Healthy Living Survey

Hello! I’m going to leave you all with a random survey I found! Happy Halloween to everybody! Hope it’s a great weekend for you guys!

1. What did you eat for breakfast?

I actually had one of my Traderspoint Creamery yogurts with Udi’s vanilla granola before the gym (at 8am), and then around 1:30 I finally ate my real breakfast of an Einstein’s bagel sandwich with egg, cheese, and bacon. This is not normal for me, by the way, and I always eat after the gym. However, with the nausea I’ve had from being pregnant lately, the thought of food after the gym seriously made me want to throw up. It wasn’t till 1:30 that I even thought I’d be able to tolerate food.

2. How much water do you drink each day?

Probably about 60-70 ounces. These last few days, I’m probably barely hitting 30 ounces and I know I need to up it for the baby. But it’s so hard when just drinking water makes me want to puke too. I’m really trying to get at least 60 ounces a day though, because they recommend half your weight in ounces of water per day, and I’m now about 112lbs. I really try to make sure I’m peeing light yellow to clear for most of the day regardless of how much I drink, but it’s just not happening these last few days.

3. What is your current favorite workout?

Still CrossFit. Always CrossFit. While it has definitely gotten more challenging and I’m having to modify a lot more, which is frustrating and makes me feel like a pain, I really still love it. I feel like I get the most work done in the shortest amount of time, and it consistently leaves me like I’m getting stronger and more in shape every time I go. I can’t say that for every workout at other places!

4. How many calories do you eat each day?

Not a clue. I could eat 1,000 or maybe I eat 3,000. (I feel like I probably don’t eat 3,000 calories a day, but maybe occasionally?). I focus on eating healthy foods throughout the day and I don’t even care how many calories are in an apple or in broccoli. Or in chicken. I also ate an Einstein’s breakfast sandwich today and don’t know how many calories are in that, nor do I care.

5. What are your favorite healthy snacks?

I’ve been loving yogurt and granola as a snack lately, but I don’t think that’s really all that healthy. I also love dates and cream cheese, toasted. And pears. I just want to eat pears and apples like it’s my job. Caramelized bananas. So basically, any fruit.

6. What do you usually eat for lunch?

Depends.On most days off, I don’t eat a real lunch. I eat a big breakfast around noon after the gym and then eat dinner later on. If I work, I try to eat one meat/fish, two veggies, and two fruits while at work. And I typically have some yogurt at work too. Lately, I’ve been adding in organic fig bars too, because I was so much hungrier. (These last few works days, I’ve barely had anything to eat. Thanks to nausea, not because I don’t want to eat.)

7. What is your favorite body part to train?

All of them. Seriously. I love arms just as much as legs. I don’t prefer to just do an ab workout, but I still like working on them too.

8. What is your least favorite body part to train?

See above.

9. What are your “bad” food cravings?

Used to be ice cream, which oddly enough, I never want now that I’m pregnant. And I’ve been an ice cream girl for years. I also like donuts a ton, but same goes with those- I don’t really want them right now. Lately, I want breakfast sandwiches. I really try not to eat bread because it makes me feel terrible, but I’m just loving bacon, egg, and cheese on croissants or bagels or anything. Or quiche. I want all the quiche.

10. Do you take vitamins or supplements?

Prenatal vitamins. I actually took them for a few months before getting pregnant too and will probably continue to take them after this pregnancy.

11. How often do you eat out?

Maybe once or twice a week? Not a ton, but more than we used to.

12. Do you eat fast food?

Not really. I occasionally get Chik-Fil-A, but typically only if we go down to Florida. Or subs or something. But I don’t do McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, or those places. Fast food grosses me out. Even Chik-Fil-A does, but not as much.

13. Who is your biggest supporter?

Myself. I mean, Jon is supportive, but he doesn’t really care if I work out ever. He knows it’s important to me, but since I don’t do anything competitively, it’s not like he comes to the gym with me or tells me he’s proud of me for working out. I’m supportive of myself because it’s my life.

15. How many hours of sleep do you get each night?

Depends. I go to bed around 11pm or 12pm on days off and usually get up at 9am. On work nights, I go to sleep at 11pm and wake up at 5:05am. If I work two days in a row, I usually go to bed by 10 or 10:30. So, it varies between 6-10 hours. I prefer a solid 9 hours of sleep.

16. Do you have a cheat day?

No. Lately I’ve been having foods I wouldn’t normally eat every day. If I eat like that for a whole day (which happens while traveling sometimes), I feel awful. It’s not fun.

17. Do you drink alcohol?

Well, I’m pregnant, so no. But even not pregnant, I drank maybe 4-6 times a year. And I’d maybe actually get drunk (like, go all out with friends) 1-2 times a year. Alcohol makes me feel awful too, so it’s not really worth it to me.

18. Do you have a workout buddy?

Nope. I sometimes go to ClassPass classes with Laura, but I work out by myself in a class setting usually, or I go to LA Fitness if I just feel like doing my own thing. I wouldn’t mind having somebody with me at LA Fitness, but honestly, I’m pretty set in the things I do if I actually go there by myself. I don’t know that I’d really want to work around somebody else.

19. What’s the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to a healthy lifestyle?

I feel better. It has been 7 years now since I started working out (in 2008, while I was in Iraq) and 4 years ago I tried strict Paleo for the first time. While I’ve still had some emotional ups and downs, my depression has been nothing like it was before I started working out, and I feel completely in tune with my own body and the foods I give it and the exercise I do.

20. What is the last healthy thing you did?

I went to Cardio Muscle Mix this morning. It’s one of my other favorite gym classes to take, but I always sweat a ton and am dead by the end of the hour. It’s totally different than CrossFit but I still love it.


21 Weeks Pregnant and Not Loving It

Happy Friday! It’s in the 50s and sunny today and is such a beautiful day! Unfortunately, I think tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy, but I’m going to try and get some outside time in today.

I had to work yesterday at my ER job and was kind of irritated all day long. Nobody told me they switched the board, so at 3pm, I went from our children’s ER to the adult ER. I hadn’t planned on that, and since I was feeling sick all day yesterday, I had postponed my lunch and was going to take it around 3pm (easy to do on the children’s side). At 2:55, one of the other nurses informed me that I wasn’t on the board in the children’s side anymore at 3pm. Come to find out, they moved me and I didn’t know, so I never took a real lunch yesterday. Then they gave me a c-diff patient (it’s a bacteria that’s in the gut and causes diarrhea) that had come to the ER after positively testing for it. For some reason, they acted like she had to be brought back immediately, even though the girl surely had been out in the general public for awhile with the infection while she was waiting for three stool cultures to come back positive by her regular doctor. While the bacteria isn’t potentially harmful to the baby, I worry more about the antibiotics it takes to treat it (they’re all Class C) and you know, why risk it if I don’t have to?! She could wait another few minutes for another room. Luckily, the nurse next to me was willing to switch, although I did call to speak to our flow coordinator about it. My very next patient was a woman who came directly from chemo! I mean, come on! Oncology nurses still care for chemo patients while they’re pregnant, but in general, nurses in other departments tend not to care for them if we don’t have to. Chemo kills off healthy, multiplying cells, which is exactly what a baby is. Again, why risk it if I don’t have to? The woman easily could have waited for the next room. I ended up being tied up with a critical patient for over two hours though, so I never even stepped foot into the woman’s room. I’m not somebody who is ever concerned about contracting any sort of illnesses at work. During that whole Ebola thing, I never thought twice about it. I take care of people in the ER who are undiagnosed for communicable infections all the time (HIV, tuberculosis, whatever) and am fine with it. But with being pregnant, I just feel like there is no reason to risk an unborn baby for patients when our department has (literally) 17-18 other available nurses to care for them. I’m really against having to take medications while pregnant unless absolutely necessary, but if you can do things to avoid taking Class C medications, why not take those precautions?

Also, I took out one of my new teas to drink it yesterday and noticed that the package said to speak with your doctor before drinking it if you’re pregnant. I had never even considered that, but when I looked it up, I found that there are a few herbs you shouldn’t consume via teas while pregnant because they’re more concentrated. Who knew?! Then I was paranoid about the tea I’ve been drinking, but I looked them up at work yesterday and the ingredients listed are nothing to be concerned about. However, some sites still said to avoid tea while pregnant in general. Ugh. Who even thinks about all of this?! No deli meat. Limit your fish intake. Don’t even drink tea. WTF. (I’m still going to drink my other teas- they’re non-herbal- I’ll just stay away from the herbal teas.)

Since this whole post is all about pregnancy, I’ll just stick with the theme. I’m still nauseous pretty much all the time now. Still in a different way than morning sickness where I felt super nauseous all the time and had major food aversions. But now, I just feel like I’m going to actually throw up a lot. I had to stop working out this morning after about 18 minutes (luckily the workout was 20 minutes long) because I thought I was going to throw up. Every time I eat a meal, it makes me feel awful. I’ve been having to eat small things more frequently to avoid feeling completely awful, but even then it doesn’t help much. Yesterday I went to eat a snack cause I was hungry, but as soon as I got my lunch box out of the fridge, my mouth started watering like I was going to throw up. I don’t want to drink as much because I feel like it just sits in my stomach. I only peed four times at work yesterday and I’ve been going at least 10 times a day easily at work, and if I drink more, probably over 20 times (I go multiple times an hour a lot of days). So I know my hydration is lacking which isn’t good in pregnancy either. I don’t have heartburn thankfully (common in pregnancy), but I just feel disgusting 24/7 and like I want to throw up multiple times a day. I’m having to sleep with my head elevated again because of it (and that hurts my back and my shoulders hurt if I sleep on my sides but I’m not supposed to sleep on my back but I do anyway, and I wake up every morning with lower abdominal discomfort and I’m just getting tired of mornings in general because I always feel miserable).

Also, I think I have internal hemorrhoids now. Also common in pregnancy and since I just try to keep it real with all of you, I’m just throwing that out there. Today was the first day I noticed a lot of discomfort and a fair amount of blood when I went to the bathroom. I’m just hoping it doesn’t get worse.

Despite all of these pregnancy annoyances, I’m still really liking being pregnant overall. Even though I feel disgusting all the time, I am so glad I don’t have that terrible 24/7 nausea like morning sickness was. Even though I’m mildly uncomfortable in the mornings, I still sleep fine for most of the night. Even if my workouts suck, I can still modify them. And even if I have hemorrhoids, at least I’m not constipated anymore like I was at the beginning of pregnancy. It’s still fun feeling Jackson in there kicking me all day long and I like watching my belly get bigger and bigger. It’s even starting (but just barely) to get more exciting to think about actually having a real baby in 18 more weeks and not just a belly baby.

To end this long, boring (sorry to those who have never been pregnant, these are not fun things to read about, I’m sure) post, I’ll post a picture of my belly now (well, on Wednesday).


21.5 weeks pregnant. I’ll be 22 weeks tomorrow.

Traderspoint Creamery, Orange Cats, and Workouts

Hey-o. Happy Wednesday. It’s another dreary day in Atlanta. Atlanta really has way too many rainy days, but I’ve actually been enjoying the rain this time around. Maybe because I need to get schoolwork done and it’s easier to sit inside on the computer for hours on end when it’s drizzling out. It was also in the 50s yesterday and I was really excited about it. I’m kind of excited about winter in general this year, despite the fact that winters are usually harder for me mood-wise.

Anyway, yesterday was a work day, as most Tuesdays and Thursdays are. (In case you all aren’t tracking my schedule, I pretty much only work on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and then 2-3 weekends per month.) I was at my new(er) job and was so happy to be over on the PCU side instead of tele. While I stayed busy, that side just seems to be a lot more calm and quiet. That’s my jam at work these days- calm and quiet!

I got home and caught up on some TV. I had planned on working on school stuff, but really, my brain was over thinking by the end of my day. So TV it was. Jon got home from a work trip last night so I hung out with him for a bit, but he didn’t get in till almost 10pm. He fell asleep early, so I read part of Moloka’i and then called it a night.

I got out of bed for a 10am Elite Edge workout this morning. Wednesdays are arms, thankfully, since my legs are beat from Mondays workout. I’m not really tired, but my body definitely is feeling drained again. I made it through the workout with a lot of breaks and then went grocery shopping, but by the time I got home, I was just beat. My body doesn’t even want to stand. Oh, being pregnant… I really look forward to having some energy back one day, but I doubt it’ll be with a newborn. I have a feeling adjusting to early morning workouts (I’ll probably try to go before Jon leaves for work most days) after staying up feeding a baby at night is going to be even more difficult.

Random side note: I always work out in my spandex Nike booty shorts, so a lot of times I hop into my car in those and then when I get to the store after the gym, I throw my pants on when I stand up outside of my car (I’m usually too hot to do it before I leave). The last two times I did that, old men have commented on how they thought I was taking my clothes off. Old men are creepy. Or maybe that’s just what I get for putting my clothes on outside of my car. Who knows.

I bought the most random stuff today, including three new types of tea. One of them was The Republic of Tea’s pumpkin spice tea, which I’m enjoying right now. I also bought a ton of fruit that I hope I can eat before it goes bad. And salami. Because I just so happen to love salami. Also, Whole Foods started selling Traderspoint Creamery yogurt (they sell a yogurt drink that I like too, but I don’t usually buy it) and I love it. I usually stick with Noosa, but I really want my dairy to be grassfed. I haven’t found any grassfed yogurts that I like though, until this one! The raspberry is so good! If you live in Indiana, they even have a restaurant. I’m so jealous. I wish Atlanta had such awesome grassfed farms. (We do have some up north, but not super close, and none that sell such awesome stuff.)

View More:

Traderspoint Creamery

Tonight I’m going to be meeting up with Crista for what I’m sure will be a fairly short dinner. I’m still glad to get to see her for a little while though! It’s been too long! Up until then, I’ll probably be trying to make a dent on my paper since I have so many assignments coming up that I need to get started on! And since Jon and I want to go on vacation in December, I have a ton of work days coming up in November.

Also, in case you guys want to know how hard Tom makes it to get work done:

Photo on 10-28-15 at 1.27 PM

He always wants to lay like this, purr loudly, and make happy paws all over my keyboard. I push him down and he comes back up and the process repeats about fifty times before I give up and just work around him.

orange cats

And there he was last night, demanding my attention while I tried to sit on the couch with my laptop in my lap. He wasn’t having it. He is one spoiled cat. (Also, his diet is clearly not working. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t lost a pound and all he does is stick his paws up into his automatic feeder trying to scoop food out of it all day long.)

Weekend Ramblings, Baby Ramblings, Workout Ramblings

Happy Monday! It doesn’t even feel like Monday! I guess cause I only worked Sunday this weekend, so my body is confused. Friday night, Jon and I decided to finally start out baby registry! We headed over to Babies R’ Us and started scanning away! It was kind of fun but also kind of stressful. We realized we needed to look up safety ratings for car seats and wanted to research the bigger items and also the body wash type stuff to make sure we’re using something chemical free. After coming home and reading, I think I feel like our baby is destined to just get cancer in the future because of all the chemicals in products in the US.

I had planned on working out Saturday morning, but when I woke up, I decided I wanted to finally get breakfast with Jon at Sun in my Belly instead! We showered and headed downtown to go eat, but ended up standing in line for 45 minutes. Oh well. It was worth it! We each ordered a full meal and split a full meal, so I was stuffed by the time we left!

Jon and I ran some errands and tried to find him sweaters at Nordstrom Rack, but I ended up finding a few t-shirts that are more maternity friendly. They’re just longer t-shirts, but at least they’ll cover my belly! We decided to head home afterwards and I crashed on the couch for 2 hours while Jon finished up his errands.

I finally drug myself off the couch at 4pm to go have dinner with my mom and dad for my mom’s birthday! My brother ended up coming too and I haven’t seen him in months. We went out for Mexican, which I enjoyed despite still being sort of full for breakfast. We were also celebrating Jon’s recent birthday (October 19) and my dad getting a new job! I was secretly (not secretly at all, actually) hoping my dad would retire (he is over retirement age) so he could watch Jackson when he’s born, but my dad loves to work too much. So, despite my free babysitter being gone, I’m still really glad my dad found a job since he’s happiest when he’s working! (I have no idea why that gene skipped me, but I would love it if I loved to work as much as my dad does.)

I laid down when we got home to read, and I’m assuming I just didn’t digest any food once I laid down. Around 10pm, right when I was going to go to sleep, I ended up getting really sick feeling. I only threw up once, but it was basically my entire dinner. I was worried that it was some sort of food poisoning at first because certain types of food poisoning can cross the placenta, so it always gets me so worried if I randomly get sick after eating! It really just reminds me how much I want a healthy baby and I’d be devastated if anything happened to Jackson at this point. (Thankfully, I’m getting close to 24 weeks, which is when the NICU can really work some miracles and that makes me feel a bit more reassured.) After I threw up though, I felt much better than I had and fell right to sleep.

I’ve still not been feeling great. I wonder if I just got to the point in pregnancy where my digestion has slowed down too much and I was still eating huge meals. I also tend to drink a ton with meals, and drinking with meals actually hinders digestion (other countries don’t really do drinks with meals like we do). So now I’m trying to eat smaller meals and not drink anything at all while I eat, in hopes of it helping. My appetite still took a huge turn from where it was just a few days ago though. I get hungry, but nothing sounds good and nothing seems to sit well right now. The joys of pregnancy.

Yesterday I worked all day. I had to work with the adults for the first four hours of my shift, and I had a really, really, really difficult drug seeking patient that really irritated me for the entire four hours. I got rid of him right before heading over to the children’s side, and let me tell you, I was so insanely happy to get back to my kids! Unfortunately, the children’s ER ended up being slammed all day long, while hardly any adults came in at all! I rocked an IV on a 7 year old (it was easy- he had a good vein), but I didn’t even get nervous before going in there. It’s little things like that that remind me of my progress as a peds nurse. I used to get so nervous about starting IVs in kids, and now it’s not as traumatizing (for me).

Last night I had to go let Andrew’s (Jon’s friend) dog out since he lives right by my work. Except I forgot. And drove all the way home before I remembered. So I spent almost 90 minutes in the car after working. I’ve never met Andrew’s dog and considering that I’ve been bit by three dogs (two of them were my friends and I knew the dogs, and one ran up to me while I was running and bit my leg), I get nervous around dogs that I don’t know. I went into his house and his dog was hiding from me, and then his dog started growling and barking. No way was I messing with that dog! Jon said she’s super sweet and she probably wouldn’t have done anything, but I wasn’t about to test that theory out.

My pregnancy hormones made me emotional about not being able to let his dog out, so I got a little teary on my way home and I was just feeling inadequate. And really, I am not sensitive at all about my fear of random dogs. I was never scared of them till I got older and was bit by the three dogs. Even after the second one, I wasn’t too fearful, but the third just made me have no interest in random dogs. Goes to show what pregnancy hormones will do to you though. (I should totally make a blog post of all the things I cry about now that I’m pregnant.)

This morning I went to work out and it was decent. I had worked out at CrossFit on Friday, but we had to run and with my first run, I got a ton of cramping in my belly again and had to walk. That night, Jon and I tried to go on a walk, but I started cramping up as soon as we started moving faster. (I had been at the table writing a paper all afternoon so hadn’t noticed earlier.) This morning, we were doing glute bridges and I got sharp pains in my belly. I’m assuming it’s just ligament or muscular pain since everything is stretched out and it’s superficial pain, but still, I just don’t do whatever makes it hurt. So my workouts have felt lame lately. Although, I did a good one this morning regardless. My workout tops are all getting too tight and I had to take my shirt off this morning because it was so annoying stuck to my belly once I started sweating. I really don’t want to invest in maternity workout clothes, so maybe I’ll just start going topless again. Let this baby hang out.

Mmmkay, I just finished breakfast and my cup of tea, so time to get started on my paper. Ugh. I’m so over grad school. Five more semesters to go after this one. (That was depressing.) I’m heading over to my parent’s house tonight most likely to spend the night, but I’m not positive yet. I have to work tomorrow and am dreading it for some reason. I just dread going into my PCU/tele job now. I think cause the mornings are such a hassle with getting report and giving the morning meds, but then the afternoons are usually decent. The mornings just make me dread it though.

Friday Favorites

I don’t ever do Friday Favorites because I’m really just not cool enough to keep up with blogging fads. But today I feel like I actually have some favorites that I should share. Not because you can buy them. They’re experiences. But just because I have a lot of favorites, okay?!

Coffee Shops:

I’ve really been enjoying exploring newer coffee shops in Atlanta lately! I went to Amelie’s French Bakery and loved sitting there drinking my coffee (even if I couldn’t get my Wifi to work so I wasn’t able to get my schoolwork done). I really like sitting outside and enjoying coffee too. Unfortunately, I tend to have my free time in the afternoons and the coffee shops I want to try are scattered all over Atlanta, so I haven’t been going as much as I’d like due to rush hour.


Fall Weather:

My days off have been beautiful this week! This is the hardest time of the year to get schoolwork done because I’d much rather be galavanting around the great outdoors, but alas, most of my time is spent inside at the table. I have had the windows open nonstop lately though, so the cool weather is still making its way inside!


A Clean House:

finally cleaned my entire house on Tuesday! Top to bottom! The only room left to tackle is our guest bedroom/future baby room, but we’ll get to that! I have been cleaning up every night to make sure the clean house doesn’t escape me, which is what has been happening lately. One night of being lazy turns into not picking anything up for days. So for now, the house is still spotless.

Old Photos:

I just logged back into Facebook after quite some time off of it. While I really haven’t been on much, I still scrolled through some old photos and even went through some more Europe photos to upload finally. I came across this one below of my old powerlifting coach on the left and one of my gym buddies on the right. This was definitely during some of the fun times in my single time (the whole year of 2012, Jon and I were broken up). I really got to kind of find myself as an adult and seeing all of those photos brought back so many good memories!


Morning Tea:

Instead of coffee, I’ve been drinking tea lately. I decided it’s probably better for me than coffee so unless I go to a coffee shop, my daily cup of joe has become a daily cup of tea. Since I had gone a few months without my morning coffee too (after getting pregnant), it has been so nice to just sit and drink tea, or drink it in the car on cold mornings on my way to work.

My Cats:

My cats are definitely my buddies. I spend a lot of time at home by myself (which I love!), but I always have my constant companions close by! While Kitty usually hangs out on the porch or by a window, Tom is always right by me. (He’s actually pressed up against the back of my laptop right now.) I actually just found this photo in my media library on the blog, too. Tom always cuddles with me and comes and lays in my arms while I’m on the computer. They keep me entertained all day long and I really do look forward to seeing my cats every time I come home!

photo 1-7

Okay, time to go work on some grad school stuff! I’m off to CrossFit at noon and then I’ll be back to work on my paper some more this afternoon! I need to start making progress since the end of the semester is full of a bunch of different assignments and I’ve kind of lost my motivation! Woops!

Birthday Dinner at Capital Grille

Good morning from my couch, at 7:30am on my day off. I wake up every single day at 5:30 to pee, but some mornings it’s hard to fall back to sleep. I have a lot more discomfort when I’m sleeping than I used to and quite frankly, laying down in bed just isn’t what it used to be. So, might as well get up early and be productive.

I’m kidding about the productive part. I ate two oatmeal cookies, drank tea, and watched an episode of Guy’s Grocery Games while trying to get one of the cats to cuddle with me. For the record, the cats are not interested in me this morning.

Yesterday was a total productivity fail. My house? Still a mess. However, my microwave and fridge?! Spotless! After cleaning the kitchen (so I did at least get the kitchen done), I randomly got the urge to clean out my fridge. I probably take everything out twice a year and clean out the drawers and get rid of expired condiments, so it was time. And my fridge just looks so good. And my microwave too. So, even though the rest of the house that actually matters is a disaster, the fridge is clean. I’ll get to the rest of the house today though. I hope. I have a lot of plans at the beginning of my days lately and usually end up sitting on the couch instead, but whatever.

Jon and I went to our very expensive fancy birthday date night dinner last night! I decided to actually get all fancied up for him, which is really rare. For some reason, I’ll get fancy(ish) to go hang out with friends occasionally, but then I throw on jeans and a t-shirt to go anywhere with Jon. #marriedlife I successfully curled my hair with my wand last night. I’m definitely getting better, even if it’s taking a long time. Then again, I curl my hair like, once every 4-6 months. Ain’t nobody got time for that. And I really suck at using curling irons, which I think are way faster than wands. But I just can’t get the hang of them.


I’m clearly rambling unnecessarily here. I should not type blog posts when I’m tired at 7:30am.


I don’t know why Jon didn’t tell me to fix my hairs sticking up all over the place before taking this. This was also right after curling my hair, so the curls hadn’t relaxed yet. Also, this dress was definitely not a maternity dress and got way shorter when I was walking around. Totally bunched up all around this baby.

So, anyway, we went to Capital Grille in Buckhead. Jon went there with a client before and loved his steak and I told him to pick where he wanted to eat. Definitely the nicest place I’ve ever dined before. But it was kind of awesome. I mean, every time I stood up (which was just twice- once to pee and once to leave), a guy magically appeared to pull out my chair! And my biggest pet peeve of not getting refills? After every sip I took, the same guy appeared to refill my water! Like, how does he know that I just drank some water?! If only we were rich, we would experience this more often. (Jon did point out that if we don’t go to Paris in December, we could eat at Capital Grille every week until the end of the year. Thanks. Not happening.)

Anyway, we ate our bread and then I had a butternut squash bisque that was delicious. I think any squash soup is fantastic. I decided to go with salmon for dinner since I tend to be really picky with steaks and I also like them pretty pink on the inside, which is not recommended in pregnancy. So, I’m just staying away from steak until I can have a nice, pink center safely. The salmon was good, but I think I’m just not feeling salmon lately. Last time I ate it (which was months ago), I got sick and threw up all night long. And the last time we bought cod, we didn’t cook it for 3 days and it was insanely fishy and I no longer ever want anything but canned tuna (coming from a girl who loved fish before- maybe it’s the baby/bad recent experiences combo). So, the fish was good, but it was a larger portion and I was kind of over it. Also, apparently the meat is really the main dish at those places, cause nothing came out at all with Jon’s steak and mine had a few green beans. I get tired of eating the same thing after a few bites and like to switch it up, so I would have loved some sides. Maybe sides aren’t a fine dining thing though. For dessert, we both got creme brûlée and it was heavenly! I love a good creme brûlée! I also asked for a birthday candle in Jon’s since it’s his birthday, and because of that, they gave us dessert to take home for free (they apparently do dessert on the house for birthdays, but we didn’t know that).


So, after getting home, I dug into the cheesecake that they provided. OMG. OMG. Guys. I love cheesecake. Like, love cheesecake. If I had to pick a favorite dessert, it’d be cheesecake. But I like good cheesecake. And I only like plain cheesecake because why would you ever ruin something so delicious by adding to it?! This cheesecake was like the best thing I have ever tasted. First of all, it was so soft and creamy. Second of all (secondly? second?), it had a brûlée topping. It was mind blowing. I think I’m going to go to Capital Grille and order like, 10 cheesecakes at a time. (I’m totally kidding- that would be $100 worth of cheesecake and that thing was way too small. It was not actually an entire pan size of cheesecake, as it could appear in that picture. Dissappointing.)


This picture is not my picture. It’s from the Capital Grille website. But just check out that perfection.

We hung out for a bit at once we got home, and then Jon asked me when I was going to bed. Apparently he wanted to hang out without me for awhile. He always sleeps on the couch cause he hates our bed, so I guess he just wanted to stretch out. So much for loving his wife. (I kid. He loves me.) I passed out and slept great till 5:30 this morning!


Fun fact: This picture and the 20 week picture of me are taken in front of walls that are the exact same color. We have really great lighting in our house.

Okay, well, I suppose I should go watch one more episode of Guy’s Grocery Games and then hopefully, I’ll be able to motivate myself to a) drag my ass to the gym or b) drag my ass to anywhere in my house to start cleaning. What will really happen is probably more along the lines of napping on the couch and not getting up till close to noon. I really need to work on grad school stuff today too, plus tonight is a clinic night so I have to head out around 4:30ish for that. I kind of hate having my Tuesday nights off taken up by sitting in traffic and then volunteering, but at the same time, I love the volunteering part and love the clinic, so I deal with it.

Last side note: Jackson has been moving like crazy lately. And his movements are all the way up to my belly button now! He’s such a big boy! I still wish I could keep him in my belly forever. I have no desire to meet him at all yet. I love him moving around in my belly, but I just don’t want him to come out and be a real baby anytime soon. Like, for at least a few years. At the rate we’re going now, we’re going to be like the Jewish people and have to buy all our baby stuff after he’s born. We haven’t bought one thing yet for him. Oh well.

Lacking Energy (thanks baby), Wedding Dress Shopping, & Birthdays!

Happy Monday! It’s a beautiful day in Georgia and the fall weather has really set in! It was in the upper 30s yesterday morning when I left for work and I LOVE it! Thankfully, I’m off for the next 3 days, which is much needed! I need some time to be productive.

Speaking of, productivity is at an all time low around here. I have no energy. I just rolled out of bed at 11am, despite having a million things I’d like to do today. I just lay there and can’t even muster up the energy to get out of bed to start my day. Even on weekends that I’m off lately, Jon and I stay in bed until the very late morning and I used to want to get out of bed to enjoy my days off with him. When I come home from work, I can’t even bring myself to rinse out my dishes from the day, and instead they pile up on the counter. Clean laundry is all over our house, our floors haven’t been swept, the toilets have mold growing in them… Unloading the dishwasher seems like a huge feat, even though I typically would do it in the mornings before I left for work. I have a paper I need to begin working on. I’m not going to the gym as much anymore. Or I am, but my workouts suck.

On Friday, I told myself that if I just went to LA Fitness for 10 minutes (I had other things to do and none of my usual classes were up on ClassPass for some reason, so decided on an LA Fitness day) and did the elliptical, I’d get in the mood to work out. That’s always my trick. I just make myself go, start on some cardio to warm up, and I usually end up with a great workout! Last Monday and Wednesday, those workouts were over in 30 minutes, although I at least did something. Friday, my legs felt like 1,000lb pieces of lead and I seriously struggled through 8 minutes on the elliptical. I didn’t even make it to 10 minutes. And then I left the gym for the first time in my life (those few minutes of warming up always motivate me to work out!).

I think that was really an eye opener to just how exhausted I am. And with no reason, either. I’m not working nearly as much as I used to. I mean, I understand I’m pregnant, but everybody talks about that huge increase in energy in the second trimester! I feel like these last few weeks, I’m the most drained I’ve been in my entire life. And it’s not even that I want to sleep all the time; I just don’t want to move from the couch. I got off work on Thursday at 3pm and ditched my plans to go stay downtown at a hotel with Jon, and instead laid on the couch all night, only getting up to pee. (I was also really nauseous for some reason, so I didn’t have to get up for food.)

This feeling of being drained is getting old! I feel like this when I’m sick too, so I can only imagine if I get that tired when my body is using its energy to fight away a virus, that growing this baby is probably expending tons and tons of my energy. But I just want to be in the mood to go to the gym and be active! I want to enjoy this beautiful fall weather! I want to finish my papers before the last minute! And I want to stop looking at a disastrous house!

This wasn’t meant to just be me complaining, although I suppose that’s what I did!

Luckily, Friday night I did get to go have an evening out with Gina and Kassie for some wedding dress shopping! Gina’s mom also came and so did the other bridesmaid, Hannah. The shop was so swanky! I never went to look at a place like that because quite frankly, even the cheapest of those dresses are out of my price range! But it was so much fun having that fancy wedding dress shopping experience, and Gina even found her dress!


It has been so fun having my best friends get married! I really love that we have all been friends for the last 15 years (which makes me feel really old- I can’t believe my memories with them happened that long ago!) and we get to be there for each other’s weddings and babies and buying houses and new jobs. It really is amazing that I found such wonderful friends when I was so young and stupid (at 14), and that we really have all had completely nondramatic friendships. We’ve all always gotten along without any hiccups at all.


Not the best picture, but I can’t post the good ones I got on my camera since Gina is in the dress she found!

Other than that, last week I had tea with Laura one night at a local coffee shop. We sat outside and enjoyed the cooler weather. I haven’t been spending nearly as much time with Laura lately and I definitely miss seeing her. I’ve really just been kind of lazy on my evenings off work though, but I should probably get back in the habit of trying to at least do something in the evenings!

Anyway, I’m off to go start cleaning my house. My goal is to clean this place up today, and if I have time, I’ll go to the gym too. Jon and I are going to Capital Grille to celebrate his 32nd birthday tonight!


I just pulled up my Europe pictures to find this one and it reminds me that I really should at least do a brief trip update since we had an AWESOME trip! Also, look at that small belly on me! Little did I know that this was only a few days before I’d get pregnant!

Speaking of how lucky I am to have my friends, I’d say I’m pretty lucky to have this guy too. He drives me crazy sometimes, but I really can’t imagine my life without him. I sat down with him last night to have a serious chat about some issues we’ve been having lately, and it just reminded me how far we’ve come in being able to talk things through without getting upset with each other. It was also a great reminder at how supportive he is, and how much he really does try to make me happy. Recently, I had to bring up him spending so much time with Andrew (his best friend who just moved here), because I feel like he and I should be spending more time together before this baby is born and our life changes. He has done a fantastic job to be available when I’m off work (he has two free evenings each week and most weekends free while I work to do whatever he wants). Marriage is definitely not always exciting and it’s not always fun and it takes a ton of work, but I do love my husband and love the life we’ve created together. I picked a good one and can’t wait to celebrate with him tonight! He is, by far, the best part about my life (other than my immediate family- because I’d be lost without them, but I didn’t choose them and I chose Jon!).

This post was random and all over the place. I hope you all have a good day and maybe I’ll be back this week!

Cabin Weekend and Vacations!

OMG SO MUCH TO SAY! Well, first of all, new bump pictures (I know I swore I wouldn’t be one of those people to post pregnancy pictures all the time, but it’s way more fun having your belly grow than I thought it would be).


The one on the left was actually last week sometime (so 18 and some weeks), and the one on the right was this past Saturday (19 weeks). I think my belly just looks bigger in tighter shirts.

I finally made it to the coffee shop I had been wanting to try last week! It was a wonderful day out and I was so happy to just sit outside and attempt homework (it’s too hard for me to concentrate while sitting outside). I also ended up finally finding new glasses and sitting in a ton of traffic!

roswell provisions

This past weekend was a cabin weekend! I had plans of CrossFit on Friday morning but ended up not going so that we could get ready for the cabin. I felt a little lazy since I only went twice last week, but honestly, I’m not really feeling the gym lately. I have no idea why, but I just don’t feel like working out at all, and that’s just not normal for me! My body just feels tired every time I go to the gym, even though don’t feel tired.

We ended up stopping by the outlet mall and buying some maternity jeans for me (as shown on the right above)! Life saver jeans! They were originally $215 and I got them on sale for $105! Still insane for pants, but I figure I only need one or two pairs of maternity pants and I’m set for the winter. They’re a size 24 and the only maternity pants I’ve found like that (basically in petite maternity) are all expensive. But hey, I found some, and I thought it’d be nearly impossible to find pants for such a small frame.

We also stopped by Dahlonega for a lunch in the beautiful weather before making it to the cabin. I realized that we haven’t been to the cabin since before we went to Europe in June, and I don’t even remember our last trip there. We used to try and go regularly but life has just been so busy lately that we haven’t been able to. I’m trying to get in as much cabin time as I can, since I think my parents are going to be selling it soon as they head into retirement. It’ll definitely be a sad day when it goes, as the cabin has been our relaxing place for over 10 years now.

It was dreary up in Blairsville and I had a pounding headache, so I napped while Jon went and bought some more firewood. We ended up going out for some cajun-ish food (small towns never have great food) and I had fish and chips. After eating out for two meals in a row, I felt completely awful. I did, however, start a new fantastic book! I recommend it to anybody and I wasn’t really thinking I’d like it at all, but it’s called Honolulu by Alan Brennert. I haven’t read a book in a long time that I didn’t want to put down, but I finished that book in just over 24 hours!

Friday night was a rough night of sleep since I tried to sleep upstairs with the rain pounding on the roof (love that sound, but it keeps me awake) so I finally moved downstairs at 7am, read for a few hours, and then napped. So we had a late day, but it was wet and dreary again so we enjoyed it! We got some breakfast and coffee that morning and drove around exploring. We stopped at an olive oil place and bought some new olive oil that was delicious.

My friend Shelby just moved up to Blairsville, so Jon and I stopped there to visit for about an hour. Jon and I were both feeling lazy so we headed back to the cabin, built a fire, read some books, and ate leftovers for dinner.

Yesterday morning we woke up and went out to a southern place for breakfast. I was already feeling horrible so that food sure didn’t help! I wanted to throw up the whole way back to the cabin to pack up our stuff! It was finally sunny outside but we had to head home, unfortunately! At least we got to enjoy the views!

north georgia

We ran some errands on the way home and watched some Netflix documentaries last night while cuddling with Tom! I slept with the windows open last night and it was so cool and wonderful out!


I got up at 7am today and headed out to the gym. I had a terrible workout. Terrible. I was nauseous still from eating horribly all weekend long and I seriously felt like my legs were 1,000lbs on the elliptical for 10 minutes (at a level 1). I did a few squats, had a pathetic arm workout that made me want to pass out, and then stretched. All in 30 minutes. And that was enough for me.

I decided since I got my workout in early, I’d pick up 4 on call hours in the ER today for 1.5x pay (hey-o $$$$$). I also ended up picking up 8 hours of on call for Thursday from 7a-3p, so that’s a decent amount of money this week! (I work my PCU job tomorrow and this weekend.) My 4 hours today were crazy busy, but they’re over!

Now it’s a wonderful evening and Jon and I are going to make tacos tonight! Our fantastic news for the week is that Jon requested vacation in December this morning and it was already approved! So we have an entire week to go somewhere for a Babymoon and I’m thinking Paris! He even said he would go, despite him really not wanting to go to Europe in the cold weather (but Paris in December! ROMANTIC!) ! Woohoo! I just need to look at the cost and decide if it’s really responsible of us to go with so many expenses coming up- but I mean, this is our LAST trip overseas before we have a baby! I feel like we just need to go, despite how anxious I already am about having to fly over the ocean while pregnant (I always swear I’m going to get blood clots when I fly and it only increases with pregnancy) without any Ambien to help me with my flight anxiety! And how anxious I get over money, especially with unpaid maternity leave coming up so soon.

I want to go enjoy some weather now! Have a great night!

Pre-Baby Crisis, Gym Time, and Book Club

Well, I should be at a work class, but it was cancelled due to low enrollment! So here I am!

It was a good weekend at work (in the ER) for once! We were busy but I was with the kids the whole time and had all really cute little kids or polite teens! That almost never happens! I had so many yes ma’ams this weekend that I was shocked! Nice change though for sure. I went to bed super early both nights because growing a baby is tiring and I can’t get enough sleep.

I did have a chance to look at flights to Paris in December and they’re only 60,000 points! Unfortunately, we just spent all 120,000 points we had going to Amsterdam, but we could get one trip on SkyMiles so I’m incredibly tempted to book a trip to Paris in December! I don’t know if it would work with Jon’s new job, but I’m having a total pre-baby crisis and feel the need to go on just ONE MORE TRIP! I know that financially, it wouldn’t be the most responsible with the whole thousands of dollars going to grad school in December and a delivery in March, plus I don’t get paid for maternity leave… But, but, but, it could be our last trip 😦 I just need to go to Paris before Jackson is born! And Jon is dragging his feet on Europe in December anyway (most of my trips have been winter trips to Europe and I prefer them that way- way less crowded).

Friday and Monday were mostly spent working on a grad school paper. I’m already so over school. I think I have two more big papers to go after this one before the semester ends and it cannot come fast enough.

I did make it to the gym on Monday! I wasn’t really feeling it, but I went to Elite Edge for a leg workout (Mondays is always legs).  I always love their leg days, but I think my lower back pain is causing some weird butt and hip pain so the workout got pretty uncomfortable. Also, I was literally so hungry that I almost left the gym in the middle. I even ate beforehand too. I felt totally depleted of all energy being that I was that hungry. So I did not enjoy my workout, but at least I went.

Last night was Bookanalia (the book club that I just joined). I wanted to take some lady fingers from my all time favorite baklava shop (it’s really a bakery, but I only love the baklava and lady fingers). I stopped in and the woman there asked if I was pregnant! She has seen me before but it’s been awhile, so I guess I look pregnant now! Not just fat! She’s also Greek, so she may be more inclined to ask than an American, cause I feel like Americans know not to ask questionably pregnant women if they are actually pregnant.

18 weeks pregnant

I’ve gained about 10lbs from pre-pregnancy weight.

Gina ended up not going to book club and neither did one of the other girls, so it was just Kassie, Rachel, Jessica, and me. Two of us only read half the book (it wasn’t good- The Westing Game) so we really spent the whole time eating chili and talking about Rachel’s new house and babies and telling stories to each other. It was a fantastic evening! We sat on the porch with candles lit and I just loved every minute of it! I want a nice, big screened in porch so bad! I’m dying for a new house! Too bad we still can’t afford one (but we would probably be more on track had I not spent thousands of dollars on trips to Europe and want to do it again).

This morning I wanted to go to LA Fitness for a light workout since my back pain isn’t getting any better and I just waned some easy activity, but I thought I’d need to finish up my paper since I have an eye appointment in a little while and need to make it out to the clinic tonight to volunteer. Turns out, I could have worked out since my paper isn’t taking me long, but I didn’t know that ahead of time. I may try to sneak in some elliptical tonight after the clinic if I can. As long as I’m not starving, but it’s likely that I will be (I ate all day long yesterday).


I just finished up a nice brunch with these English muffins that I now love! I’m going to try some non-pumpkin ones for egg sandwiches, but I need almond flour first. (I’m using super old coconut flour and baking powder for the pumpkin ones, but hey, they work.) I added maple syrup and tons of cinnamon to these ones today and then topped them with butter and honey. Amazing. It’s a really nice alternative to bread since I’m really just craving bread products lately. I don’t get bloated with eating them! Ah, if only I still ate Paleo, I wouldn’t even remember what being bloated feels like. Also, I bought Chai tea (note my Seattle coffee cup- I’m also having serious travel nursing withdrawals right now and just want to go back to Portland!) at Whole Foods and have been drinking that instead of coffee. I figure the antioxidants are good for me and it doesn’t make me feel disgusting like coffee does.

I hope you all have a good day! I’m off again tomorrow but may pick up 3-7 since they have needs, then I work Thursday and Friday it’s off to the cabin with Jon! Can’t wait to have a relaxing cabin weekend with him! Especially cause it’s FALL!

When You Have a Fat Kid…

My doctor and I had a conversation this weekend with a mother. She had a 10 year old daughter who was a large 10 year old. She was probably around 5’4″ and was about 170lbs. When Mom was asked if her daughter’s illness had caused any weight gain or weight loss, she said, “No. I wish it would cause weight loss since I know she needs to lose weight, but she hasn’t.”

First of all, totally inappropriate to say in front of your daughter. I find it really discouraging when parents approach their children’s weight that way. I could just imagine the shame that poor girl was feeling as all these adults are in the room making a spectacle of her weight.

Then, the doctor tells Mom, “Make sure she’s active and that you’re feeding her healthy foods. She’s only 10 and you’re the mother. You get to decide what she eats.”

Mom goes on about how when she tries to pack her daughter a healthy lunch, she complains too much because her three brothers and sisters get a different lunch, but Mom says those kids don’t have a problem with their weight. The doctor tells her that it’s not about an all or nothing mindset and that she should be able to eat what she wants at times, but overall, she needs to be giving her fruits and vegetables and limiting junk food.

Mom continues on about how she has to buy junk food for her other kids so her daughter wants it too and it’s too hard to limit it. She says, “If I give her the choice of a pizza or vegetables, obviously she’s going to choose the pizza.”

To which I say, “You don’t give her a choice. There is no pizza. You give her vegetables.”

This is what amazes me. This mother can’t make healthy decisions for her children. As a parent, you make the decisions. And not only that, but you make the decisions for all of your kids. Why would three kids get pizza and one get veggies? All the kids can have veggies and healthy lunches. You should raise your kids eating healthy, but aside from that, you should really raise them all equally. You should not make one kid feel different than the rest because they are heavier than their siblings. It’s not some shame game. It’s your fault as their parents that your kid is fat. (I understand once kids can drive, they make a lot more of their own decisions. I also understand that some kids do actually have health problems, but you’d be amazed what a healthy diet does for health problems in children, too.)

It really disgusts me that parents think they can’t take junk food out of their house or their kids will complain about it. So what? So what if your kids complain and whine? You’re the parent! You get to set the boundaries! They won’t complain forever. Eventually, they’ll learn to eat what they have in front of them (and they may never love broccoli or carrots, but they’ll find something better than Pop-tarts and Lucky Charms). The decisions parents make with their young kids last a lifetime. Not only that, but obese children are at risk for so many diseases! Why would you knowingly subject your children to that over food? Food is meant to fuel your body. It’s supposed to be nutritious. It shouldn’t cause you harm.

Jon and I have already talked about not buying junk food when we have kids (you know, in like, 5 months). It just won’t be in our house (it’s not in our house now and never is, so why would that change?). Kids won’t crave candy as a two year old unless their parents introduce them to it. I see so many kids actin’ a fool over chocolate. It’s ridiculous. Why is a kid who can’t even speak in full sentences having a meltdown over something that they never had to have in the first place? It might be tough to stick to our guns since it’s so common and accepted to let children eat horrible food, but I’m not all about that. And you know what? We’re the parents. We get to make those decisions and our children will listen, maybe with some screaming and fighting, but they’ll listen.