Suggestions for wedding hair? Anyone? Annnyyyone?

No gym again today! I slept until 10:30 because of this dreary weather (I’m hoping this isn’t the norm because it’s stressing me out thinking it’s going to rain on my wedding day- our venue is not okay for rain!). I had planned on going to the gym but as I planned out my day some more, realized I don’t really have a ton of time. Besides, my last final is Friday so I can jump back on board after my finals are over. I can deal with not getting beefy over the next few days.

I managed to clean up the house some since it’s a serious disaster! By clean up, I still mean that the house is a disaster, but just less of one. I have Saturday evening and Sunday off this week, but it’s mine and Jon’s first weekend off in a month together where he’s not on call and we don’t have any homework to do! So I want to get the house in some sort of order prior to our weekend since I have a hard time relaxing in a mess and we have to finish painting still! We’re going to start on our outlet covers and buy new vent covers this weekend too. Maybe once the house is back in order, I’ll take some after pictures. No before pictures. I forgot about them. And I actually have to go grocery shopping. I have nothing but eggs, sausage, bacon, hashbrowns, and turkey to eat. I’ve now eaten that for the last 10 meals and I can’t handle not having any fruits and veggies in my house.

I have a hair appointment at 4. I’m still not sure what to do with my bangs since I don’t know what is going on with my hair for my wedding day. I know we’re 3 weeks out and those are things I should know by now, but I don’t. So I’ll just talk to my fabulous hair guy and see what he recommends. I have a feeling my bangs will stay and then once I decide on my hairstyle, I can go back and have them cut if I need to (or I definitely will after the wedding!). I’m getting my hair colored next week too and don’t even know what I want to do! I haven’t had highlights in over a year because of the cost ($110 for highlights, $40 for all over color) and I felt like they were damaging my hair, but I had highlights before that I loved.




 Gina and Kassie next to me.

Those are the highlights… I liked them a lot when my hair was wavy and I have a feeling my hair will somehow be wavy and in a low side bun thing. But I also just like my hair dark.


By the way, that’s my oldest sister, Tonie.

That was taken a few years ago (obviously since my hair was so short), but I couldn’t find any pictures of my hair dark with it longer. I haven’t colored my hair in about 8 or 9 months, so my hair color is back to my original color for most of the roots and then darker at the ends. So, I’m either going back to highlights like above, or that color there, which I also like. Either way, I doubt I’ll keep getting highlights permanently. I hate sitting at the hair salon for so long and I’m kind of used to not having them anymore. If anybody has any input, just let me know! I really need to decide and am feeling too indecisive since there are so many decisions to make!

In other news, today is my last day being 27. Tomorrow I turn 28! Jon has a huge box for me in the living room and I’m dying to open it! I’m secretly hoping it’s a laptop, but I know it’s not! I don’t know if he’ll let me open it tonight or not, but it’s just sitting there taunting me! I can’t take it! I’m working from 11-7 tomorrow and then going to have a birthday dinner with my friends and Jon! I think it’s just going to be Kass, Gina, Laura, and me. And Jon. And maybe their boys. I invited some more people but haven’t heard back or they’re busy. I don’t mind at all though! I wasn’t even going to do anything but last night decided to go ahead and plan a little something, but with all this wedding stuff this month, I feel like a birthday celebration is too much! So just a small dinner! Not sure where yet, but I’m glad my best friends from high school are able to make it! And Jon, of course.

My blog has no direction at all. I’m such a disaster. Back to working on biology before my hair appointment! I can’t wait till this final is over on Friday night! I calculated it out and I think that without the final, I’m right at 70/100 points total. The final is worth 20 points, so I doubt I’ll make an A, but I can probably end up with a B. It looks like I can’t fail the class though! Woohoo! Maybe that’s why my motivation is seriously lacking. Or because it’s my last class for my bachelor’s and I am finally done with my undergrad!!!!!!


Weekend painting & Finals time!

Things have been busy, as always. We’ve had a really rough two weeks lately at work. We were getting a really high volume of high acuity patients and I was just over it! I left every day needing a serious break from life because I was just drained after that! I stayed until 7:30 on Friday night to help get a patient settled since my assignment was so horrible, and one of the mental health techs asked me to give a woman a shot of geodon to calm her down so we could get her labs. Geodon takes 2 minutes to mix, plus security would have had to hold the woman down, and then I’d have to document. I looked at our mental health tech and said, “It’s 7:30,” and walked away. I typically try to be helpful, but I was done.

Saturday I spent 12 hours painting my house. I hadn’t picked out any samples and just bought the gallons of paint. Risky, but Jon wasn’t giving me any input into paint colors so I waited for my mom to get here and give me some. Once I started painting my bathroom a really pretty green (on the swatch), I realized it was hideous. Think neon mint. I about had a breakdown over the $50 can of paint being so horrible. I ended up buying a light gray and using it for my bathroom and the guest bedroom. Sadly, I think because my mom was trying to conserve paint for the bedroom, the bathroom is in need of a second coat (but we do have enough paint). I also still have one wall left in the guest bedroom because I am doing the window wall two shades darker. Since all the painting stuff is still out since we aren’t completely done yet, our house is just a disaster. And all of our switch plates and outlet covers are off since we’re changing the sockets out (which is electrical work and takes time), but it’s finals week so we don’t have time to switch those all out yet!


Sunday was super hot! I went to the Inman Park Festival with Gina and Kassie in the morning. I didn’t realize we were walking there, which was a good 2 1/2-3 miles one way! So my feet were definitely hurting at the end of the day and I got some really not cute tan lines that I have to get rid of in the next 3 weeks before the wedding now! Aside from that, it was a perfect afternoon hanging out with my friends and I was really wishing painting wasn’t calling my name so I could have gone for some afternoon drinks with them!


I ended up coming home to finish painting and that was really all of my weekend! I would like to say that I managed to work out or even made it grocery shopping, but I didn’t. Painting really took up all of my free time! And now that it’s finals time, I still probably won’t go grocery shopping until Friday night. And we have no food. It’s sad.

I managed to have a good day at work yesterday! Although I was busy starting when I walked in the door at 7am, it wasn’t anything overwhelming and I was out at greeter from 3p-7p, which is hands down my favorite assignment (I just sit at the door, take vitals, smile and look pretty, call to the back if anything critical comes in, occasionally triage patients). Despite some 4 hour wait times and some obnoxious people in the waiting room, only one critical patient came in the door that entire time, and thankfully we actually had a bed available to put her in. Perfect timing since our beds were constantly full all day!

I skipped CrossFit today at noon since I was in the middle of writing my essay for my biology final and it was really hard to get my mind right to do it. It’s complicated matters that I don’t understand (ATP, ADP, phosphate, cross bridges of muscle contraction?). I plan on knocking out my second essay in a few minutes and then going down to LA Fitness before class tonight so that I can get some activity in today. Unfortunately, the dreary weather and this impending doom (/final) is putting a damper on my mood. I probably have a high B or low A in my biology class right now… Probably a high B since I’ve missed so many stupid little assignments. But, overall, I’m doing well. I’m concerned about the final since I haven’t reviewed anything from the semester and it’s cumulative and I really don’t remember any of it, nor have I done any of the new reading for the final. I just need to pass this LAST CLASS for my bachelor’s though! Ahhh!

Okay, I’m going to start working on the second essay now! I just needed a break after two hours working on the first one!

USAA vs State Farm + CrossFit

I have some really fantastic news. This is going to be totally boring for all of you, but I had switched my car insurance and homeowner’s insurance over to USAA so Jon and I could be on the same policy. Come to find out (which I should have known but somehow missed in my 3 hour long conversation with my insurance companies), when I went from State Farm to USAA, my homeowner’s doubled. I decided, clearly, to switch back to State Farm. In switching back, my homeowner’s insurance amount stayed the same, but somehow my car insurance decreased by $75-100 every 6 months! And if Jon comes over to State Farm, our total payment for both cars for six months will be $729. Holy. smokes. guys. That is INSANE. I just canceled my coverage with State Farm in February and was paying around $550 so to have two cars for $729?! Absolutely!!!! (By the way, USAA was $1029 for both cars with the multi-line “discount.”) And for all you other insured people out there, that’s for 100/300/50 with a $250 deductible for both of our cars. So, despite all my anger that Jon has had to endure after wasting 3 hours on the phone with the insurance companies to double my homeowner’s insurance, it was totally worth it. And besides, that was all my fault in the first place anyway.

Alrighty, so now that we have the boring adult stuff out of the way… I woke up feeling super energized today, which was surprising since I got home fairly late from having sushi with Crista last night and then Jon and I stayed up until close to two, which is super late for this grandma.

photo (3)

I woke up and started cleaning right away and handling insurance bi’ness. I made it to the noon CrossFit class for 8 minutes of power cleans and a 1 mile run. The 1 mile run felt great. It surprised me since I usually struggle through the first mile but I guess the beautiful weather helped. I used 63# for power cleans (it was supposed to be 90% of your 1 rep max- which was 95# today and I could have gone heavier, but opted not to- my real 1RM of power cleans is 105#) because I’m still really paranoid about re-injuring my thumb. In 8 minutes, I did 60 reps. The mile was untimed.

After that, I came home and did a quick arm workout and then went to The Fresh Market. I thanked my cashier so many times and she didn’t acknowledge me at all. How irritating. Anyway, now I’m getting to some blogs and about to start working on my study guide for my biology lab final tomorrow. I was supposed to be off all day tomorrow, but I’m covering from 7a-11a for somebody and am totally wishing that I wasn’t. But I was only scheduled for 24 hours this week, so I guess I should be glad to up that number by 4. I wish Jon had time to go sit on a patio and have dinner with me, but I think he may have some homework to do. Can’t keep up with him now that it’s finals time!

Everybody have a good evening!

Easter Sunday and morning reads!

I am seriously enjoying a lazy morning right now! I laid in bed until 10:30, ate breakfast, and then began my morning:


 I was going to go to CrossFit but once 11:30 rolled around, all I wanted to do was sit and ready and drink coffee. It’s gloomy out (despite my 70 and sunny weather forecast) and I haven’t read a book in forever. I used to love reading! I’d read book after book! In middle school, I read every single V.C. Andrews book. Occasionally I’ll pick up a book and read it, but the last book I read was in Croatia over the summer on my Nook, and since my Nook is my dad’s old one, it was one of his books. Crista gave me a handful of books over the weekend though and now all I want to do is sit down and start reading again! But I have biology to read, a GRE to study for, and my CEN to study for… So I doubt I’ll be getting back into reading much soon… So better enjoy these mornings while I can!

Speaking of Croatia (I know, I wasn’t really talking about it), I am dying to go on a vacation! Since Jon and I pushed back our huge Eurohoneymoon until next May, I’m looking at December trips that we can plan on a much shorter notice, is cheaper, and where I won’t want to spend 25 days-30 days. I’ve looked at Machu Picchu and Jon is looking at Ireland. Either way, I’m so ready to get out of the country again! I really wish we could afford to go somewhere right after the wedding, but it’s not going to happen!

Anyway, I had a good Easter! I worked until 3 and then Jon and I went to my parent’s house for dinner!


It was just us and my mom and dad, but it was a nice dinner! I haven’t been spending nearly as much time with my mom and dad lately and I really should see them more, especially since I’ll be heading out of state for awhile come June!

Yesterday was a work day! Came home and curled up to a book! Work has been really crazy this past week! I guess with the cooler temperatures, people thought it was winter again and decided to hit up the ER! I have been busy every shift from the time I walk in the door to the time I leave, and it’s just been crazy nonstop! So I think the morning I’ve had was definitely much needed after running around so much at work! My brain can only handle so much, especially with how much is going on in life outside of work (which I’m clearly procrastinating on).

I’m heading to the gym in a few minutes (LA Fitness, since I missed CrossFit) and then have class tonight and am going to Crista’s afterwards. We’re going to practice some wedding hairstyles and order my jewelry! 32 days!

I’m off to catch up on some blogs! I’ve fallen behind! Been busy with life again!

One day weekend!

Happy Saturday! My bedtime is looming over me since I work tomorrow, which I’m dreading even though it’s only an 8 hour shift. I worked on Friday and had 4 discharges and 4 ambulances all within an hour and a half of each other and then went and worked in the hallway. Totally frustrating, seeing as I really think it’s a privacy violation for patients and had a drug addict patient that really tried my patience with his behavior. Let’s just say that after 12 hours, I was more than relieved to walk out the door into the rain. I did follow my day with a broken glass bowl all over my kitchen floor, but then I ended with Mexican, so at least we ended on a good note!

Last night I was in bed by 9:30. Tom (cat) woke me up about a million times but Jon followed me into bed at 10:15 (can we say Grandma and Grandpa?) and then the cats decided it must be bedtime and were finally quiet.

I skipped Body Pump this morning because I didn’t want to get out of bed at 9:15. Yup, 12 hours later, and I still didn’t want to get up. I texted Crista to apologize for not answering her call the night before and we decided to meet for breakfast. We went to Rise-N-Dine in Decatur and it was pretty good! Not a ton of food for the price and my biscuit and gravy tasted a little fake, but the eggs were awesome. Jon joined us for breakfast and then headed home, so Crista and I headed to her house to go through some clothes since she’s moving to California this summer. We went for a 2 mile run while I sweated my ass off since I made the poor decision of running in a long sleeved shirt and also felt disgusting since I ate a lot for breakfast… And then we headed out to get coffee. We went to a vegan place and my coffee was totally not good. I didn’t realize it was a vegan coffee place until I took a sip of my coffee and started looking around. It was like no mocha I’d ever had before and I swear it was topped with cinnamon. On a mocha? Whatever. Definitely wouldn’t opt for that place again.

I went grocery shopping and Trader Joe’s was out of coconut cream! The warehouse is out too! Crying shame! Then Jon and I decided to head out to another Trader Joe’s when I got home and perhaps walk around some shops for a bit. There ended up being a Home Goods at the shops we went to and that’s my favorite store, so of course we went in! We bought some new stuff and I’m super excited to hang everything up this week! Also, I am hoping to talk my parents into coming over to paint next weekend! I think it’ll be my last full weekend off before leaving for travel nursing in June, so it’d work the best. But my parents seem to think their house is more important! What?! Our condo only has two bedrooms and two bathrooms left, but we don’t have colors picked out quite yet. That’s the goal for the week.

It’d be nice to get these house projects done before I leave!!!

Anyway, time to go. I think I’ll be getting ready for bed now. I’m hoping to make it to the gym after work tomorrow and then we’re having dinner at my parent’s house for Easter! Everybody have a good weekend!

Back at the old CrossFit gym

I went back to my old gym today! Actually, I started out at the dentist, with some good news that my crown doesn’t need to be replaced (I’ve had it done twice in two years) and that my bite was just off! I’ve been having pretty severe temperature sensitivity and pain with pressure lately. So my bite was adjusted and he said within 6 weeks, everything should heal up and maybe I’ll be able to eat on that side of my mouth again!

Then I went back to my old gym (my third CrossFit gym that I was a regular at)! I had plans of becoming a CrossFit trainer there but then changed my mind because of my busy schedule, but went there for about 7-8 months before I moved. Despite the fact that there was a lot of drama between that gym and the previous gym I went to (among other things), it felt so good to be back there. I saw familiar faces and the ones that weren’t familiar were all so friendly. I had a good workout and at the end, one girl was still going for a long time, and it was so nice that every single person cheered her along! That is standard to do in CrossFit, but my gym now doesn’t foster quite the same environment. They’re a bit of elitists where I go now, so it’s a totally different feel. They produce a lot of Games competitors but I don’t care about all that mess anymore. I just don’t think that the gym I’m at now is the best fit for where I’m at with CrossFit anymore, but it’s super close and I’m leaving for travel nursing soon anyway, so I might as well just stay there for now. Anyway, I left feeling super happy about being back there and feeling “right” about the gym that I was at. I miss all three of my old gyms a ton. I’m hoping that when I travel, I can find a good CrossFit gym in each city to be a part of for my 13 weeks in each place. I’ll be celebrating my 5 year CrossFit-iversary in June. Maybe I’ll eat a cake for it. Kidding. I probably won’t even go to the gym for it.

Anyway, we did Nasty Girls today, which is 3 rounds of 50 air squats, 7 muscle ups, and 10 hang cleans. Instead of muscle ups, I did 14 pull ups and 14 ring dips for each set, which was nice of the owner since it’s normally 3x the amount of muscle ups (or whatever move you’re subbing for), but apparently they just did something similar so he didn’t want everybody to have to do so many pull ups and ring dips. I used 65# for my cleans and finished in 12:57.

I need to start studying again for my test tonight. Last night I just read blogs and then watched Real Housewives, so I never ended up getting much done. It’s dreary and drizzly out though so a nap with the Fluff is just calling my name. Considering I’m not being very productive though, I doubt I’ll have time for that. Boo.


Best foods, travel nursing, Braves, and no workouts.

Since I missed my exercise recap last week, let me get that out of the way:

SMTWTFS: Nothing


Whew! Glad we got that out of the way. I did go on a few walks with Jon and enjoyed all of them (as shown above with his fancy new iPhone 5s- taking clearer selfies than the iPhone 5c POS). I didn’t step foot in the gym once or in my running shoes and I just don’t care one bit. But I am pretty excited to get back to it tomorrow. I have a dentist appointment at 10 but am really hoping to make it to CrossFit at 12, either at my old gym or at the one I go to now. I do miss being a regular at CrossFit, but there just isn’t a way for that to happen right now!

I created this masterpiece in the kitchen:


That little bowl may not look like a beauty, but I sauteed some organic hashbrowns, threw in some chopped up Applegate Farms chicken & maple sausage, an egg, and some cheddar cheese, and that was like, the best breakfast ever. The only thing that would have made it better was topping it with syrup, but let’s be real, I eat enough syrup already.


My favorite foodstuffs numero dos is my kale salad with kale (duh), strawberries, garlic powder, lemon infused olive oil (Galantino is my favorite, but let’s be real again guys, not everybody can be as awesome as me and have legit Italian olive oil- J/K, I’m almost out of it too), and the very best partgolden raisins. I’ve had golden raisins in salads before and loved them but I’ve never seen them in the store. Lucky for me, Trader Joe’s had them! I have had more salads since finding these babies than I have ever had in my life. Oh, and yes, I do eat my salads out of tupperware. Ain’t nobody got bowls big enough for that. (By the way, yes I talked about this in my last post- but I’m doing it again with a picture! That’s how you know I mean business.)


And then there’s this fella. I haven’t spoken much about my love for Golden Star Coconut Milk, but it’s a real thing. It was 80% coconut cream and only 20% water, and those were the only two ingredients, nothing else. And it sold for like, $1.75 a can at Wal-Mart. But then the dreaded day came that Wal-Mart stopped carrying it and I have never seen it anywhere else. I’ve tried so many other coconut milks in hopes of finding a match to Golden Star and it’s always a crying shame. It never compares. But then! I found this can of goodness! I actually had overlooked it a time or twenty because it has like, two other ingredients in it and I’m a coconut milk snob, but I went for it in a moment of coconutmilk-mixed-with-strawberry desperation and I’m so glad I did. I ate this on strawberries today and it was like the coconut heavens rained down on me. I would like to say that I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. And the whole can is thick and creamy! Not even just 80% of it! I forgive the xantham gum in it! In fact, I love you, xantham gum, for making such a delicious treat!

This was totally not meant to be about food.


As part of my #100happydays on instagram, I shared this today. I have finished my application for my Massachusetts nursing license! $275 later, of course. I also applied for graduation! The registrar confirmed receiving my form, and now all I have to do is become $130 poorer tomorrow and I will be holding that stupid $15,000 BSN degree in my hand in May! And possibly applying for the GRE, but I’m still undecided. Ask me after my final on May 2nd. Until then, I’ll just dream about Boston and all the other awesome sights and cities I’m going to see over my travel nursing career!


To end on a totally random note (in case this whole thing wasn’t random enough), we’ve managed to make it to two Braves games in the last week (hence my lack of working out). Tuesday was the home opener and it was a snooze. Friday night was exciting and went into an extra inning and then the Braves ended up winning! I wish baseball was always exciting, but sometimes all the players do is strike out nonstop. Even Uggla’s plump rear can’t make up for that many strike outs in a row.

Alrighty, I’m actually supposed to be writing my essays for my biology test tomorrow, so I should probably go ahead and finish that.

Quick list

1. Jon and I took a long walk last night since it was so nice out. It was my break from studying! I sort of wish I had gone for a run, but I think we needed to spend some time together and get some talking done, so it was worth it. Things are all better and I love him again (kidding, I always love him- but now I like him again too).

2. We watched The Wolf on Wall Street after our walk. I know, not really conducive to getting my essays done for my test, right? Oh well. For somebody who cannot sit still for a movie, it managed to keep my attention for 3 hours. What can I say though, I do love movies about sex, money, and drugs, so it was perfect. And Leonardo DiCaprio was my middle school love, so of course I was happy to see him for 3 hours. I literally had an entire wall dedicated to him when I was in 6th and 7th grade.

3. I’ve been craving kale salads. I bought yellow raisins from Trader Joe’s the other day and added them to my salads (I use kale, strawberries, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic powder) and now I love them even more! Yellow raisins are seriously awesome. They make salads 100x better.

4. I’m missing CrossFit this week. I am just missing being active in general. I got really excited about going to the gym after work tomorrow but then remembered that we’re going to a Braves game when I get off work tomorrow. I have been too inactive this week!

5. Time for dinner and then sitting down for some Parenthood. Jon is out with one of our Army buddies (who happens to be the person who is “marrying” us at our wedding) so he won’t be home tonight for our Thursday night show together. Lonely.

When life is just too much!

Holy moly- I am drained. After putting off my biology class for the last few weeks (and missing about five assignments), I have a test in a week and now feel the need to cram. Plus I have a ton going on between now and Tuesday- mostly including work. I also have all my nursing licensing stuff figured out and need to take care of that, but for some reason, filling out forms and sending in $275 seems impossible. I have to apply for graduation (cause I’m done with school in 3 weeks), and sending in $130 also seems like way too much to do! I owe Jon for my car insurance and my health insurance is coming up, plus all the final wedding expenses will all have to be paid next month. Finals are coming up. I’m working more. I need to finish up my application with the travel nursing company and get all my letters of recommendation for traveling. I have to apply for the GRE and somehow find time to study. I need to decide if I can really muster up the strength to start grad school in the fall or if I should wait another year. And in just over two months, all of this has to be done, and I will be heading out to the door to my first travel assignment (I hope).

It just feels a bit like I’m drowning. And after the Braves home opener last night (woohoo, BRAVES!), Jon and I got into a huge argument and I’m just feeling totally blah. Also, I am either sick again or spending so much time out in the pollen has really caused me to have some throat and nose problems. I typically don’t get allergies, but I’m feeling like it this year.

I need to go read more biology. I have to get my essays together and quite frankly, don’t even know where to begin with any of them. Not even a clue. But I have a feeling that all three of them will require information from various chapters to be pieced together, and since I haven’t done anything, now I have a ton to do since I can’t find the information all in one spot.

I’m sure this all seems worse because I have 0 energy to exercise so my energy levels are just staying low and my endorphins are probably wallowing in pools of cortisol. Monday and Tuesday I didn’t have any time to go to the gym or run and tomorrow and Friday I won’t either. So today I will probably skip the gym to get things done. I need to talk to the gym owner about how he is processing my payments since I have barely made it to CrossFit. You know- if I even make it to the gym ever again.

I’m just going to add everything in this list to the reason why adulthood sucks. And while I know I am very fortunate to have all the things I have in life (family, friends, Jon, a good job, my education, a house, two cats, my health, etc), sometimes the to-do list becomes a little too hectic and you lose all motivation to cross even the smallest thing off your list…

Family time!

Real quick, let’s get in my weekly round up.

Monday: 1 hour of yoga

Tuesday: CrossFit (I worked on cleans and split jerks and then did an 8 min AMRAP of 5 DB snatch per arm, 8 T2B, and 20 double unders)

Wednesday: 1 mile run and legs at the gym with a few shoulders

Thursday: So busy! Literally no time for anything!

Friday: 3 mile run- no time because it looked like it was about to pour so I left my phone at home

Saturday: Stone Mountain hike (2 miles total- and we walked around all day)

That’s it! So Jon’s family is in town since his mom’s birthday was today and she is presenting at a convention in town on Monday. All of the kids (except David- Jon’s brother) came in town with the kids. We have Jon’s twin sister staying with us this week with her son. It’s been a little rough sleeping with a 9 month old in our house, but we’re managing- tiredly, but managing. And it’s nice to have Jon’s family stay with us for once!

We met up with his family at Stone Mountain this morning and started our day walking around all the kid stuff. We rode the train that goes around the base of the mountain:


Jon and Zoe. She decided not to smile for me today.

The kids had some naps in the car and Jon and I, his sister and brother-in-law, and his parents all sat outside and talked for awhile. His mom really wanted to climb Stone Mountain and I was volunteered to go, which was totally fine. Everybody else wanted to take the little sky ride up to the top, so his mom and I headed over to climb up! She did awesome and it was actually a really perfect day to hike up! Jons’s mom and I haven’t had any alone time before, so this was our first time really spending some time together and it was actually pretty nice! We met up with the rest of the family up top and hung out!


That’s not my Elsa. That’s Zoe’s Elsa that I somehow ended up carrying for an hour. But that’s the top of Stone Mountain overlooking Atlanta.

Jon and Brad (his brother-in-law) and I walked down to the bottom and met up with the rest of the family again and then we headed out to Olive Garden for dinner!

I’m pretty sure we were all struggling to stay awake. All the kids haven’t been sleeping so everybody was tired (or pregnant). We had planned on the Stone Mountain light show tonight, but there was just no way we could make it! So everybody headed home and I considered meeting friends downtown, but no can do! Once our nephew is asleep, I’m heading to bed too! We have an early breakfast at Cracker Barrel tomorrow morning before the family heads out of town! Jon’s twin and her son leave on Monday and then it’ll be back to normal around here! Definitely a good time with the future in-laws though!