Keto. Gym. Iceland. LIFE.

Man, I have a lot to get done! I’m finishing up a cup of coffee though and then I’m off to be productive during Jackson’s nap time! He has been incredibly difficult lately. He has gotten VERY picky about how he eats- like sometimes I can hand him the spoon and he takes it and eats off of it. Sometimes he wants me to lay it on his tray. Sometimes he doesn’t want a spoon at all and wants to eat with his hands. Sometimes he wants me to feed him (not usually). He has started refusing almost everything I give him. He is throwing serious temper tantrums! His one this morning was so bad that I was checking his ears and nose thinking he shoved something in them and was hurting! Then it just stopped and he was fine (after like, 20 minutes). We are in a very opinionated and very difficult phase, but he is still the best and I’m going to miss him like crazy! I’ve been home with him for a full week with no sitter, which is actually the longest I think I’ve ever been home with him. Honestly, I’m fine with it. I wouldn’t mind a few more days before wanting a break. It helps that I don’t have school to focus on right now, but I’m sort of enjoying him, even if he is a major pain in my butt at times.

I only have two sessions with Jeremy (personal trainer) left! I’m kind of bummed! I’m actually considering keeping him for twice a month through the rest of the summer just because I really enjoy my workouts with him. I could totally manage on my own, but eh, there’s something I’m liking about it! Or I could see if a CrossFit gym here does drop ins and go one day a week for the same price, probably. I’ve been making it to the gym 4 days a week most weeks, although it’s about to get crazy since I go to Georgia this afternoon and get back late Monday evening, and then I leave for ICELAND in two weeks!

Speaking of Iceland, I have got to get my shit together. I have stuff to finish for my internship. Bathrooms that haven’t been cleaned in five weeks (I do wipe down the sinks, mirrors, and toilet!), floors that are a disaster. I need to make an appointment with a dermatologist to get a skin check because I have so many moles. I need to just… I don’t know. Be productive. I also need to finish with my photos (I am working on that! 11,000 photos to go through!) so I can delete everything off of my camera in preparation for Iceland. I need to finish my Shutterfly album for Jon for Father’s Day. I need to research Iceland! We don’t have ANYTHING planned other than our car/hotels, and we really need to look stuff up! Time is running out!

In other news, I started seeing a chiropractor. I went in Georgia, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. Jon started going here and really liked the doctor, so I decided to try again! It has gone much better! The doctor actually took x-rays and measured everything out on the film, so I was able to visualize what is going on (the other one never did that). He set up a plan of coming three times a week and just does a quick adjustment and then puts me on the little stimulation machine for 10 minutes. But I can finally see how jacked up my back is. And the x-ray showed subluxation right where my back is always hurting! No doubt from leaning over for so long while pumping. Displaced those vertebrae! That caused pressure in my lower back, and my pelvis is rotated too. So, totally makes sense why my lower back has so much pain in certain spots and why my upper back is always feeling like it needs to be popped! Because it does. I only have gone for two visits and already feel an improvement. When I lay on my stomach and try to push up (surely that’s a yoga pose- no idea what it’s called), I couldn’t bend my back before, and I already have increased mobility. I’m looking forward to even more improvement.

Jon is still doing keto. He went to Publix and spent $200! WTF. He came home with SO MUCH MEAT! I love Jon dearly, obviously, but that man! Who goes and buys that much meat at once?! Especially because he doesn’t like to eat meat once it’s been frozen! He has to be one of the worst planners ever. Clearly there is no way he can eat that much before it goes bad. So now, we have probably like, $50 of food about to go bad that he isn’t going to be able to eat. But he is doing well on keto! Shockingly, he is sticking to it. I know it’s only been four days, but that’s fantastic for him! I’m really proud of him. He’s been cooking in the evenings and preparing food. I’ve been eating better too since I’m trying to eat up $200 worth of food, haha. But it’s a good thing for both of us. I’m not doing keto at all, but I am eating a lot of the stuff he’s making and trying to eat cleaner overall (which I had actually been better about lately than I was while I was with my parents). He’s already lost some weight and already looks so much thinner because he’s not so bloated! I’m hoping that this becomes a serious change and he shifts his focus back onto his health. I know Jon thinks that I am less attracted to him when he’s not all thin and buff, but I really don’t care if he’s 200lbs or 225lbs. I just want him to be healthy for our family as we grow old together!

Alright, my coffee is gone, so I’m off to clean up, finish laundry, and pack! I have to run to the chiropractor when Jackson wakes up so that I can head out to Georgia before it gets too late! Hoping to make it in time to go grocery shopping tonight when I get in, otherwise I’ll have to wake up early tomorrow and go, and I’d really like to go to CrossFit in the morning since I can’t work out again until Tuesday.


2 thoughts on “Keto. Gym. Iceland. LIFE.

  1. Ive like just read all your recent posts at once!! You should blog for money and maybe I can eventually read about your travels!!!!! Ha! Do your friends read your blog? Or Jon?

    I can’t believe you go to Iceland so soon, we STILL haven’t booked, my sister is in Barcelona just now then I go away for a few days, so hopefully we get booked after that!

    I need to clean up my diet so bad, I never ate a lot of carbs and never bread but since running so much I eat EVERYTHING and have had bread most days, my tummy is so bloated, ugh!

    • I don’t think I’d even make much money, haha. I’m not even that exciting! I just need to learn how to love blogging about my travels now! None of my friends know about my blog and Jon knows about it but I asked him not to read it! I was just in Georgia all weekend and ate tons of bread and cake, so I’m feeling so bloated again! The bloat is so instant! I can’t wait to hear about YOUR trips! Your blog about the pyramid was awesome!

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