4th of July Weekend

It’s been awhile since I’ve been back! I mostly hung out last week at my parent’s house with Jackson. Nothing super exciting. Jackson seems miserable right now and this is the FIRST day he has refused a nap in months and months. I got back in town yesterday and went to the chiropractor, where Jon was handing Jackson off to me after just picking him up from our sitter. He seemed hot and cried the entire time I was there (thankfully they’re quick), and then he fussed all evening and barely ate. The crying has been pretty nonstop this morning, but after I finally got him to eat around 10:30, he seemed to cheer up a little bit. We have a follow up appointment with our pediatrician at 3pm today, so I’m hoping we get an idea of what’s going on. He seems to have a generalized rash that popped up today too. Or maybe his teeth are just bothering him, since his canines are finally popping out of the skin.

Anyway, Jon got to Atlanta on Friday night around 9pm. I was already laying in bed and watching TV, so he hung out for a bit and we went to bed around 10.

I worked Saturday morning from 7-11am and was so glad when I left! I had a really difficult patient that drove me up a dang wall. And right when I left, things really turned into a disaster.

Jon and I went to see Eleanor after that and we ended up hanging out at Kassie’s for awhile. We left there to go drop Jackson off at my parent’s house and I showered before heading downtown to meet up with Crista and Billy.

It’s been so long since I’ve seen Crista, so it was so good to hang out! We met up at Smoke Ring since it was downtown near this event Crista and Billy were doing during the day. We enjoyed some good barbecue and then Crista and I went to Kilwin’s about 20 minutes away. So we got in a little bit of girl time. We hung out for a bit at the bar after we got back to Smoke Ring and then went over to Crista and Billy’s house. I was so tired, but they had gotten Jon a squished penny while they were on their honeymoon and he wanted to get it. I’m totally a party pooper and wanted to go home and sleep the whole time, hah. But I had slept terribly the night before (we went to bed at 10, but it took me forever to fall asleep) and was up at 5am to go to work, so grandma here just gets tired at 9pm.

Sunday morning we hung out at home. I was going to a birthday brunch up at a winery for my coworker, Stephanie. It was such a beautiful day out! I hung out and drank coffee with my family in the morning and then showered and got on the road.

The winery is right near the college I went to and I haven’t been out that way in forever. I hadn’t driven those roads in years (I usually go a different way when I go through that town). The roads I took were the ones my ex used to live off of way back in the day, so it was a total throwback! Crazy to think about how life has changed in the last 10 years, but I’m so glad it has! I was such a mess back then!

The winery was good! The service was slow but I was fine with it since I had already had breakfast. I got a chicken dish and the chicken was phenomenal! The rest of the plate was decent, but man, that was some good chicken! My coworkers all left early so I stayed and hung out with Stephanie and her friends. I ended up going back to Stephanie’s house to drop some stuff off and I met her new little boy (well, he’s 5 months now).

That night, Jon and I went to the Avalon (an outdoor shopping area) and walked around. We decided to go to Cafe Intermezzo for some dessert. I actually ended up getting a duck crepe, but it wasn’t great. Of course, duck isn’t actually my favorite because it’s too gamey, but the rest wasn’t what I was picturing. We didn’t get back until past 10 that tonight.

Monday morning, Jon went somewhere (not sure where- I don’t remember), so I cleaned out my foot lockers that I had in my mom and dad’s garage. I had two packed full of Army uniforms! I thought I got rid of everything (except a few things from Iraq). I also found all of my old journals and letters from friends and ex-boyfriends in one of my foot lockers. I brought them all back with me, so I’m so curious to go through them and see what they say. I found my scrapbooks that I had made Andrew way back in the day. It’s kind of fun to go through that stuff! I’ve thrown away a lot of stuff throughout all of our moves, but I think I’ll probably keep that stuff!

In the afternoon, my parents said they’d watch Jackson, so Jon and I went out to get sushi. It was a nice little lunch date! We were supposed to go meet up with Lizzie and some of my coworkers and their kids in the afternoon, so we didn’t really plan anything, but then Lizzie had car problems and cancelled. We decided to go to Barnes & Noble to let Jackson play, but that Barnes & Noble didn’t have a very good play area. We still let Jackson run around for a bit and he carried a stuffed dog around the whole store, but we didn’t stay long.

We got back in time to have dinner with my parents and then we put Jackson to bed and I had to pack up everything for Jon and Jackson to head back on Tuesday.

I worked on Tuesday from 7a-7p and Jon and Jackson came back to Charleston. I went to bed early that night and since I didn’t get called in to work on Wednesday, I got to sleep in! It was wonderful! I had thought about getting up to go to CrossFit but decided to enjoy sleeping in for once. Glad I did! I ran my pants over to the alteration place and then headed back to Charleston!

I got here last night and I’ve been dealing with my McFussyPants since I got home. Jon and I did start looking at Eurotrip 2017 (number 2). We plan to fly into Prague and out of Budapest, so we’re figuring out the road trip. We need to book tickets too, but I can’t wait! WOOHOO!

I did go to the gym this morning and got in a 30 minute workout. I thought about skipping it because by the time we got out the door, it was almost 10am! But I decided to go, even if it had to be short. I actually had a really good, sweaty workout and got a good leg day in (my favorite! I don’t get all the leg day hate), but Jackson cried the entire time I was working out. Thankfully those gym daycare ladies are the best!

I better go wash our dishes from lunch and get Jackson up. He’s still been talking in his crib this entire time, so no nap. Ugh. I just scheduled a massage for 4:30 today, so that’ll be nice! I need to run to Publix too and get a few things, or maybe I’ll just run out to Whole Foods after bed. I had planned on going to Publix this morning, but our morning just didn’t go as planned.

Alrighty, time to go get stuff done. (I also think Jackson finally fell asleep, OF COURSE!)


8 thoughts on “4th of July Weekend

  1. I’m glad you had a good 4th even if it was low key- at least you got to see friends and family and be together (that’s the really important part of holidays). That’s crazy about finding the old Army stuff… I remember reading about Andrew and that was so long ago! But if it’s a scrapbook, I wouldn’t blame you to want to keep it.

    I thought of you when I was in Whole Foods after my run today. They have mochi ice cream now!

    • I don’t ever buy ice cream! Even though I love it, I usually only get it if I’m out! We probably just missed each other over there! I still feel like the Andrew years were so recent but we broke up over TEN years ago! Where has the time gone?!

      • These are like, single-serve mochi so you can buy just one. It’s not cheap though and I’m like you, I’d rather go out. We have some ice cream in the freezer now but I haven’t eaten it, I’m just not in the mood!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, spending time with you friends and family! I hope Jackson feels better, I guess its just his teeth bothering him!! So strange I had a bit of a throwback with regards to my ex boyfriend this week too, Kevin and I went to view a house and it turned out the neighbours were my ex and his wife!!

    • Woah- that’s really strange that your ex and his wife were the neighbors! Don’t buy a house! Take vacations, haha 🙂

      • Right? So glad we realised before thinking about putting an offer in! Hahaha I’m trying, the South of France is calling my name right now 😩🌍

      • Take me with you! I really want to do the Alsace region, but I’d do the south of France, haha.

  3. It sounds like his new teeth are irritating him. Hopefully that’ll pass soon!

    I have a habit of throwing old things out, especially from old relationships, so I don’t have keepsakes and deleted all photos. Kind of wish I had more memories that I kept!

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