Back to the gym!

I decided to join a regular gym for my last 3 weeks in Massachusetts! I got up yesterday and headed out to CrossFit and on my way, I started thinking about the cost. They’re really strict on their payment (the owner isn’t as much, but he’s not there often) so I knew I’d either have to pay the drop in fee ($20) or buy the 10 class punch card ($140?). So I got out my schedule book and realized that if I go out of town when I have 2 days off at a time, I can only go 5 more times. Why pay so much?Then I hit a detour that would have made me late anyway, so I skipped CrossFit.

I ran errands all day long. Target, grocery shopping, fingerprinting (for Oregon- the guy did a HORRIBLE job so I know the FBI will kick these back too, but Jon is mailing me another card so I’m going to go to a different PD next time), made all the phone calls to my recruiters that I’ve been putting off, taking my car to the shop, signing up for the new gym, cooking… All the boring things.

Last night, I went with Jess to get dinner on the water. I had plans of the gym after but my headache was back and I was not feeling it at all. So I came home and researched some stuff about New Hampshire cause I think I may go on Monday and tried to figure out the T since I’m staying in Woburn this weekend with Gina and Kassie.

Today I finally made it back to the gym! Woohoo! I ran a mile, did three rounds of 30 air squats, 2 rope climbs, and 10 kettle bell swings. Then I did some pull ups, abs, and started on shoulders and got so nauseous. Like, thought I was going to puke right there. I had to go recollect in the bathroom and I just hung out for about 10 minutes before walking out of the gym. I looked in the mirror and was so pale. Looked awful. Not sure what that was all about! I had only spent 30 minutes at the gym and I can easily work out for longer than that! So strange! But it felt good to do something active again and I definitely got a nice good sweat going in that short time!

I made it to the gym earlier than usual but was feeling pretty nauseous still, so I’m hanging out on the deck! About to shower and eat before work today! I do a 3-11 today and a 9-9 tomorrow, which is always really tough because of the short turnaround between shifts! But tomorrow night Kass and Gina land! I’m so excited! I’m going straight from work to pick them up in Boston and then we’re spending the night in Plymouth before going back to Boston on Saturday morning!

And then I may not be back until Tuesday evening if I decide to head to New Hampshire when they leave on Monday! I want to check out some covered bridges and do some of Mt Washington, even if I don’t go to the summit! I guess it’ll depend on the weather and how many people are hiking that day!

Have a great holiday weekend!


Almost the end of assignment #1!

I have one month left in my contract in Massachusetts (actually, I’m a bit under that now). I have a ton of thoughts about this but my two biggest are:



Jon and I are very different in our views of marriage. I am okay being away and he is not okay with it. While I understand that I do need to go home at some point and actually have a marriage, I’m not sure why my dream has to be put on hold because he waited until he was 30 to go back to school full time to fulfill his dreams. But alas, we’re married, so it doesn’t matter anymore.

More than anything, I wish we could sell our house in Atlanta and travel full time for awhile. I would love to go around the US exploring with my husband. I would love to wake up in a new city every 13 weeks and wake up in national parks all across the US with him between those 13 weeks. But I can’t. I do miss him, but I’m independent so it’s not unbearable. It does make traveling harder when I don’t have a permanent buddy available to go exploring (I won’t camp alone and certain hikes I won’t do alone either) because I’m more limited in what I can do.

Traveling has been my dream since I took my first trip to Switzerland and Italy when I was 21. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to see everything that I can see. So I went out of the country every single year and never went anywhere in the US. Now that I’m traveling in the US, I never want to stop (but I still want to go back out of the country- more than anything!).

My job has been more tolerable lately since we have slowed down a bit. I have still had crazy, horrible days, but it’s not every day. I also work less days now since I’m able to work some more 12 hour shifts. I enjoy the people that I work with for the most part. I would never want to stay at that hospital, but I love Plymouth. I love Boston. I love the Cape. I love Vermont and Maine and New Hampshire and all the surrounding states.

Exploring New England has really been wonderful. The weather here was perfect for the summer. I loved Boston even more than I thought I was going to. I had no idea how many awesome hikes would be near here and it has really ignited my passion for hiking and I can’t wait to start getting into backpacking. I am finding out what kind of places I want to live in (once Jon is done with school and we sell the house, of course) and what type of jobs I’d want to work. I get to enjoy the beach and the mountains and everything in between. My love for nature just keeps on growing up here and I have been fortunate enough to hike to the tops of mountains that have taken my breath away (Georgia mountains just aren’t this awesome).

I am beyond grateful for my life. I’m so lucky to have a husband that I love, two precious cats, financial stability, and the health to enjoy being able to travel across the US for a living. I am so lucky that at the age of 28, I found a man to love me for (hopefully) the rest of my life, I have been to 8 countries, I’m traveling across my own country, I’m well educated, deployed and spent a year in Iraq, and have a nice savings account that allows me to do these things without worrying about the “what ifs.” I also have two healthy parents and two healthy in laws with tons of nieces and nephews and amazing friends that I know I will have for life.

I never saw this being my life. I thought I’d grow up to be a teacher and have some babies by the time I was 25. Now I don’t even think I want kids and my life just continues to grow and show me new opportunities. Although I can’t wait to get out of bedside nursing and I’m dying to see something other than just the ER, I am so incredibly grateful that I somehow picked nursing as my major in college, which has given me so many opportunities.

I couldn’t be happier that I stuck with my plan of travel nursing and I am so excited to head out west next. I have nothing lined up next yet and am unsure of what direction we’re headed (Jess is extending her contract here because she found her boyfriend, but only for a month), but I know it’ll work out and it’ll be another awesome experience. And hopefully the ER will be better too!


Newport Mansions

Sunday Jessie and I went to Newport, Rhode Island again for a Newport mansion tour! We got a bit of a later start than we planned since she worked till 3am on Saturday, but it worked out! I was feeling pretty under the weather (I have a pretty terrible cold in the middle of summer, of course) but it was one of our last days off together! Rachel was supposed to come but she cancelled, which I was expecting.

The mansions were really awesome on the inside and decorated in that old 1800s fashion. Such a horrible decorating style. Our attention span was too short to listen to any tours so we really just walked around (and we would have run out of time since we only had a few hours, and most tours took about an hour) and did some sightseeing. 

newport mansions

newport mansions

After some mansions, we decided to go grab some pizza in Newport. I forget the name of the place we went, but the pizza was not really amazing and it was really small for the price! But it was a cute little place to eat at and a middle aged man gave us advice on friendships (thinking we were in college- he told us things we’ve already figured out in our old age).


Once we finished dinner (with my perty ex-roomie Jess, pictured above), we headed out to the cliff walk that goes behind all the mansions. It was really pretty and of course, I just can’t get over how pretty the water is here. I really love Boston and the coastline up here! (I know we weren’t in Boston- just sayin’.)

cliff walk rhode island

 We got back around 9pm and I relaxed before a 9-9 work day on Monday! I was definitely feeling not great so it was good to lay down!

Today I had plans of working out at 10:30 but forgot to set my alarm! I woke up with quite the headache anyway but was kind of itching to get back to the gym! Tomorrow! Instead I showered and headed out the door to get some food for today since I had nothing left to eat!

photo 1-4

Who doesn’t want a picture of me running errands? (Don’t worry, I was parked- I hadn’t even left yet.)

photo 2-4

 I ended up skipping my eggs this morning since I bought a rotisserie chicken and had a ton of it and have to go grocery shopping again tomorrow to get real food anyway, so might as well eat all this up.

I’m headed in to work from 3-11 today (blaaaaahhhh) and tomorrow is going to be a day of errands. My car is going to the shop for an oil change and an 85,000 mile check (that may not be a real thing, but we’re heading down south and then across country again, so it’s time). Since I’m going to a Honda dealership, I’m sure I’ll pay out the ass for this, but I figure I don’t know what’s good around here and at least the Honda dealerships are nationwide if I have issues.

Gina and Kassie come Friday for the weekend and I am so excited! 

Also to come, a post about having one month left in Massachusetts!!! But this has been boring enough. I won’t bore you any longer!


What a busy week! After returning from Vermont, I worked 3-11pm the next day! The following day, I worked 9-9. I did another 9-9 today. I’m loving these 9-9 shifts since they tend to be nice and slow in the morning and end earlier than I feel like I should be getting off since I’m used to working till 11 now! 

Unfortunately, I’ve been sick so I’m exhausted! I noticed a bit of a runny nose after flying back in town last week and by the time I was in Vermont, it seemed to get worse. Camping didn’t help and now I’m really congested and my head is hurting and I’m exhausted 😦 Woe is me.

I have discovered a new, really fantastic show! Real Housewives of Melbourne! I know, I know! It’s Real Housewives! And I do have a soft spot for the Real Housewives of the OC and New York, but this may be my new favorite. Since I’ve been to Melbourne, it’s neat to see places that I’ve been to and I also like that the ladies so far aren’t super crazy. And their accents are just so exotic. It’s like I’m getting to travel all over the world and I’m still actually sitting in my bed.

I’m actually going to get in bed now so I can enjoy an episode! Tomorrow Jess and I are going back to Rhode Island for a Newport mansion day! Super excited!

Vermont & Camel’s Hump!

I’m back from Vermont, SADLY! I love Vermont! I loved Maine too, but I think they might be tied for #1 state (I hope I feel like this about all the states I explore!). Vermont was so peaceful and so amazing! I think that’s the first time in weeks that I’ve just had absolutely 0 stress! We got into Burlington around 5pm after some serious detours since Jess is a poor navigator, but we loved our detours so no big deal!

Burlington was adorable! It was such a hippie town (that part doesn’t impress me). People were so incredibly nice! We saw a guy carrying a kitten on a leash and he came and talked to us and I got to play with his kitten! We watched the sunset over Lake Champlain!

IMG_3286 2


Church St, Burlington.

We ended up enjoying a beer on a rooftop bar that night and then stayed at the Hilton Burlington for only $70 and it was in a great location! Jess and I already loved everything about Vermont but it really only got better!

We got up on the second day fairly late. We had plans of hiking but instead decided to go on the tour of Cabot cheese, Ben & Jerry’s, Green Mountain coffee, a cider mill, and a chocolate factory. All the brochures say the tours are all within 4 miles of each other. We started at Green Mountain and had breakfast right near there. Turns out, it’s not a tour. The factory is right there but you can’t go in, so we just drank our coffee (delicious) and were on our way… only to be further disappointed because ONLY Ben & Jerry’s was actually a tour! The rest were shops! Bummer! But it was still a good day!

We went to Little River State Park after to set up camp! We got out tent up in no time and went out to buy camp/hiking food! It didn’t take long and we went back to roast hotdogs and relax before hiking the next day!

We hiked Camel’s Hump the following day! We definitely didn’t get an early start and enjoyed a breakfast in Waterbury first! The drive out to Camel’s Hump wasn’t quite like a drive I’ve experienced before! It was very far out and was basically a dirt mountain road with a parking lot at the end. Thankfully, we made a bit of an ascent before parking since Camel’s Hump is a 4,000 footer.

The hike was fairly difficult. I think it was 2.7 miles up to the summit, but it was straight up almost the entire time, rocky, and there was no scenery along the way at all! I hate hikes where you look at trees for hours, so I was getting a bit bored with the hike. But the summit was so worth it!

IMG_3454 2

IMG_3489 2

We hung out at the top for a bit and then decided to head down. The real reason we wanted to hike Camel’s Hump was because our friend from Burlington with the leashed kitten had told us to do this hike so we could see a plane that had crashed into the summit! Apparently back during WWII, a B24 bomber was on a training flight and crashed into the summit. Only one soldier made it out alive and the rest died. Most of the wreckage was recovered, but part of it was still there. We were discouraged because nobody on the summit had heard of it and one lady said that it was really difficult to find anymore, but we were determined!

IMG_3498 2



Starting that descent was a bit daunting since it’s basically straight down huge rocks! It was also close to the edge! But then it turned back into a normal trail (a very wet, very rocky, very slippery trail)! I happened to find the plane because I thought part of a dark root might have been metal, and then I saw the light metal in the background! It was really eery coming up on it, hidden in the woods, but once we were near it, it wasn’t nearly as bad! We were told by a pilot that this is part of the wing, but I’m really not sure what it was! Very cool to be near that though!

The hike took about 4.5 hours total and we went about 6 miles after taking the detour to see the plane. I would say it was a somewhat difficult hike and shoes with good traction are needed for the slippery rocks! But I really loved the summit! It was absolutely amazing!

We stopped at a local inn on our way back (Mad River Barn) for some dinner! It was so cute inside and aside from the screaming children, we loved it! The inn was adorable too and I would love to stay there! They said they get crazy busy in winter since that’s a big ski area!

After dinner, it was back to camp to build a fire and relax! After our hike, we were just so happy to be out in the wilderness for another night with our campfire and tent! I never wanted to leave! I think I could have camped for an entire week and decided that for my health, I probably should try to camp more often! I think my cortisol levels decreased by 500% on that trip! I’m definitely a nature girl!

Yesterday morning was the last day! We took down camp and then headed out to try and find Heady Topper (the cases- we had the beer in Burlington but apparently it’s really sought after) for some people we work with. We had lunch in Montpelier which was so tiny! Then we walked around to find the coop with the beer. It was sold out and apparently there are lines to buy it when it gets delivered.

IMG_3547 2

As big as the streets get in the capitol city!


The capitol building!

Next we went to Barre to try another package store, only to have the same experience! We decided to hit up some covered bridges on our way out of Vermont because they have tons of them and we hadn’t seen any! We drove through some beautiful areas and I just stayed in love with Vermont the whole time! Still amazed by what a beautiful state it is and would absolutely love to take a travel assignment there!


An old mill we found!


Two covered bridges! From the 1700s.

IMG_3607 2

The third covered bridge, just down the road from the other two. Also from the 1700s.


Fourth bridge.

 IMG_3640 2

The fifth bridge! My personal favorite! It was super cute!


That concludes the Vermont trip! Hope you enjoyed! Today it’s back to work!


IMG_3223 2

Yesterday we drove from Boston to Burlington, VT! This is a little town along our way that we loved (that we only drove through cause Jess is a poor navigator, but that’s okay!).

Internet at the hotel is too slow to upload more pictures but WE LOVE BURLINGTON! And all the rest of Vermont! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I never want to leave!




Georgia Recap

I’m back in the great state of Massachusetts! I flew back yesterday morning and managed to stay calm on my flight home, surprisingly. But it was a relays smooth flight, despite landing in bad weather in Boston. Jess picked me up from the airport and we went to Whole Foods and stopped be a bakery and then I came home and napped. It was dreary and rainy and my room was so dark! Perfect napping weather!

I woke up for my 8 hour shift feeling pretty good! It was a fairly easy day at work but I’m still on the countdown till this assignment is over! (6 weeks.) I was psyched last night to come sit and catch up on some Real Housewives. I think I needed some relaxing time!

Today is BEAUTIFUL! I didn’t wake up for the gym but honestly didn’t have high hopes for making it this week. Instead I got up and cooked lunches for three days of work, sat by the pond, did two loads of laundry, unpacked, shower, made breakfast, and ate. I actually did have time for a quick workout, but it didn’t happen. I’m feeling the need to just spend some time relaxing so I’m just going to go with it. Besides, I have a feeling Jess and I will get our hiking in while we’re in Vermont this coming week!

I’m dreading work on such a wonderful day! I’m dying to just get outside and enjoy the weather! Not going to happen though!

A quick end of the week recap from Georgia:


I was so excited to see these two cats! I seriously love these two and was so happy to have Tom waking me up in the morning and Fluff’s silky furs sitting next to me.


Dates with Jon! My favorite! And I even took the time to curl my hair, which fell out not long after because I get too paranoid about burning my hair off.


I love making dinner with this guy. I’m usually the veggie cooker and he typically does our meats, but I love our teamwork and then sitting down to eat together. The pork chops were undercooked and then we never got them cooked right, but my green beans were awesome. 


Sushi Nam is our favorite sushi place! We got to sit outside and enjoy a really nice evening for Georgia!


We followed our Sushi Nami date night with a walk around the neighborhood! We had planned on walking around downtown but decided to head home for a more relaxing evening. I love our walks together!

Anyway, time to head off to do some dishes and put my clean sheets on my bed!

Depression and Being Suicidal

I find that in my old age (this very ripe old age of 28, guys, seriously), I get really stirred up about things I read online. Everything. I read a stupid Facebook status and I just think about how dumb civilization is (like me, for getting worked up over a Facebook status).

So I’ve been reading all these Robin Williams articles and debates about depression and I’m worked up about it. I can’t say I’m sad for Robin Williams. I’m an ER nurse. I separate my feelings from what is happening on a daily basis and while I have learned over the years how to empathize with my patients and actually do feel for them, I just can’t feel for the death of an actor. It’s just not in my character. It is a sad situation, but I’m not sad about it.

What is more sad, to me, is to call suicide selfish. It’s hypocritical. What is selfish is to expect a person that is so miserable in their own life to live for somebody else

I brought a little peace to myself yesterday (you know, when Facebook got me all worked up!) by reminding myself that ignorance here is a good thing. Reading people think that suicide is selfish is ignorant of them and it’s good to be ignorant to how serious depression is. These are people who think that talking about it or medication or prayer will somehow fix depression! How amazing! Because suicidal people have never thought of that.

The thing about depression is that most people (not all) don’t want to talk about it. Here’s the thing- a lot of depressed people actually have nothing to be depressed about. Nothing. So to admit to others that you’re depressed over basically nothing is embarrassing because people don’t actually understand depression. To say to somebody, “My boyfriend broke up with me and I want to kill myself” and be serious about it is really embarrassing and it is probably one of the hardest things I can imagine saying to somebody. And you feel so alone that you think that even if you tell your friends, they won’t react how you need them to and then you’ll feel even more alone! What if they just don’t get it? Or what if they act like you’re broken because you told them and then you’re that depressed friend? And prayer, well, maybe prayer is magical, but I just find it hard to believe that all those people who have committed suicide were NOT religious and that NONE of them tried prayer. Also, medication? I never wanted to be on it. Ever. Not only that, but I couldn’t even tell my therapists about how depressed I was when I was suicidal because I literally could not talk about it. I would go to therapy and skip telling her 90% of the important stuff because I was too embarrassed by it. So to actually treat me wouldn’t have been easy. And then I would just quit going cause it was a waste of time.

I’m glad that people who think suicide is selfish didn’t spend years waking up in the morning (if you even slept) wanting to be dead. I’m glad they didn’t hold a gun to their chest just wanting to pull the trigger. I’m glad they didn’t cry themselves to sleep for years. I’m glad they didn’t think about what drugs they could overdose on and that they didn’t write their families letters to let them know how much they loved them and how sorry they were. I’m glad that they didn’t feel so isolated, despite being surrounded by people. I’m glad they didn’t try to find their happiness in a relationship or in a plethora or one night stands. I’m glad they didn’t lose 15% of their bodyweight because they had no appetite at all. I’m glad they didn’t go through every day not wanting to suffer anymore. I’m glad those people have absolutely no idea how draining it is to live your life just so that somebody else didn’t suffer when you were gone and how angry it makes you that you are living just so somebody else doesn’t have to be sad that you killed yourself.

I spent years not wanting to live. Years. I am only alive because when I was in high school, I saw my best friend’s sister die. When we were walking out of the hospital after she died, her mom was holding onto her husband and telling him that she had to go back to see her one more time, and her husband kept telling her that she was gone and that she couldn’t. It was the most horrible thing I’ve seen- to see a mother lose a child. I couldn’t imagine putting my own mother through that, so I never did.

Although I’m not depressed now, I’d be lying to say that I’m glad I never killed myself. I do enjoy my life. I love my husband. My job is decent. I love traveling and I’m glad to be where I am. But if I was dead, I wouldn’t know the difference. And there are still times where depression does get a hold of me and I struggle with it. And it is absolutely terrifying to have that happen because I know how terrible it can get. Thankfully, it is not my life all the time anymore. It’s a small percentage, but it’s still there. It still causes problems in my marriage at times. I will never, ever forget what it was like to want to end my life.

For those that have, it wasn’t selfish. Yes, those people were loved and left somebody behind and I’m sure it was difficult for those left behind… But that agony that they now have in their lives, that’s only a glimpse of what a suicidal person felt.

And for a nice, light article about depression, I happened to love this article: 5 Facts Everyone Gets Wrong About Depression

Side note: I still can’t talk about this in person. I still can’t tell people that I used to be suicidal. I actually had a conversation with Crista once (one of my best friends who didn’t know me back in my horrible years) about our mutual friend who killed himself and I couldn’t even say it then. But nobody I know in person reads this and if they do, they don’t tell me, so it’s not as hard to just type these words out.

Almost time to go back to Mass & Assurant Health Insurance!

If you’ve ever been away from home for extended periods of time, I think you may know this already- but sitting on your couch is seriously the best thing ever. I can hear Jon snoring in the bedroom, my cats are chilling on the floor, and I’m just chilling on the couch. Although I’m excited to get back to exploring up in Massachusetts (and to see Vermont next week!), I will definitely be missing my own house when I get back up there! All I want to do tomorrow for my last day in Georgia is sit on my couch. It won’t happen, but that’s what I want.

I had my last shift at work today. Yesterday and today were both good days, but I’m just overly exhausted from my schedule for these two weeks. I could barely keep my eyes open in the car when Jon picked me up last night! But even today was such a nice, controlled chaos. I miss the organization in this place! I miss having private rooms! I miss having time to get to know my patients and actually having the privacy to do so. I’m already looking forward to my shifts in September, which I really need to schedule soon!

I also looked at jobs today at other hospitals in the area. I know I won’t be back until the summer for good, so I obviously can’t apply, but I’m really excited to get new experience when I get back! I want to do some resume building!

Also, in some not so good news, I looked up my insurance company today because I was going to give them a call regarding where my payment was billed to (since I just had to switch all my bank accounts, I had no idea). Come to find out, they have tons and tons of complaints about not paying bills and not covering services. I read multiple stories about how a surgery went to get pre-authorized and Assurant had said that they “might” cover the procedure. Uh, what?! I have had four surgeries and was never told that in the past, and my ENT was shocked when they called me to update me and the insurance company said that they “might” cover it (to have a small skin tag removed from my throat that has been repeatedly infected). It’s a PRE-AUTHORIZATION! So basically, they sound like a scam and I can’t believe I’ve been paying into them for over a year! After this assignment in Massachusetts is over, I’ll be taking my insurance through the travel company for that assignment, and then I should be able to switch my health insurance to another private company because it’ll then be considered a life event so I’ll be able to apply at that time. I can’t now since it’s not open enrollment. I only went with Assurant because I had found them on a military website that somebody told me about so I figured they’d be trusted, and I had such issues getting health insurance last year because of my “pre-existing condition,” which shouldn’t matter anymore. At least I hope not. Also, I just looked up the “health exchange” plans. For over $200 a month, the plans still have a deductible of $6000, family is doubled, and some of them go up to $36000 for a family out of network deductible. Are you kidding me?

I think people who voted for Obama because of this “affordable” healthcare were idiots. Sorry, democrats. Those that voted for him because he was black were really, really dumb. And ignorant. And clearly don’t believe that the color of your skin doesn’t matter (as they preach about how racism is still alive).

I digress. I’m off to wake up Jon so we can go have a sushi date tonight! I was unimpressed with the sushi I had the other night, so I’m still in need! 



Cards Against Humanity and Running Errands

Last night ended up being quite a good night back in Atlanta! I took a quick nap and then got ready to head down to Gina’s house. Thankfully, she was open to having everybody over for a pretty last minute get together (we knew it was happening but had mostly planned on going out to eat somewhere). It ended up just being Kassie, Gina, Laura, Jon, Billy (Kassie’s boyfriend), and me, which was just fine! We all caught up and ate pizza (clearly, no clean eating for me going on here)!


Reenacting a wedding photo. This is way more awkward.


Kass, me, Laura, Gina. (I plan on cutting my hair in September! It it WAY TOO LONG but I don’t want to take up all my free time during this trip with hair appointments.)

I ended up getting super crazy with my Fireball and Sprite (I kid, I was not crazy at all) and we played Cards Against Humanity for a long time! Some of the cards played were hilarious! Definitely a good time with friends!

I finally managed to get a pretty decent night of sleep last night! Jon and I laid in bed till about 9:30 today and then went to my parent’s house so we could all go get breakfast at J Christopher’s. We didn’t make it there till fairly late because their air conditioning unit was getting worked on, so it set our day back a little more than we had planned. I love J Christopher’s so I enjoyed my breakfast and time with the padres is always good!

Jon and I headed to the outlets afterwards to get my rings inspected and cleaned. We stopped by Dick’s for a new hiking backpack for me. I actually settled on a Camelbak that has a good sized backpack. It’s really ugly (brown!) but it was on sale for $47 and I liked everything else about it. Can’t always look cute when I’m hiking! (My other backpack doesn’t have a chest strap, which is somewhat troublesome on some of the hikes up here- these rocks are no joke.) We then went to Abbadabba’s in hopes of finding my New Balance Minimus shoes but have to just accept the fact that they don’t sell them in stores anymore. Made a quick stop by Whole Foods, Nothing Bundt Cake, Wal-Mart, and then home!

Now we’re about to cuddle up and watch Heaven is For Real! I’m so excited for some couch time with my cats and husband! Woohoo! Best part of the trip so far! We were planning on making dinner but I typically lack an appetite the day after drinking (even two drinks- yup), so I think we’re going to save it for tomorrow and eat cake for dinner. So healthy.