Pre-trip Preparing!

Happy Friday! And it really is, because it’s my last day at home before Laura and I leave for Wyoming! Also, Jon gets home tonight after being out of town for two weeks training for his new job! While I may have missed him a little bit, I slept so good with him gone and having a dark, silent house when I went to bed every night, and I also think we needed some time apart since I’ve been so irritable in my first trimester! I could totally live in solitude right now. Everybody gets on my nerves these day. And I have really serious road rage. I even thought about getting out of my car to tell the guy who honked at me in the parking lot at Whole Foods this morning that there is no way I can see if cars are coming when I back up when two big SUVs are surrounding my car and that it’s really not necessary to honk at me like a jackass. Just slow your roll in a parking lot and realize that people are going to be backing out. Cheesus, dude. But I didn’t. Clearly I’m not over it yet though. Anyway, so Jon lands around 9pm, so I’m heading to the airport to get him at 9:15 and then we’ll be downloading Microsoft Office to my Mac in preparation for grad school on Monday and spending some quality time together!

After I posted my blog post on Wednesday where I dreamt of all the productive things I was going to do, I literally laid on the couch, took two naps, ate every two hours, and had the laziest day of my life. I was so insanely tired. I couldn’t even move my arms and legs without a real struggle. I guess working so much surrounding the big wedding weekend was enough to exhaust my body with this baby in there, so I just soaked it in. I did manage to clean my bathrooms (except the floors) and I made it to Elite Edge for a really great arm workout at 6:30pm. But I really should have gotten way more done because that was all that I did for the entire day.

I had a really good day at work yesterday (in the ER). Busy day, but most of it was with the kiddos so I still didn’t have to work that hard. I do really appreciate going into a work environment where I know how to do everything and I know all the doctors and our flow.

I had planned on being productive last night, but I mostly just finished up a school assignment and then watched trashy TV shows. I need to soak up the trash TV before Jon gets home and gives me a hard time about watching Teen Mom. (Don’t judge.) Tom was a sweet boy and cuddled with his Mama. (Tom has also been sitting in the middle of the kitchen for the last hour purring up a storm. I’m not even acknowledging him. He’s just that happy.)


Also, to note since that picture made me think of it, we just got our new vision insurance cards and I’m super excited to get a new pair of glasses! I went last year to get a new pair, but they were going to be about $350 so I decided against it for another year. Luckily, this year we have insurance! Once my eyes quit changing for good, I plan on getting my Lasik redone (I have a lifetime guarantee.) I thought they’d be done by now, but they continue to get worse every year!

This morning I was exhausted again, but luckily I already booked my MissFits class on ClassPass so I had to drag myself out of bed by 9:15 this morning! We had a good workout, but my heart rate got close to 160 and I need to stay under 140. The coach told me I really need to get a heart rate monitor, so I ended up buying a FitBit Charge today and already hate it. I just want something simple! So I may return it and look on amazon for something easier to use! And cheaper too.

I just ate a huge breakfast (roasted potatoes, eggs, ranchero beans, colby jack cheese, sour cream, and avocado) and am about to prepare all my food for the road trip and pack. I’m meeting Crista for dinner at 6pm (so I’ll be leaving nice and early to make it through Friday rush hour in Atlanta during the school year) before I head out to pick up Jon. I’m really hoping for some time to get in some cleaning of the house, but who knows. If not, I’ll just let the man handle it while I’m vacationing!


I’ll check in when I get home from my trip! I’ll be busy with grad school work during the trip, so that’ll eat up all my computer time while I’m gone!


Life Updates & Baby Bumps

Happy Wednesday! Any day off work is a happy day for me! I thought I’d feel like I was working less hours, but I don’t lately. I’ve still been working a fair amount because of orientation at my new job, plus having to get in hours in the ER still. The new job is going well though. I’m feeling like I’m getting the hang of things, but I’ve only taken three patients so far and it’s hard to imagine taking 5 or 6. I believe I have another four orientation days, but one of those should be getting certified with the IV team and doing admissions. I’m actually nervous about having to get certified with the IV team because I really hate being watched when I’m in that “orientation” role, if that makes sense. I’ve had plenty of nurses watch me start IVs, but when I know they’re judging how I do it, I just feel shy! And I haven’t worked with adults in the ER in awhile, so my IV starts have been much fewer than usual so I’m worried I’ll miss a bunch of easy IVs. (Probably all ridiculous thoughts since I’ve been starting IVs regularly for 5 years now.) So, the job is going well. I should probably check my mail and see if I have my first paycheck yet since it’s not direct deposited till the second check!

The pregnancy is going well. My food aversions are still gone, thankfully, but I do tend to get cravings for stuff easily, especially if I smell something or see somebody else eating something. Then that’s all I think about. I had an EKG class last week and saw a guy eating a sandwich that looked like a tuna melt, and I literally craved tuna with cheese melted on it for the next hour. I couldn’t even focus on the class because I was so focused on getting tuna for lunch. Then I ate it and spent the next hour wondering if it was albacore or white fish tuna and how much mercury I just consumed. I also have a serious case of pregnancy brain. I always thought this started later in pregnancy, but I assure you that it’s in full swing. Last night I found yogurt in my fridge and couldn’t find the lid anywhere. I get up at work and walk somewhere and then have absolutely no idea what I was doing. I open a tab at work and can’t remember what I wanted to chart. I have conversations and then can’t remember anything the person said, even when I need to know (like at work). It’s crazy. All these things used to happen before I was pregnant too (not the yogurt), but it’s just one after another. All day long I feel like I’m wandering around lost. I also spend a ridiculous amount of time convincing people that I’m not showing and that I’m just bloated. I was supposed to have genetic testing done Friday, but somebody from the office called today and said I’d owe $900 out of pocket. No thanks! I don’t really care about genetic testing anyway! Neither of our families have any history of genetic abnormalities so no way am I paying that, especially when it won’t even apply to the deductible for the delivery (since I deliver next year).

baby bump

Good example here! Left photo is at 9wks2days, first thing in the morning. The second photo was first thing in the morning, but on Monday (11wks2days) right after being insanely bloated all weekend from the food at Kassie’s wedding. The third photo was also first thing in the morning, but on Tuesday after eating much better all day Monday. No baby yet. That’s all bloat in the second picture, and the other ones are how I usually look!

I’ve still been working out! I get out of breath way more easily and I also get completely exhausted way more easily, but it has been good to stay active. I was actually super excited to try the CrossFit gym close by and the WOD today looked great, but when I just went to sign up, it didn’t show up. They may close their registration early, but all the other noon classes are available every other day. Doesn’t make sense. So I’m going to one of my favorites tonight, Elite Edge, for my first arm night there.

Laura and I are leaving this Saturday morning for a trip to Wyoming. We’re driving out, so we’re spending a night in Kansas City so we can see the Power and Light District, and then heading out to do an afternoon at Medicine Bow (WY) and we’ll be staying just outside Grand Tetons. We’ll go into Yellowstone as well, so this afternoon I need to spend a little time figuring out how to get the most out of the parks in just a few short days! I can’t wait for the trip and really wish we could go for longer, but it’s going to be so fun! After this, I’ll be saving money again for spring tuition, baby items, and delivery bills. So I better make the most of this trip! I am loving that I’m going with Laura though, so all bills are split between us. For any of you single folk, enjoy your vacations with friends! It is much harder to see the cost of a two person trip to come out of one bank account!

Well, that’s about all! I’ll be spending my day cleaning the house (one last deep clean before school starts- the floors don’t get cleaned nearly as much when I’m in school!) and finishing up my online orientation for grad school! I need to make sure I have all my books ready since school starts Monday (while I’m on vacation, bummer)! I also need to run to the grocery store for a few small things (I want to eat all the gala apples!!!!!!). Perhaps I’ll buy a new crockpot too, since mine leaks dirty food water all over the place (how is that even possible?!) so I finally threw it out after it leaked all over onto my floor last time… So, nothing exciting in my future. Just a much needed productive day so that I can spend Friday packing, getting food prepared for our trip, and having dinner with Crista before Jon gets home!

Everybody enjoy your day!

Kassie’s Wedding Weekend!

What a fun/busy week! I’ll update you guys on just the weekend and maybe tomorrow I’ll do a random updates post! It was Kassie’s wedding weekend this past weekend! FINALLY! I don’t have many married friends and I haven’t ever been a bridesmaid in a wedding before (I won’t count my sister’s when I was 11- I just showed up and wore a hideous dress with equally hideous hair). I’m really loving going to weddings lately but was even more excited about actually getting to be in one! Considering I don’t have many friends (and especially not close friends), I know this will only happen one or two more times!

The wedding was an all weekend affair! It started on Friday, when I picked Gina up around 3:30 to head down to the lake where the wedding was being held. Kassie basically found a huge rental house on VRBO with another little house on the property, all on the lake. So the wedding party was able to stay at the house and there was plenty of room!

Once we arrived, we had some down time until we did a quick rehearsal followed by a Mexican buffet! Having Mexican catered was the way to go! I’d seriously consider doing that for a wedding too! The food was so good and oddly enough, from a place right near my house that I have always thought looked really sketchy (Kassie’s now-husband grew up not even a few miles from my house, and they catered the dinner so I guess they know the good spots nearby!). We spent our evening making bouquets and having some girl time.


Gina and me.


Awesome view from the deck.

Saturday was wedding day! We started off with a little breakfast and then did a few random wedding set-up tasks. Around 10:30, we all started getting ready. We were all doing our own hair and make-up, and my hair pretty much looked like my usual from the front, but I used all bobby pins in the back. I got a ton of compliments on it, so I guess I did okay! Kassie and Billy did their first look photos at 2pm and then we started our photos, so it was a totally different feel than my wedding. I only had the girls get ready with me on my wedding day and then Jon and I didn’t see each other before the wedding. My guests weren’t allowed to come into the reception area where we were, so it was a little more formal (despite how ridiculously casual our wedding was). We had tons of girls there for Kassie’s wedding throughout the day and then guests showed up in the house before the ceremony.

IMG_4009 11111

Me, Kassie, Gina

IMG_4022 111111

IMG_4024 11111

The ceremony was really nice and Kassie had her matron-of-honor’s husband marry them. During the ceremony, a huge bee landed on the bouquet that Hallie (matron-of-honor) was holding! We were laughing so hard during the ceremony and come to find out, Kass thought I was crying like a mess from pregnancy hormones, so she apparently was laughing too. It was so fun to watch my best friend of 15 years finally get married!

After the ceremony, we had some southern home cooking by the groom’s family and Nothing Bundt Cake cupcakes (my favorite!). We danced the night away next to the lake and had a great time!

nothing bundt cake

LOVE Nothing Bundt Cake!

IMG_4070 111111

IMG_4103 11111

Fun fact: This dress was so insanely tight up top after getting pregnant. These girls did not enjoy fitting into that dress for the night.

The wedding party decided to jump in the pool in our clothes which was a fun ending to the night!

IMG_4110 11111

IMG_4115 11111

Since some couples were camping out and other couples were staying in the house, we were able to have a late night, so it was much different than traditional weddings! Since I have to be a Sober Sally these days, I decided to head home around 2am so I could get a good night of sleep! The party was winding down around then anyway so I didn’t feel like I was missing out! It took about an hour to get home, so I was able to get in bed around 3am and catch some sleep before my Sunday!

Day in the Life and WIA-Monday.

I’m going to do a WIAMonday and a day in the life-ish, plus a random survey cause why not?

9:10am: I woke up and had a bowl of 365 brand Organic Frosted Flakes while I checked emails and read some blogs. I used to skip breakfast before the gym, but with being pregnant, that’s not going to happen these days! I also brushed my teeth and threw on some gym clothes.


9:50am: Left for the gym.

10am: Did an hour long leg workout at Elite Edge. I was really over it because of how tired I’ve been getting while working out, but my legs always get so sore from doing these leg workouts there and I absolutely love it!

11:10am: Got home from the gym and read blogs. I was feeling pretty nauseated and weak from working out and didn’t want to eat or move, even though I really try hard to get some protein in within an hour of the gym. But sometimes, that just doesn’t happen anymore. Even the thought of drinking protein makes me nauseated.

12:15pm: Decided to eat something. I ended up making two eggs, about 1/2 cup of ranchero beans, about a cup of hash browns, and added 1 1/2 slices of colby jack cheese and about 4 tablespoons of sour cream. It was delicious! I ate this while sitting on the couch and catching up on Naked and Afraid from last night. I was still feeling really weak and typically eating really helps me feel better, but I was still feeling rough. I thought maybe some more food would help even thought I just ate.


1pm: I ate 8 strawberries mixed with 1/2 honey Noosa yogurt and about 1/4 cup Udi’s vanilla granola while Naked and Afraid finished up. I had actually stopped eating yogurt completely awhile ago because it upsets my stomach, but since I’m not eating meat much, I want to get more protein in. And I really just want yogurt and since I don’t feel well most of the time anyway, why not?!


1:45pm: Naked and Afraid ended and I still had no energy at all, even after more food. I decided to take a quick nap before hopping in the shower.

2:40pm: Woke up feeling super weak still. Checked my resting heart rate and it was 100-105. No wonder I was feeling so weak. I decided I need to really increase my water intake but I just get so full from drinking so much water and I always. have. to. pee. now! I got up, hopped in the shower, and got ready.

3:15pm: Left my house to go have my retainer remade.

3:40pm: The dental assistant showed me the expected bill of $522 for a new retainer! I about had a panic attack! I told her the last time it was made, it was way cheaper. She checked my chart and said she’d be back. She came back and said it’d be $100. It was what I paid last time (years and years ago when I used to work for the same dentist) and apparently she asked Dr. Grady about it and he said to only charge me for that, which is the lab fee. I’m so glad I used to work for him! Whew! Saved me $422!

4:30pm: Arrived back at my house. Read more blogs. Sat on my couch. Tried to clean up the house a little.

5:45pm: Decided to start dinner. Ate about 3/4 cup of couscous, three organic Applegate Farms chicken tenders, three of Dr Praeger’s sweet potato littles, and two kiwis.


6:30pm: Headed out to Kroger to pick up eggs and strawberries.

7:15pm: Got home and chatted with Jon on the phone.

7:30pm: Cleaned up my house!

8pm: Bachelor in Paradise! Felt thankful that even with these pregnancy hormones, I’m not as crazy as half these girls on the show. No wonder they’re still single.

9pm: Cleaned up my bedroom and put laundry away and unpacked from the weekend.

9:45pm: Got ready for bed while I hardboiled eggs for work. (They weren’t boiled enough, which is randomly happening even though I make my hardboiled eggs the exact same every. single. time.)

10:20pm: Chatted on the phone with Jon.

10:45pm: Bed time! But I didn’t fall asleep since I was so busy peeing for the next two hours. The joys of being pregnant.

And now, for a totally random survey just to throw in here!

  • How much water do you a drink a day? It totally depends. Some days I probably drink about 40 oz, and then other days I probably drink close to 120 oz. I definitely drink more on days that I work.
  • What is your favorite workout? CrossFit style workouts.
  • What is your favorite fruit? I’ve always been a big berry girl (strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries mostly), but lately I’ve been really wanting grapes. Grapes seem to be my pregnancy fruit.
  • What is your favorite vegetable? Sweet potatoes and any squashy veggie! Love butternut squash, spaghetti squash, pumpkin, and zucchini.
  • What are your favorite healthy snacks? Lately I’ve been loving cottage cheese and grapes. Typically, fruit. I also eat a lot of dates stuffed with cream cheese.
  • What do you usually eat for lunch? Totally depends. At work, I always try to eat a meat (although this one has been cut out since being pregnant, but now that my major food aversions are gone, I want to get back to this), a veggie, and a fruit. I’ll occasionally do two veggies or two fruits.
  • What is your favorite and least body part to train? I don’t specifically train my back cause I don’t enjoy it, but I get in plenty of back work with other lifts and pull-ups. So that’d probably be the least favorite. I love legs, arms, shoulders, and abs…
  • What are your ‘bad’ food cravings? Chocolate. And Zukerino’s baklava.
  • How often do you eat out? Depends. Some weeks, once. Other weeks, 3-4 times. We used to rarely eat out, but especially since being pregnant, I haven’t wanted to actually cook my food. I would get nauseated by the time my food finished cooking, so we’ve been eating out more lately.
  • How do you stay motivated? Honestly, it’s not that hard. I see so many people who haven’t taken care of themselves in my field of nursing and I know I don’t want to live like that. I feel better when I’m eating healthy and working out, so I want to do those things.
  • Who is your biggest supporter? In working out? Myself. If I was part of a something where I ran races or competed in CrossFit still, I’m sure Jon would be there for me. But I tend to have a more relaxed approach. Jon definitely supports my activity (and has never even questioned by $120 a month in gym memberships) but I don’t think he cares if I’m active or not.
  • Do you have a gym membership? Yup! I use ClassPass which I absolutely love, and then I also have an LA Fitness membership for days where I just want to do my own thing or go on an off time.
  • How often do you work out? I try for 4 times a week, but sometimes it’s once a week and sometimes it’s 5. I rarely work out on work days, so almost never more than 4… I’d say consistently 3-4 days, which I have really found is perfect for me.
  • Are you a ‘morning’ or ‘night’ workout type of person? Both. I used to only like night workouts, but on my days off, I’ve gotten into the habit of doing 10am workouts and getting them out of the way. I also enjoy noon workouts. But I feel like I have more energy and get in better, more productive gym time in the evening.
  • Do you have a “cheat” day? I don’t need them. I don’t eat nearly as strict as I used to, and even when I was a strict Paleo person, I never thought of them as cheats. It was just me choosing not to adhere to my strict eating habits.

Asheville, NC Bachelorette Weekend!

What a great weekend! I had a pretty busy week last week between work classes and my first actual orientation shift at the new job on Thursday, but it wasn’t a bad week! I had planned on gym time on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons (class was over by 4:30), but no such luck! I was extremely tired both nights and decided to skip the gym. I also planned to wake up early Friday morning for the gym, but I snoozed instead! Sometimes I just need sleep more than working out.

Friday was a hectic day! Laura and I were in charge of groceries for Kassie’s Bachelorette weekend in Asheville, NC, but I realized when I woke up that I totally forgot to get my nails painted! So we met at the nail salon at 11am and then ran into Costco and Publix for food! It’s really hard deciding what to buy for 12 girls. We thought maybe we were under shopping, but we ended up having tons of food left at the end of the weekend! Oops!

Laura and I finished our errands by about 12:45 and headed to Asheville. It was such a beautiful drive through the small mountain towns! I was in love! Jon and I usually go to my parent’s cabin at least every other month or so, but we haven’t made it in a long time and I must be missing the quaint little mountain towns! I’m totally dreaming of a fall trip to Asheville now! And the Chimney Rock hike I want to do is right up there! I can’t wait for cooler weather!

Laura and I decorated as soon as we arrived (after exploring the amazing house!!!) and waited for the next car of girls, which included Kassie! Once Kassie arrived, we relaxed on the beautiful porch before heading out for a barbecue dinner!


Look at that porch! The house was absolutely adorable too! I looked it up online and in 2012, it sold for $276k. Maybe Jon and I need to move to a beautiful house like that in Asheville! That’s a whole lot cheaper than Atlanta!

IMG_3820 111111

After dinner, we hung out on the porch some more until all the other girls arrived. We ended up playing games and it was a ton of fun! I don’t think I even have 12 friends, so it was fun hanging out with a big group of girls! We all headed to bed around midnight since most of the girls had worked all day on Friday and we had a big day planned for Saturday!

Saturday morning, we woke up somewhat early and made a big breakfast for the group. The pans at the house were shoddy, so our breakfast was pretty pathetic, but I got some eggs in so I was happy!

We left after breakfast to go tubing! The tubing trip took about 3 hours from start to finish and that was a little long for me! At the beginning, you’re warned that the 4th bridge is the last bridge and to start getting ready to exit after the bridge. So I think we all saw the bridge and were prepared to end the tubing trip, but it was well over an hour before we actually got to the exit! We were all getting hungry so it was nice to be out of the tubes! I also managed not to get any sunburn except on the tops of my feet and on one of my side boobs. It really was fun to go tubing though. I hadn’t gone in years and it was a big, wide open river that was really perfect for tubing. We all strapped to each other with the cooler in the middle and floated along!

Back at the house, we grabbed some lunch and then napped and showered and got ready for the night out! Hallie (matron of honor) had made reservations at a tapas place, Zambra. Of course, we all took pictures on the porch before leaving!

IMG_3834 11111Hallie, Kassie, me.

 IMG_3866 11111

We headed to Zambra after our photo shoot was over and enjoyed some delicious tapas! I definitely recommend going there if any of you ever make it to Asheville! Their drinks were delicious (I only had sips to try everybody’s) and the food was so good! For tapas, it was reasonably priced as well. The service wasn’t the fastest, but I don’t think any of us were in a huge hurry. They didn’t refill my water in a timely manner (my biggest pet peeve, especially since they were constantly bringing out food), but other than that, it was definitely worth it. And the ambiance was great!

IMG_3902 11111

The high school friends from the Bachelorette party! Bottom: Laura, Rachel, Gina. Top: Me, Kassie.

IMG_3912 11111

I think some of us missed the memo that this was a goofy photo! Also, fun fact: I bought that green purse the other day for $5 at Charming Charlie’s! I love it and it was so cheap!

We ended up walking around Asheville after dinner in search of a good place to go! We decided on Wicked Weed Brewery since so many people recommended it to us! They had an amazing cucumber beer! I have been totally okay with not being able to drink because of this pregnancy, but that cucumber beer really had me wanting one! Maybe if I was further along, I would have had some of one, but I feel like it’s too early to be partaking in alcoholic beverages! Next time! The brewery was packed, but it was really nice!

IMG_3921 111111

Kassie wanted to go out dancing afterwards, so we went to a club downtown called Scandals. It was the weirdest club I’ve ever been to. (By the way, I just googled it and it’s a three story club- we totally missed that!) It was a gay club but a lot of straight people were there. But there were a lot of older people, including a 50-60 year old woman taking tons of photos of everybody on her cell phone. So weird. And then a very elderly woman showed up and was dancing. Another girl kept dancing up on the elevated floor in her insanely short skirt. I wasn’t really in the mood to dance much, so I did a lot of people watching. We were there for about 3 hours and our time there ended with a drag show that was a ton of fun to watch!

We got back to the house around 1:30am and then Kassie had her lingerie shower and a fashion show of all her new goods! It was tons of fun to see what everybody picked out. I think the best gift was two pregnancy tests, haha. We cracked up! I’ll remember that for future bridal showers.

It was a late night (3:15am), but we still crawled out of bed by 9am the next morning to clean up and get ready to go! We decided to head to a biscuit place for breakfast before we all went home! We decided on Biscuithead and we were glad we did! The biscuits were huge and so good! And they make tons of sauces to pick and one of them was a sweet potato chai jelly that was amazing! If I go back, I will be getting another biscuit from there!


I drove Gina and Laura home yesterday and as soon as I got home, I crashed for two hours! I did manage to make it to the gym for a 30 minute arm workout, followed by grocery shopping, and then the Bachelor in Paradise. I had a pretty late night since I had napped, but it felt good to just be lazy at home! I also made zucchini noodles with a ground beef pasta sauce, making that the first time I’ve cooked meat since being pregnant! I had a craving and since I never want meat, I decided I better go with it!

This morning I went to Elite Edge via ClassPass. I actually meant to register for my MissFits class cause I love that one, but I registered at 10:20 last night so once I clicked the wrong one, I couldn’t cancel it or I would have had to pay a fee. But it was still a good workout so I was fine with it!

I just got home a little while ago. I was feeling too nauseous to eat, but I think now I’m fine! So I’ll do breakfast, maybe go to the pool, and I definitely need to clean up! I have a dentist appointment at 3:40 to get a new retainer made since I left mine in Asheville (so annoying- it’s like $200 to get a new one made, but the cleaning lady didn’t mention finding mine at the house in Asheville). I may go get dinner with Kassie and Carly tonight, but I’m not sure yet! I’m hoping for a bit of a relaxing day, but I think that’s possible! Tomorrow and Wednesday are work days, and then I’m off Thursday, and Friday it’s down to Covington for Kassie’s wedding weekend! It should be a good week, other than this working business that I’m really not looking forward to!

Have a good day, everybody!

Weekend Recap and First Pregnancy Appointment

Hey guys! Happy Monday again! I even had this past weekend off so I have lots to update everybody on! But first, I’m going to just do a random quick update on foods I have been eating. Nothing exciting. And these are from different days too.


I was really craving cereal the other day at Costco but talked myself out of buying the overly processed food. But then I went to Whole Foods and 365 brand makes organic Frosted Flakes! Score! Three ingredients- corn, sugar, and salt. That’s it. So I bought it and my cereal has been delicious! This is also probably the first time in over 2 years that I’ve bought cereal. Or longer.


Grapes and cottage cheese. I never eat cottage cheese anymore either (I try to do minimal dairy) but I had a craving. And it has protein and since my meat intake has severely decreased and I’m trying to grow a baby, I went with it. Grapes are about the only fruit I really want and they happen to be delicious with cottage cheese.


My WTF meal. Organic mac & cheese, certified halal chicken nuggets, and some Dr Praeger’s sweet potato shapes. This plate looks like a 5 year old’s. But it was good. I actually bought those foods when my nausea was really bad and ended up not feeling like I could eat them, so I threw them together out of desperation last night because we literally had nothing else to eat.


I don’t know how to rotate this now that it’s uploaded. Oh well. My breakfast. The usual. Except I’m not trying to do healthy smoothies anymore. All fruit, OJ, and still some spinach. No veggie juice or almond milk.

Alright, now that we got some food out of the way! Friday morning I went to my MissFits class. I told the trainer I’m early in pregnancy and she wouldn’t let me do pushups? She asked if I had talked to a doctor about doing them and I said no, but I know I’m allowed to do them and still frequently do them. But she said no. So when I go back next time, I’m going to just tell her my doctor said it was fine (which he technically did, cause he said I can do any exercise up until 20 weeks, and then I just can’t lay flat on my back). I ended up getting ridiculously nauseous and having to sit the last minute out.

I had a pool afternoon and then dropped my car off for an oil change. They ended up saying it may be overnight cause they were so busy, so I had to hang out at my parent’s house for two hours until my mom got off work so I could take her car home. I ate dinner with them since it was Friday at rush hour and just hung out for a bit. My Friday night was spent cleaning the house till about 11pm.

Jon was out of town, so a sleepless night ensued. I got up in the morning for Cardio Muscle Mix. It’s a pretty intense hour long class and after about 40 minutes I was so over it. My body was seriously exhausted. Like, did not want to move. But I sucked it up and finished the workout and then Laura and I went for breakfast afterwards! Love our Saturday workouts and breakfast time, but I’ve been working so much lately that I haven’t been able to go!

I ended up running errands with Laura all afternoon on Saturday. We had quite the expensive day of running errands, but I did buy a few picture frames for our Europe pictures finally! I took a quick nap Saturday afternoon and then went out to Mexican with Gina. (I’m dying my hair this afternoon, so bye bye roots!)


Mexican was delicious! As always! We hung out for a bit at her house and then I decided to go spend the night at my mom and dad’s. I just don’t sleep well when Jon is out of town and I had to switch our cars back anyway, so I got there around 11pm, slept, and left by 9am on Sunday morning!

I finally finished cleaning the floors in Sunday morning at my house (along with deep cleaning) and then decided to make a shelf. Laura joined me at the pool for a bit first, and then we bought all the stuff for the shelf. She went home and I decided to tackle the shelf alone. It didn’t go well. And I got so frustrated and threw out the ($79) shelf. I would have salvaged it when I calmed down, but the wood cracked when I threw it out. What a waste.

Jon and I argued pretty much all night last night (he got home yesterday afternoon) because I can be a hormonal b*tch since I’m pregnant. I’m sure I was really pleasant. And then I decided I just don’t want to have this stupid baby anyway and looked up abortion clinics. Then I told Jon we shouldn’t have this baby cause I don’t want one anyway and we’re probably going to end up divorced anyway and that he was not allowed to come to our baby appointment this morning! (These are crazy things I should not admit publicly, but in case anybody else ever gets pregnant and does this type of stuff too, at least I can assure you that it’s just your hormones.)

But then I woke up from a good night of sleep and made him come with me to the appointment that I banned him from last night. I took this picture this morning before I ate, since I get so bloated easily and it’s hard to tell if there’s a bump or not after I eat. I’d say this is still normal for me. Aside from the big boobs, no other physical indication of pregnancy.


And then we went to the appointment! I had to do my regular annual first, and I was wondering if they’d even do an ultrasound cause they said they may not. But my periods were slightly irregular and the doctor couldn’t hear fetal heart tones (I also had to pee so bad that I couldn’t relax my abdomen), so we got an ultrasound! And I am so glad we did! It was way more awesome than I expected!


The ultrasound tech said this is the teddy bear phase and I totally see why! Doesn’t our baby look like a teddy bear?! And I know some people are like, “gross, I don’t want to see your ugly fetus” but I’m so excited that I want to show everybody! It has little arm nubs and leg nubs and she showed us its spine too! And I didn’t realize this, but you can see the heart beating inside the baby. I wish we had taken a video of it! It was the most awesome thing to see the little quivering in the tiny baby chest! She said I’m 9 weeks and 2 days (I thought I was 10.5 weeks) and due March 5th, and my little baby is 6cm long! Jon wants to do the genetic testing, so I’ll have another ultrasound done in about 2 weeks to look at the nuchal folds and the nasal bones and have some labs done for that. So I’ll get to see the baby again!

So today, this baby gets to stay. And maybe I’ll even stay married to Jon too and stop believing that our marriage is destined for divorce (at least until my next hormonal episode). Oh, and the best part so far is that my nausea seems to have almost gone away completely over the weekend! I still have it mildly at times, but overall, I barely notice it! I’m hoping it stays that way but since I’ve had constant nausea now for weeks, I’m hopeful!

I’ll leave you all with a picture of Fat Tom sleeping last night. He’s so weird. But I love his weird face.