Monday Eats & Daily Life

Since I’m being lazy and have pictures of most of what I ate on Monday, I figured I’d just do a WIAMonday and WID(id)Monday.

6:45am: Woke up and laid in bed, hoping to fall back to sleep.

8:00: Jon left for work. I was hopeful of going back to sleep still.

9:30: Nope. Not happening. Got up and ate 2 scrambled eggs and a glass of Organic Wallaby blueberry kefir (no pictures, sorry). Started some laundry, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, and looked at ClassPass.

11:00: Got dressed and brushed my teeth.

11:15: Headed downtown to The Training Room for a FitCamp class.

12:00: Class for an hour. This was essentially the exact same as CrossFit, despite the coach telling me that it’s different than CrossFit and is more of a personal training type of thing. Well, in almost 6 years of CrossFit, I can say that this was a CrossFit gym without having to pay the affiliate fees. Smart. They did also have a personal training area in the back, which is nice. I fell in love again with HIIT and was able to do 135# deadlifts with no pain. I didn’t push it any further, but I think I’d have been fine to go up in weight. We basically did 6 minutes of abs, 2 deadlifts (mine at 135#) every 2 minutes for 4 rounds, and then a 20 minute AMRAP of 10 deadlifts (85#), 15 box jumps, 20 knees to elbows, and 30 plank rows. I made it for 4 rounds and 35 reps. It felt fantastic and now I’m considering if I really want to even keep up with ClassPass or just head back to CrossFit and work with my hip there.

1:00: Left gym and headed to Costco for 2 dozen organic eggs, organic plant based protein powder, organic bananas, and organic medjool dates (so easy to go organic at Costco).

2:30: Came home to throw together some post-gym food and switch over some laundry. I decided to count the protein in my meal- 35-40g of protein. I was too lazy to count anything else but was curious for a minute. (Pancakes made with 2 eggs, 1/2 banana, 1 1/2 scoops of protein powder, a tablespoon-ish of cocoa powder- made 4, but I saved 2 for later.) I should have turned my plate the other way and I would have had a smiley face.


3:30: Went to Whole Foods for some steaks, raspberries, arugula, frozen hashbrowns/fries (also all organic- look at me go), kefir, cream cheese, bacon, and sour cream.

4:45: Got home. Long drive thanks to traffic. Switched over some laundry and started making some bacon wrapped dates filled with cream cheese. Ate 5 of them upon completion. So. Stinking. Good.


5:15: Started working on taxes. Decided that I hate my life and wondered how I ended up being the one who has to take care of taxes in our family. And paying bills. And grocery shopping. And managing money. And cleaning the house.

6:15: Finally took a shower. Admired my legs that are finally getting some muscle back in them, even if it’s not much. Also admired some abs since I feel like I’ve been doing more ab work lately.

6:45: Jon came home and I cleaned up the kitchen some more and prepped some meals for work for Tuesday and Wednesday.

7:15: Started looking at houses on Trulia.

8:00: BACHELOR! (How did I even get into this show?) I drank a large smoothie made with 1/2 banana, arugula, frozen mixed berries, and carrot juice.

10:00: Spent some time with Jon.

10:30: Got ready for bed.

10:50: Read the end of Wild. Good book. Everybody should read it and then go hike the PCT with me.

11:15: Went to bed and cuddled with Kitty till I fell asleep.


One Year Anniversary Weekend, ClassPass: Svelte, Land of a Thousand Hills

I had a great weekend, despite being sick! Saturday night was mine and Jon’s one year anniversary date night at The Melting Pot! We used to go there on Christmas Eve, but this year we weren’t feeling like spending $100 on dinner right after a cross country road trip and Christmas shopping! So we pushed it back and made it our one year anniversary night.

Although most of you don’t know this, Jon and I actually got married on January 24th, 2014. We decided to go ahead and do a courthouse wedding because I wanted to start getting licensed in other states under my new name and didn’t want the hassle of changing it all around right before starting to do travel nursing. So we went to the courthouse on a Friday afternoon when I was hangry and had a 12 second ceremony in the hallway of the courthouse, with all the other couples waiting to get married as our guests. I was too hungry to even make it for the 10 minute ceremony and we knew we had a real wedding coming up. So, here we are in the courthouse.


Stunning wedding photo. Afterwards, we went to Leon’s Full Service Garage to eat since we had heard great things about it and we were both slightly disappointed. Then we went home and Jon took a nap. So ladies and gents, that was our real wedding day.


We’ve decided to celebrate this as our real anniversary since we felt like we were married after that. I had to change my name at work, so quite a few people found out about it (although, we kept it from most people attending our wedding).

I will say, this past year has been better than I could have imagined. I’ll ignore the parts prior to our actual wedding when I think we may have hated each other (wedding planning is a bitch, what can I say?), but after that, things have been great! I truly love him more now than I thought I could after one year of marriage. We’ve grown together and are really becoming a team. I love planning our lives together in the future and knowing he’s mine for the rest of my life!

Anyway, so back to date night… We had some delicious fondue at The Melting Pot! I was hoping Jon would let me ask our server to take our picture, but he refused. So we took an “ussie.”


Afterwards, we come home and Jon surprised me by having my Gina, Kassie, and Laura over with their boyfriends! He was hoping to get all of my bridesmaids, but Annie (my sister) couldn’t make it down from Wisconsin and Crista was sick.


 (I have no idea why all our blankets ended up on our fireplace that night, and Tom has to always be near us. I should have put my heels back on so I’d be taller!)


(Kassie, Gina, me, Laura.)

We all hung out for awhile and then when they went home, Jon and I read our one year anniversary letters and reread our vows and danced to our song. I have a sweet man!

Sunday morning, Laura and I woke up for a barre class at Svelte. This class was nice since it was actually close to our houses! I’m not sure that this was the exact same as a pure barre class or not since I’ve never taken one, but it was definitely tiring! I still prefer workouts where I actually work up a sweat, but my legs were shaking during this workout so I still definitely enjoyed it! I’m hoping to go back, but I work almost every Sunday in February so I don’t know that I’ll make it to that particular one! I’m really having fun trying some different types of workouts though!

After our class, Jon and I decided to go to get coffee at my new favorite place but the parking lot was full so we weren’t allowed in! Instead we found Land of a Thousand Hills, which I have actually been wanting to try! I thought it was cute and the coffee was so good! I’d definitely go back there!


We somehow decided to go look at open houses, so we spent the next two hours looking at open houses! We loved the first house we saw, but of course, we aren’t ready to buy quite yet! We’ll put our condo on the market whenever I get pregnant (not yet). I think we’ll make open houses a regular thing when I’m off on Sundays though. It was a ton of fun to just go look around!

After our housing explorations, we stopped by my mom and dad’s and Jon and I went on a walk with my dad since it was such a nice day out! After eating some dinner with them, we headed out to see American Sniper. Definitely a good movie. Oddly enough, the trial is coming up for the guy who actually killed Chris Kyle. I’m curious how the jury will end up ruling since it sounds like the guy had some serious PTSD when he killed Chris Kyle.

Anyway, I’m up and moving around this morning! I’m heading out to another ClassPass class at noon. This one looks just like CrossFit without the name attached, so we’ll see how it goes! I haven’t been doing CrossFit for months and have stayed away from the lifts because of my hip, but I’m excited to do a fast paced workout! I need to get some grocery shopping done after the gym and really start on my taxes now that my grad school application is 100% finished!

ClassPass: Elevate Your Body

After my gym fail yesterday, I laid on the couch all day. Not even an exaggeration. I was nauseous and felt really under the weather, so I just watched Real World on Demand until Jon got home and made me something to eat. Then I napped. Then I took Benadryl and still went to bed by 10.

I met up with Laura this morning for another ClassPass try at Elevate Your Body for their cardio muscle mix class. It was a a smaller studio but as soon as we walked in, Ellen, the trainer for this morning’s class, was so welcoming! She ran us through how to set up our stations and asked Laura and I about our fitness. We started the class and it was a lot of stepping up onto the platforms and using 3# weights. I actually really enjoyed the class a lot! Ellen was great about asking throughout the class how everybody was doing, and at the end when she got to a more advanced ab move that nobody was doing, she changed it up to something we could all do. Although I don’t think my heart rate ever got all that high, my arms and abs were burning, even with the lighter weights.

The only thing I didn’t like (which would never stop me from going back) was that she said a few times that we were lifting lighter weights to build long, lean, feminine muscles and that we don’t use over 10# so that we don’t bulk up. I’m always against when trainers/coaches try to tell you what you would want to look like. I like building muscle. I like looking as strong as I feel. But like I said, it’s nothing that would ever stop me from recommending the studio. I still thought Ellen was great and it was such a nice way to change up a workout! And despite the class being an hour, I never got bored with it and started watching the clock (that frequently happens with me in these hour long classes).

I made a stop by Zukerino Pastry Shop right near my house. The bakery looks like a bit of a dump and is near a somewhat sketchy gas station. I’d never really had any interest in going there till I read a ton of 5 star reviews on yelp! So we gave it a shot and their baklava is out of this world! It was so dang good! Our interpreters used to bring baklava back to base when they would go home when we were in Iraq, and this was a million times better.


After I got home this morning, I showered and Jon made me breakfast, and then I climbed back in bed for a 4 hour nap. We were wanting to go to the Chattahoochee Coffee Company that I went to last week since it’s sunny out, but I didn’t even have enough energy to get dressed. Instead I just laid on the bed and passed out.

I’m about to start getting ready for our date night. Today is our big one year anniversary! We made it! We’re going to the Melting Pot and then he said he has a surprise, so we’ll see what that is! Hopefully I’m rested up enough to make it out of the house for that long today since my energy level is just so low.

ClassPass: Stage 3 Fitness

I’ve been reading about ClassPass lately on a few blogs and it sounded like a neat idea! I had mentioned it to Laura and she said she’d be willing to give it a go for a month. So we signed up this past week and I picked my first class for 12:30 today at Stage 3 Fitness. I had signed up on Wednesday night and then yesterday started getting sick. One thing I didn’t realize about ClassPass is that there is a $20 fee if you cancel the class within 24 hours. I slept terribly last night. I woke up with a headache and tons and tons of sinus drainage. I felt miserable. But I didn’t want a $20 fee so I got out of bed around 11 just to make the 30 minute drive over there!

I mapped out the studio and got there at 12:10 and was really confused. The sign said Stage 3, but none of the shops looked like gyms! I tried to call the studio but no answer. I drove around some more, really confused, but never found it. I went back and forth between googling for ClassPass and the studio and it said it was at Ste 245 but there was no Ste 245! Then I saw Ste 140 and confirmed that the studio was in front of me, but it was closed. So, at 12:30, I left.

I was so frustrated! I emailed ClassPass about not being charged the fee for missing since I didn’t even know where the gym was! I drove a total of an hour and never even made it to a class! Despite being sick, I was actually really excited to try a new place!

When I got home, I tried to look up Stage 3 online! The first thing that comes up online is that it’s at a new location! That does not show up on the mobile site, so I had no idea there was a new location! I looked up the address on ClassPass and realized that they do have the updated address, but my Maps wasn’t updated to it apparently. And I didn’t realize the difference when I looked it up on google because they are still on the same road.

So, I realize ClassPass wasn’t at fault for this, but I plan on canceling the membership if I am charged for it. I don’t like the idea of being charged if you can’t go (like sometimes, with less than 24 hours notice, there might be something more important than going to the gym?!) and there was no phone number listed to reach ClassPass online, and the email I sent to them got a response about there being high volumes of emails. It’s already $80 a month, which I can pay for CrossFit and not get charged if I decide not to go to class. So, we’ll see.

I did email Stage 3 so we’ll see what they say! I explained the confusion with the new address, so who knows. Regardless, I’m a little frustrated that I drove an hour for nothing when I wasn’t feeling well, and that I didn’t even get to experience the gym!

Tomorrow morning, Laura and I are trying another class, so we’ll see how that goes! It’s a Cardio Muscle Mix class. I just hope to make it through without snotting everywhere, which isn’t looking very promising!

Now I’m off to bum on the couch and do nothing! I haven’t even done the dishes or laundry today. Definitely feeling very under the weather! I hope I feel better tomorrow for mine and Jon’s one year anniversary!

Edit: Stage 3 Fitness emailed me back! They were awesome about me missing the class and I’ll definitely be driving out there AGAIN in the future to check it out!

Friend Dinners, Coffee, Gym, Cat

It has been a busy week so far! Still loving being at home! I made an awesome chicken/veggie soup on Monday that was delicious! I’m really loving the whole cooking thing again! I actually get excited to be making food in my own house!


Monday night I met up with Gina and Kassie for some dinner at 10th & Piedmont in Midtown. Not really my favorite restaurant, I’ve decided. I gave it two chances but I think that’ll be the last. But it was great catching up with the girls and hearing about Kassie’s new job and her engagement!



Tuesday I worked all day and had a fairly good day! Jon and I watched McConkey on Netflix last night. I definitely recommend it! Very interesting documentary on Shane McConkey, who was a famous free-skier and base jumper. The views in the movie were also totally awesome since I’m obsessed with snow covered mountains.

Today I woke up and headed out to the gym for a quick (accidentally) fasted workout. I did a quick run and some legs before heading home to shower. I had lunch with a friend at Fresh 2 Order and it was good to catch up with her! Her and her husband (who was actually Jon’s twin sister’s ex-boyfriend) just moved back a few months ago and I have only seen her once since she came back to Georgia!

After lunch, I headed out to the Chattahoochee Coffee Company! Hands down my new favorite coffee place in Atlanta! It’s about 20 minutes from my house but the coffee was delicious and look at the view:



It was the perfect place to go on such a beautiful day! I stayed there for close to 2 hours! I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a weekly date with myself there!

I stopped by Whole Foods for some dinner foods (we had a big mahi mahi fail tonight- hate when fish fails since it’s not a cheap fail) and then watched two episodes of the Bachelor before Jon got home from work. Tom and I had a cuddle sesh and took some selfies. He wasn’t entertained.



Jon and I went on a walk together and then had our bad dinner. Now I’m just typing this up, preparing to go to work tomorrow!

In other boring news, I’ve started rolling out my feet finally. I have one of the foam rollers that has the little jutting out pieces on it, so I’ve basically been doing an ischemic compression technique on the foam roller (read about it if you’re bored). I’m hoping to help with my flexibility in the bottoms of my feet. My plantar fascia is so insanely tight and I wonder if that actually has something to do with why squatting was always so difficult for me. My posterior chain is really tight anyway, but maybe it’s stemming more from my feet than I thought! Either way, I’m giving this a shot. And, also in boring news, the gym is definitely back to being a normal habit. I’ve gone every day that I’ve been off again and I never really feel like skipping it anymore!

Alrighty, have a good night!

Blairsville Cabin Weekend

It’s a beautiful day in Georgia today! I am loving this weather! I also enjoyed a wonderful weekend too! Jon’s sister and brother-in-law (Brad and Rebecca) came with our niece and nephew for the weekend for a trip to my parent’s cabin! We headed out on Friday afternoon.

Our first stop was in Dahlonega, just to show them the town. (My college town.)


We went to an antique shop and then headed north to Vogel State Park to see Trahlyta Falls. We had a picnic outside but it was really windy and really cold! Not nearly as enjoyable as we had hoped! But the falls were still neat to see and at least blocked us from the wind a bit!

IMG_9891 11111Brad, Rebecca, Zoe, and Slade

IMG_9902 11111

IMG_9894 11111

We headed to the cabin after to drop things off and then went to buy groceries and eat at an all you can eat pizza buffet where I killed some dessert pizza. And then regretted it. Once the kids were in bed, we played some Scrabble and enjoyed the adult time.

Saturday morning we headed out to the highest point in Georgia, Brasstown Bald. I hadn’t been there in awhile but remember that the walk up is pretty steep. It’s only 6/10 of a mile (paved- it’s touristy), but typically it takes a few stops for people to make it to the top. It’s the first time I’ve noticed what wonders walking inclines at the gym has done for me! I gave Zoe a piggyback ride and still was barely short of breath climbing up the hill. It was insanely windy at the top and I’m pretty sure kids don’t really enjoy the beauty of nature at that age, but I was glad to see the top again!

IMG_9915 2 11111

IMG_9920 11111

IMG_9922 1111

After our climb, we went to a boutique in Young Harris and then went to Fatz for dinner. Not many options up in Blairsville for good places to eat! The kids went to bed shortly after getting back so we played Scrabble and Rummy and it was a great time! I really love spending time with them (we stay with them when we go to Florida) and it was nice to just have some grown up time for a few hours!

We ended up heading back home on Sunday morning, which was a day earlier than we planned. Since Brad and Rebecca had afternoon plans, I was able to make it to Whole Foods and the gym! I’ve been following people on Instagram for workout ideas. My new favorite is tishajonesy. It helps with ideas for what I can do with my hip while I can’t squat and she just has some great moves otherwise. I was so happy to get in the gym though and I spent the entire hour there with my heart rate above 170- just walking inclines for 25 full minutes and then moving onto a few leg exercises. I went for a little drive and enjoyed the beautiful weather before heading home again.

We had some sushi and then hung out around the house. I caught up on laundry and Tom decided to just steal my little heart with his cuteness.


This morning, I hung out with the kids and everybody just packed up to go a few minutes ago. I’m planning on getting some cooking done this morning for the week (my butternut squash/sweet potato casserole, eggplant parmesan, and a chicken/veggie soup) and then heading to the gym this afternoon. I’d really like to get some outside time in since it’s going to be 63 and sunny today! I need to renew my Stone Mountain annual pass too at some point so I can start hiking it with my pack.

I think later tonight I’m going to have girl time with Kassie and hopefully Gina, and I hope to catch up on the Bachelor too. Jon left me at home the other night for a few hours and I decided to turn on the TV (I never watch TV anymore other than my one hour of Parenthood a week) and somehow got hooked on the Bachelor.

Alright, everybody have a good day!

Wednesday Ramblings

Happy Hump Day! I had to wake up for a medication class at work today and it only lasted 1 1/2 hours, so now I’m home nice and early! Unfortunately, it was hard to fall asleep last night and Tom has gotten in the habit of laying on my face (literally, across my face) in the middle of the night and purring like a wild banshee. It’s hard to push him off when he sounds so happy, but he’s a fatty so it’s not very comfortable. And I’m having total flea paranoia lately since they seem to be scratching more, but I have a feeling it’s just their dry skin from the cold weather. I always get paranoid, deflea them, and then never see any dead fleas. Since we have people with pets visiting this week and bringing in luggage, I also feel the need to deflea them before anybody gets here and brings anything into the house. So that’s what I thought about in the middle of the night while the cat smothered my face. Sleepless nights.

I’m feeling exhausted but the bathrooms/floors in the house need to be done and I also need to go to the gym, although I’m super sore from my workouts lately… I’d take a day off, but since I’ll be taking all weekend off while Jon’s family is in town, I’m going to try and suffer through a tired/sore workout today. Maybe I’ll just do abs or something easy. I want to try to go tomorrow night as well, since my sister-in-law’s family will be getting in later on Thursday night.

I started working on taxes last night (the joys of being an adult) and am already over it. I should have saved more receipts throughout the year in case I get audited, and because I didn’t, I have to go through my bank statements to find hotel charges from traveling and all of that fun stuff. I also should have kept a lot of my miles for the year (to and from assignments, mostly, and my starting and ending miles for the year). Lessons learned. I really want to get everything submitted for taxes by February 1st so I can get that out of the way before getting all my travel stuff in order (since it’s always a pain in the ass to get ready for another assignment). Not to mention that I need to make sure I recert my ALS and BLS soon too so that I don’t expire while I travel in the summer/fall. I also finally finished up my resume for grad school and now I just have to mail that in and make sure the doctor and midlevel I asked to write my recommendations actually get them done. Fingers crossed they do them in time. Deadline is fast approaching.

I’m really in the mood to make a breakfast quiche with a hash brown crust, cheddar cheese, eggs, spinach, mushrooms, and bacon. Like, really really want to make it. Actually, I don’t want to make it- I just want to eat it. I have no idea how exactly to cook that so I’d need to Pinterest some baking times, but because we won’t be home this weekend and have a ton of food to eat over the next few days, I’ll hold off until Monday. But doesn’t that sound delicious? I’ve really come to love me some quiche in my old age. And I think Jon would really love some quiche too. I’m amazed at what a Betty Crocker I’ve become over these last few years (at least in comparison to my former, pre-Paleo life).

I guess I should be off to start having a productive day. It has just been so dreary lately and I’d really rather cuddle up on the couch with my cats and read a book or watch some trash TV. I could have stayed in Portland for all this dreary weather we’re having. People really underestimate the lack of sunny days we have in Georgia.

Life These Days: Gym, Sushi, Hangouts, Work, Volunteering, & Cooking

I’ve definitely been enjoying my time away from the computer lately! It’s been so busy being at home and when I’m not busy, I’m enjoying my own bed and my cats. As much as I love traveling, I’m really just loving being at home. It’s hard to imagine leaving here for months on end again. So here’s what I’ve been up to! I ended up working a bunch last week, which I suppose I should be really excited about since I’m getting paid better than I was expecting, but still- a break would be more welcome!

I also volunteered at the clinic that I mentioned in my last post on Tuesday night! Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. My role was super easy- I flowed patients from the different areas and then gave them their meds before they left the clinic. The clinic is a “free” ($20 donations suggested by patients, but apparently is rare) clinic for residents of certain areas in the county and they only take care of certain things (hypertension, diabetes treatment with oral meds, hypothyroidism…), but it was good! People were so grateful for the care and most of the people there have been working the clinic for awhile and the time really did go by fast! I plan on volunteering every Tuesday until I leave, and hopefully even when I get home from my final travels!

Last week, I finally broke out my Toasted Marshmallow coffee that I’ve been saving up! I think that light roasts just aren’t my favorite anymore! The flavor was good, but it’s just not bold enough for me. I prefer a little more oomph to my coffee. I’ll still be finishing the bag, but I’m looking forward to a darker roast next time. (Note my Death Valley cup!)


Although I got to cook while I was traveling, I missed my own kitchen! I missed my food processor and my own pots and pans and all my spices. I would buy things I knew I’d use in a shorter amount of time, but at home, I can buy whatever I want! So I had a day of cooking for work and making my main man some dinner in my kitchen!


The outcome of all that hard work:


I had what felt like a really long day at work on Friday! I loved my assignment, but we had a ton of back to back traumas with a bunch of ambulances coming in as well, so we got slammed. And the person who was flowing our department is not my favorite and always makes for a long day! So… By the time I left work, I was starving and in need of a break! Sushi it was! I haven’t had sushi since I stopped at a Hy-Vee on my way to Colorado the first week in October! Love me some sushi!


On Saturday, Jon and I went to the gym together. My hip has me even more limited these days and it was crowded as all get out with all these New Years Resolutioners, so we kept it to a fairly quick trip. We headed over to look at some shoes for work and then ended up meeting up with Crista and Billy for the evening! We had planned on ice skating but none of us were really feeling it, and since I have a cold, we decided against it! Instead we all just chilled inside and took down Christmas decorations!


Today I stayed in bed till 11:30 watching my cats sleep and then ran a ton of errands! I had a good hour at the gym, although my leg workouts have been pretty much non weight bearing and that’s a bummer! But I’m back to walking inclines on the treadmill and I maintain my heart rate around 180 during the inclines, so I’m happy with it. It’s definitely more tiring than just running is for me right now since I still can’t run that fast comfortably with my hip. Tonight, I think I managed to finish up my resume, so I’ll be sending that out to grad school since all my application stuff is due by Feb 1st! I meant to work on taxes today, but oops, I forgot. Instead, I enjoyed this face and am now about to head to bed!


Happenings of Home Life

We are FINALLY getting some beautiful weather in Georgia! A cold spell is on its way in, but I don’t even care! As long as it’s sunny, I’m happy!

Yesterday morning I lazed around and stayed in bed reading until 11:30! It felt so good. With all the traveling and working I’ve done in the last month, I really haven’t spent a ton of time relaxing (other than nightly Netflix documentaries with Jon). I really enjoyed just staying in my warm bed with my cats snoring next to me!

I ended up getting called into work as soon as I got up though, which was a bummer. I had planned on it happening but was still less than excited to get the call from my supervisor! So I headed into work for a few short hours and then as soon as I left work, I found out Jon was off early!

We decided to go try to enjoy the last bit of daylight and get in a Stone Mountain hike!


I love the skyline from the top of Stone Mountain! And it was beautiful with the sun setting too! The skyline looks so small and far away in the picture, but it really is much bigger looking in person! My iPhone couldn’t capture Mt Hood either. Shame.

We ended up heading out to a new Whole Foods that I’ve heard good reviews about and had a quick dinner there. Then we hung out on the couch for the rest of the evening with the fireplace going! I can’t tell you all enough how much I love being home and relaxing on the couch with my husband and cats on a nightly basis!

Jon was off work today and I had my “intro” gym session since I just rejoined at LA Fitness, so we both headed out around 9am. I’m really trying to get him to be more active and thanks to all our Netflix documentaries about the food in the US, he’s on a much healthier eating kick too! (Side note: We have found that Costco actually has quite a bit of organic food for much cheaper, along with coconut oil and maple syrup for super cheap and it’s the good kind! Been cutting way down on our Whole Foods bill- although I still buy my meat from Whole Foods.)

My gym session was nice. I was surprised that I could still do 33 pushups in a row, especially after not working out for a full month. We did a lot of TRX type squats which took the weight off my hip and I could actually do! Unfortunately, you have to do the personal training there to be able to use the TRX stuff, but now I’m considering looking into TRX classes (I know it’s not cheap, but since I can’t do CrossFit right now, maybe it’s a good alternative). After being back in the gym finally, I see a huge regression in the healing of my hip after that road trip so that was a huge let down. I’m actually thinking I may need to go to rehab for it, but I’m obviously going to wait till I have a diagnosis from an MRI- which should hopefully happen in the beginning of February.

Jon and I decided to enjoy the beautiful day after the gym! We headed down to the Beltline  (a 10 mile paved trail) in Midtown and went for a walk and then headed out to get some coffee! Now we’re home and I’m about to shower and get ready.



I’m volunteering tonight (one of the nurse practitioners at work told me I have to before grad school- she also does interviews for programs at Georgia State and is writing my recommendation letter- so I’ll do what she says) at a health clinic. I am less than excited about it and have no clue what my role will be there. Hopefully something simple like handing out clipboards and checking vital signs! It should last from about 5:30-8:30 and then I imagine I’ll be watching another documentary with Jon tonight or reading a book by the fire!

Have a great day, everybody!

Happy 2015!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’ve been a little absent in the last few weeks! Life has been a little hectic! Aside from working pretty much every day (sometimes just 4 hours in the middle of the day, sometimes 8, sometimes 10, sometimes 12), I’ve just been spending a lot of time with Jon! I made it home in time to celebrate the beginning of 2015 with him after a few short hours at work on Wednesday night!


I would reflect upon the past year as a married couple, but since our one year anniversary is right around the corner, I’ll hold off!

Aside from working, I have watched a few Netflix documentaries with Jon, had our annual high school Christmas reunion with friends, and just had brunch today with Gina and Kassie! I can’t even begin to tell you all how nice it is to be home with friends again! There’s just nothing like spending time with people you’ve been friends with for 15 years (Gina and Kass)! Our annual high school reunion was actually spent with people I didn’t spend a ton of time with in high school, but I sort of joined in later on the 2011 reunion of friends who all did actually hang out in high school, and now it’s one of the things I look forward to the most about the holidays! I’m pretty sure I laughed for a solid 3 hours with those guys.

I joined LA Fitness again but haven’t gone in for a workout! I did it between running errands the other day and after working from 3p-3a last night and then waking up for brunch, I don’t feel like making today my first day back in a month (I’m also about to leave the house again to go run some more errands before dinner with Laura)! So next week it’ll begin again! I’m definitely back off the gym train! I really did try with Jon to get him to stop so that I could do some working out while we were in the road, but he wasn’t having it! Since we stay in cheap hotels too, and most of our days were packing and nights were spent in some isolated areas, there really wasn’t much opportunity anyway! I think I’ll get back into it pretty quickly though and I’m really hoping to make it back to CrossFit sometime soon if this hip will just get it together!

As for any goals this year, I really don’t have any. Obviously I want to stick with eating healthy and going to the gym, but I don’t feel like that’s a resolution anymore. I have no fitness goals other than just to live in a way that makes me feel healthy. I think this year will bring about changes for Jon and me, so I’ll just be taking the year as it comes!