Tuesday Update! Nursing BS, Dinner with Friends, Markets!

Last night I ended up meeting up with Kassie, Carly, and Billy in Atlanta! Traffic was surprisingly not too bad (score!) so I was super pleased! We met at 10th & Piedmont for happy hour and got our food for super cheap! We had a few glasses of wine and then Billy decided to go home and study (he’s in law school- no time for fun) while the girls went to another little bar in Midtown.

10690061_10100165959498142_1178648311414005839_nKassie, Carly, me.

I ended up leaving around 9pm so Jon and I could see each other for  a little while! I was super excited to find out that Nashville is on episode 3 of this season so we watched the first episode last night! Then we headed to bed after he gave me a nice massage! I think that’s what I miss the most when I’m traveling! Massages for my sore muscles!

I’m enjoying my nice fine Tuesday by completely all this nursing BS. I have never missed a skills day ever in my life, but since I was traveling, of course I missed it. And now I have to provide documentation of all these scenarios when I haven’t even had any of these patients in how long? Months. It’s been 13 weeks since I’ve worked and in the last few days, I did help in a code, but it wasn’t my patient or my documentation. And most of the critical patients have paper charting since we don’t have time to use the computer in critical situations! So I’m just typing up stuff about whatever and hoping it’s okay. Waste of time. Because writing BS papers about my job means I’m competent. Okay.

I actually did have a decent morning. Jon and I went to IKEA first thing to look for a dresser for the guest bedroom, but decided their furniture is too cheaply made and walked out empty handed. I had been wanting to go to this market downtown that people keep talking about. It’s apparently some hidden gem that’s been there for awhile and is actually right next to where Jon has class! It’s the Municipal Market, or the Sweet Auburn Market.


It was super cute! They had produce and a bunch of food bars. I had an arepa and some fried plantains even though I was full from breakfast! I would definitely go back and try some of the other vendors that they had there! I’m surprised it wasn’t more packed too, but I did get there around 11 so it may have been too early for the lunch crowd.

I dropped Jon off at class and then went and sat at CVS for the longest time waiting on a flu shot. It’s required by the Portland job but my hospital here hasn’t started giving them yet. I got home and faxed in a bunch of documents and now I’m doing my skills packet. I just remembered that I need to get my emissions tested because my tag fee is due on the 24th of this month (my mom is the primary signer so I get to pay the money on her birthday instead of mine- I never want to be the primary signer on my car now). I feel like the list keeps piling up of things that I need to do! (Also, renewing my GA nursing license- I need to add that to my list too.)

I skipped the gym at noon since I had things to get done. I may go at 4:30 or 5:30 but am considering going for a run and just going some bodyweight stuff along the way and then doing a quick shoulder workout when I get home since all I have is 10# weights here. Tomorrow and Thursday are back to work and then it’s my last weekend before heading out to Portland!

Time to get back to this work so I have some time to get my workout in while it’s still light out today! Anybody else notice how early it seems to get dark these days?! I’m dying to go to Stone Mountain but I don’t think I’ll make it before traffic and I really need to get this done so they don’t suspend me from working!



Gym Time & Portland

I had to work 7a-7p yesterday (always a bummer going into work when Jon is cuddled up in bed). Luckily, it wasn’t awful. My first 8 hours was easy and the last 4 were busy, but I can do anything for 4 hours! I met up with Laura afterwards for some Mexican and then headed home. Jon was sound asleep when I got home at 9pm, so I hung out for a bit and then spent an hour (literally) watching the cats kill a cockroach. Such little killers. I headed to bed after the excitement ended with Tom eating half of the unfortunate nasty little fellow.

Holy smokes, I slept until 11:45 today! I woke up at 9 and was feeling somewhat motivated to get up, but then noticed Tom sleeping at the end of the bed. I got up for a minute and decided laying back down sounded even better than starting my day. It was dreary (I think I forgot how rainy Georgia is- at least Portland shouldn’t seem so miserable after this weather) and a perfect sleeping morning!

I barely managed to get up at 11:45 but decided I needed to get the gym in or would risk missing it completely today. I was completely unmotivated at the gym and was starving, but I didn’t wake up in time to eat. Fail.

Squat Clean- 3 reps @70%, 2@75%, 2@80%, 1@85%, 1@90%, 1@90% perform reps every 90 seconds (I have no idea what I did, but I ended up at 90#, which was really surprising since that’s 90% of my bodyweight and I don’t even try to lift heavy these days)

WOD: (Finished in 7:53)
OHS-115# (I did front squats at 65# since I don’t do OHS because of my thumb)
Toes to Bar

Midline: (I did one round of this and then left since it was 1:10 and I had things to do)
A. 60 second Front Leaning Raise (Leaning onto rings)
Rest 60 seconds
B. 60 seconds of Hollow Rocks
Rest 60 seconds
X 3

It was a good workout and I was glad I made it! Afterwards, I had to head to the grocery store in the rain and traffic was so bad! I forgot how I always seem to time my grocery shopping perfectly with the rainy days, too (although, when it rains 75% of the time, I guess that’s easy to do). I ran into Whole Foods and grabbed some stuff and made a mad dash back home. I threw together some eggs and bananas and ate some squash from the WF bar, and then headed out to my eye appointment.

My eyes are still getting worse! No need to repeat my Lasik yet since they get worse every year still. I was tempted to get another pair of glasses with my new prescription, but they were a little pricey and since I only wear my glasses for driving and TV watching, I decided against it.

I’m home now, eating some dinner (bacon, maple sweet potatoes, and apples sautéed in coconut oil and cinnamon) and then probably heading down to see Kassie, Carly (Kassie’s friend from Spain- she lives in Cali now), and Gina. It’s always fun to see Carly when she comes in town so I’m excited about it, but I won’t lie- I’m tempted to stay at home in this rainy weather and just have a movie night/paper writing party (for my missed skills day at work) with Jon. Traffic is awful in the rain and I already heard a bunch of accidents on the radio report, so not looking forward to heading into the city. And I’m just sleepy and lazy after spending too much time in bed last night.

Oh, and last bit of news! Portland is a go! The hospital said they really wanted me and switched me back to evenings. I’m glad this is working out since it really would have messed up my plans had it not (with mine and Jon’s Cali trip and with the next assignment with Jessica), but I’m getting really sad to leave Jon on Monday. I hate that I have to leave him and it feels so good to be home for these two weeks. Part of me just wants to call it a day and end the traveling,  but I know I’m not ready yet. I need to save more money for grad school still and I’m not ready to be back at my job here for good yet. Still need more of a break! Once I get out there, I’ll be happy! But right now, leaving Jon is looming overhead!

Portland No More? Fall Day!

Just a quick update! I’ll go into more detail later most likely, but this morning my recruiter called me. She said the hospital in Oregon sent her my schedule and that it was for night shift! …?! She was in Vegas at the traveler’s conference so I guess was just catching up on work today and saw it and knew that I had accepted the evening position, not the night position. As a matter of fact, I expressed during the “interview” that I would only work the evening shifts so that definitely should not have happened. I basically said I wouldn’t go there if I had to work nights. It’s not what I accepted and I’m not working for a place doing something that I absolutely did not agree to. She’s going back to them on Monday and telling them that I won’t work there if they don’t switch me back to evenings, so I have no idea what will happen. This means that I may be out of a job in Portland now and have to look for a new one, which is a total bummer because I was really excited about being able to take a Christmas trip with Jon and to make it home over the holidays with the rest of the high school crew. I’m just going to go with the flow though. I know these things can happen while traveling and it’s exactly why I still have a job at home. We’re short staff all the time so I should still be able to get any hours that I need on short notice until I lock in an assignment. 8 week assignments aren’t nearly as common as 13 week assignments though, so I’m thinking the California trip is out.

In other positive news, I managed to make it to the gym yesterday after an 8 hour workday! Totally surprised I made it, especially since I was exhausted on my drive home and even laid down to take a nap when I got home!  The workout was as follows:

Power Snatch-3 reps @80% of 1RM every 90 seconds x 8 cycles (I don’t do anything with a wide overhead grip, so I did clean and jerks at 65#, which ended up being fairly light)

3 Rounds For Time: (I finished in 5:35)
2 Rope Climbs
15 Double KB/DB Swings-2x 35#/20# (I used 15#)
15m KB Front Rack Lunge- 2x 35#/20# (15#)

It was a good workout and I definitely am glad to be back doing some CrossFit again, even though I was loving my gym time in Mass too. I’ve been really sore since I’m back to doing a lot more varied movements and I’m able to actually do some oly lifts without worrying about dropping my weights.

After the gym, I rushed home to shower and get ready. My roommate Marianne and I headed downtown to meet up with Lizzie and Gina for dinner at Bone Garden Cantina! It was a good time but we sat inside and it was so loud! I may be showing my age here, but I just want to eat in nice, quiet places so I can actually hear what people are saying to me! Aside from that, my burrito was so spicy and there was no indication on the menu that my bean burrito would be spicy!



Me, Lizzie, Gina, Marianne

After dinner, Gina left to go meet up with her boyfriend and Lizzie and Marianne and I went to a bar down the road, where Laura met up with us. We enjoyed a drink and then we were all tired and decided to head home. Lizzie and I laughed about how this time, we were both so tired and the last time we hung out (two years ago), I got so drink that I slept naked in Gina’s bed and threw up sushi in her sink. Not my best days. We’ve grown up so much (don’t worry- that was not normal for me 2 years ago, either!).

Today I went hiking with Jon, Crista, and Billy in north Georgia. We went for a 3 hour hike out at the start of the Appalachian Trail. It would have been nice to make it out to Springer Mountain, but it was later when we arrived and we were all wanting to go apple picking still! I’m not sure how far we went! Maybe 7-8 miles? It wasn’t strenuous by any means where we were, but it was definitely an uphill battle most of the way! Good hike for sure.

After that, we headed out to go apple picking! As soon as we arrived, I got my first bee sting ever! Right on my forearm! It swelled up like crazy and was so painful. Most of the swelling has gone down but it is still really painful. Anyway, we had an awesome apple fritter and ended up grabbing some apples from the orchards. It was a lot of fun and definitely good to hang out with Crista and Billy! And of course, a day with Jon is always enjoyable!


We stopped by the Nike outlet and spent money that I definitely shouldn’t have! I didn’t buy any workout clothes for almost a year while my thumb was injured, and then I wasn’t really getting into the gym as much so I bought only my running pants and running shirts, so it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten anything else. I loved one of the hoodies I bought from Nike. Good hiking hoodie for cold weather!

Now Jon and I are home and I’m about to get ready for bed since I work tomorrow. I hate working on weekends when Jon is home (at least while I’m traveling). I’m considering picking up a few hours at work this week since I’d go into overtime and I’m wondering how long I’ll be home for now! Might as well get some hours in! I’ll have to see what’s available tomorrow when I get there! I want to enjoy my stay though and not work too much! Just have to find that balance!

Georgia Time & Haircuts

It’s Wednesday evening but I’ll post this for Thursday, since I’ll be working tomorrow (waaahhhh) and all. It really is so nice being home and I really wish I had stuck with my 3 week rule between assignments, but I’ll manage with these two! At least it’s more than I was home in the middle of my Plymouth assignment! I get to relax a little bit more and Jon is still having to work, so I get some alone time at the house which is really my favorite.

Tuesday was spent cleaning and getting my hair cut! I was so stinkin’ excited about my hair cut! I must have told Jon how excited I was about 12,000 times on our drive home on Monday. As a matter of fact, I told him so many times that he told me I was annoying him by repeating the same thing over and over again. Clearly men don’t get hair cuts. I could still rock my hair wavy, but straight was a mess. The ends were just all over the place and it wasn’t cute. See below (I’m the short one with too long of hair).


Malcolm worked his magic on my hair and I am SO GLAD that it is shorter now!

After my hair cut, I threw together some chili in the crock pot and then Laura and I went and got ice cream together and had a nice relaxing evening. It was a beautiful night out and I am loving the Georgia weather right now! Spring and fall are the best times of the year!


I had a weird filter on when Jon took the photo (I was wondering why all my cat pictures were coming out weird- fancy iPhones have too many options for me) so I ended up having to do my best to make it look more normal. But there’s my shorter hair! And me and Laura, of course. I’m hoping to be able to see her some more while I’m home, but it’s always so busy trying to fit in family time, husband/wife time, and friend time… AND me time (which is usually during the day while everybody works).

Jon and I made a quick Target run last night (need my shower caps and mine stretched out too much!) and then we went for a drive across from our house so I can learn to drive his Jeep. I used to drive it home from Florida occasionally but that was over 3 years ago. He wants to trade his Jeep in for a 4 door newer Jeep, but I told him he can’t trade in the Jeep for another manual until he teaches me how to drive it! I’m tired of only having one car that we can both drive! I actually did pretty well last night but I need way more practice before I go on any bigger roads!

Today I got a last minute phone call that my dentist had an opening for a cleaning, so I rushed out of bed to make it there to get these whites whiter. I kid. They’re not any whiter. But they are clean and the dentist adjusted the bite on my crown and my mouth feels 100x better now! I’ve been waiting to come home to have it done so my tooth has been super sensitive!

I made it to CrossFit in the afternoon! I was excited to go back to one of my old gyms, but nobody I knew was there! The owner came by briefly but there was a coach I’d never seen. Regardless, I had a good workout! We did 30 chest to bar pull-ups, 60 wall balls (I did 12#), and 90 double unders. I finished in 13:23, thanks to my double unders taking me 8 minutes. Felt good to sweat! It was also awkward cause the new coach asked how long I’ve been going to that gym. I said I had only gone for about 6 months prior to taking my travel assignment but that I had “been to other gyms before.” She then told me how great I was doing at everything and asked me if I can do handstands. I get it’s good to ask, but I got from her tone of asking that she was asking cause she thought I was new (also, by the amount of times she told me I have great pull ups). Then I didn’t want to be like, “Aaaaactualllly I’ve been doing it for 5 years,” so I just let it go. She was nice, regardless of how new she thinks I am. Maybe I should enjoy that she thinks I’m just some awesome person.

I’d like to say that I enjoyed the beautiful fall day taking a walk or going to the park, but I didn’t. Instead I came home and cleaned 13 weeks of fur off the floors. Jon just told me the other day that the cats don’t shed. They do. I tried to tell him that they do, but he said they don’t. I’m sure he has no idea they shed because I clean up the fur when I’m home and while I’m gone, it just accumulates under EVERYTHING on the floors. It was a serious job today. But the house is now spotless and I’m a happy woman!

This evening I headed to my parent’s with Jon. We hung out for a bit before going to Home Goods to look for a TV stand. We left with two nightstands for the guest bedroom (which is currently our roommate’s room). Coming home always breaks the bank because I don’t pay for anything while I travel. But then I come home and go to the dentist and get my hair cut (which is usually accompanied by a trip to Von Maur as well- the damage this time was only $21, not bad!!!), get my eyes checked, get my emissions done so I can get my registration this month for my car again… And then I make barely any money while I’m home and take time off work. Can’t wait to get some paychecks again! Travel nurse ones. Weekly.

Time to head to bed soon. Jon’s probably passed out already and I have to be at work at 7am, so gotta get some Zzzzzs.

Roadtrip- Boston to Atlanta

I’M HOME! I’ve actually been home. I should add to my list of things to blog about: Why I’m such a horrible wife and how long it takes me to adjust to having my husband around again and why travel nursing is hard on marriages. But that doesn’t sound like any fun. I will just assure you all that it took me until halfway through the day yesterday to recollect myself and stop actin’ a fool, and now Jon and I can continue on as a happily married couple. We’ll be an even happier married couple in a few hours once I clean the bathrooms and the floors (since they haven’t been cleaned in 13 weeks).

Anyway, so Friday afternoon, Jon and I met in Beacon, NY. Our plan was to head to the Catskills for some camping but partially due to my bad attitude and having to run back and forth to get keys to drop our stuff off, we decided to just stay in Beacon and head to do a hike the next day!

We spent our afternoon walking around a park and driving around the cute little town of Beacon!

Beacon, NY

It was super cute and we walked around and enjoyed some nice weather! After walking around for the afternoon, we headed back to Paul and Sonya’s (Jon’s old coworkers who are dating and now live in Beacon) so that we could grab some dinner with them!


We headed out to the Newburgh Brewing Co and had a few drinks (I actually had a few cups of water) and then went to a fancy seafood dinner that took forever, but they warned us when we got there so it was no big deal! Jon and I were exhausted when we got back so we headed to bed!

Saturday we woke up fairly early and headed out for our Catskills hike! I used this website to find our hike, for anybody who is considering Catskills hiking! It was a great site! My goal for the day was to see a plane that crashed into the mountains in 1983, and the trail is listed on there! The hike said it was 3-4 hours and just under 6 miles! So we head out onto our hike thinking it’d be no big deal! The beginning of the hike was just annoying because you are stepping over roots and rocks nonstop but it wasn’t challenging at all. The trail was very clearly marked and we started our ascent. The ascent only had two spots where you had to actually climb up the rocks so it wasn’t bad at all. Also not very steep.


The views at the top were fairly decent but not quite as breathtaking as some of the other hikes I did in New England! However, this hike was easy peasy so I wasn’t expecting anything too crazy! And the fog obviously clouded our view (heeey-o). We continued on with our hike, expecting that the plane would be around the corner. I had never noticed that the trail directions don’t say anything about Stoppel Point (where the plane crash is) and none of the signs along the trail were to Stoppel Point. After hiking about 5 miles, we almost headed back since it was getting later in the day. We decided to go another 30 minutes before heading back. (At that point, we had figured out that the website was only reviewing the loop- which is the 6 miles- finding the plane is additional.)

Thankfully we did, because not even 1/4 mile later, we hit the plane!



My new goal in life is  to find all the plane crashes in the mountains. I have 2 under my belt. I think they’re fascinating! Anyway, we headed back and had what we think was a 9-10 mile hike in about 4 hours. Not bad at all!

That night, Jon and I grabbed a quick dinner and ate some delicious cupcakes!


I’m not even a huge cake person but was craving cupcakes! And they were delicious! We ended up just heading to bed early on Saturday night since we were heading to NYC the next day and we were tired after our day of hiking!

Sunday morning, Jon, Paul, Sonya, and I headed to NYC! We took the train in from Beacon. Our first stop in NYC was the Chrysler building but it was closed.  We ended up going to an Irish pub for breakfast since Paul and Sonya were going to watch the soccer game there while Jon and I explored. Breakfast was iffy. I hate bar food so a bar breakfast was really not the highlight of my day, especially cause we walked by a Paleo restaurant like 30 minutes later (with PUMPKIN PANCAKES!).

Jon and I started our adventure by heading to the Financial District. It was about a 4 mile walk but we went by Ground Zero.

Ground Zero

I was glad to see it but I have a hard time getting into memorials. I think they’re awesome but I just have a hard time feeling compassion over water going into a hole in the ground. I have to actually see people upset in order for my feelings to get involved (which is why dead people in Iraq never bothered me- we never had to see the family!). Historical stuff is the same way- cool to see but I can’t imagine people being there so long ago, so it’s hard for me to be amazed. I’m amazed by scenery and nature or really awesome architecture.

NYC Hoboken

Our next stop was Hoboken and Lady Liberty! It was too foggy and we were too far to get a good shot of the statue. But the water was pretty! I actually have way more NYC pictures but I haven’t put them on my computer yet, so all you’re getting is the few iPhone pictures!

We met up with Paul and Sonya afterwards to explore two bars that Paul really likes. I had a serious bout of nausea for some reason right before we all met up so I wasn’t partaking in the beer, but it was still nice to hang out and sit down for awhile! We ended up heading towards Times Square afterwards and we decided to get a taxi. By the time we hailed a taxi, we were only 2 miles from Times Square. I rally when I travel. I prefer to just walk places, regardless of how many miles it is. I had no interest in the taxi, but then after spending 40 minutes and $35 to go ONE MILE in the taxi, I was beyond over it! We decided to just walk the last mile and ended up in swarms of people.

Jon and I both hate crowds. I had already expressed my lack of interest in NYC (which is a bummer cause I’ve wanted to go there for years) and my inability to understand why anybody would actually like NYC, but at that point, I was just over the whole thing. I can almost guarantee that we will never go back to NYC again. Why go sit in traffic and have to weave in and out of people when I could just go to Lake Tahoe?!

Paul and Sonya decided to go grab dinner but I really wanted to see Times Square during the day. We all split up again and Jon and I went on our way to do some exploring. We walked down the streets and then headed to Central Park.


By then, it was getting dark. Jon and I were arguing about everything (or just not speaking) and we were both hungry. I found a place on Yelp and we ate a quick $50 way-too-expensive-for-what-it-was meal, and then he took me to see Times Square at night!


The night ended up fine and I did enjoy my day in NYC, but like I said, no desire to go back! After hiking 9-10 miles on Saturday and walking at least 10 miles on Sunday, I was beat! I got into bed and didn’t want to move at all on Sunday night!

Monday Jon and I road tripped back! It was a beautiful fall day and I loved the weather! We made very frequent stops in the morning to get out and walk around. Both of us were so tired and I don’t want blood clots either! Once we started getting through the day, we stopped much less! We ended up going through Shenandoah for a quick detour.


Then we stopped in Charlotte for dinner and saw this amazing sunset when we were leaving!


And that was our weekend! We got home around 11 on Monday night and I’ve been loving being home! I’ll update you all on the rest tomorrow, but for now, it’s time to go clean the house!

The last day, one more time!

IMG_4214 2


My last day (I know what you’re thinking- wasn’t this morning’s post already her last day post?!)! It was a beautiful day, as most days have been so far! I enjoyed an hour long walk along the canal and can’t believe that I haven’t been enjoying it all along! It’s only about 15 minutes from where I have been living!

Jess texted me while I was out walking around, so I went to meet up with her for breakfast. I enjoyed some french toast (one day I’ll get back to eating Paleo) with her. I’m sad she isn’t coming to Portland with me, but we’re set on meeting back up in January for our New Mexico adventure! Can’t wait to meet back up and keep traveling with her! She has made this assignment so much better! It’ll be hard to stay sane without my travel buddy!

After our lunch, I managed to talk myself into going to the gym despite really wanting to skip it! I’m glad I went because I actually had a really good workout!

I did sumo deadlifts, which I have found to be more effective for me than regular deadlifts when it comes to really strengthening my hamstrings. I did some more legs and then did an upper body workout! Felt great! There was a girl in there doing legs and the usual guys, and then there were 3 younger guys. They were so young that they were taking pictures of themselves at the gym. Probably to put on Facebook or Instagram with lots of hashtags. Anyway, while I was between sets of ring dips, the girl came up and said it was so funny to watch the younger guys follow me around. Then she went on to tell me what great legs (and what a great body in general!) I have! We chatted for a bit about CrossFit and she kept saying how I must be so young. I told her that I’m 28 and she was shocked! She thought 22. And then she said the guys should get on it and get my digits (sarcastically, I’m sure- they were babies) since I had mentioned it was my last day in town. Then I said I was married and really threw her off (I never wear rings to the gym). She was so sweet and it was nice to hear such positive words about all my hard work! And I felt like my legs had gotten so skinny when I quit working out with my thumb injury and I feel like it has taken so long to even start coming back! I have felt them getting somewhat bigger but Jon can never tell, so they really must be!

This evening I packed my whole room up! I brought SO much underwear! I didn’t even realize how many pairs I brought but I guess I thought I’d never do laundry! How many thongs can I need?! I also have tons of clothes since I was expecting to actually get dressed up more often and was expecting a bigger change in weather… Definitely could have left tons at home! I have no clue how Jon is going to fit his suitcase in my car! I also have my huge painting from Rhode Island to fit too! Ahh! Other than that, all that’s left is a backpack, my camera, and a computer! Not too shabby! I stopped by work to drop Jessie’s Keurig off and left some munchkins (all about the DD here) and a thank you note for my coworkers! Already miss them! They were great!

Time to head to bed! I plan on leaving around 6:15ish tomorrow! I thought about going to the gym at 5, but let’s be real… I need to sleep! And we’re going to be hiking for two days so it’s not that important!

The last week of my first travel assignment!

Tuesday was my second to last day off for the week! I made it to the gym and had a decent workout, except I’ve noticed some knee pain randomly. Doesn’t seem too bad, but I’m wondering if it’s from consistently working out. Poor body isn’t used to that anymore!

After the gym, I decided to just head into Boston! The weather has been cooling off and was overcast all morning, but the forecast looked good all afternoon! It even got sunny right before I left! I decided I’d be fine to wear shorts since it was warm enough outside!

WRONG. I got on the T to go into Boston (after my 45 minute drive to the T station) and I was the only person on a crowded train in shorts. I can handle it! Then I noticed raindrops coming off the top of the train. But it wasn’t raining anymore!

I got off the train in Boston and it was so cold! I was somewhat miserable but determined to enjoy my day. Since it started sprinkling out, I decided to skip reading at the Public Garden and just head to Parish Cafe for a zuni roll!


Above was my view walking to Boylston St for my zuni roll. I love this city! I had kind of decided that this would be my day to enjoy my favorite things in Boston. I realized pretty quickly that it was too cold to head out to the Charles River (bummer- I seriously love the river going through the city but it gets super windy), so I just sat outside and ate my roll and then headed back into the park. I tried to read but was freezing and decided that instead of having my face in a book for the short amount of time I could manage in my shorts, I should go enjoy Boston.


I snapped one of my last views of the Public Garden and headed out. I decided that even though I was full, I should head to Chinatown and get my favorite coconut milk tea one last time! It was way shorter to get there this time than when I went with Gina and Kassie! Not even sure what way Kassie’s phone took us!


On the way, I spotted the little market where a guy let Kass, Gina, and I try his fruit! But now there were pumpkins to celebrate the fall! So cute! I love the markets in Boston!


I made it to Tea-Do and got my delicious tea and then headed back to the train! It was already almost 5pm and still getting colder so I decided to give up on my Boston day! I couldn’t sit in a cafe cause I was too full and I didn’t want to sit and read my book and the have to suffer in even colder weather later!


One of the last views before you get on the train…

Wednesday was my last day at work. I got my ass handed to me for 12 straight hours and ended my day with the first IV that I’ve ever put in somebody’s foot. I’m not sure why I don’t use them ever (that’s not true- it’s because circulation in the legs is not as good as it is in the upper extremities in most older people), but this woman had nothing at all (she had a lot of issues and her arms were horribly contracted) so I went with it. Right above the big toe. It was sad to leave and I don’t think it has hit me that those people are no longer my coworkers! Onwards!

I went to eat at UNO after work, all alone. I wanted to enjoy my last good salad! It was really cool out after getting off work and it was so strange getting in my car after eating dinner! For a second, I felt like it was a glimpse of what life would be like really living here. I really do love it in Mass. I would never live here since the cost of living is so high, but it definitely was a perfect home to me for 13 weeks. I honestly don’t think I would have changed anything about my first assignment!

I am getting even more excited about my Portland assignment! Not so much about work, but to have Adam (a friend from high school- actually, Kassie’s ex-boyfriend of 5 years) and a girl I went to college with! The girl from college (Juliette) lives outside of Portland but offered me a free bedroom and bathroom in her house! I can’t believe how nice people are! I am seriously considering, even though I wanted to live in Portland! To save that money would be awesome and would definitely help offset the fact that this assignment wasn’t paying what I had originally hoped! And it’d be nice to have girl time (though she is a mom now!).

This is officially my last day in Massachusetts! I had planned on leaving today, but quite frankly, I’m just not ready yet! It’s beautiful out (perfect day to go to Boston but I’m not doing that again!). I’m about to go walk the canal which is the one thing I’ve really been wanting to do, and then I’m heading to the gym for an afternoon workout before coming back to start laundry and pack the car! My landlady is working from home this week so I just chatted with her over my breakfast and she gave me some going away gifts (a bag of french vanilla Marylou’s Coffee! She knows me too well!). I have to upload all the pictures from my camera and return Jessie’s Keurig, so I’ll probably make a quick trip back up to work for a second to swap stuff in the cars!

I’m headed out around 5am tomorrow and surely won’t be updating over the weekend! I can’t wait to see Jon! 24 more hours from right now! I’m excited for the road trip home on Monday and our hiking/camping in the Catskills and a day in NYC! I found a plane crash site in the Catskills that I really hope we can find! There’s a lot of the plane still intact! I also love road trips so Monday will be fun!

The pressures of blogging

I’m inspired to write this blog because of Hollie’s blog today! Actually, more of it was because of the comments.

I’ve been blogging for a long, long, looong time (14 years now, nonstop for the most part). My blog is always about what’s happening in my life. The three tags I used on every blog are “life, personal, blog.” I have never felt any blogging pressure. I have no desire to become some famous blogger. I mean, it’d be nice to get paid to go on cool ski trips or other “healthy living blogger” adventures, but I’ll just save my money and do those things if I really want. Ain’t nobody got time to be blogging e’ry day. I blog whenever I feel like it about whatever I want. And the blogs I like reading most are the ones who do just the same.

I don’t understand the “pressure” (from the internetz) to post about some exciting event. Do adults really expect that any other adult is going to have anything that exciting to say? I mean, I think my life is pretty cool, but most of my blogs are just like, “I went to the gym and did no set workout, then I drank coffee like I do every day, and then I worked like I do every day. I still hate my job. Maybe today I went to Boston or Providence, or maybe not. I think I’ll just go watch Real Housewives now and go to bed.” Every day. Is that exciting? No. Hello, we’re Americans. You know we spend like 98% of our lives working and 2% of our lives trying to clean the house and cook food. And we probably aren’t even going to have social security when we’re old and then we’ll all be poor and miserable, even though we worked so hard our whole lives (unless you’re just living off the government, in which case, you should not be reading my blog- you should be job searching).

Is there really pressure to come up with something that exciting? Or so much pressure that you need to post what you eat every day (the consensus among the general population is no- we do not care what anybody eats every day, especially when it’s all just prepackaged gluten free food- at least post something exciting)? Or your favorite thing Fridays? Sometimes I actually like those. I like to know what people like. I even sporadically like to know what people eat, but not their yogurt and oatmeal every day. Really? Boring. I actually do still like reading about people’s workouts unless they’re annoyingly obsessive, like say, over CrossFit. I still hate CrossFit people who just want to talk about how cool their workouts are and their new “I love snatches” and Reebok shoes. Come on guys, I wore Reeboks in kindergarten. You’re not cool.

I like to read about people I relate to and who share about their real lives. I’d rather read, “I was so tired today that I skipped the gym and then sat in my disastrous house eating bon bons and watching Parenthood reruns all day on Netflix. And now I feel like a disgusting cow and hope that tomorrow I’m motivated to do anything, but I might just eat more bon bons and wallow in misery” than, “I made it to the gym at 5am today for the millionth time even though I was exhausted and then I ate broccoli and celery all day.” I struggle. I struggle to make it to the gym, to feel happy about my job, to have a marriage with no arguing, to save money, to plan a life… Don’t you want to connect with people on a level deeper than just sharing a love for Noosa (which is something to bond over cause it is the best, but still)? I mean, everybody could love Noosa, but that doesn’t mean we can actually be friends.

I feel like blogs should be a glance into your life. Even some more “famous bloggers” (paleomg!) consistently have comments about how much they love her blog because she talks about her life and not just recipes. People are just a bunch of voyeurs. They like seeing what happens in other people’s lives. Why do you think Facebook and Instagram are so famous?! It’s a quick and easy way to know what other people are doing! So there shouldn’t really be any pressure to come up with something exciting for a blog… People actually seem to be satisfied just reading about your mundane, boring life. Unless you’re just some asshole, then nobody cares.


My first gym selfie & travel nurse updates

This morning (Monday morning- it’s midnight after work) I was really NOT motivated at the gym at all. I ran 0.5 mile (yup) and then did legs. I actually managed to get through back squats, deadlifts, and good mornings fairly well but by the time I finished that short leg workout, I was over it. After a few quick pull ups and an ab workout, I was out the door. But not before taking my first gym selfies ever. And last. Look at how awkward I am. How do you even pose for a full body photo of yourself?


Helloooo long torso and short legs! And lack of hips. I rarely look at photos of myself and think that I look like I’m only 5′, but I look pretty short here. Every time I’ve weighed myself lately, I’ve been 101.4lbs, so this is right around that weight, I’m sure. I don’t really weigh myself much and only do if a scale happens to be in the bathroom I’m in. If I ever get back to 105lbs, I’ll do a comparison photo. But I doubt that’ll happen cause it takes a lot for me to gain weight.

After the gym, I had an interview for a job in Portland, OR. I was technically offered the position from my paper profile but wouldn’t accept a position without speaking to the manager. I have to be honest, the manager did not sell me on the job. I expected some sort of info about the hospital but she said, “I was told you wanted to speak with me” and then let me take the entire lead and provided very unimpressive answers. It seems like their nurse/patient ratios are good and it’s either 2p-2a or 3p-3a shifts with mostly block scheduling. That sounds pretty good to me, however, the pay leaves a little to be desired still. The one benefit of it, which I initially was really put off about, was that this is an 8 week assignment. I really want 13 weeks, but Portland is going to be rainy and once it snows, I can’t hike the surrounding mountains because of the snow (unless I learn to drive in snow). Since the start date is October 13th (earlier than I wanted), I would be finished before Christmas. Jon can come up and we can take a California road trip (TAHOE IN WINTER!) and I can fly home to work before my next assignment, all over Jon’s Christmas break from school! Score! So, I think I’m going to accept it and then Jess is going to work on getting an ICU/ER position in Portland or Salem for the same time. Also, if the weather sucks, we can move on to our next assignment earlier! I think New Mexico may be next!

My second to last night at work was fantastic! People have been bringing me food to work and tonight it was actually something healthy! Then the Panera crumb cake showed up, but that wasn’t actually for me. I just ate a lot of it. It was a slow night at work and I enjoyed plenty of snack breaks and chats with my coworkers! Definitely going to miss them! They really are a fun bunch to work with! I’m bummed to be leaving here in the fall too! I bet it’s beautiful in the fall up here!

I’m about to get in bed, enjoy the 50 degree weather, and relax for a bit. My energy level is still lacking so I think tomorrow will either be a nice rest day or perhaps a day in Boston. Not sure which, but the weather has been great so I’d be fine with either!

Lazy Monday Morning

Happy Monday! Two shifts of work left for me and then I’m headed on out of here! I’ve been working the last 3 days and go in again at 3. I’m currently laying in bed and I’m too lazy to get up. Alternating 3-11 and 9-9 shifts is wearing me out. I got up for a second and decided that I wanted to enjoy the comforts of my bed a little longer before starting my morning!

I considered skipping the gym today but I’m trying to get myself over just skipping the gym. I always enjoy my workout when I go and have made it two weeks without skipping the gym at all, so why start now? I’m going to have to miss it a few times this coming weekend while Jon and I take our weekend trip and drive home! I haven’t decided yet what to do about the gym while I’m home and when I head out again. Anytime Fitness is all over the US, so I could do that, but there actually isn’t one near me in Atlanta. I already paid a month at my CrossFit gym there that I never use, but CrossFit doesn’t always line up with my schedule, especially since that one only had 7:30am and noon (and then evening), but that also doesn’t always work for me… We’ll see! I want to keep up with going to the gym but am not going to stress too much about it in the two short weeks that I get to be home.

Speaking of the weekend trip, I’m excited for Jon to get here! We meet Friday morning in New York and head out to hike/camp in the Catskills until Saturday evening. I’d like to camp more, but we’re staying with his friends again near NYC so he wants to get some time to spend with them also, so Sunday we’ll head into the city with them. Monday we’re driving home, with a stop at Shenandoah National Park, since we’re not in a huge hurry to get home!

Once we get home, we have a roommate! She moved in yesterday so it’ll definitely be different in our tiny house to have another person in such close proximity for the two weeks that I get to spend at home! Regardless, I’m super excited to go home and see everybody again! I was hoping for 3 weeks at home, but have a potential job lined up and may not get to enjoy that full amount of time. I’ll find out shortly, if I even accept the position.

I guess it’s time to drag myself out of bed and head out to the gym! Something about laying in bed his morning feels even better than it usually does! Maybe it’s the 57 degree weather!