Halloween and Vacations!

Happy Monday! Look who’s blogging more often! You know what is so obnoxious?! The house we LOVED that we put a full price offer in on and the seller dicked us around for 5 days and then accepted another offer, is BACK on the market! I was so tempted to put another offer in on it because I loved that house and it was in such a good location, but that’d be silly. Jon officially has the job in Charleston and is actually going there during the week for the month of November, and December 1st is still his first official start date. As long as he finds a place for us to live, Jackson and I will be out there for the first half of December with him. I’m actually pretty excited to start exploring, but it’ll be tough to be apart and I’m sad for Jackson not to see his dad every day.

This weekend Jon and I took Jackson to a pumpkin patch! It was kind of a sad pumpkin patch, haha. We got there and there were hardly any pumpkins left and it was just surprisingly not very busy! But it was still fun. Jackson didn’t really know what to make of the whole thing. He did a lot of staring and just kind of taking everything it, but not much playing. He did love the goats though, so that was pretty cute! He definitely loves his animals! I’d show you guys some more pictures of Jackson, but my computer isn’t uploading my photos right! I think I’m out of space, but my external hard drives are in storage! Uhhh! And I have no idea what I’ve already put on there so I don’t know what can be deleted off of my computer. Bummer. Good thing we should be going into our storage unit soon and I can find the box with our safe in it (my external hard drives are in a fireproof safe cause I’m smart like that). Also, good thing I have that cute boot on in all of our cute fall photos! It was really unseasonably warm yesterday, so Jackson didn’t get to wear his cute little flannel shirt that I bought him for our fall day, and I ended up having to take his socks and pants off too so he didn’t roast out there. Yesterday was the longest he’s ever been outside and it tuckered him out. He was so fussy and tired all evening!


Last week I went over to Kassie’s to care pumpkins with her, Gina, and Laura. We do this every year, but we always put it off and just end up hanging out instead of carving pumpkins. So we did the same thing this year! It was fun to hang out though since I really haven’t seen Gina or Kassie in awhile.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to hopefully get rid of this boot that I’ve been wearing. Since we’re no longer buying a house, I’m going to go back to CrossFit! I’m going to go to the same gym that I went to years ago when I lived up here, so I’m pretty excited. They have good hours and the gym is a lot of fun. I really like the owners. My legs and butt are so nonexistent now since having a baby and then not working out lately. It’s pathetic. I just need to get back in shape. Except sadly, I don’t even miss working out. I think I’m just so into the habit of not working out that now I just don’t even care about it. But I know I need to do it so hopefully I can overcome my laziness and make myself go to the gym.

I really have nothing else to say. Life is so boring these days. I have been researching vacations for January, but I’m not sure where to go! I was planning on Costa Rica, but then I just found out my sister is going to be living there for 6 months out of every year (how did I miss this?!?!?!), so I might as well wait until she goes and just go visit her! Since I didn’t see 30 countries before 30, my new goal is 40 before 40. I’m hoping to hit up 2 or 3 countries this year. I’m considering just doing Paris in January since we didn’t go last year and I actually really like traveling in winter, but all the holiday stuff will be over in January so it won’t have that wintery feel to it anymore, other than the cold weather. If we had more than a week, we could do the beaches in Thailand, but it may feel rushed with how long it takes to get there. Same with New Zealand… I would love to do Machu Picchu but we wouldn’t be ready to hike that yet. So maybe Columbia, since Kassie loved it there. Or Nicaragua is supposed to be pretty cool too. Who knows. I also really want to go to Hawaii but I heard January isn’t really the best time to go, so I think we’ll wait. I figure I’ll start looking as soon as school is out in December. So for fun, here are the countries I’ve been to because I am procrastinating from school work.

Hong Kong

Alrighty, but really, I should go do work. I am slacking on my final papers BIG TIME because I am SO OVER school. But I have to go to the daycare at 3:30 for the Halloween parade and I should probably shower at some point. I’m just kind of a slob these days. And now that Jon won’t be be here most of the time, I should take full advantage of daycare hours.


The End of House Hunting

Happy Monday! Remember back in the day when I actually blogged most Mondays? Or really just blogged regularly at all? That probably won’t ever happen again. It shouldn’t even be happening right now, but I’m procrastinating on writing a paper. Surprise surprise!

So, our Atlanta house hunt has finally come to an end! I’d like to say it’s because we found the perfect house, but it’s not. It’s actually because Jon has been promoted in Charleston, SC. Well, he should be getting promoted, anyway. The sales rep there resigned, and only one last person has to sign off on Jon’s promotion. But they mean business- they want him up there part time for the next month, and to still cover his Atlanta territory part time, and his real start date in Charleston will be December 1st.

I was a little hesitant at first about it because we have a baby and I don’t care to leave my parents! They are a huge help and obviously, I love living near my friends too. I also like my job and am doing my master’s program and am planning on doing my internship next fall at my hospital. I told Jon that I didn’t mind if he took the job, but he couldn’t expect me to quit my job and follow him up there when he knows I’m in grad school. He told me that was really one sided and was a little pissy with me, but then I reminded him that it was really one sided to expect me to leave everything I have here so he could take a promotion that he doesn’t even need.

He was still pretty on the fence about it but I kind of encouraged him to take it. I could tell he really wanted to say yes but I think he knows it’ll put a lot of stress on our family, but he supported me when I went and did travel nursing. He tries to be supportive of me traveling now and taking adventures (he’s not so good at it anymore, but he’s not terrible), so I know it’s my turn to support what he wants.

So, we will be renting a 2 bedroom place in Charleston and Jon will primarily live there. I will actually make my parent’s house mine and Jackson’s “home” and start pulling stuff out of storage and reorganizing stuff since this will be more permanent. I only have to work 62 hours a month at my job, so as of right now, I will keep daycare in Georgia and work here in the first 2 weeks of the month. Then I’ll probably head out to Charleston and work the last two weeks of the following month back at my job here, so I will still spend a good chunk of time in Charleston with Jon and I’ll still have my life in Atlanta. And then Jon will either come back to Atlanta as a sales rep, or I will move to Charleston when I’m done with school.

It’s kind of exciting to think about the paychecks Jon will be making and the opportunity this provides us. When we do buy our next house, we won’t even have to think about a downpayment or paying closing costs. We will be able to afford the house we want, instead of making sacrifices to stay in our price range now (which is not a huge difference, honestly- the houses get really nice just above our current price range). And Jon said we can travel the third week of every quarter! Hopefully he means that, because you all know I’m down to travel FOUR TIMES A YEAR! I’m pretty responsible with money, so we’ll hopefully be saving a lot, especially in case anything happens with his job, but I guess one of the payoffs for separating our family will be the money, which will allow us to really be able to spend time living out my dream together.

I’m hoping they get approval from the big boss this week so we can just have it all finalized. I’d plan on going to Charleston with Jon the first weekend in November to look for places to live.

Since I haven’t done many baby updates either, I’ll give a quick little one on this Mom thing. Jackson is so much more fun now! I think these last few weeks have been the first time I’ve wanted to keep him home from daycare to hang out with me. It’s not as hard to take him out since he stays up longer in the afternoons and can do his afternoon nap in the car. I just really have fun with him. It took almost 8 months (on the 26th) to really enjoy him and not feel like every day is just the same and that it is boring and monotonous. It still is. I mean, our days are basically the same every day, but he is constantly learning and it is so fun to watch him learn to bang his hands together or wave or babble or crawl up the stairs. I love that kid more and more every day. I would by lying if I didn’t say that I still am not positive we should have had kids. I still think about how much I miss not having a baby every day. I wish I could leave the house in 10 minutes. I wish I could drink a hot cup of coffee or eat a hot breakfast at home. I wish I could be spontaneous and make plans to go out in the evenings without even second guessing who will be watching my child. But then he says “Mama” and smiles at me with his big toothy grin and it is really like, the best thing ever. Or I sit him up after changing his diaper and he clings right to me and grabs on. I still haven’t forgotten how god awful the newborn days were and I knew that as time passed, it would get better. This lifestyle is exactly what I expected since I came into this whole motherhood thing with pretty realistic expectations, but the depth of love you have for your child really is unfathomable until it happens. I knew I would want to be my own person still and I do, but my kid is my world. If I could tell anybody expecting anything (MORGAN!), it would be to just enjoy your life right now, before you are so consumed by your child. It’s hard to even put into words how protective you become of your child, but it amazes me. I can seriously cry just thinking that some kid may make fun of him in the future. I can’t protect him from bullies and I can’t protect him from getting in car accidents or being unhappy in the future. And I just hope that nothing ever happens to my baby, because it breaks my heart just thinking about it. Your heart just gets so incredibly full of love for such a tiny human and really, hardly anything else in the world will matter as long as your babies are okay. Life will really never be the same as before your child came along.

Anyway, I better get some schoolwork done today since I’ve been pretty busy and slacking on school big time. Thankfully it’s an easy semester, but still… I hate waiting until the last minute to get stuff done.


Life Updates- Long Time No Post

Wow, it’s been almost a month since I updated! I should be working on grad school right now since I’ve barely been able to get anything done in the last few weeks and need to get caught back up, but that can wait a second.

It has been a crazy month! I went to Yosemite with Laura for 10 days which was amazing! I can’t even begin to tell you all how nice it was to not be responsible for another human being 24/7. The freedom of being away was indescribable. And I slept like a rock every single night! Not having to worry about a baby waking up or hearing my mom get up at 4:30am for work or Jon get up at 5:30am and then hearing Jackson fuss or Rascal meowing was so nice! And it was just all about me for 10 days! Jon was stressed and hated every second of me being gone since he had to take care of Jackson and he told me I don’t get to go on 10 day trips anymore now that I’m a mom, but we’ll see about that. It was amazing to get out and hike again and be in nature. I used to hike a ton when I did travel nursing, especially in Massachusetts, but I haven’t really hiked since being back much. Our longest hike was 7 miles out to Cathedral Lake. I wouldn’t have minded a longer hike, but Laura isn’t much of a hiker and 7 miles is still a good trip. Cathedral Lake was marked as moderate and I thought it was pretty easy. I think we kind of killed it. I LOVED Yosemite though! It really inspired me to start backpacking more and start doing overnight hikes, but then there’s this whole baby thing… So, who knows if that’ll ever happen. While I missed Jackson a ton and couldn’t wait to get home to him, those 10 days of freedom definitely made me wonder why we decided to have kids. Not that I’d give my boy back now that he’s here- but I really thrive on traveling. Probably way more than I do being a mom.


Jackson is a lot of fun right now, though. He’s almost 8 months old and he crawls and pulls up on everything and babbles and is really just a ton of fun. He is SO much work though! So dang much. I can spend two hours in the morning just following him around making sure he doesn’t crack his head open on the tile. I’m pretty relaxed about him, but still, I hate to just let him go get stitches because I wasn’t watching him. But he gets his fair share of bumps and bruises. He’s been staying home more often on my days off again since I really missed him this month. We’re still living with my parents and my dad is between jobs (or possibly on his way to retirement, who knows- he wants to work but he’s almost 68) so my dad has been a huge help. He watches Jackson in the morning while I pump and I set him down by my dad all through the day while I finish getting stuff done for a few minutes. It’s going to be hard to be back on our own again, but hopefully in our house, we’ll have an area that’s baby proofed. I’ve also had tons of help from my mom picking him up and watching him.

I’m still pumping, magically. I’m down to three times a day and still make more than he eats, but I need to drop to two pumps soon. It’s harder to wean mentally than I thought t would be. It’s really strange knowing I won’t be providing fresh milk for Jackson every day.  I said that after Crista’s wedding, I would wean. Now I say by the time we get into our new house, I’ll definitely wean. It’s hard pumping with such an active baby and I won’t have my dad’s help anymore. It will be nice to have my boobs back. Jackson has been doing baby led weaning lately, which means we feed him table foods instead of purees. He choked on a banana pancake the other morning and it was terrifying! I know I’m an ER nurse and I deal with unexpected critical situations at work, but holy shit. My own baby choking was terrible! I actually called my dad over since he was on the couch (my dad used to be an EMT for years and years when I was younger) and he picked him up and did back slaps and Jackson spit his pancake right out. I guess because I see so much death, it just really scares me because who knows what would have happened if something was really lodged in there! So it has made all his subsequent feedings really stressful for me. I’m way paranoid now that it’ll happen again.

This past weekend, Jon and I went to St Pete, FL for Crista’s wedding. If you live near St Pete and haven’t gone, GO! It was SO cute! Billy’s (groom) parents live on this section called Pass-A-Grille and it was adorable! I really wish we had more time to explore, but wedding festivities kept us pretty busy. I really loved my dress, but this big boobs were just out of control and I’m pretty sure I’d have to re-alter the dress to wear it again, despite trying to get it super tight so that wouldn’t be the case. It was really nice to get away with Jon though. We haven’t gone anywhere together since early May, so we needed it.


Speaking of Jon, today is his 33rd birthday. I’d like to say I have big plans, but I don’t. I didn’t even get him a card. Life is way too crazy lately. We’re either eating dinner with my parents or Jon and I may go out and do dinner together. No clue.

Ummm… I’m in a boot now on my left foot. Apparently back when I first ran after having Jackson (very first day back to CrossFit at 6 weeks postpartum), I got a stress fracture in my foot. So now I’m in a boot. I have an appointment on Nov 1, but I don’t know that it’ll be healed in 3 weeks after putting it off for over 6 months. So no working out. I’m feeling out of shape, but then again, life should just be slowing down right now, so I haven’t even had time to work out lately. Or maybe I did, but I didn’t care to make time to work out with all that was going on. Hopefully I’ll get back into a good routine once we get into our own house.

Still on the house hunt. We found the perfect house and of course, they didn’t accept our offer. I should have been keeping track of how many offers we put in. We have one pending a counteroffer right now, but the house needs a TON of work. It’s pretty big though, but it’s in the middle of our price range and honestly probably needs $75k of work to get it where we want it. We’d never make that back in the neighborhood it’s in. We found a house I loved last night, but it looks like it has fairly extensive termite damage to the back of the house. I’d be willing to replace the damage we can see, but who knows how deep it goes into the structure. It could end up costing more than we bargain for. On that note, who owns a house and doesn’t have a termite bond? What is wrong with people?! And who doesn’t take care of their house, too? Some of the houses we’ve seen amaze me. The carpet is in terrible shape. The kitchens are a wreck. I get that there is normal wear and tear, but really… Maybe I’m just obsessively clean like my mother, but it appalls me. My parent’s house is 16 years old and Jon was actually just commenting the other day on how impressed he is that this is original carpeting in the house because it’s still in really good shape. That’s because it’s important to take care of your house!

Alrighty, time to get ready for the day and finish up some discussion postings so I can move on to my final papers. I have a busy end of the week (work Thurs/Fri 9a-7, Sat 11a-3p with a wedding that night, Sunday 11a-7p) and HATE my late days at work and not seeing Jackson. So 4 days in a row of late nights is too much for me!