Healthy(er) Cats and 26 Week Prenatal Appointment

Happy MONDAY! And Happy Late Thanksgiving! I had planned on making a blog post last week about all the things I’m thankful for, but really, it was just a crazy week with all the vet happenings last week.

After being super emotional on Wednesday night and Thursday morning on my drive to work over Tom still being lethargic, I got home from work on Thursday night to a cuddly Tom! I really think it was like, the happiest moment of my life. Even better than my wedding day. Is that sad? I think it just really makes me officially a crazy cat lady, but I don’t even care.

I don’t know if you can see the complete and utter happiness in that top left photo, but I cried lots of tears of joy over him acting like himself! I had just been so worried that because his labs were so incredibly high and he didn’t seem to be getting better, that it would cost us tons of money to get him better. I think I was just making a mountain out of a molehill and was worried we’d have to put him to sleep if he cost much more, especially with having baby costs too! His cuddles haven’t stopped since Thursday night. I think he’s happy to be feeling better too!

Friday morning I went to my Elevate Interval Cardio class (my usual Saturday morning class) and felt like dying. An hour is just too long to work out now. I can do CrossFit since the hour isn’t consistent and we warm up, do some lifting, and then only work out consistently for 15-20 minutes, which I can do. A whole hour is killer these days.

Tom and I ran up to the vet right after to get him an antibiotic injection and then I napped real quick and headed to my mom and dad’s for our Thanksgiving celebration.

Unfortunately, Jon was in Florida all weekend for the holidays since I had to work, so it was just my mom, dad, brother, and me. It was still nice to hang out over there and eat my favorite meal of the year, but I missed having Jon with me!

Saturday and Sunday were work days! Jessica, my old travel buddy, stopped by Saturday night to sleep over here on her way back home. It was so good to see her but I wish she had been able to come when it wasn’t my work weekend! Hopefully I’ll see her again sometime soon, but who knows when! Babies make this type of stuff sort of unpredictable!

Jon got home last night and he was a good husband and rubbed my tired feet! They were killing me from work. And work was stressful yesterday because I really had my first taste of needing a central line put in a patient and not having an ER doctor to just pop one in. Almost four hours and 32,098 phone calls later, I finally got a central line. But really… The ER is so quick about things like that and it was just eye opening. Anyway, I also watched Jon put together our new stroller (and infant car seat) that Jon’s parents bought us while he was in Florida. They bought us 7 or 8 newborn outfits too!  So nice of them! Of course, Tom has to be right in the middle of the action… Then I went to bed at 9:30 last night. It’s not easy to work two 13 hour shifts in a row while pregnant, especially when I spent both days almost entirely on my feet.


This morning was my OB/GYN appointment. I haven’t talked much about pregnancy lately. An odd thought which may be too much information, but want to know what nobody tells you about being pregnant? There is no room in your vagina to have sex anymore. I always heard that you have to get creative with positions because your belly gets in the way, but really, the belly is the least of my problems. I’m assuming because your huge uterus ends up so low in your pelvis, there is just literally no place to put anything else. And not only does your vagina end up being 2″ deep, but with all the extra fluid, it just feels swollen inside of there. I asked my OB if this was normal today and she said it is completely normal. I’ve had people tell me that sex is still great in the second trimester but I have no idea where they’re putting things to make it so great. But a fun part of this stage in pregnancy is watching Jackson move! I can see my belly moving all the time, even through my clothes. And when I look at my bare belly now, I can see what is probably a foot or elbow pushing out on my belly instead of just seeing the big rolling movements. It’s so fun to watch!

Anyway, my appointment went well. I’m 26 weeks and 2 days and have gained 19lbs. My OB warned me today to “watch what I eat” over the holidays because I started at a normal weight, so I should only gain 20-25lbs for the whole pregnancy. Personally, I’m giving myself 30lbs because I started at the extreme low end of a normal weight (5′ and 98lbs) and I’ve also started doing CrossFit a little more, so I feel like I may have gained 2-3lbs in muscle because I typically do. But I have been eating a ton of sugary stuff lately that I never, ever ate before getting pregnant, so I guess I really do need to try and cut that stuff out again! Not just for my weight gain, but because that food is just bad for me. I also had my glucose test and had glucose in my urine after it, so she said I may have failed it, but we’ll know in 2-3 days. I feel like having glucose in my urine isn’t all that abnormal for me, regardless of pregnancy. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. The sugar drink made me have so much reflux though and it hasn’t really gone away. Which, by the way, is another fantastic part of pregnancy. There is nowhere for your food to go, so it constantly feels like you have undigested food just sitting there, waiting to come up every time you bend over and move around too much… Back to the appointment though! At the end, I had to schedule my next few appointments and my doctor was saying, “Okay, in 3 weeks, you’ll come back so you’ll be 29 weeks, and then you’ll come back in another 3 weeks at 32 weeks, and then you’ll start coming every 2 weeks so 34 and 36 weeks.” And then it was really like, oh shit, I’M ALMOST 30 WEEKS! I mean, I have another month, but time is just flying by. I can’t believe that my appointments will go to every two weeks after my December 23rd appointment. I flipped through my calendar to write down the dates and it almost puts me into a panic just thinking about how close we are to having a real live baby at home, taking up all of my time!!!


I had planned on coming home and going to the gym, but instead I had terrible reflux so I ended up laying on the couch, propped up on pillows, and crashing. I have to seriously recover after two workdays anymore. I mean, I slept from 10-8am, solid. Like, didn’t wake up once. And I was still exhausted when I got home from the OB!

Tom and I had to run to a specialty vet today for his ultrasound, which was insanely expensive and I didn’t feel like he really needed it since he’s been acting normal and has been eating a little bit on his own now. But on Friday, the vet tech told me to keep the appointment so I did. And of course, they said he has pancreatitis. Which I already knew.

I’m home now… Just relaxing! I was going to go to the gym after the vet, but I still am having horrible reflux and don’t want to. I have all week off to get my last grad school paper of the semester done, so I’ll have plenty of opportunity for gym time! Apparently I just need to stick with morning workouts cause once I eat, it just goes downhill from there!

Jon and I are planning on doing something together tonight! Maybe going to a movie or something. We’re not sure… But it’ll be nice to spend some time together!

Mmmkay, hope you all have a good day!


Sick Cats and Closed Gyms

Yesterday ended up being a slightly stressful day! Tom and I had a party at the vet. A very, very long party, where he was not very happy to be there.

We ended up having to do an x-ray, but that was kind of unclear so the vet wanted a radiologist to read it. Then they spun his blood down and realized it was super lipemic (fatty- which you can see because the blood turns whitish, and his was like, a solid layer of frothy white), so instead of just doing this quick test for pancreatitis, they ended up sending more labs out to an actual lab since the vet thought they would have to extract the fat, which they can’t do there. But they did a snap fPL which tests for pancreatitis in cats, and they said his was a strong positive (it can take 10 minutes to come back positive and his was back in a minute). Then they gave him a shot for nausea and some meds to take home… And I walked out with a $600 bill and a “very sick cat.”

Unfortunately, he hasn’t made much progress since yesterday. No vomiting, but he hasn’t had anything to eat and I’m trying everything! I made chicken and rice (per the vet), gave him a few kibbles of his normal food, bought this super expensive easily digestible wet food, and even tried pumpkin. No luck. He walked around for a bit today but has spent almost all of his time laying down. So we’re back to the vet at 2:30 today so I can learn how to inject him with subcutaneous fluids (subq- they just go into his skin, basically- they stick them in the scruff on his neck). I’m also going to get him some pains meds to give him too, just in case. I have read all sorts of stuff about how they get fatty liver if they don’t eat and it can be fatal and a quick onset, so I’m all paranoid about that! Also, the doctor called me this morning with his levels. Basically, when they did the spec fPL (the snap is a positive or negative, this one tells the number), his was astronomically high. Also, his triglycerides are insanely high (90 is normal, his are 9,900). The vet said he has the highest numbers he has ever seen in a pet. Tom is also the youngest animal the vet has ever seen to have pancreatitis. So, regardless of if Tom gets better, we’ll be making visits to figure out if this ends up being a chronic problem and if it is, then we have to talk about managing it long term. And apparently this is a good indicator that he will end up with diabetes, so that’s great too. But I’m crossing my fingers that Tom gets better over the next few days, especially since we leave for Tahoe next week!

This was super long about my cat. But he’s my little baby and I hate that he’s so miserable. Even Jon was texting me yesterday that Tom was making him sad cause he just lays there and doesn’t even purr when we pet him. He’s just not like himself. Also, I always said I’d never spend tons of money on my cats, but he’s only 2 and he’s my little Tomcat! I can’t just put him to sleep if he has chronic pancreatitis! My poor baby.

Anyway, so the vet took up my whole afternoon yesterday. And so did cooking chicken and rice. I ended up leaving to run some errands for a baby shower I was putting on in our break room at work. I grabbed food at Costco and set up some streamers. Unfortunately, not many people came, so I was kind of bummed about that. A lot of people said they didn’t know about it (even though we sent out emails and put up signs all over the place and I put it as my Facebook status twice and am friends with most of my work people). A few people said they meant to bring gifts and forgot, so I hope that they will!

I was hoping to spend time with Jon last night before he headed out for Thanksgiving, but he didn’t get home from his friend’s till late and I was pooped!

This morning, I got up to go to CrossFit but the gym wasn’t even open! I wish they had updated that on ClassPass! I was pretty irritated since there were other classes I would have gone to and this gym is 25 minutes away! So I spent almost an hour in the car (well, I did cause I went to Petco, too) for a closed gym! I was going to go when I got home but I was starving, so I just ate. I’m about to do some work on my paper, take Tom to the vet, and then maybe work out before spending some more time on my paper.

I had planned on going to my parent’s house to make sweet potato casserole for work tomorrow, but with Tom being a sick boy and having to drive him to the vet (which is right next to my mom and dad’s house) and bring him back home, I think that just won’t be happening. Also, I had planned on spending the night at their house for the next few days since I work at my job near their house, but again, Tom needs to be given his fluids and I need to try to get him to eat… So, Thanksgiving this year is a bit of a bust, but that’s alright. As long as my fluffy orange boy feels better, it’ll be worth it! (And hopefully it doesn’t cost too much more money… since I could have bought BOTH of my car seats that I need for the price of his vet bill yesterday!)


Fun Weekend Off Work!

Happy Tuesday! I’ve had a great few days off this past weekend! To start with, Jon and I finally booked a trip! Actually, he booked it because I got some serious cold feet about flying! I deal with flying internationally because the planes are so big for international flights so they aren’t as scary (the take off is a lot more smooth in the huge planes) and I never have a layover. But these ones? It’s all on the smaller planes with a layover and I can’t justify scaring myself like that to stay in the US. I think I might have to take Ambien to fly. I figure the baby is big enough at this point that it should be fine to take twice. Ah, already so much flight anxiety! It just gets worse and worse the older I get!

Anyway, so we’re going to Lake Tahoe! No time to plan a trip to Costa Rica! Let’s be real- we’re leaving NEXT FRIDAY! I can’t plan a whole trip in that short period of time! So we’re just going to stay at a Marriott that has great reviews and enjoy a snowy, relaxing, winter Tahoe wonderland! I’m pretty excited about it! Although less excited about the fact that none of my clothes fit! I’m going to borrow a jacket from Gina if my pea coat doesn’t fit since my North Face jacket leaves about 4″ of my belly exposed now… And then I’ll probably be wearing dirty clothes while we’re there since I can’t wash enough. Pregnancy problems.

For my weekend recap! I went to my MissFits class Friday morning! Working out is definitely getting harder. I did an air squat yesterday and jumped up in pain cause I guess I squished my belly so much! I had to slowly warm up so that it was much more comfortable and then it was totally fine. But my uterus is about 2″ below my rib cage in the center (my xiphoid process, for you medical people) now, so that thing gets up in there when I bend over and work out.

Anyway, the rest of Friday was spent doing homework and then I went to a Stock the Bar party at our friend Rachel’s house. It was alright, but Gina and I met Kassie there and it was a lot of Kassie and Rachel’s coworkers and it was kind of awkward since we didn’t really know anybody!

Saturday morning I went to one of my favorite classes, Cardio Muscle Mix. I’ll just be honest in saying that an hour is really getting to be too long for me to work out! CrossFit is an hour, but we take a lot more breaks. CMM is consistent and it really wears me out. Jon and I ended up taking my car in to get checked (my tire was leaking) and having breakfast together, and then I laid on the couch all afternoon! We got up in time to finish our baby registry and then we went downtown at 10pm for Crista and Billy’s engagement party! (By the way, this new WordPress media thing is confusing- I don’t know if these images will be huge.)



That’s the first picture of myself where my face looks pregnant too! Anyway, I was super excited for Crista and Billy! We all knew what this party was for, but somehow Crista managed never to pick up on the fact that Billy was proposing that night (she thought he was going to over Thanksgiving). So, definitely a fun time! We even stayed out till 1:30am which is way late for me and took until this morning to recover from! And I didn’t even drink, obviously!

Sunday morning, Jon and I got up way too early and ran errands and went to my mom and dad’s house to hang out for a bit. We prepped some food to take to our Friendsgiving that evening! Always good to see my mom and dad! I’m actually excited about celebrating Thanksgiving with them this week, although Jon will be in Florida for it.

Our Friendsgiving was over at Andrew’s new house. Our friends Justin and Andreina came with their two kids, and then Andrew had the girl he’s dating come. Just with our little group, we had a huge spread of delicious food! 12276952_165839517103726_2137672061_n

This will definitely have to be a new thing on the holidays cause I love eating and it was just a lot of fun to get everybody together! Andrew did a great job hosting it too and setting up the table!

Unfortunately, that night, I felt terrible. I think I really need to cut out grains and sugar again! I’ve let my diet go since getting pregnant (that is my diet in general- not some weight loss diet) and paired with the indigestion I have, it’s just a really bad mix. So I had a rough Sunday night and barely slept, making it two sleepless nights in a row!

Monday morning I went in to work for 4 hours for incentive pay and felt like a truck ran over me. Also, everybody else apparently could notice that I “look pregnant everywhere else now, too.” So it’s not in my head! But I got paid a boatload of money and had 3 patients total that I did absolutely nothing with. (Well, I suctioned a baby’s nose. That was it.)

I left to go to CrossFit and had a good workout, or as good as it gets these days, anyway. I ran errands yesterday afternoon and then showered and got ready for craft night at Gina’s!

I got to Gina’s early and my back was hurting a ton, so I mostly laid on the couch (laying is the only position that makes it better) and talked to her till Kassie got there. Once Kassie arrived, I just watched them make pinecone wreaths since I didn’t feel like leaning over a table.


They ran out of pinecones, so they need to make them bigger still! But they looked good! As always, it was a fun night hanging out with them and I’m still so glad we’ve been spending so much more time together lately! We’re hanging out next week too for a Christmas get together! We’re going to bake and watch Christmas movies! I’m excited!

This morning I was on call from 7-3p and I was told yesterday that I’d for sure be called in from 11-3 and 50/50 at 7a. I was so stinkin’ happy when Jon woke me up to ask why I wasn’t at work cause I realized I wasn’t called in for 7am! Then I called at 9am and the supervisor said they didn’t need me at 11 either! Guess they’re having a good day over there!

Unfortunately, my paper writing/gym day is taking a bit of a hit here cause Tom hasn’t been eating and has had some frothy vomit, so I’m about to get changed and take him to the vet to drop some hundos, I’m sure. The vet is never, ever cheap! And this one is definitely not a cheap vet, but they’re worth it (I also drive 30 minutes to get there while passing many other vets and listening to Tom sing me the song of his people the whole way). I have to get some stuff together after that for Gilli’s baby shower at work tonight. I had planned on baking cupcakes, but time escaped me! Woops! I need to go to a bunch of places for stuff like decorations and a cake (Publix) and then some trays of veggies (Costco). So it’ll be a busy afternoon. And I need to head out before traffic gets too awful, which over the holidays in Atlanta is at like, 2pm (seriously, it was SO bad yesterday all day long).

Alrighty, time to go get changed or I’ll be late for Tom’s vet visit!

Work Weeks and Trip Planning

OMG THURSDAY! I am so happy that it’s THURSDAY! My 60 hour work week is over! And the last two days were rough! On Tuesday, I was the most experienced peds nurse all day long. I’ve been doing peds for the last 8 months or so, but I’m only working 4 shifts a month and not all of those shifts are even with the kids! It ended up being perfectly fine (thank the lawd for no critical patients), although we had a lot of respiratory distress kids. Luckily, two of the other nurses occasionally work with the kids too, but usually we’re the inexperienced ones… So, definitely not a stress free day, since I felt like I was constantly trying to help out with the other patients.

Yesterday was super busy too since I worked on PCU and had two admissions. One was fresh out of surgery and one was from the ER, which I haven’t really had to do much of. It was just super insanely busy and I’m still not exactly the most knowledgeable when it comes to all this floor nursing type stuff since it’s a totally different ballgame than the ER. I was thrilled when my day ended!

I used to always work 60 hours a week. And those 60 hours were always with the adults in the ER, getting my ass kicked nonstop, barely even getting a lunch break most of the time. I was an overtime machine back in the day. It’s crazy how much that has changed. Not just because I’m pregnant, but because I just got burnt out and started valuing my sanity over the money. (Also, I was living on my own and paying for my bachelor’s when I first became a nurse, still going on overseas vacations, and then I had a house and a wedding to pay for, and then Jon was only working part-time, so the hours were needed to support the things I wanted.) It helps that Jon got a full time job and I don’t have to work as much now though, for sure. After these last 60 hours, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to have a whole 5 days off work. I was so mentally exhausted last night after work that I couldn’t even focus on trip planning with Jon.

Surprisingly, I woke up at 8:50 this morning, but I spent close to an hour laying in bed. Then I watched two episodes of Jane the Virgin and laid on my couch for awhile after that. I’m about to do a discussion for grad school, go to Whole Foods, and then go on a walk. It’s beautiful out but I’m just so pooped from all that work! And oddly enough, but my back pain has really improved! It wasn’t too bad yesterday and today, I honestly hadn’t even noticed it. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that the pain has ended, but I feel like that may be a little too hopeful.

And to end this, Jon and I are not going to Paris. I’m having flashbacks of when I was so set on going to Ecuador in 1oth grade for a Spanish trip and I was so excited about it, and then 9/11 happened and my mom made me cancel the trip! We were going to go to the Galapagos! I mean, come on, Mom! But Jon pretty much put his foot down and said that with all this Syrian hubbub going on that there’d be no Paris. So we were looking at either Costa Rica or Lake Tahoe. Jon voted on Tahoe last night, but I’m still not sure cause I really want to get another country in. I’ve also been wanting to go to Tahoe too and we found a good hotel with awesome reviews for just over $800 for the week, and honestly, I’m totally feeling the Christmas spirit this year. The other downside is than there are layovers to Tahoe and since I hate taking off, I really don’t want a layover. No layovers to Costa Rica! Okay, now I’m just thinking out loud. But also, I don’t have any winter jackets that fit over my fat belly and it’s only going to be bigger come December! (I mean, that’s two weeks away, actually…)

Okay, I’m going to go. Jon just got home and now we’re talking trip plans! I should also try and do something productive, other than sitting here in my underwear and unbrushed teeth!



Pregnancy Hormones & 4-day Recap

Happy Monday! It’s been a busy few days since I’m in the middle of a 60 hour work week! Thankfully, today is my day off! I worked last Thursday and then I was off on Friday. Friday was an emotionally draining day, however. I had a decent afternoon, full of a work meeting, seeing my friend Jim, and working out. And then it just took a turn for the worst! I think my pregnancy hormones are still just all over the place and I have been really dreading the change in lifestyle once this baby gets here. I think I also started freaking out about how I’ve never really wanted to have kids and what I big sacrifice I feel like having a baby was, and I don’t feel like Jon is always appreciative of that fact (although he has been really fantastic overall during this pregnancy). All of those feelings must have been building up for a good breaking point on Friday! Jon and I were arguing over unrelated stuff that led into all of the stuff above, and I think I cried nonstop for far too long (but again, I cry at everything these days! Happy, sad, angry, whatever). We ended up just fine and then I had the night and weekend to myself since Jon was at a friend’s house for a football game. Maybe the time away was good! I feel much better now and not emotional at all. Being pregnant is definitely not easy! And compound those hormones with my constant back pain and it just gets to be too much for me sometimes! Then again, I love watching my belly move now and feeling Jackson move around and I am excited to meet him, but still…

As for today, I’m relaxing after a long work weekend! I actually can’t believe it’s already 3pm! I went to bed at 11pm last night and decided not to set an alarm. I woke up at 9:50! So many hours of sleep! I laid in bed and cuddled my cats before getting up to eat breakfast and watch the season (1) finale of Jane the Virgin. Unfortunately, right after it ended, I got incredibly nauseous. I spent some time deciding whether or not the gym should happen, but the workout looked fun so I wanted to go.

Despite a total lack of motivation, I managed to get through clean and jerks (I made it to 80# and stopped adding weight because it was hurting my back) and then some modified muscle ups, cleans, and kettle bell swings. I did light cleans (55#) because of my back, again.

Speaking of my back, this back pain is definitely not pleasant. It’s mostly on my left side and makes it difficult to go from sitting to standing or really, just about any position changes, including walking. It was pretty obnoxious all weekend at work. All the other pregnant girls always mention sciatica, which I also have, although it hasn’t been present during this pregnancy (it’s usually with long car rides) and this pain feels totally different than sciatica. And I’m sure working isn’t helping it any either and this is a 60 hour work week. Ah, pregnancy woes.

I ran to The Fresh Market after the gym since traffic looked awful on 285, so my plans for Whole Foods were kaboshed. While there, I found this Popcorn Indiana brand chocolate peanut butter drizzle popcorn and I have now eaten almost the whole bag (over 60 grams of sugar in one bag- fantastic!). (Edit: This blog post is now complete and so is my bag of popcorn.)

Aside from that, I’ll be having a lazy day. I don’t think I’m even going to open school stuff today. I just need to make it through this work week! Jon and I are going to our homeowner’s association meeting tonight at 6:30. We’ve been to one before and it was really boring, but I guess it is nice to see how much we have in our condo funds and where it’s being allocated.

Tomorrow and Wednesday are my workdays (Tuesday in the ER and Wednesday in PCU) and then I’ll just be working on school stuff again and hopefully relaxing. Jon and I are off this weekend together for the first time in awhile and I’m pretty excited about it! These are our only two days off together in the entire month of November! The weekend is already sounding kind of packed, but I’m hoping for some gym time on Saturday morning with Laura and some time over at my mom and dad’s at some point too.

Alrighty, time to head off of here so I can clean up the kitchen and be lazy on the couch since that is literally all I want to do right now.



Paris: To Go or Not to Go?

Happy Wednesday! It’s finally sunny in Atlanta, but I haven’t even been outside to enjoy it! Shame on me. Monday afternoon I had a pretty good CrossFit workout. We did some squat cleans and I hadn’t done those in forever. Most of the class was lifting, which I loved! Then we did a quick toes to bar and double under WOD (I did singles and had to pee with every jump). I’m actually considering giving up ClassPass and my LA Fitness membership to go to CrossFit Chamblee full time. It’s close to my house and I’m happy with the environment. But it’s expensive. I mean, $135 for the “early bird” program, which includes the noon classes. Technically, now that ClassPass is increasing, I will spend over that between my two gym memberships anyway. I’m hesitant to give up LA Fitness because of their childcare and once I have a baby, I may need that. Then again, if that happens, I can always rejoin later on. They won’t take kids in the childcare area until 3 months anyway, so that wouldn’t be till June of next year. I may be able to work out my schedule at CrossFit Chamblee for that long anyway.

One of the other reasons I’m considering is that ClassPass has basically turned into a yoga/barre thing. There are way more CrossFit studios lately, however, all but a few CrossFit studios have glitches in the sign up process. Most of the gyms don’t have any classes available. One of the gyms near my house does have evening classes available, but then every time I try to sign up, it says the classes are being updated so I can’t sign up. It doesn’t seem like ClassPass removes inactive gyms from their queue, so I’m constantly trying to search by gym with no results. It’s getting highly irritating, especially with the price increase in ClassPass. I’m totally fine with paying $100 a month, but they need to stay on top of the studios available then. You can’t really claim to have 200 studios in the Atlanta area (that number is made up, because I don’t care to look) if only 100 of those studios actually participate regularly and post classes.

Anyway, end side note. Monday was a lazy day, I believe. I feel like they all are. I had big plans of schoolwork and then ended up doing small amounts of schoolwork and watching large amounts of Jane the Virgin. Whatevs.

Tuesday was my “busy” day. I was tired all day long after staying up till 1am watching Jane the Virgin and I had to get up for a 10am haircut. I was so happy to get my hair cut! FINALLY! It was just getting so long and the last few times I’ve had it cut, the back just still seems far too long and unruly. We got in short enough to make me happy and I ended up cutting my bangs shorter (they’re still long).

After that, Jon and I went to check out a daycare. When we got there, the lady told me she texted and emailed me that she had a family emergency and her assistants were coming in and we’d have to reschedule (she didn’t text or email me, but she did confirm the correct phone number). Since Jon didn’t have any cases yesterday, we ran to Whole Foods and then came home. I watched more Jane the Virgin until I had to go downtown for a catering even with Gina, Kassie, and Brian.

Gina’s mom had set up for her to have a catering sampling for her wedding and Gina wanted us to go instead of her parents. I was pretty excited because free food is always fun and the food was delicious! Kassie and I loved the whole thing but I think Gina is just underwhelmed by all wedding planning things, so she didn’t really enjoy it. But really, it was awesome. I wish I could do stuff like that all the time!


Gina, Me, Kassie


Brian (as shown on his name tag) and Gina.

After our little catering event, we decided to head to Kassie’s to hang out for a bit since we all sat in so much traffic to get to that area! It was obviously fun hanging out on Kassie’s porch, which is really all we seem to do lately. Fine by me though!

I headed home to find Jon asleep on the couch (he has been asleep almost every night when I get home), so I retired to the bedroom to watch even more Jane the Virgin.

This morning I stayed in bed till 11:30. I’m like the laziest person alive these days. I woke up at 10ish but watched more Jane the Virgin (there are 23 episodes in the first season! it’s never ending) before actually getting out of bed.

I cleaned up the house a bit, ate some breakfast, and did some schoolwork. I took yesterday off from the gym and considered taking today off cause I’m just not really in the mood for gym time, but now I’m considering going. Or I’m considering throwing on some clothes and heading out for a walk and maybe some quick bodyweight stuff. I really want to enjoy some of this weather! Jon and I bought stuff to make stir fry tonight, so I think we’ll do that, and I need to finalize my paper tonight and turn it in. Two assignments left for the semester.

And last, Jon has decided we can go to Paris. But now I’m freaking out, guys! I will just preface this by saying we have plenty of money in savings to pay tuition, go to Paris, and for me to take unpaid maternity leave. However, we really want to buy a new house and we need more money for a downpayment on a house. Since I’ll be taking unpaid maternity leave and then we’ll be paying childcare, my income will be significantly decreased again, especially for those 12 weeks of maternity leave. So, I’m really just freaking out because the thought of only have one income plus spending a few thousand buckaroos on Paris makes me nervous. We would get one plane ticket for $330 (we had to pay $330 to transfer Jon’s Skymiles to my account, giving me enough to purchase one full ticket on Skymiles), and the other ticket is $1249. We found some hotels for $70ish a night, which is great! And we would only be in Paris, so we wouldn’t have the expenses of car rentals, traveling all over, eating so many meals out, etc. Right now, we’re just waiting for my credit card payment to process (tomorrow) so we can buy the tickets to Paris. But I’m totally having cold feet (I typically do before dropping a few grand, though, this is just intensified by the fact that we’re having a BABY).

I know I just need to man up and go on this trip. We won’t regret it and really, we’ve been putting money away every month. Yeah, we’ll take a hit since my tuition will be due right at trip time and I’ll technically be taking a few weeks off work (I won’t actually be- since I would work my days around that). I would be missing a weekend requirement at my ER job, so I will get written up for that, unless I come home from Florida on Christmas day so I can work that weekend after, which is not ideal since it’s our last trip to Florida before the baby will be born and we also want to see Adam and Jessie while we’re down there (our friends who lived in Italy and now live in Seattle). Uh. Who knows. I would love to go to Paris, but I also get stressed thinking about how much I’ll have to pack into my schedule after that just to be able to go. But it’d be worth it, I’m sure. I mean, last trip before the baby!

Okay, I need to go. I actually realized in typing this that I probably need to register for classes in the Spring, so I should figure that out!

Weekly Recap: Dancing Goats, Gym Time, Working

Happy Monday! You all know I love Mondays cause I always work the weekends, so Mondays are my sleep-in and schoolwork days!

Thursday afternoon I must have gone to LA Fitness again. I did mostly LA Fitness workouts last week since I just wasn’t feeling hardcore workouts last week. All of them were under 40 minutes and got me sweating and got my heart rate up, but this pregnant lady just can’t work out like I used to anymore. At least not for right now. Thursday night, Jon and I went to run some errands and made soup together. We were supposed to spend the evening having a “date night” of sorts, but I was being kind of a grump and made it difficult. Around 10pm, I lit some candles and we turned off all the lights and sat on the couch talking about marriage and our expectations of each other and our baby. He rubbed my feet and really, it was just nice. We rarely do that, but it’s nice to just disconnect from everything and spend some one on one time together. It was also nice to reconnect with each other, because I’m not exactly the biggest joy to be married to in the first place and it’s worse now that I’m pregnant. Thankfully, Jon is really fantastic about everything, but I know it wears him down.

Friday morning was spent in my bed till 11am. It was wonderful. It has been rainy for over a week now in this great state of Georgia and I’m still sleeping in like a champ, thanks to creating a new life inside of me. It really amazes me at how many hours I can spend in bed these days. Oddly enough, my sleep schedule has slightly shifted too, from a bedtime of around 10-11, to 12-1. I’m not sure what’s up with that, but I guess it’s just the changes in my body messing with my internal clock. I did a quick Gravity workout (the total gym one) that I actually really enjoyed, and it was a 35 minute “lunch crunch” so it was nice and fast! Right on track with how I felt last week. I may have to do more of those coming up!

After the gym, I hung out with Laura. She took a sick day from work, so we finally made it downtown to Dancing Goats for some coffee.

dancing goats

The coffee was so good (decaf vanilla latte) and so were those bacon and cheese pastry things. We also had a really yummy cinnamon roll too. I’m just killing the carbs in this pregnancy. I have to stop (mostly cause they’re all probably GMO-filled and I don’t want to keep feeding my baby glyphosates but I just can’t resist when I’m in a coffee shop). But really, I don’t know that I’ve had Batdorf & Bronson coffee before and it was awesome, plus they did a great job with the latte. I hate it when my lattes taste burnt or are bitter, but this baby was smooth as can be!

That afternoon, Laura and I ran to Goodwill to drop some stuff off and to Nordstrom Rack for a long sleeved white shirt. We finished up around 7pm and I came home since I knew I had to prepare for work on Saturday.

I had a good work weekend at my PCU/tele job this weekend! I had two awesome patients for most of the day on Saturday (I got rid of my other two earlier on) and hung out with one of them and his wife for a good bit. They were retired Army and so much fun to talk to and very encouraging to go to Paris in December no matter what! (Speaking of which, Jon and I should really look into that, since we’d be leaving in about 3 weeks.) I love days where I just get to spend 45 minutes at a time chatting with my patients. Sunday was a super easy day till about 5:30pm, just cause I got an admission which I have no idea how to do, and then there was a code on the floor so there was nobody available to help me.

Last night, Jon had dinner at my parent’s house so I stopped by after I left work. I didn’t get there till 8:15 and we really just ended up Skyping with my sister and nephew for an hour and then we came home.

I’ve had a lot of back pain this weekend, so once we got home, I pretty much got right into bed and started watching Jane the Virgin. I made it through two episodes before I had to fall asleep, but the show was so good! I’m definitely hooked. I’d really prefer to sit on my couch in this very cold, very dreary weather and watch back to back episodes today, but instead I’ll just be going to CrossFit in 45 minutes and then I need to finish my paper and start on my next one. Boring. Jon and I talked about going to a coffee shop together since he’s working on his expense reports today, but I have a hard time focusing unless I’m at my house in silence. So we’ll see. (I also stayed in bed till 10am today. I’m just going to soak in these mornings of staying in bed forever because I have a feeling, once this baby comes, this will never happen again.)

Alrighty guys, time to head off to get ready for the gym! Have a great Monday!

Seeing Baby on the Ultrasound- 22 weeks.

Yesterday was a day of appointments! I started my day off with LA Fitness since nothing interesting has been showing up on my ClassPass lately. Monday and Fridays always have good classes, but apparently not the other three weekdays. Not sure why, but so many studios are on there that don’t have any available classes, including a lot of the studios I found that I liked. Turns out, I had to get in a quick workout anyway, so after 40 minutes at LA Fitness, I headed out to Whole Foods to grab some groceries before coming home to hop in the shower, eat, and go to my OB appointment.

I was super excited for yesterday’s appointment because it was our anatomy scan! We had our gender scan at 17 weeks (at an outside office), but I didn’t see Jackson moving a ton at that appointment. The ultrasound tech said he was active at that appointment, but since she kept moving the wand around, I never could tell that he was moving too.

My first appointment was with the doctor, where nothing exciting happens other than waiting an hour to see her. It’s a good thing I’m not working a regular full time job, because no way would I go see the doctor every month otherwise. Nothing happens there. I wait forever, hear the fetal heart tones, and leave. They did weigh me there and I was 114 or 115 (but I weigh myself at home a ton too), but the nurse wrote down 125 and my doctor about had a heart attack over my gaining 15lbs since my last visit. I was so confused. I was like, “I’ve only gained about 15lbs the whole pregnancy.” Finally when I said I weighed 114 or 115, she was like, “Oh good! They wrote down that you were 125 today!”

After that appointment, I had about 1 1/2 hours to kill before my ultrasound. I had to basically schedule them apart because of the doctor’s availability and Jon wanting to make it to the ultrasound in the afternoon. I Yelped a coffee shop to go to in my down time and headed over that way, to Mugs on Milton.

mugs on milton

Guys. This biscuit. OMG. Bacon, cheddar, and maple. It was soft and delicious and sweet, but not too sweet, and savory too. It was so insanely good. I probably would have ordered some to go but I got the last one! I also enjoyed a pumpkin spice latte, but honestly, I think vanilla lattes still win out over pumpkin spice for me. Vanilla’s the best. The coffee shop itself was really cute, with lots of different rooms to go hang out in. Perfect for studying, except it’s only open till 4. Bummer. And it’s not that close to me.

Anyway, after my heavenly biscuit, I went back to the OB for my ultrasound. Jon met up with me there and I’m so glad he made that appointment!

That ultrasound was so awesome! Since I feel Jackson move all the time now (and can see his movements from the outside, too, which is super fun and I make Jon stare at my belly all the time now), the ultrasound was extra awesome. (Excuse my lack of words here- imagine how hard it is to write papers these days.) Jackson moved the whole time and he was yawning and sucking his thumb and stretching out his little arms and legs! Every time he would move an arm or a leg, I could feel it at the same time. I loved it! I could have sat there and looked at him all day long. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! It really does amaze me how much I love stuff like this because I just never expected to get this excited over things like watching a gray outline on a screen move! I also love how happy it makes Jon to see Jackson moving on the screen. He’s going to be such a good dad! Whenever we’re laying on the couch and Tom cuddles on Jon’s chest, Jon is always like, “This is going to be Jackson soon.” (Except, I hope Jon still cuddles with Tom too, because I hate it when people have babies and don’t love on their pets anymore.)

Now for his cute baby pictures. Oh, and she verified that he is for sure a boy, but the screen was turned away from me when she said that and I totally forgot to ask her to snap an “It’s a Boy” picture since we never had one done at our gender scan. Oh well. Guess we’ll have to survive without a picture of his developing penis.

baby 22 weeks

This picture I was so confused about. I told Gina and Kassie last night that I had no idea what it was, “Maybe his balls or something. Who knows.” But it’s a frontal shot of his face, haha. His nose is on the right of the screen and you can see his lips. And then his little fingers are next to his face.

baby 22 weeks

Most of our shots were similar to this top one. Some of them he was sucking his thumb, some he wasn’t. That darker spot in his body was his heart beating. He had all his arms and legs and I could see his fingers and toes, so hopefully he comes out like a normal baby! Ah, my precious baby boy! Seeing him on there makes me much more excited to meet him in 17 weeks! And I love that I can picture what he’s doing in my belly now when I feel him moving around all the time! The ultrasound tech said he is just over 1lb (he was 480 grams and 454 are in a pound) and although they can’t measure his length, he should be about 10-11 inches long.

It’s a good thing pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, cause I feel like I need every minute of it to get myself mentally prepared for bringing a baby home and to actually get excited about this whole thing. My feelings have definitely grown, and while I would be devastated if anything happened to Jackson at this point, I can’t quite say I’m there with loving him. I don’t know that I’ll be there the minute I see him either. I don’t have any expectations of when that will happen, but this is all definitely growing on me and I know I’ll get there eventually!

After that, I sat in Atlanta traffic to get down to Kassie’s. Gina and I decided we wanted another chill hangout time, which I am totally loving lately. I felt like I had gone so long without seeing them, and for awhile, I was only seeing them maybe once every other month or so. We’ve definitely increased our hangout time lately and nothing makes me happier than time with my best friends (well, and seeing my baby, apparently). We just sat on Kassie’s porch and talked. They got to see my belly move and feel some good kicks from Jackson. Next Tuesday, we’re going to go try food from a catering company for Gina’s wedding, so I’m excited about that! And we decided after Christmas that we’re going to go to my parent’s cabin for one or two nights since they’re both off work for that week! Can’t wait!

Jon snapped a cute picture last night of Tom cuddling on me. (By “Jon snapped,” I really mean that I had to beg him to take this picture because I think Tom is the cutest thing ever and despite taking a million selfies of Tom cuddling with me, it just never really looks as cute. And when Jon ignored me so that he could scroll through Facebook, I had to be like, “No, REALLY, take this dang photo of Tom being cute RIGHT NOW!”)

orange cats

He’s such a ridiculous cat. He’s just a momma’s boy lately. Maybe he senses the baby in there cause he was never ever this snuggly with me before. Orange cats are the best. Except for Kitty. Cause she’s really my favorite out of the two cats, but still, Tom is awfully cute.

I’m off to go work on my paper. I skipped the gym first thing this morning since I wanted to get started on my paper. I ended up having to do two hours worth of discussion postings and then I was hungry, so I just ate and am about to work on my paper till about 3 and then hopefully head to the gym for a bit. I’m supposed to go to a stroke conference tomorrow, but I feel like I need to make more progress on my schoolwork so I don’t know yet! Can’t wait for this semester to be OVER! I also have to work this weekend and don’t know that I feel like waking up early three days in a row. I’m too tired and pregnant for that these days.

I’m sure I’ll check back in later! Have a great day!