Monday: Gym Time, Tax Time, Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I’m currently trying to locate all my tax returns and fill out my FAFSA for grad school. I highly doubt that Jon and I will qualify for any financial aid this year, but it qualifies me for in-state tuition if I fill it out. I also somehow totally missed downloading and saving my 1040 from my taxes this year and have no clue where my GA and OR returns are. Oh, the joys of being an adult. It was so much nicer when my mom filed my taxes for me. Actually, she used to fill out my FAFSA for me too. #momsftw

It was a beautiful weekend this past weekend! I was off work on Friday and stayed in bed till 11:30. Had I not scheduled a ClassPass class for noon, I would have stayed in bed for at least a few more hours. Do you ever have mornings where the only thing you want to do is lay in bed? Give me an 80 hour work week and my first morning off- that’s me. It was a struggle to make it to the gym at noon. I had another Hard Exercise Works class and was less than impressed. With three coaches to help out with our snatch EMOM (every minute on the minute), I felt like the form in the class was terrible. One of the coaches also told me I had good form and I can tell you all with 100% certainty that my form was terrible. I can feel good form. That wasn’t it. That was rough form. Not impressed.

Is it sad that I can’t remember the rest of my Friday? I think that Jon and I may have had a little tiff and I went to bed at 8:30. My lady friend has come to visit me this week and for some reason, I have been insanely emotional. I also was probably still overworked and tired. So, early night it was!

I went to my Cardio Muscle Mix class on Saturday morning and started the day off sweating! I had a nice big ol’ breakfast after and then I took a nap (recurring weekend theme- sleep). When I woke up, Jon was heading out to the Sweetwater Brewery! I’ve been wanting to go and it was such a nice day out, so we went down there. We drove up on some insanely long lines, so we headed to another much smaller brewery. It was under renovation and kind of strange, but we sat outside and Jon enjoyed his beers and I enjoyed somebody’s adorable pup. We left there and walked around downtown Marietta, where we shared a slice of pizza at a cute little eclectic pizza place. After a quick stop by our favorite coffee place, we swung by a park before heading home to make tacos together and curl up on the couch for House of Cards.

Sunday was a nice easy day at work (unheard of on a Sunday!), followed by another night on the couch for House of Cards. We did go grab a bite to eat near our house and then I drove Jon’s new Jeep for about 5 minutes! Sadly, I hated it! The older clutches are so much easier to “feel” what you’re doing and the newer ones feel way more automatic feeling. I actually thought the old Jeep was easier and way more fun to  drive! It’ll be an adjustment to get used to the new one now. Too bad we couldn’t afford to keep his old Jeep too, but we needed the trade in money on it!

This morning was another Monday at Gravity (the total body gym) and a trip to Whole Foods. I just made a big breakfast and now that my taxes are all straightened out, I’ll be cleaning up the kitchen and preparing my meals for the next few days at work! When Laura gets off work, we’re hanging out for a bit. I’m hoping to find a tutu for the Color Run I’m doing this weekend with my work girls!


Happy Thursday

What a BUSY week! Monday night I got together with my high schools friends for some Mexican food! It was so fun catching up with them! I was definitely needing some friend time and the weather was great, so it was perfect!


Rachel, Kassie, Laura.


Me, Gina.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday working and was honestly just so happy to walk out of there last night! I got out around 7:30 last night, making me go into 17 hours of overtime for the last week (plus, I worked a 12 hour shift last Wed, the day before our “pay week”) so I was over it. I came home and made a quick Kroger run with Jon and I just barely made it through a House of Cards episode before crashing.

I had ACLS today and thankfully it didn’t take too long to finish! I was excited to be out by 3, in time to hit LA Fitness early (I had cancelled my ClassPass class thinking I had plans tonight, but realized I had the night wrong and then it was too late to sign up again)! Then I got in my car and realized I was starving and tired and totally not in the mood to work out. I barely ate lunch (I threw a salad together and tried a new Luvo TV dinner since I was too lazy to cook last night- it was not good so I threw most of it out) and was feeling shaky.

By the way, I really love the idea of Luvo. I’m not a TV dinner eater and all and take them to work with me once every few months. I have had a few other dinners of theirs and they were really good. It was a shame that this was a miss, but I love their philosophy and really support the company. It’s nice to see companies moving towards sustainable resources and trying to make healthier food. They are actually probably my favorite frozen meal company out there. (Disclaimer- They didn’t pay me to write that, nor have they sent me any free meals. But I wish they did. Luvo, are you out there? I know nobody actually reads my blog, but I’m out here. I accept monetary donations for my positive opinions. Just pretend I didn’t say your egg meal was gross. PS- I’m kidding.)

Instead when I got out of ACLS, I ran to Whole Foods and grabbed stuff for dinner. Jon texted me as soon as I left saying he was going to have dinner with his new work people, so I decided to come home and catch up on Catfish while eating oatmeal. I have no idea how I’m going to stay awake tonight! I’m dying for a nap but know it’ll mess up my sleep schedule at this time so I’m doing my best to avoid it!

I hate feeling like I’m wasting a night off from work! Since I work so much, I love taking advantage of an evening off! I could have worked out and still had plenty of time to do something, but my energy level is at a -10. I know I need to cut back on my work hours, but with just buying a new Jeep and pending tuition coming up, it’s hard not to take advantage of being able to work every single day that I want to. Due to our staffing, I haven’t had any shifts rejected in awhile and our staffing coordinator is allowing us to work as much OT as we want. I’m really hoping that Jon and I can save up some big paychecks and go on a quick getaway to the Netherlands, honestly. All these hours will be 100% worth it if that happens!

I’m off to go try and entertain myself somehow. Have a good night everybody!


Happy Monday! This is actually a happy Monday for me because I’m off work today! Unfortunately, I work tomorrow and Wednesday and then I’m renewing my ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) on Thursday, so I’ll be in class all day. I’m pretty worn down this week!

I ended up getting off work at 3:30 on Saturday since we were so slow, but Jon was at the Jeep dealership and was asking me to head over. I had told him on Friday that he could order his Jeep over the weekend, so I guess he wasted no time! We spent the next 3 hours at the dealership waiting to get everything finalized- totally not how I wanted to spend a warm, sunny day off work early. We also spent far too long listening to our sales guy tell us the story of how him and his wife went to an au naturale resort for their honeymoon and how his wife just told him this past week that she hoped he would die. WTF. But now Jon is the proud new owner of a 2015 black Jeep Wrangler. He goes to pick it up tonight and it’ll definitely be fun to have a newer Jeep! I drove the old Jeep home on Saturday night (Jon followed me in my car) from the dealership and did pretty awesome! I’m definitely much better at driving a stick now! Just in time!

After working all day Sunday, Jon and I decided to use up his tank of gas (before we trade it in tonight) by going to visit my parents. They just put wood floors in their house so I had been wanting to see them! We Skyped with my sister and nephew (he “loves me forever”) and then just hung out with my mom and dad for a bit before heading back home.

We finished two more episodes of House of Cards and I’m definitely addicted! I’m following along much better! It’s so good! I’m glad we decided to listen to everybody and start watching it!

This morning I woke up in time to go to Gravity (the total body gym class). I never wear long shirts to the gym, but I did today (thanks hairy armpits) and I about died. I really enjoyed the workout again but didn’t feel 100%. I think I was hot, I hadn’t eaten anything (which I do a lot and wasn’t hungry at all, but my energy was lacking). I just felt less than… But it still felt  good and I’m glad I went! The gym is right across from the grocery store, so I headed there to grab a few things and to Costco for some more coffee and then made it back home.

Tonight I’m having a high school girls’ night (Gina, Kassie, Laura, Rachel) at a Mexican place. I love getting together with all of them and have been really wanting to hang out with everybody lately! My work schedule makes it so hard to do things at night so I don’t feel like I get to spend as much time with my friends as I’d like! I’m also really glad we’re meeting at 5:30 cause it’ll give us plenty of time to catch up before I have to leave (I work tomorrow too)!

I’m off to prepare some meals for my next few workdays and to try and clean up our disastrous house!

Hard Exercise Works, Yummy Salmon, and Lazy Days

Happy Friday! It’s not really feeling like Friday for me since I work all weekend, but I’m having a nice relaxing day off! I go into 16 hours of overtime this week, so I’ll just enjoy my lazy afternoon. I had planned on going to a CrossFit class this afternoon, but I’m not sure if I’m feeling the gym today. Undecided. I won’t be able to work out till Monday though because of work tomorrow and Sunday, so I’m thinking I should go, but then again, my PJs and couch time is feeling fantastic too!

I want to start with a quick dinner I made on Wednesday night! When Jon and I were in Florida, we stopped to get Publix subs and tried a sample of some salmon that was delicious! They were giving away cards with the recipe so I grabbed one. Jon and I finally made it when I got off work and I was extremely pleased with how it turned out!

salmon with capers and golden raisins

I already ate half of it before snapping a picture to show his sister, but if any of you out there like salmon, I recommend trying this! It was super easy to make. My tip: Buy golden raisins from Trader Joe’s. They have the best golden raisins out there by far. Also, we made about 1lb of salmon with the topping and that was good, so I’d make extra for more salmon. Oh, and I didn’t have herb garlic butter, so I added a heaping tablespoon of minced garlic (from the jars) to 4 tbspns of butter and heated it up on the stove and then just combined that with the rest of the topping. And I didn’t zest any lemons. Let’s be real. I’m too lazy for that.


I tried a new ClassPass class yesterday! I actually really had fun there and will definitely go there again! It was one of the Hard Exercise Works classes. The only really off-putting part of the class was that we started with clean and jerks and the coach didn’t even go over how to stand up out of a jerk! She demonstrated a split jerk, and then when she stood up, she brought her back leg forward, all the way even with her front leg. On a split jerk, the front leg comes back, then the back leg comes forward to meet it. I know it’s small, but if you want to teach olympic lifts, then know how to teach them properly. This was definitely a CrossFit-esque gym, but they said their difference is that they don’t go into heavy lifts as much (strange that I went on a day where we found a 1 rep max on C&J). It made me grateful for the good CrossFit coaches I’ve had that ingrained proper technique into me.

After my workout, I stopped home to shower and then met Laura out for sushi! I have really been craving sushi lately, so I was super excited to get some! Sadly, my shrimp tempura roll tasted a little strange. I’ve had the same thing from there many times so I know it’s not the norm, but it was a little disappointing. I also stopped by Costco after since sushi is right next door and was super excited to find that they have organic strawberries out now! 2 pints for $7.99!

Jon and I watched two episodes of House of Cards last night. I’ve heard really good things about it, but I’m just now getting into it after 3 episodes. I’m not really into politics so it can be kind of hard for me to follow at times. I think it’ll be easier to follow once the full storyline develops, but we had to pause it a few times for Jon to explain the first few episodes to me. And the way Kevin Spacey speaks in the show drives me insane. (Fun fact: I apparently had no idea who Kevin Spacey was. I’m not a movie watcher nor do I care about famous people, but that is totally not who I imagined as being Kevin Spacey. He kind of reminds me of my dad too, even though I assure you that nobody has ever looked at my dad and thought “woah, you really look like Kevin Spacey.”)

I slept in till 10 today (holy moly) and decided to start my day with making pancakes for work mornings. I really despise making pancakes for work, but I spent well over an hour doing it.


All I used in these were protein powder, sweet potatoes, and eggs. Too lazy to add anything else (for one baked sweet potato, I add 4 eggs and 1-2 heaping scoops of chocolate protein powder- this was 3 sweet potatoes here).

Then I made myself some brekkie of hash browns, chives, cheese, and sour cream (baked potato style) and it was so dang good. I don’t know why I’ve never thought of this before! I was inspired apparently since Jon and I made potato pancakes to eat with out salmon the other night so I had everything available. Pretty sure I’ll be making this regularly.


I had planned on cleaning the floors this afternoon but totally sat down on the couch to eat breakfast and file my nails and then got started on the new Real Housewives of Melbourne and my productivity has gone down the drain. I think soon I’ll have motivation to either clean the floors or go to the gym. Not both. But definitely one or the other.


Off to enjoy some more company with this guy before Jon gets home from work. Have a great weekend, everybody!

Weekend in Florida + Adult Job/School Ramblings

It has been a couple of days since my last post! I was accepted into grad school! I actually called the school and found out, just because I was almost hoping that I wouldn’t have been accepted so that I could do travel nursing longer! But I did. Honestly, I’m not all that excited about going back because these last few months of not having any schoolwork to do has been so incredibly nice. My days off are mine- I don’t have to decide between the gym or homework and I don’t have to try and squeeze cooking in between paper writing. I’m getting ready to get out of the clinical role though and I don’t want to end up having kids and then never go back to school, so I figured I’d do my best to get it out of the way! I’ll be starting in the fall and I’m going for my masters in nursing- healthcare administration and leadership (management).

I also applied for a med surg job here at home. I know I need to get experience other than in ER if I ever plan to be able to manage other areas, although I am way less than excited about this! I have zero interest in med surg and hated being a tech in med surg way back in the day, but it’s a stepping stone and it will be PRN! I won’t be doing it full time. I’ll go between my ER job and another job, so hopefully it won’t be too bad! The HR lady actually called me Friday and said she submitted my job to the ER at the hospital I applied it (despite the fact that I applied for THREE med surg jobs and NO ER jobs). I returned her call today to let her know I’m not looking for ER at all and plan to keep the job I have, but want something different as a second job. She’s submitting my resume to 4 different jobs today, so we’ll see.

The whole interview process and starting a new job thing is really not fun. I kind of like knowing my job and feeling comfortable there.

Enough boring grown up stuff.

This past weekend, Jon and I went to Florida for the weekend! We left Thursday night after work and got there around 1:30am! Friday morning Jon and I headed to our favorite biscuit place (Maple Street Biscuit Company) before heading to pick up his race packet for the Gate River Run on Saturday morning in downtown Jacksonville.

maple street biscuit company

Rebecca (his sister) and kids met us at the expo and we walked around for awhile. It was fun looking at all the stuff since I’ve never gone to an expo before! Jon and I also got to stop by to see the Landing, which is my favorite part about Jacksonville and we don’t go there nearly enough for my liking!

jacksonville landing

After we left there, we stopped to look for some shoes and then all headed to the beach. Jon’s dad was taking the RV out to a campsite for the night and wanted us all to go there, but it wasn’t set up yet. So we grabbed lunch to eat out at Hanna Park (where we froze). It was fun spending time walking along the beach with the kids though!


Jon and Slade, Rebecca’s son.


Ryan, Jessica, and Levi. (Jess is his oldest sister.)

That night, Jamie Lynn brought her kids out as well to the campsite and we all hung out till around 9pm! It was good to hang out with the family since it’s been a few months since we’ve seen them!

Saturday morning I woke up to take Jon and Rebecca downtown for their run. Once they left, I ended up waiting 4 hours for them to get to the finish line. It was a 15k, but it took quite awhile for them to make it to the end! I believe their time was 2:50 or something? I was ready for them to get to me since I had been hanging out alone the whole time!


Slade in rare form- he was quite a handful. (I also had to take him to the portapotty alone… Somebody else please tell me how hard it is to take a 2 year old to a portapotty cause the struggle is real.)

Jon’s family had come to see them along the way at various points, so we all went to eat Mexican for lunch after. Then Jon and I went to take a nap and relax before heading back out to the campsite for dinner with the family. It was good to see all the cousins playing together, but Jon and I still have those moments of “maybe we don’t need kids” when we’re surrounded by 6 kids under 4.

Sunday morning we decided to head out somewhat early. It was beautiful in Jacksonville and I wasn’t excited to leave town, so I asked Jon if we could stop for breakfast first! The food was good, but the service left a lot to be desired and the layout of the restaurant was really poor.

uptown kitchen and bar

Uptown Kitchen and Bar.

We made one last stop to grab coffee (REALLY good coffee) before heading back to Atlanta so that we could spend our evening grocery shopping, gym-ing, and doing laundry (GGL).

Yesterday I had to work all day, but Jon and I went out for Greek food when I got home. It was so nice out and all I wanted to do was sit on a patio! I’m glad we did- I was not disappointed by the warm evening weather!

I slept in until 10 today. Thankfully, I cancelled my ClassPass class last night that I had registered for at 10 am today, because I was not feeling waking up early. After working 3 days in a row last week and then waking up really early all weekend long, I was more than ready for a morning in bed with my cats! So that’s what we had!


It’s beautiful out now! I’m typing this up while sitting outside on my patio with the cats (the eskimo kitty is in heaven- she loves being on the porch!)! I’m about to start running errands for the day and hopefully get in some outside time and some gym time! Tonight I have the clinic that I volunteer at and then I’m back to work tomorrow.

Also, if you guys need some sweetener in your coffee, I recommend maple syrup. I have no idea why I never got on board with this earlier. I quit drinking my beloved coconut creamer though because of the carrageenan, so now I’m using maple syrup and a local grass fed whipping cream that our Whole Foods sells. So delicious.

Travel Nurse vs Staff Nurse! I can’t decide!!!!

I’m about to hop in the shower so Jon and I can spend some time together tonight before I head to bed! But I’m having a total career dilemma!

Jessica (my travel buddy) messaged me the other day saying she isn’t going to go on another assignment with me. Honestly, I saw it coming. I could tell by her texts that something was off and I’m totally fine with it. However, she was my extra push to get me back out there on a third (and last) assignment.

So now, it’s back to me. I have to decide what to do. I have some pros and cons in my head to consider.

1. PRO: I LOVE traveling! I want to see another state (Colorado is high on my list) and if I traveled again, I would save up enough money for Jon and I to either explore the northern states at the end of the summer or to take a trip to the Netherlands.

2. PRO: I’d get experience again in another ER, which I really do love and think is important for my future in management.

3. PRO: My family lives in Colorado and I’d (most likely) have a free place to stay and I’d get to spend time with them!

4. PRO: I LOVED Colorado! Does that go with the love traveling part? Whatever. I love it. I just freaking love everything about traveling.

5. PRO: I’d get to leave my job again temporarily and I welcome any and all breaks from my busy ER at home!

6. CON: I never knew I’d like being married so much and I’m dreading having to go back to being without my husband again.

7. CON: Kassie’s wedding is this summer and I want to be home for all of the events leading up to it! I can’t ensure that I’d make it to everything if I was on another assignment.

8. CON: It may be my last summer off before going to grad school and having a baby, so I kind of want to enjoy the time relaxing at home- with my friends and family. (Also, maybe that is a pro for traveling too- it’s the LAST TIME I will be able to travel like this for many years to come.)

9: CON: If I leave, I can’t work on getting a second job. I just applied to med surg jobs in the area because I need to expand my knowledge base before I get a master’s and want to get into management. I’d like to get comfortable in a second job before going back to grad school.

10: RANDOM: Who even knows if I’m going to get accepted into grad school in the fall?! Not me!

11: CON: I’m feeling ready to get more settled in life- with Jon, with my jobs, with everything.

12: CON: I’m not excited about having to relearn another ER and meet all new people in the workplace again!

13: CON: I’d be at this alone again! No travel buddy!

So that’s the list. Cons seem to win out, but my desire to travel is definitely there. I almost just want to suck it up and get on with it! I started my app for Colorado today (it’s only $50!) but still need to complete it and mail in my verification of licensure to the state of Georgia. I know this is my last chance at traveling for right now. I don’t know if I’m ready to pass that up.

Ugh, decisions decisions!

Off to shower and hang out with Jon!

Gravity Studio, Wedding Dress Shopping, and Travel Nurse Dinner

Happy Monday Funday! I had a pretty awesome weekend and Monday! On Friday, I had a STEMI Summit that ended up being really, really, really boring. I was bummed cause I was actually really looking forward to the conference because cardiology fascinates me! But the speakers that were there were really less than stellar and didn’t hold anybody’s attention. I decided to dip out at 4pm cause I couldn’t handle it anymore!

That night, Haley (my new “roommate”) and I went out to have dinner with a few other Atlanta based travel nurses. It was actually a lot of fun and one of the old nurses I used to work with while I was a tech was at dinner too.


We stayed out until 10:30 and I really felt like I was getting crazy! Is it sad that I don’t even know the last time I stayed out till 10:30? (Surely it wasn’t that long ago! I just can’t recall it. Right?) I was definitely ready for bed as soon as I got home though and went right to bed like the old lady that I am at heart.

Saturday morning I had to miss my favorite ClassPass workout, but it was worth it since it was Kassie’s wedding dress shopping day!!! Kassie and I have been best friends for over 14 years now (fun fact: Kassie threw me a surprise 15th birthday party) and I’m so excited to be in her wedding!


We were twinning accidentally.

Dress shopping was so much more fun when it was for somebody else! I could have watched her try on wedding dresses all day long! Her mom and her soon-to-be sister-in-law were there also (and Gina), and we facetimed her maid of honor while we were there.


We all headed to lunch at Olive Garden after Kassie decided on a dress (clearly #notthisdress). Kass, Gina, and I tried to find some bridesmaids dresses at the mall after but had no luck! I’m not sure why dresses have to be so ugly these days! None of them were flattering at all!

Saturday evening, Jon and I headed over to my parent’s house for dinner. I hadn’t seen them in two weeks and I like my weekly dinners with my mom and dad! My mom and I finished the night off with the cinnamon rolls I’ve been recommending!

Saturday night I took benadryl and crashed at 9:45 so I could get a full night of sleep before losing an hour of sleep before a day at work! I had a surprisingly great Sunday at work, which I was thankful for because my poor neighbor got killed the entire day so I was able to lend a hand all day long so she didn’t drown! I was so excited to head out of work into daylight! I’m pretty sure that daylight saving is my favorite time of the year! After work, Jon and I had a chill night at home relaxing!

Jon was called off work this morning. It couldn’t have happened on a better day because he has been sick all weekend and has been exhausted! I still crawled out of bed somewhat early for Gravity. This is definitely up there with my top ClassPass classes! I did a poor review the other day, but I realized today that the machines we use are total gym machines. I love them! If the power tower wasn’t $5,300, I would totally buy one. You can get an awesome full body strength workout on that thing. I really enjoyed the class today and definitely felt the burn! We did legs too so I was happy to get in a good leg workout, even though my knees just aren’t what they used to be!

Jon and I ate some breakfast when I got home and then headed to drop my car off for an oil change. We decided to grab some coffee and groceries and look at a few more Jeeps (welcome to our life). Although it’s cloudy, the weather is fantastic today! I think we may head out for a short walk before The Bachelor finale tonight! I’d actually like to go for a run, but I want to spend time with Jon and he definitely won’t go running with me while he’s sick!

Have a good night, everybody!

Octane Coffee & Travel Nurse Friends

Happy Thursday everybody! I was so happy to be off today after a busy last three days at work! Since I went to bed so early last night, I was up before 8! Doesn’t happen much on my days off! Especially not without a ClassPass class to go to! I was motivated to get up early so I could lay on the couch and catch up on some TV shows before Jon got out of bed. Productive use of my morning, I’d say!

Jon woke up just as my shows were ending, so I napped for about an hour while he made me breakfast like a sweet husband should 🙂 After we chowed down on some hash browns and eggs, we decided to head to Octane for some coffee! We hadn’t been there but it’s really well known in Atlanta. I was not disappointed at all! I had a vanilla latte and it was really good! I’ll definitely be going back there.


Jon and I headed to Nordstrom Rack to just kill time together since it was way too cold to hang out outside today. While we were in there, I saw on my Facebook Travel Nurse group that a girl was in Atlanta looking for housing and hadn’t found anything! She looked about my age in her photo, so I sent her a message that said she could come crash with us until she found a place.

Thankfully, my wonderful husband was agreeable to this since I offered it to her while I was using the bathroom and hadn’t even discussed it with him. I’m so glad he’s more easygoing than I am! I would totally not be okay with him extending an invite to our house without discussing it with me first.

Anyway, we ended up heading over to another coffee shop so that we could meet up with Haley, the girl who was going to be possibly staying with us! I ended up getting a turkey and gouda sandwich without the bread (I was going to work out soon and bread would have been too much). Haley was super nice so of course, we told her she could head to our house if she wanted!

We all came back to the house and I made some pancakes for work mornings and hung out for a bit before heading to CrossFit! I ended up picking out an On Ramp class off ClassPass (it wasn’t specified), so I showed up and it was a bunch of first timers! No big deal! We just did a super easy workout and I stepped it up a few notches from what they were doing and stayed after for some rope climbing and pull ups. It was still a good workout!

I made a quick stop for some eggs at Costco and came home to some pork chops and broccoli that Jon made us for dinner (he’s killing it with the meals, apparently!). We cleaned up the house some more since Haley was gone and I was slacking on cleaning the toilets and just needed to pick up a bit in general.

I’m about to head to bed and read. I have a STEMI (ST elevation myocardial infarction- aka: heart attack) conference lasting all day tomorrow and then I’m headed straight to have dinner with a bunch of travel nurses in the Atlanta area. And then bright and early on Saturday, I’m going wedding dress shopping with Kassie and fellow bridesmaids! I can’t wait! It’s so much more fun doing wedding stuff for somebody else’s wedding!

I’m headed off to bed! Have a good night, guys!

Weekend Recap, Gravity Atlanta, and Monday Funday

I have a lot of thoughts lately that I’ve been considering writing about, but tonight is definitely not the night! I’m in the middle of a three day work stretch and am about to go lay in bed and start reading my book for the night (Ann Rule- Heart Full of Lies- based on a true story of a murder)!

This past weekend ended up being a really nice and chill one. Saturday evening I went over to my mom and dad’s house to spend the night since Jon’s friends were in town. My parents were at their cabin, so it was just me. I enjoyed the Bachelor and Nashville and then ended up going through a bunch of photos in my old closet. My mom has cleaned out almost all of my stuff, but she never threw out those photos. They were hilarious and I spent quite awhile texting my sister photos and laughing at how hideous we were. I seriously didn’t remember ever being that ugly. Thankfully, some things get better with age! I enjoyed sleeping in my old room, even if it has been a guest bedroom for awhile and none of my old stuff is in there. It’s a fun little blast from the past, regardless.

Sunday morning I went to a new gym with Laura! We went to Gravity which uses these bodyweight benches (I have never seen them before- excuse my lack of terminology) where you use a pulley system for strength training. I actually really enjoyed the session! It was all upper body and just pure strength, but I’m really excited to try some of the other classes there on this ClassPass! The instructor was really clear about the moves, thankfully, since I was a little nervous going into it since I never use any sort of cables in my workouts and this just looked complicated! But it was really simple and left my feeling sore today! Always my goal! And it’s convenient to my house too! Perfect!

I ended up hanging out downtown with Jon and his friend, Andrew, afterwards. It was a longer hangout session than expected, but his friend was having a restaurant owner smoke some of his homemade bacon. It ended up being super delicious and worth the wait, but it definitely took up a huge chunk of our Sunday!

Sunday night was spent reviewing our budget and then relaxing! Wonderful night!

I only had an 8 hour workday today, thankfully, since it seemed a little brutal today. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for it today, but I was thrilled to walk out of the hospital at 3pm instead of 7pm!

I hit up LA Fitness for a quick incline run (10 minutes) and then did about 25-30 minutes of legs since I did all upper body on Sunday morning. I was in a bit of a hurry since it was our friend Billy’s surprise 30th birthday!

After a shower and Jon getting home from work just in time, we headed out to a Cuban place downtown for the birthday get together! It was a mix of Billy’s work friends and friends that I know from his girlfriend, Crista (one of my best friends). I really like the few friends of hers that I have met, so Jon and I had a ton of fun catching up with them tonight. We had tons of laughs and it just was really nice to have a night out like that. I typically spend time alone with Jon or go spend time with my friends. We don’t hang out together with groups of people too often, but I enjoyed the change of scenery tonight!

We got home a few minutes ago and after this quick (and boring) update, I will be headed off to read before getting some zzz’s before work tomorrow!