Almost Ready for ICELAND

Guys, Iceland is FOUR DAYS away! How has this happened?! I don’t think it’s any secret that flying is my biggest fear (like, if you told me I would either have to be in a plane crash or something bad would happen to Jackson, I wouldn’t be able to pick the plane crash- THAT is how terrified I get about flying). So, unfortunately, the fear of the flight is sort of looming overhead and I’m just ready to be on the other side of the two flights and land for our vacation! I think this is made worse knowing we have to fly in a smaller plane over the ocean, as I can’t remember the last time I had a 47 seat plane for a transcontinental flight.

We’ve started doing some planning, but still not a ton. We’re mostly going to explore as we drive and just see where the roads take us! Most of my planning recently was screen shotting maps of our AirBnBs and getting the directions since I know our internet will be nonexistent out in the middle of nowhere. We are looking up a few things for along the way, but not a ton. We did allow a full day for Landmannalauger too, which is still snowed in so we can’t make it there. So maybe we’ll snorkel in the tectonic divide instead!

This weekend was a decent one! I went to have sushi on Friday night with Lisa (of Lisa and Nora). The service was pretty slow, but it was nice to get out of the house so I didn’t care! I miss having friends to just go meet up with after a long day, so it was really nice. I even got to put real clothes on too!

Jon and I have made Saturday mornings our gym date time, so we worked out. We actually sort of did a workout together. We typically go our separate ways, but we both did shoulders/back so we stayed close by. Jon went golfing on Saturday with a friend so Jackson and I hung out. I thought about things to do, but kind of just enjoyed hanging around the house. I took Jackson on the patio with a big mixing bowl of water and measuring cups and he had a blast.

We went to Barnes & Noble Sunday afternoon (we have to work our separately on Sunday mornings since there is no childcare, so it takes up our whole morning before nap time) to get Jackson some more books, since he is loving flipping through books lately and we had a gift card. Then we went to the beach. Jackson was still scared of the waves but he’s warming up! We took a few toys into the wet sand and Jackson was loving it! We need to buy a little pop up canopy thing for the beach since Jackson is so fair, so he can’t stay out that long. Even with sun screen, he just gets too pink. I feel like I’m always trying to shade him and then even after about 45 minutes, we feel like it’s time to head in. And it was even overcast sort of Sunday and we didn’t get there until 4, so it shouldn’t have seemed so bright!

I went to Magnolia Plantation this morning with Lisa and Nora. I thought we may not go since rain was in the forecast on my phone, but on Lisa’s phone, it wasn’t. It was still pretty hot out. The humidity here is killer. The plantation was beautiful though! I want to go when it’s cooler out and without a baby. But they had a really nice petting zoo with deer in it and Jackson thought the zoo was THE BEST! I was actually impressed with it too. The guy working there let Jackson have his rake to run around with and Jackson went nuts. Nora is always so calm and Jackson is always running nonstop. My boy has so much dang energy!

We got home around 11:30, just in time for Jackson’s nap. I just uploaded all of my phone photos and transferred everything to my external hard drive, so my phone and camera will be Iceland ready. I think Jackson and I are going to the mall this afternoon to look for sunglasses. I have prescription sunglasses, but I have contacts for traveling (I had Lasik when I was 21 and my eyes have changed- they still keep getting worse so I’m waiting to use my guarantee until my eyes finally finish changing) so now I need to get nonprescription sunglasses so I can wear my contacts in Iceland.

I also need to pack. I ordered a rain jacket that I am HOPING fits! It’s an XXS Marmot brand jacket that runs slim, according the reviews. It was also on a major sale (although rush shipping was $20). It’s being sent to Laura’s since I was worried it may not actually arrive until a day late, but I’m shit out of luck if it doesn’t fit. I don’t own a rain jacket and the only jacket I found that fit was a $220 Arcteryx jacket, and I’m not spending that! I’m just crossing my fingers for this one! I totally forget what 40-50 degree weather feels like when it’s summer here, so I can’t even decide what to pack. But I just looked and it’s 50-60 in part of Iceland. So, I don’t know. I’m packing mostly outdoorsy stuff. Leggings, sweatshirts, workout stuff, hiking boots and hiking socks… And we’re taking a suitcase with just food in it since it’s so expensive there.

I still need to go grocery shopping for Jackson’s food. Jon is taking Jackson to see my mom and dad in Atlanta this coming weekend since he has a three day weekend. It’ll give him a break from taking care of Jackson alone. Then I’ll be home the following Monday and I’ll have to go back to Atlanta on Thursday to work! When I land on Monday, it’ll be so rough! We’ll have spent ALL day flying and I land at 3pm, and then we have to get to Laura’s in rush hour (we’ll probably take MARTA at least, but that takes about 45 minutes) and then I’ll be leaving Atlanta during rush hour to get back to Charleston, which is a five hour drive (I could have flown from Charleston to Atlanta, but I cannot handle THREE flights in one day! I’m a mess when I have a layover at all because taking off is so scary, but I’d rather drive 5 hours than take a 45 minute flight). I’m going to be tired of being awake and tired of sitting. But Jon goes out of town on Tuesday for the night, so I have to be home.

Alrighty, well, Jackson should be waking up soon. I should probably go get some lunch together for him and then get ready to head out to look for sunglasses. Watch it not be sunny at all! But it’ll be light out for 19 hours a day, which is so crazy! I’m actually super excited to experience such long days!

Who knows if I’ll be back on here before Thursday 🙂

2 thoughts on “Almost Ready for ICELAND

  1. I hope you have a wonderful time in Iceland! I’ve never been to Magnolia Plantation but it’s not very far away from here. I’d love to go sometime. I hope your new jacket works and that all the flights go well, I don’t blame you for not wanting to do three in one day either, yikes.

  2. Have an a amazing trip!!!!

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