I’m about to go clean the bathrooms today so I don’t have much time… I wonder why I pay somebody to watch my kid? Maybe I should watch my own kid and pay somebody to clean my house. Now there’s an idea!

I’ve been super busy lately so haven’t written a thing about Iceland, but I think I may postpone it to go to a fully public blog. I know this is a fully public blog, but something with more of a theme. Not even a theme, but eh? I don’t know. But I’m not even in my 20s anymore, haha. But this is why I’ve been putting it off. And because I know I will be SO busy come fall, that I have no idea HOW I will find time to write anything for fun.

We had a busy Father’s Day weekend. We worked out together on Saturday morning, as is our new usual. We ran to Publix and hung out during nap time. Jackson and I went out to pick blueberries in the afternoon with Lisa and Nora. It was so hot out! And I have SO many bug bites now! Jackson just wanted to play with sticks and didn’t really pick many blueberries.

We woke up on Father’s Day and had our breakfast. Jon and I typically alternate gym sessions on Sunday mornings since they don’t have childcare, but we decided to head out to the beach early. We planned on spending the morning there, but it poured about 15 minutes after getting there. It was totally random because the skies were clear except ONE massive rain cloud! So we headed back home shortly after getting there and Jackson totally passed out way early in the car!

I decided to see if he’d just nap early since we wanted to go to the aquarium after nap time, so I put him in his crib when we got home! I had to wake him up at 1 (after 3 hours and 15 minutes- a SUPER long nap for him!) and then we headed out to the aquarium.

Guys, Jackson is the CRAZIEST kid. I know he’s young and we’re in a stage where he is just really starting to understand directions, but he doesn’t understand anything complex yet. But he is ALL over the place. Other kids are so calm compared to him and he just runs and screams everywhere. I’m probably worrying needlessly, but I’m already worried he is going to be that kid in daycare in the fall that causes tons of problems! He is so much more calm in an environment he knows, but he just gets SUPER excited in new places or if we go outside. I just don’t get how he has 100x the energy of other kids his age! I don’t mind it when I’m alone with him and we’re outdoors, but when we’re with other people or out in public, it definitely makes it difficult.

Anyway, the aquarium is decent here. Not huge and kind of expensive, but it was okay. I didn’t feel like there was a ton to do there so we didn’t stay super long, but it was still nice to get out!

We hung out at the house last night. I was feeling super dizzy all afternoon for some reason so I ended up not running any errands like I planned. Figured I shouldn’t drive while everything was spinning around me.

I was SO tired last night! I fell asleep on the couch during the second episode of Iron Chef (am I the only one obsessed with cooking competition shows?) so I went up to bed.

Jon had a late morning (for him- so he left at 8am compared to 6:45am) so he hung out this morning with Jackson. I took Jackson to Ali’s around 9 and headed to the gym. I wanted to go to the beach but it’s cloudy now. So I think I’ll start on the bathrooms and then head out to get some groceries. We won’t be here much longer (headed to Atlanta on Thursday or Friday), but I need my cottage cheese! Whole Foods is the only one that sells the kind I like and I eat it every day (Good Culture) so I’m going out there to get some.

Anyway, off to be productive!


One thought on “Weekends

  1. Our aquarium really isn’t that great. The one in Myrtle Beach is a lot better and I’m sure ATL’s are better but I’ve never been there to know. At least you got out of the house and gave it a shot, plus maybe it was so boring it put Jackson to sleep and that’s not a bad thing? ;). Sounds like you had a good and busy weekend though!

    IMHO, you could always purchase a .com and hide your blog URL, plus just rename it. I’ve done that. But I get wanting to start over too especially since you’re now a part-time ATL 30something ;).

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