothes are amazing. I got two sweatshirts (I know- it’s summer) and they are like wearing butter! They are SO soft and they fit so nicely! They had workout tanks on sale for $30 each (on sale?!) but I love them, so I stocked up on 6 of them! I haven’t found tank tops that I like for working out in forever since Under Armour quit making the kind I like and all of my workout shirts are from 2011. I got another long sleeve tighter top on sale… And I got a run swiftly long sleeved shirt from Lululemon. They had my favorite color so I couldn’t help myself! I ended up getting a sweatshirt from REI (not a cheap sweatshirt) and I think that was it. It was insane. And really, for a higher end workout clothing store, Athleta was actually way more reasonably priced than I expected. I guess I’m used to Lululemon and their clothes are just insane (and I hate their leggings, for the record- the Wunder Unders suck).

My brother came over for dinner on Sunday night, so we all ate and then I chilled upstairs in peace and quiet for awhile!

Monday I worked from 9a-3p and headed back to Charleston after. I stopped at the outlets and spent way too much money their on work clothes for my internship! I got all tank tops, so I guess I’ll be living in cardigans too. I think because I don’t have any hips at all, a lot of the short sleeved dressy tops just look really strange on me. My shoulders look super broad and it’s just a weird look. I bought three pairs of dress pants (which I will end up returning some of!) so that Jon and I can go through my dress pants and figure out which ones I should alter and which ones I should return or donate. But Loft had some super cute clothes. Their pants don’t fit me, but their tops were actually really cute. And the outlet was actually not expensive at all. The shirts were all about $17-$20.

I have no idea why this is all about what I bought. Maybe because I am seriously excited about my finds from Athleta and I actually really like the shirts I found at the outlets. The pants were not exciting because I hate dress pants. I wish dresses looked decent on me, but again, the narrow hips and broad shoulders doesn’t do me any favors.

I got back late on Monday and spent Tuesday with my boy! I spent all morning doing laundry and cleaning up, followed by the bathrooms during his nap, and then I think we finally made it out for a bit in the afternoon. You know, the usual toddler life.

Yesterday was my LAST day with our sitter before Iceland! I totally decided one day a week (once I get back in town), I’m taking one day for the beach and my French food. I went to work out with Jeremy in the morning. On my way in, this guy was walking in from his outdoor workout. He was like, “You’re really looking strong these days.” I kind of laughed and thanked him and he was like, “No, I’m serious!” I think I was sort of surprised since I rarely interact with people at the gym, but it was so nice! I was so happy about it all day, haha. I even texted Jon as soon as I got in the locker room and he was like, “He must have been looking at that booty.” Hah. I do feel much more comfortable with my body these days and feel so much more back to normal now that I feel stronger, but it’s always nice to get a compliment! I remember pretty much every compliment I’ve ever gotten at the gym! Especially when it’s just a compliment and not somebody hitting on me (which has only happened once, thankfully).

I left the gym and went to the French cafe here that I love for some quiche and crepes. Then I headed to Isle of Palms for a beach day. I would totally not recommend Charleston for beaches unless you’re renting a house, just because I feel like there are other better beaches out there. But I LOVE the beaches here because I like that they’re lined with houses and not condos (like Florida). It was another super nice day, except the waves were pretty rough and they were stirring up all the sand and shells. So I get nervous about being in water when it’s super murky because of sharks. The usual. Haha.

I came home and got stuff done around the house for a bit. I had to go to the chiropractor for a massage, but Jon had a surprise conference call at 5 and the masseuse was running late, so I only got 15 minutes. Bummer. But she was so good! I’m totally going to make that a normal thing for as long as I can! I love that our insurance covers chiropractic massages! It’s awesome! I used to have a ton of pain in my mid back, radiating all the way across it, from that subluxation. Not all the time, but I couldn’t arch my back at all without having a ton of pain. It has improved SO much in the last week from the adjustments. I’ve always been weary of chiropractors but this is amazing. I wish I had gone when I was pregnant. I stretched at the gym this morning (the ab stretch where you lay face down and push up on your arms) and I had no back pain. I totally love this chiropractor!

Jon asked me the other night if I “confirmed with Jessica.” Out of the blue. I had no idea what he was talking about. He wanted to know if I confirmed that his sister (Jessica) was coming to help out while I was in Iceland. I was like, “Um, I told you that she had school and couldn’t come at all.” I feel like he knew that and was trying to be a smart ass though, because we had just talked about how much he’d have to do while I was gone a few days before that. Hopefully these 10 days go well!

My oldest sister, Tonie, is moving to Asheville soon! Well, apparently the company she’s going to work for could be bough out and she’d move to California, but I hope not! She’s talking about watching Jackson while Jon and I take vacations! Um, YES! Like, whenever you want to watch Jackson, YES! I’m excited to live near a sister anyway (Annie lives in Wisconsin and Tonie lived in Italy for a long time and has been in Texas for a long time) but who doesn’t want vacations?! I also think Tonie and I may try to go on a trip together! I would LOVE to do a sister trip! Flights to Paris are super cheap in August, but I don’t think that I can swing another trip this summer. Jon would kill me.

I should be off to get some stuff done! Not sure what because I feel lazy and want to sit and catch up on trash TV before my shower (Jackson is napping), but I doubt I will. I need to finish my requirements up for my internship today!


One thought on “Weekend Updates

  1. I have a phobia of sharks, I couldn’t get in the water if there was a possibility, ha!
    I’m the same, I rarely go shopping, I hate shopping for clothes, but when I do I usually buy loads at once and get excited by all my new stuff! It sounds superficial but I think new gym gear makes me workout better too.
    That’s amazing your hard work is paying off if people are noticing and telling you you look stronger! I can’t wait to get working out properly again, I’ve lost so much strength since I’ve been just running!

    I’m hoping to visit France at some point this year too but Kevin just spent a tonne in Vegas and my 3 day trip to Spain is costing a small fortune, so we’ll see! Also, my aunt and her family moved to Jacksonville two years ago and we hoped to visit them next summer but they are coming home this year now so we might try to squeeze in a trip to Florida somewhere too…My house fund not making any progress, ha!

    Sister trips are the best!!! My sisters both live really close to me so we see each other all the time. You have two sisters and a brother? Are you the youngest?

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