Hey-o. Long time no talk. Still throwing around the idea of going more public and it has totally just made me not feel like blogging for some reason. And I’m trying to work on Jon’s album of Jackson for Father’s Day. I’m not sure how, but when I uploaded all 15,000 photos off my camera (my DSLR, not my phone), a month of photos was deleted. I go through and save my photos to months on my computer, and looking back, I never remember seeing those photos back when I was saving them. I had a few glitches when I was uploading photos last time because of how massive the photo dump was (and my camera takes super high res photos so a lot of space) and I am also positive something went wrong with uploading those photos. Totally bummed because it was from a beautiful day in Piedmont Park with Jackson and Jon and I LOVED those photos! I’m not sure what else went missing, but I really wish I had those photos. I’m bummed that somehow I seem to have deleted such important photos recently (those photos plus ALL of my personal photos from my wedding day- so we have none of us girls getting ready except what was uploaded on FB, which changes the resolution for printing).

Anyway, I’ve been in Georgia all week. I’m totally itching to go to the gym, but I haven’t yet. I don’t have anybody to watch Jackson during the day here. I was planning on going at noon on Monday (Jackson’s nap time), but my dad ended up going to work and now he works all week. I could go in the evenings, but my mom watched Jackson while I worked over the weekend and will be watching him some this coming weekend too, so I hate asking her to keep him all evening every day so I can go work out. I think I might try to go tonight, but I’m really just out of the habit of evening gym sessions. I want to get my workouts done in the mornings! This also is a little taste of what’s to come when I move back here. My mom is AMAZING and SUPER helpful with Jackson, but it’s hard to ask for favors for things that I want to do when my mom already helps so much with things that I need for Jackson. She is always willing to keep him when I work, but then I feel guilty asking her to watch him so that I can go out and have fun or so that I can work out. Ultimately, Jackson is mine and Jon’s responsibility, and even though she want to help out, I never want her to feel taken advantage of. In the evenings after work (this is looking back to when I was living here and how I know it’ll be come September), it’d be so nice if I could just get help with Jackson so that I can work on schoolwork sometimes. If I get home with Jackson around 4 or 5 and take care of him until bedtime at 7, then I still have lunches to pack, sippy cups to clean, a bunch of stuff to put away that toddlers drag out, and then I typically eat something and need to shower and have an hour of me time… I have a feeling I’ll be packing weekends full of schoolwork, which sucks because that’s when I’ll see Jon. It’s only 9 months of craziness, and then I’ll have a master’s degree and be DONE with school FOREVER (I hope). We can get through it, but it’s going to be a challenge on my end. I feel like I supported Jon taking the job in Charleston, but it will really make life a lot harder for me… But he loves his job and is doing well at it, and he pays our bills and pays for my vacations right now, so it’s worth it. It gave me a chance to spend 6 months at home with Jackson…

This weekend, we had a 31st birthday dinner for Laura. Just Gina and I went, but it was so nice out so we sat outside. The weather in Atlanta is SO NICE after being in Charleston. It seriously feels so cool outside now. It’s a little less humid in Atlanta right now than it usually is, but I’m just so shocked at how cool it feels here compared to Charleston. I took Jackson to the park at 3pm yesterday and we were in the sun for about 45 minutes and that would never happen at 3pm in Charleston.

I met Kassie’s baby, Eleanor. I’m totally over baby fever! It was nice to hang out and have Eleanor nap on me, but man, no thanks! Kass has been texting about her lack of sleep and life with a newborn and I am so glad I have a toddler! I can handle toddler fussiness and craziness with no problem, but the sleepless nights? Nope. Can’t handle all that milk making and big boobs and looking like a hot mess express. Life with a toddler is like heaven compared to that newborn life.

Speaking of toddlers, mine is up now, so I’m going to go get us some lunch so we can head over to Kassie’s to see Eleanor again!


5 thoughts on “Toddlers

  1. I saw your Facebook post about losing those pics and feel so bad for you. I hate losing pictures- I try to make sure I back everything up now but I did lose some a few years ago near Christmas. The worst thing is losing old family pictures that were pre-digital camera because some of those family members are no longer with our family and those pics are all we have of them. Clay and I were talking about babies a few days ago and we were thinking that having a newborn or infant would be way easier than a toddler once they can move around more, so it’s interesting to hear that you feel differently! It probably depends 100% on the kid though.

    I’ve always heard ATL was crazy hot so it’s weird that it feels cooler there to you now. Honestly summer hasn’t been very hot here, it’s been mild so far but usually the worst months here are July/August.

    • I thought you were going to say that you and Clay were talking about newborns and having one, haha. I was going to tell you to DO IT 😉 I’ve talked to some moms who really prefer the newborn phase over the toddler phase, but I feel like it’s more on the parent than on the kid. Jackson is a TOUGH kid sometimes now, but I just can tolerate this so much more easily. I keep waiting for the weather to get worse in Charleston! The actual temps are similar most of the time, I think, but it’s so much more humid out by the beach than it is in Atlanta. I back up my photos too but our wedding photos, I must have deleted them thinking that I had already backed them up, and then didn’t realize until recently that I never actually backed them up before getting rid of them. And with this one, I’m pretty sure the error was in the upload and not in the back up, sadly.

      • Yeah, the weather will get worse. I feel like it’s hotter inland, like West Ashley and Summerville, than downtown right by the water. Clay and I have definitely talked about kids but it’s hard to just go for it, lol. Doesn’t always work that way unfortunately (or fortunately, maybe). Are you back in town yet- we still need to get together for lunch!

      • I’ve been thinking about that! I get back next Wednesday and then I leave the following week for a road trip to Vermont with Gina! All my sitter days are packed full, haha. If there is ever an evening or anything that would work to get together, let me know! When I’m in town, I’m pretty much always free. Otherwise, when I get back from vacation, I’ll have some days with our sitter so I can get out! I’ll need some relaxing days before my schedule gets crazy again! I totally get it being hard to just go for kids! I was still questioning whether or not we should have had a kid until like, a month ago.

  2. I lost lots of photos recently too, it sucks, I’m so sad when I think about it!!
    I feel like newborns are easier to care for than toddlers its the whole life change thing.. that’s the really tough part, by the time they are toddlers though you are rocking that Mom life and they almost fit in with your life…eating and sleeping times etc…..easy for someone with no kids to say right HaHa!
    Kevins brother/sis-in-law just had a baby and they were like ‘its so difficult to change his diaper’ (seriously it took two of holding his legs and the other changing lol) I was like wait till he is trying to crawl away mid wipe or rolling over in the poo-nami!!
    My sister is the same with asking my Mum for help she doesn’t want her to feel like she HAS to do it but she knows she will always say yes!!

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