My first travel nursing assignment!

Instead of catching you all up on my weekly happenings (I spent a night at my parent’s cabin with Jon, sister, and brother-in-law, and I’ve spent a lot of time cleaning), I’ll tell you all about my future life plans.

As I was driving to my parent’s house from the wedding rehearsal, I got a call from a manager of a hospital in Plymouth, MA. I had about a 30 minute interview and it went surprisingly well since I was 100% focused on wedding stuff and hadn’t prepared any questions to ask interviewers! The manager told me I asked a lot of questions that nobody else has asked before! The hospital is a 24 bed ER with a main campus in Boston. I work in a 72 bed ER now and it’s a busy level 2 trauma center, and we have interventional cardiology. This will definitely be interesting to be at such a small ER compared to where I am, plus the patients will probably be pretty different from what I’m used to. I’m excited and nervous about the change!

Anyway, so clearly I got the job. My recruiter called me on Tuesday and gave me the offer. The pay is way less than I was hoping for and insurance is way more than I was expecting (thanks “Affordable Care Act”). Since I still have a mortgage at home, I may end up losing some money with this contract. But it’s the first one and honestly, I’m kind of glad to be away from Boston. I’m not a huge city person. It’s not too far from Cape Cod which is really awesome too!

My start date is June 23, so Jon and I will be leaving on June 12 for a road trip to Maine. We plan on stopping in Boston for a night or two and then heading to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. Moosehead Lake looks pretty up there and then I’ve been told to stop at a few places in New Hampshire. I’m pretty excited but also can’t believe that I’ll be away from Jon permanently! Because of how late this assignment is starting, it’ll be a rush to get an assignment right after (we’re looking at Arizona or Oregon next) so I don’t have any idea when I’ll see Jon next. I also am set in my ways- what I eat, what I do, who I see- so it’ll be a challenge for me. I hope I love it. My travel nurse friend, Jessica, will also be going with me!

I think I found a house for both of us. A middle aged woman is renting out a room in her house since her two kids just moved out. A 23 year old girl daughter still lives there, but it turns out that when I said I had a friend, the woman actually has two available rooms. It may be a bit more expensive than I’d hoped as well, but everything is included. So I’m staying optimistic that it will all work out! Jessica is open to the house that I found and so far, we don’t have many other options!

Anyway, I’m off. I’m in the middle of working on dinner/ lunch for work tomorrow! Tomorrow if my first day back to work in 2 full weeks! It was a much needed break! Only 7 full shifts to go, plus ENPC next week as well! It’s going to be busy until I leave! Ah!

I did make Jon this since he’s letting his brand new wife go for so long:



Peanut butter pie- full of love! When I start working out again when I get to Massachusetts, I’ll be working all this crap out of my arteries!


Wedding Weekend! I’m a married woman!

I’m finally back! Woohoo! I’m  a married woman! This past week has been insanely crazy! Who knew getting married took so much time?! Friday morning rolled around and I knew we were getting close! I woke up and got my nails done, picked up my car (I ran over a nail just in time for the weekend), and then headed out to our rehearsal!



Jon showed up in that cute tank top! All his groomsmen had on gray ones. Cute.


Practicing our ceremony! Oddly enough, that is our friend Danny, who we were in the Army with. Since Jon and I aren’t religious, we were brainstorming who could actually perform our ceremony. I mentioned Danny and we laughed about it for awhile and then finally one day, we were both like, “No, but really, that would be awesome.” He’s well spoken, well organized, and it was an honor to have a person we both know stand up there with us to marry us. This was the first wedding he did and it went off without a hitch. Amazing job.

Friday night we spent the evening at my parent’s house having dinner with Jon’s family and the wedding party. My aunts and uncles came in and it was so nice to see everybody! I had really wanted to stay later, but left around 8pm since Jon and I were checking into the Westin downtown. When we got down to the Westin, we decided to run up to the Sundial Cafe to see the city, and we happened to run in to quite a few people who were in town on Jon’s side of the wedding. We stayed out till midnight with them and headed back to the wedding!


Saturday morning (after barely sleeping all night), I went over to Gina’s parent’s condo to get ready with the girls. My hairdresser, Malcolm, met us over there to start on my hair! It was so fun having my hair professionally done up like that! Jessie did my makeup (not done in the photo below) and we listened to that I’m so Fancy song about a million times since Jessie and I had been singing it all week long. #weddingsong #wesofancy (I hashtag cause I’m cool.)


We got there are 10am and thought we’d have tons and tons of time, but when the alarm went off at 1 for us to pack up, it had come really fast! We rode out to Lake Allatoona Inn for our ceremony!

When we got there, we had plenty of time to go! We got there early for me to change, but my mom wasn’t there yet and the photographer wanted to photograph me getting dressed. So we hung our in the room until Mom was ready to get me in my dress! Luckily, we were able to get it zipped.


Also luckily, although it’s the end of May in Georgia, the weather was really not too bad! It was a little humid out, as always, but really, in my wedding dress, I wasn’t nearly as hot as I had expected. The girls and my family took our pictures and Jon and his guys and his family took theirs. Then it was 4:30 and I was shut back in the bridal room till the ceremony!

I started getting a little nervous at this point. Well, not nervous, but my stomach started feeling a little off. I sucked it up, loosened my dress for a bit, and then just kept hanging out. Right before the girls walked down the aisle, Laura came back in and we had a moment. This is the only time I cried! I managed to get it together and then went out for my dad to walk me down the aisle!


For me, this is really the part of the wedding I was so excited about! I couldn’t wait for Jon to finally see me in my wedding dress! I almost cried twice walking down the aisle, but then at the end, my dad (who hadn’t come to the rehearsal), my dad forgot to hug me and just walked away after he said “Her mother and I and the whole damn family” were giving me away, so I had to call him back and that made me laugh. Once I got up next to Jon, I didn’t even come close to crying (total surprise for me- I thought I’d cry for the entire ceremony).


It was really awesome standing up there next to him. I could tell the ceremony was going smoothly and aside from a few small things, it was perfect (I forgot to repeat Danny, Jon’s hand was swollen from his broken elbow and I had to visibly force his ring on, etc.)


The ceremony lasted 19 minutes total (Jon said), and that was with a train that came through. At the end, Jon Rick Rolled me. His vows totally ended with the Never Gonna Give You Up song. It got a good laugh from the audience.


After the ceremony, we did all of our family pictures while the guests had cocktail hour. Then we were announced, Jon and I shoved our faces with barbecue that we got tons of compliments on (it’s my favorite place- Cue), and then had our cake cutting.


Right after the cake cutting, Jon and I left to do our pictures by ourselves. Since Jon had smeared cake all over my face, I’m hoping the icing isn’t visible in the photos after that! We came back in to music playing and guests dancing, and then Jon and I did our toasts and then our first dances (we did this out of a traditional order so that people wouldn’t be sitting around during our photos). Kassie and Adam gave our toasts and they did a great job! I was really impressed! And then Jon and I finally had some time to enjoy our wedding! We danced for over an hour and then we did our getaway in the Jeep!

Jon and I headed down to our house to swap out cars and headed back down to the Westin since we were staying there. A bunch of guests came out to Meehan’s downtown to meet us for drinks.


Although Jon and I didn’t get to sleep until 3am, we both finally slept so good! I hadn’t slept all week so I was so excited! We met Jon’s family for breakfast on Sunday morning at Cracker Barrel and then headed over to my mom and dad’s house to hang out with my family. We got there just in time to see my aunts and uncles for about an hour before they headed out. Jon and I headed home after that and finally had a chance to relax! After cleaning up a bit (we had 9 people stay in our house all weekend), we sat down to watch a movie and then ended up falling sleeping not even halfway into it.

Jon and I talked about our wedding pretty much the entire day on Sunday. First of all, we got so many compliments on our wedding. When Jon and I looked at the venue in the winter, we picked it because it was in our budget and it had the dates we needed available. But everybody absolutely loved in. People liked the mix of the indoor and outdoor area, there are horses on the land that the kids liked to look at, there’s a big driveway to hang out in. Not to mention there is nice shade there and there is just so much greenery! It ended up being really pretty! Tons of people said that it was really simple and that it was laid back (our goal). We were told it moved along well and didn’t seem to last forever (which is really important if you go to a lot of weddings). Second of all, Jessie hands down made our day! I don’t even have a picture with her, but she coordinated the entire day! She was the go to woman. She told everybody when to walk during the ceremony, handled the DJ and bartender before and after the ceremony, cued the DJ for the bouquet toss and first songs. Although she has never coordinated a wedding (but I think she said she has now gone to 22 weddings or some crazy number, and she’s had her own) she really could have been a professional. She made our day! So, Jon and I were extremely happy with our wedding and really loved everything about it.

Anyway, that’s the end of the weekend. I have more to talk about, like my new job as a travel nurse (it’s official, guys!), but I’ll do that tomorrow. By the way, almost all of the photos above (except for the one of my mom and me) were taken on phones. Laura had a camera but I haven’t gotten her photos, and all my others are still on my flash drive and I’m not skilled on Jon’s computer, so that’s just the mix of Instagram and Facebook photos.

Wedding week!

What a week! I’m really just stopping in for a quick update since this is the first time all week that I’m alone! Jessie came in Friday evening, so we spent the weekend at my bachelorette party on Saturday night and at breakfast with my friends on Sunday. The three of us (Jon, Jessie, and me) went to dinner Sunday night and from there, the wedding week began! (Just so you all know, Jessie is the wife of Jon’s best man, but I have known her for over 5 years now and we visited her and her husband in Italy last year.)

Jessie and I have spent the days running errands! It’s crazy! Buying tons of alcohol, making repeated trips to Target and Michael’s, going to dress fittings! Ah! The dress was a disaster when I tried it on for the final fitting, which I did at home. We had finally pinned it perfectly at David’s Bridal, so when I went to pick it up after a 13 hour work day and it was insanely busy at the store, I decided to take it home. It didn’t fit at all! So I took it back and finally it fits, but it is so tight. Like, I better not have to yawn cause I can’t. My ribs can’t expand. But I walked laps in the store and it didn’t budge so I’m taking it. Everybody cross your fingers that the seams don’t bust. Anyway, I was actually scheduled to work yesterday but they must have been overstaffed since they called me off work. Normally I would have probably said no, especially since I’m not working now for two full weeks, but we still had stuff to get done yesterday!

The boys just left for the bachelor party and I’m just cleaning the house. All I have left is scrubbing the tile floors and packing up some stuff for the hotel this weekend. Jon’s family gets here later tonight and my sister and nephew should have just landed! I plan on heading over to my mom and dad’s this afternoon to see them and then tomorrow starts the rehearsal fun (which is at 2, so it’s really going to be most of the day). 

We are getting SO CLOSE to the wedding! Ahhhhh!!!! I’ll try to make an update with pictures sometime after.

Pre Wedding Updates

Holy smokes, guys! Wedding time is creeping on up! Tomorrow is my hair appointment and I have to somehow manage to get my nails done as well. Aside from that, I have nursing paperwork to finish, the floors to clean, a computer to take to Goodwill, my parents are picking up my computer desk, Laura is coming to see my dress on to make sure the dang thing actually fits, and I need to order my flowers!

I am beyond excited that I have a 12 hour shift on Friday, am off till next Wednesday, and then don’t work till the following Friday! WOOHOO!

Bachelorette party is this weekend!

In sad news, Jon may take a summer class and have to pass up on our summer road trip to Boston, but I’m not going to throw a fit because school is number one! I’ll just be sad and lonely without him, but honestly, I think I’ll still go to Cape Cod alone and stay in a B&B. I think I need some R&R and am really dying to go there. Or drive up into Maine and sight see.

Okay, time to get some dinner and read or watch a movie or something.


Wedding nesting!

I think I’m nesting. Pre wedding nesting. Also, Jon’s family is staying in our house the week of the wedding and I like having a clean house for people to stay in. But this goes above and beyond. I want to clean out dressers, closets, everything in the kitchen! I am actually skipping the gym today despite really wanting to do the WOD today, just because I have so much to do! Also, I’m on a bit of a time crunch now. I have two days off before any visitors are at our house to stay, and once she gets here, it’ll be getting all wedding stuff done. Also, since we never really cleaned after painting, our house has been a serious mess for the last few weeks and I think I’m just going crazy living in it! I typically keep things pretty spotless!

photo 1-4

Cleaning out all my expired bottles so I can recycle them!

photo 2-4

Organizing the pantry!

In other horrible news, I have a huge zit that has sprouted on my lip. Well, right at the corner. I get them every few months and they look horrible and are impossible to get rid of. I have been crossing my fingers for months not to get one before the wedding! And what happened?! And this doesn’t even look like a zit really. It looks like a fluid filled cyst, which I’ve never had. So I’m stressing out since they normally take 1-2 weeks to go away. My bachelorette party is this weekend too! Ahh! Whhhhyyyyy?!

Also in horrible news, Jon fractured his radial head on his left arm by trying to be a show off after too many beers and jumping up on a concrete block at the Braves stadium. He’s in a sling and can’t really move his arm much. Of course he had to do this while he doesn’t have health insurance (I have been reminding him constantly to reinstate his health insurance!) and right before the wedding. He’s more upset about not being able to dance at the wedding than I seem to be. He can dance one armed though. No big deal. At least he works in x-ray so he got the x-ray free of charge.

Anyway, my breakfast is finished now! I need to go back to cleaning. I’m really hoping to be able to at least make it to LA Fitness later since I have to miss CrossFit, but our friends flew in this weekend as a surprise and tonight is the only night that I’m not working while they’re here, so we’re going to Taco Mac with them. Since I have to go to the pool (yes, have to, my tan lines are still here and the wedding in less than 2 weeks away!) and I have a feeling this cleaning will take me awhile, I’m not sure that I’ll make it! Our guest bedroom is a disaster still. It has been our catch all since painting, and I’m selling my desktop and we’re getting rid of our computer desk, so I have to find places for all the stuff on my desk! I can’t wait to get the guest bedroom in order without that huge desk in there! It’ll be hard to be computer free though, but I’ll just have to use Jon’s till I decide to spend the money on a new laptop!

I’m so lame. Apparently when you turn 28, you start making entire blogs about cleaning your house. And find it enjoyable. And then get even more excited that you finished breakfast so you can go finish cleaning.

CrossFit, Travel Nursing, Wedding Dresses!

What a busy week! I’m on a roll with working lately (Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun, Tues, Wed), so I’m on my Thursday off in the middle there. I go into overtime this pay week which is really nice, especially since I don’t work much surrounding the wedding.

I just got home from CrossFit. We did:

21-15-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Strict handstand push-ups
195-lb. front squats

I finished in 15:29 and did 75# for front squats. Rx for women was 135#. Uh, no. I did my first round without stopping and then felt like dying every 2 seconds after that. I still ended up with a pretty good time though. I almost didn’t go since I’m not a fan of burpees, but I convinced myself that it really wasn’t that many and decided to suck it up. It didn’t really feel like that many, but I’m not used to the heat yet so I’m getting super nauseous with working out lately.

Anywho, I’ve been having my final fittings for my wedding dress lately. I had a bit of a breakdown (that sound really dramatic- it was not) on Monday. Laura met me at David’s Bridal for a fitting and I thought the dress just didn’t look right. My boob fat was everywhere but if the top was let out, it would fall down. No hips to hold anything up. I said I’d go back and try it with a different bra on Tuesday night and hope that it looked better. But I was just really regretting my dress decision all together, wishing I had found one with straps like I had wanted. The wedding was planned with such short notice though that I felt rushed to get a dress and I was on a budget! I was really wishing I had spent the $1200 to get the dress I loved, so I was all disappointed on my way home from David’s Bridal. Tuesday we went back and the girl let out the top and tightened the waist to see how it fit. I was initially against this, but I sneezed while I had the dress on and popped the clasp in the back, so I knew I had to let it out! It does look better now, but the boob fat is still there a little. So I’m duct taping it in. I used to always duct tape strapless bras in place cause you can lift your boobs up and hold them there, so I know it works. Quick fix (by the way- I don’t wear strapless tops anymore so I don’t do that anymore). The waist now is insanely tight, but I moved around in it and it didn’t feel like it was about to rip so I’m going with it. I’d rather have to suffer breathing than have to pull up my dress repeatedly. And I’m sure when I sweat all in that expensive dress at the wedding, it’ll stretch out some too. So I feel better about how it looks, so I have it at home to do the final try on (should be fine) since I was in no mood to do it after work last night. Getting close!

I spoke with a recruiter today from RNNetwork, which is one of the travel companies I’m looking at. They have 4 ER spots open in June and some ICU (the girl I’m going with is doing ICU) so I’m hoping that this assignment will work out. They ranked #3 in Fortune 500 companies in one of the recent years and I read good reviews on them, so I’m hoping this works out. Otherwise, I have Cirrus to contact also since they have a lot of Boston contracts. I need to get online tonight and go through a bunch of paperwork for the company. It’s starting to hit me that I’ll be leaving next month! I used to be really independent of Jon, but since he’s been with me every night since we went to Italy in June and is going to be my husband, I kind of like my time with him.

I believe I made either a very high B or an A in my biology class. Had I known the curve was going to be so huge on the final, I would have actually looked over some stuff since I would have easily had an A in the whole class had I not made a 45% on the multiple choice portion of the final. If my calculations are correct though, I did end up with an A. Just waiting on the final calculations to come through since a few grades still aren’t posted.

I’m feeling overwhelmed with my to do list. I have tons of cleaning to do, paint touch ups, grocery shopping, studying for the GRE (I seriously forgot all simple, basic math- you should have seen me studying last night- thankfully Jon is a smart man and just finished calculus and is refreshed on all these silly math things), getting ready for the wedding, paperwork for travel assignments… It’s just insane. I wish I knew how it felt to wake up with hardly anything to get done in a day! But instead of getting those things done, I’m going to head to the pool for a bit (getting at least a little bit of a tan is also on my to do list before the wedding- especially since I managed to get horrible V-neck tan lines the other week), get my hair cut, and then stop by the store to pick up food to make tacos for dinner and then work on paperwork before having to work the next 3 days.


Happy 28th Birthday to ME!

I wasn’t going to post a blog today because I’m cramming for my final (in beautiful weather- how depressing) but I’m drinking my coffee right now and I have a general rule that I can’t do any homework while I enjoy my coffee. Also, if you have a Keurig, try the brown sugar cake K-cups from Target.

Just a quick update on the highlight decision- I walked into Toni & Guy and said to the girl, “I have an appointment at 4pm with Malcolm” and then she said, “Nooo… It’s with Ashari,” who is my hair colorist! Cue freakout. My response was actually, “Oh shit, but I don’t know what I want to do with my hair color yet!” Haha. Anyway, I went with highlights. They’re fairly obvious in person, but the camera wasn’t capturing it well. I also had to switch my part because I have a weird darker stripe in the front of my head if I part my hair on the normal side. I may have them fix it, but then again, I haven’t switched my part in awhile and need to anyway. I don’t love the highlights but everybody at work said they looked good.

Thursday night, I got home and Jon let me open my birthday present!


A starter camera kit! That’s a Canon Rebel EOS T3i (I have no idea what all that means). I LOVE it! Granted, I have not a freaking clue how to use it, but luckily my brother and Jon’s sister both use DSLRs so they can teach me a thing or two. I was shocked and had no idea what Jon was getting me! I have been mentioning how much I want a nice camera since I travel so much. I’m always so bummed when I looked back at my Switzerland pictures because it was such an awesome place and my camera was such a POS. (I do have a better point and shoot now- I went to Switzerland when I was 21.) With travel nursing coming up, I wanted something to really capture all that I’m about to see! I also wouldn’t have invested in a camera for myself since I still have to buy a laptop, so Jon really did awesome with this gift!

I worked yesterday and had a fairly good 8 hour day. I asked to go to my favorite assignment for the last 4 cause it was my birthday and the supervisor let me. Always nice.

Then I went to Treehouse Pub with Gina, Brian, Kassie, Billy, Laura, and Jon for my birthday dinner. I was so glad Jon was able to make it! The food was pretty good and the atmosphere was decent! They had nice porch seating there which I love. I had a great time with my friends and was glad to get to spend some time with them on a Thursday night. It was actually a lot of fun and I’d like to do it more often.  We rarely get all the guys together too since I typically like to just enjoy the girls when I have a chance!

Here are some pictures with my new camera! They’re all on the automatic setting since I have no clue how to use it yet!


I included this mostly to try and get my hair. Jon was just messing around with the camera.



Again, attempting to get the hair. Not really working. Or maybe that is really what it looks like to other people and I just can’t tell in a mirror.


My handsome man! Love him!


Kassie, Gina, me, and Laura! I’ve been friends with them since I was 14!


Laura took this one! I love it! And we did not mean to match! I didn’t even notice till we were in the car! Also, he looks so big in that picture! Sometimes I feel like it’s not so obvious that he’s 14 inches taller than me and 110lbs more than me, but it is here!

Anyway, so that sums up our night! Also, on my 28th birthday, I got my Massachusetts nursing license (WOOHOO!!) and found out the girl I am going to travel nurse with is coming to my wedding. Today I take my last final for my BSN and then I walk down the aisle to that studly man above in 22 days (holy moly- I have a LOT OF PLANNING TO DO!). I also have a GRE study book now so may be hopping on the grad school train in the fall if I get everything done in time and get accepted!

Okay, I really stretched out this cup of coffee, but it’s done. Time to go memorize B cells, T cells, and helper T cells…