I need advice on this rug! Everybody! Come look!

Help me! I just bought a rug tonight (for $40- a steal!) and want to know if it’s awful! Also, let me preface this by saying that because Tom (the cat) had a tendency to pee on our carpet before we took it out and totally ruined my bath mat by peeing on it two weeks ago, I am super nervous about spending a lot on a really nice rug and then having him ruin it! So, while this rug may not really last forever, it should be a really good test run to see if we can even have rugs in the house or if Tom will decide they’re his new litterbox.

photo 1 (6)

I really want to stain that table a darker wood, which would help it not clash so much. Kind of like the color of the little stand in between the couch and the chair.

photo 2 (8)

 Also, I plan to get rid of all the pillows we currently have. I I want pillows that tie it together more instead of just being totally random, but those were what came with the couch.

photo 3 (9)

I’m also going to do a picture collage of all my worldly travels on that back wall in some colorful frames. Also, I did not pick up the plastic from the rug for the pictures. Tom thought it was too much fun. Oh, and that lamp is going to go. I hate it, but since I haven’t bought another lamp, it’ll have to do.

So guys, what do you think? And pretend that I may never ever ever get to staining that table. I mean, I’ve been wanting a lamp for the last 3 months and haven’t even picked out a lamp yet. And I’ve wanted to frame my pictures since I moved in back in June and haven’t done it. I don’t think I love it, but maybe I’m not used to the rug. I actually wanted that color for under the dining room table since I thought it’d go better, but round rugs are really hard to come by and I really sort of jumped at a $40 rug because of the Tomcat and his pee tendencies. I threaten to get rid of him sometimes but then Jon gets all sad about how I’d even consider getting rid of his buddy.

In other fantastic not-house-boring news, Jon and I had a little bitty date night tonight. I had planned on going to the gym but was actually wanting to hang out with Jon all day long. Since we’ve pretty much ignored each other for most of the week because I’m busy being irritated by everything possible, I figured I better jump at the urge to hang out with him. Also, I was tired and even though I literally sat on my ass 85% of the day at work (it was wonderful to have a day like that!), I was still just too pooped to go to the gym. Luckily that was my last 7p-3a shift on Wednesday night so I won’t be on this wonky sleep schedule, causing me to be exhausted like a grandma all the time. We went to this little gyro place that had a Scoutmob right by our house, so the gyro was free! It was also really good, except there were no french fries on it so it didn’t seem like a legit Greek gyro. Then I had to have ice cream, so we got that and wandered around Target while we ate it. I also bought pillow cases for the guest bedroom since Jon’s sister will be staying with us this coming weekend, but then I realized my bedspread is actually gray and black, not gray and navy blue. Guess I’ll be exchanging those.

I’m going to go finally work on some biology. I’m so boring. Sorry guys. Just kidding. I’m not sorry.


When doctors appointments ruin your workout

Sadly, no workout today 😦 I had planned on CrossFit and when I woke up at 11:30, it looked like a good workout! However, I got up to pee and was EXHAUSTED! I went to bed at 5am last night and although I get 6 hours of sleep all the time before work and feel great, something about sleeping from 5a-11a just isn’t the same (I worked till 3a last night- got home around 3:45). So I slept till 12:30 and missed CrossFit completely!

I had my appointment with an ENT this afternoon. I had planned on going there and then heading to LA Fitness for a leg day (yesterday I hiked Stone Mountain instead because it was just way too nice when I walked out the door!) but I wasn’t seen until over an hour after my appointment. I’m going to have to get this little tag cut out of my throat that keeps getting infected. The doctor asked if I wanted to be put to sleep for it which I really probably need (my gag reflex is pretty bad) but I was worried about having to pay too much out of pocket because I have horrible insurance. So, I’m going to attempt it while awake, which may be a little brutal. He has to topically numb it, inject it, slice it off, and then cauterize it. And it’s right at the base of my tongue all the way in the back of my throat. Yuck. Also, let’s just add to the money just dumping out of my bank account. I have a feeling I’m going to be paying quite a bit for this. (On top of my wedding and my escrow shortage, and I have a dentist appointment coming up and no dental insurance… uuuugghhh being an adult sucks, especially surrounding a wedding!)

I came home and paid bills. I’m typing this up in about five minutes and then will be off to finish up my biology and head off to lab tonight. I’m thinking about stopping by LA Fitness after class for a quick leg workout and a quick run, but I work tomorrow so we’ll see how I feel and what time I end up getting out of lab. We start our pig dissection tonight, so not sure how long it’ll take. I normally leave around 8, but class doesn’t end till 9:45 so it’s kind of up in the air! Not the best week for working out, but hey, not the worst one either!

I’m super excited that Saturday is almost here! Laura and I are going to Body Pump again in the morning and then having breakfast together, and then I’m hanging out with Gina during the day! I am just beyond excited to have some friend time! I really don’t understand people who just hang out with their boyfriends/husbands all the time. Really? Don’t you get tired of each other? I welcome my friend time with open arms and really wish I still had time to spend with my friends a lot more often (as opposed to once a week or every other week, and generally it’s something like going to the gym or just having lunch).

I’m rambling. Totally don’t have time to ramble. Off to finish up my biology!

Back at CrossFit

I made it to CrossFit yesterday for the first time in over a month! I was feeling really unmotivated but typically leave any workout feeling much better. Not yesterday. We did an 10 minute EMOM of 4 thrusters (I only did 45#) and 6 bar over burpees (where you jump over the barbell after your burpee). It was AWFUL! The thrusters felt like a million pounds and it’s been so long since I’ve done burpees that I was dying. I wasn’t the only one, thankfully. Everybody struggled with that big time and it looked so easy. Then we did an 800m run and 50 pull ups, which was way easy and I was done in 8:12. My upper body is sore today and it feels so good! I love being sore.

I came home feeling like I was going to puke and lacking any energy at all. I normally eat when I get home but couldn’t. I made a bunch of phone calls and aside from my Massachusetts nursing license, got everything else taken care of. I’ll be doing that tomorrow. Then I had class, which I was also exhausted for.

I had a little bridesmaids drama last night. Not even because of the wedding. I’m totally not like that. But just some issues with one of the girls in the wedding that we’ve been having (so really just friend drama). So we kind of got into a bit last night and it totally bummed me out. So my evening became really unproductive. Oops.

I slept till 12:30 today since I’m working 7p-3a. I woke up SO many times wanting to get up but forced myself to stay in bed. I just ate a tiny breakfast and am going to head to the gym for a run and leg day. I have a feeling I’ll be rushed to get out of here tonight before traffic gets bad but am hoping to get my biology done tonight before work starts, and I have a bunch of stuff to fax in to the tax commissioner and the board of nursing (you know, if that number actually works, since I never got the number listed for the BON to ring).

Since I haven’t done any WIAWhatever-day-of-the-week, I’ll do yesterday. It’ll be more like two random pictures of food I ate yesterday though. I actually had a biscuit with cream cheese for breakfast around 11am since I woke up at 10:30 and was going to the gym at noon.

photo 1-2

Probably ate my “breakfast” around 3. That’s a protein drink with chocolate almond milk too. Around 6:45 I ate my Noosa.


photo 3-2

Chili with ground beef and some other stuff at 9 after I got home from class.

That was it. Sure doesn’t look like much when I put it down, but I wasn’t hungry for anything I ate except for my chili. I typically eat less on days that I’m off cause I sleep in later, don’t eat much before the gym, and then have time for two real meals of the day cause I end up sleeping in. I’m not waking up in time to eat a full meal before the gym either. My sleep is important.

photo 2-2

Since I was talking about using new hair products, that was my hair last night with just my regular leave in conditioner (I use a TIGI one and an Aveeno one) with the Loreal anti frizz cream. It wasn’t humid at all yesterday so I didn’t use the mousse and curl cream. And that picture was taken while I was reading for class before it started, so excuse me not trying to take an appropriate selfie (just kidding, we all know I hate selfless).

Time to get dressed for the gym! Everybody have a good day!

Annoying grocery store people

You know those people who are always outgoing and happy and have everything together? They like everybody and think people are the greatest! They’re so positive it can drive you crazy?! That’s totally not me. I think I have a tank and once I hit my fill of dealing with people all day, I’m just over everybody. I don’t even know my people tank is about to be full till it happens.

Sunday after work, I was so excited to see Jon, but got home and was probably the most annoying, grumpiest person ever. Thankfully Jon is a little bit more patient than I am (but he’s still not the most patient, I promise) so it was fine. We mostly just ignored each other and did our own thing.

Monday when I got off work, I decided to go grocery shopping.

As I stood in line behind this guy in his gym clothes while he ordered everything from their already prepared counter, my impatience grew. Then he asked for a sweet potato. When she put it in a bag for him, he said, “That potato looks really good. That’s like my cheat. That’s my dessert.” This guy is probably a CrossFitter. And yes, I’m going to judge. I feel like I’ve seen enough and heard enough comments to be able to pick them out of anywhere. Clearly I love CrossFit, but some of these people are so ridiculous. You probably work out all the time and have to tell the counter lady how that itty bitty tiny half of a sweet potato is your cheat? Man, your life must suck if you get excited about a sweet potato.

THEN I went to unload my groceries onto the belt to check out. I had one of those carts with two little bins on the top and bottom. I had a ton of stuff but had taken all my cans out of the top and moved to the front of the cart to get the ones on the bottom out so that all my cans would be put in bags together. The family behind me stepped up to my cart so I couldn’t get back behind it, put the divider down, and started unloading their groceries! I still had an entire cart full of groceries! So I was unloading my groceries and having to inch their little divider back and stack my stuff up to fit in. How rude. And they just totally acted like it was no big deal.

These are things that generally probably wouldn’t bother me, but after I dealt with patients or 24 hours in two days, I couldn’t take them.

Anyway, I’m about to head out to CrossFit for once. I’m not motivated to go and really don’t feel like doing any CrossFit at all lately. But maybe I’ll change my mind. My afternoon will entail making tons of phone calls to take care of a bunch of business. My first phone calls of the day were to the board of nursing, which never rings but just beeps. So, I don’t know what that is all about. I definitely should have rolled out of bed before 10:30, but I didn’t. So most of my day feels wasted.

Have a good day everybody!

Cake tasting and Body Pump!

Today was cake tasting! Woohoo! I managed to start my day with Body Pump! I was really excited to get up and go for a run this morning, but I snoozed for an hour instead! Laura and I met at the gym for our first Body Pump ever. I actually really enjoyed it and definitely felt the burn, but by 45 minutes I was so over it. I’m used to CrossFit, where most workouts are done in less than 15 minutes and even the really long WODs are all under 50 minutes. Aside from the length of the class, I didn’t sweat really at all. My muscles definitely felt it, but I really like to work up a sweat! I do plan on going back for sure though. It was something different and since my goal is to be more well rounded in the gym, I think this class is a good choice. I’ll just run when I finish it on a regular basis, but today I didn’t have time and there were also no treadmills available! Who knew so many people got out of bed that early on a Saturday morning to go to the gym.

Then it was time to cake test! Thankfully I didn’t run since I made it just in time to meet my mom! Since Jon was busy today, Laura and my mom got to go. I’m actually glad it worked out that way because I’m really feeling the need to spend time with people other than Jon (I love him tons and love spending time with him- but I really crave time with other people too).

We went to Confection Perfection  for the tasting! We managed to decide on a cake, which is totally nothing fancy. My mom kept trying to get me to add some color but who really needs color on a cake? Not me. Or Jon. I was feeling kind of full from trying to stuff my face after my workout this morning so sadly, the cake tasting wasn’t all I’ve ever dreamed of. And I can’t handle that many sweets! But we made a unanimous decision to go with white chocolate chip, which I’m really happy with! It was so good and reminds me of white chocolate bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cake which are my favorite cakes ever.

photo 4

My mom and me!

photo 3

Laura, my maid of honor!

I just got home and am going to a wedding for a girl I work with tonight! I have no idea who else from work will be there, but I hope there are at least a couple of us so we can hang out there! I’m about to change and make sure my hair is decent and then we’ll be on our way! Unfortunately, I work tomorrow so it definitely won’t be a late night out!

Also, I went to CVS today and found the following Loreal products on sale, 3/$12:


I’m really a hair snob and actually don’t even know when the last time I used Loreal anything was, but I’m giving them a try and so far, I’m happy! My hair is super hard to tame in the humidity, but it’s humid today and seems to be holding up! Also, mousse really makes a big difference in wavy hair, but I typically forgo it in the winter because it’s too drying. I like this one though and I’m hoping that between three different products, I’ll be able to manage the frizz and my hair won’t be a fro on my wedding day. So I’m basically testing out products now. And on day 1, am happy.

Alrighty, time to make sure everything is together for the wedding! Everybody have a good weekend!

Weekly Roundup and Homeowner Surprises

My workouts this week included: 

Monday: 5mile run in 48:37, squats, deadlifts

Tuesday: 14 minutes of NTC abs and arms because I forgot my sports bra for the gym (and was not motivated to work out at home)

Wednesday: 2 mile run in 21:19 (AM run, totally not motivated either)

Thursday: 2.67 mile run in 27:32, squats, push ups, shoulder workout

Friday: Nothing at all! 12 hour shift

Yesterday was SO nice out! Jon and I had lunch together and then I came home and worked on my lab write up for class. I also happened to check the mail and see that my escrow has a shortage and a deficit of $1000! WAH! Talk about increasing my mortgage in this coming year. Even if I pay the shortage in full, my mortgage payment is still going to increase by $75 anyway this year. Aside from my leaky shower, this is the only other first thing that has made me be like, wtf- I should have rented. But I’m going to file for a homestead exemption this coming week so who knows what will happen with my taxes.

By the time I finished calling my mortgage lender (cause the letter was way too confusing for me), it was 3:30. I decided to get a quick work out in the living room done and do a 30 minute run. I turned around at 15 minutes and guess I ran faster on the second half (as always). I also almost got hit by a car, but not really. The driver totally would have hit me but I’m observant when crossing streets, so their failure to yield to pedestrians wasn’t that serious. In all fairness, I can’t hate on that woman because I once ran into a guy, but he was a black guy, in black clothing, in the dark. So maybe I can be hating on that lady for almost hitting me during daylight. I also had to stop at three lights for a long time each. I don’t normally go that route cause of the lights, actually. Oh well.

I had class last night for a whole hour. I love this lab cause the professor is so laid back and it’s so easy (I got a 108% on my midterm- really?!).

I worked for 12 hours today and was really steadily busy for the entire shift. Almost too busy, but not quite. I had plans of the gym afterwards, but no way. As soon as I sat in my car, that motivation was totally gone and the exhaustion set in. Besides, I’m going to Body Pump in the morning (I am SO excited to FINALLY try this class) and think I’ll do a few miles if I have time. I know that I need to be smart about running and that there really is no need to go crazy in my first real week back at running.

Tomorrow is CAKE TASTING for my wedding and then Jon and I are going to a wedding of a girl that I work with. I’m pretty pumped about the cake tasting. My mom and Laura (my maid of honor) are coming with me since Jon is going to a going away party for his friends. I’m in desperate need of friend time since I haven’t seen my friends in over 2 weeks and have only been hanging out with Jon (we were on vacation) or working. I need my girl time or I go crazy.

Okay, time to get changed, eat, and start working on my discussion postings for class. I’m exhausted and think Jon’s going to pick up a red box for tonight!

Slow run days and nursing licenses

I weighed myself this morning. 98.6. So I’m right around where I am when I’m not working out a lot, which I suppose is good, except I feel way smaller than I remember. My goal is 103lbs, mostly cause unless I really lift heavy a lot, getting to 105lbs is impossible. Those 2lbs are like a mountain to overcome. I’ve been drinking protein every morning, which I’m really not a protein person at all because I think you should just eat what you need in real food, but just to add a little bit extra to my day for right now. I’m using the 365 chocolate whey, which only has 16g of protein per scoop (I’m using 1-1 1/2). My Noosa yogurt has 17g of protein! So it seems a little crazy to buy something extra with less protein than I eat in a cup of yogurt, but I can’t eat that much yogurt or it’d upset my stomach. Sticking to one Noosa a day.

Yesterday morning I woke up around noon (I was working 3p-3a, so I slept in) and had totally missed CrossFit. Instead I decided to go for a quick run since my legs were so sore from Monday’s workout. It took me 21:12 to run exactly 2 miles. That’s really slow and also why I don’t run in the morning. I had no energy AT ALL! It felt like the longest two miles of my life (I kid- all of my PT tests for the Army felt like the longest 2 miles of my life). Then I worked all night and had a surprisingly easy shift.

I slept from 5-11 with a lot of interruptions. I had plans of CrossFit at noon but it was a 1 mile run (I’m sure there is more, but it’s not on the website). I decided to skip it so I can go for a longer run. So I’m eating breakfast and about to do my lab stuff since I have class tonight, possibly meet Jon for lunch if he texts me, and then head out for a run and maybe stop by the gym.

I need to go get a passport photo for my Massachusetts nursing license and also call the board of nursing about a million questions. I’ve realized Georgia is a really difficult state to have to apply for other licenses from with reciprocity because we’re way behind the times. Pain in my ass. And so is the $275 application fee. But Jon and I have decided not to plan a trip to Germany in December for our honeymoon (we’ll go in May instead) so that I’m not stressing about doing two back to back travel nursing assignments. Now I can hopefully enjoy a little more time with Jon over the first 6 months after our wedding!

Okay, off to be productive! It’s 55 and sunny so I’m dying to get outside for a run!


Yesterday I had a surprisingly good visit at the gym! I had to get a money order for my wedding photographer (guess who lost their checkbook?) and somehow totally missed the bank on the way to the gym. I ended up knocking out 5 miles in 48:37, which is pretty good considering how little I’ve been running lately! I did all speed work, as usual on the treadmill. Anywhere from 5.5-8mph. Typically I don’t go any lower than 6, but I was spending a lot of time between 7-8mph, so I needed more of a break. Then I did 5×5 back squats at 105# and 5×5 deadlifts at 115#. I knocked out a few pull ups, push ups, and abs and then it was 4pm, so I stretched and headed over the bank, which was CLOSED at 4pm! When did Bank of America start closing so early? Guess I’ll be paying my photographer a little later on. But I was a little bummed that I hurried out of the gym to make it to a closed bank.

After my workout, I ate 6 pieces of bacon (I really wanted chicken sausage but didn’t have any). Jon bought Oscar Meyer nitrate/nitrite free bacon, but Oscar Meyer is just SO salty! I prefer my 365 brand from Whole Foods all the way. And really, I wanted some chicken sausage but it smelled a little off, so I decided to forego that option and just have some bacon. I had a pretty big serving of my squash casserole and a smoothie with kefir, PB2, berries, a banana, and greens. I was surprised I ate so much. Then I followed it with 6 Thin Mints. Oops. I need to get these Girl Scout Cookies out of the house.


My squash looks like throw up.

I definitely was feeling much more “on” after a workout and being able to eat my own food and I had slept in my own bed too. I get thrown off way too easy by being out of town. I don’t eat out that often (Jon and I were just commenting on how we’re eating out so much lately- which is Mexican once a week compared to maybe 1-2 times a month before) and eating out for all my meals just don’t work with me. And for just 2-3 days, I don’t want to go buy all new food to eat for where I’m staying. I also am feeling much more motivated to work out after getting just one good day in. I’m too easily derailed from the gym lately and really need to work on that.

I got home, cleaned, and studied for my test. Jon was gone most of the evening and went to bed when he got home, so it was a quiet night before a day of work and an evening of tests!

Tonight, after working all day, studying for a test, and taking a test, I was excited to get to the gym to walk out all my soreness and do some abs and a little upper body! I got to the gym (still in my scrubs from work) and realized I forgot my sports bra! Bummer! I was actually really in the mood to be at the gym too! I was about to work on in scrubs though, and I also wasn’t about to work on in a tight white t-shirt with a black bra with red lace on it. No thanks.

Off to upload some engagement photos and eat a 10pm dinner!

Monday List

1. I’m sick AGAIN! For being around sick people all the time for my job, I rarely get sick. Last year, I think I got sick once. We’re going on #4 since Christmas here. This time it’s a horrible cough with a lot of nasty mucus. I’m hoping this is as bad as it gets, but I get so tired when I’m sick. My nephew and Jon’s sister both had a cough going on, so I’m assuming I picked it up while on vacation.

2. Wisconsin was awesome! Annie and I cooked up some dishes and made some homemade protein bars. It was fun to be in the kitchen with my sister, even though she’s not really much of a cook. I really wasn’t ready to leave when Wednesday rolled around! I could have stayed for at least a few more days!

ImageI got to see this little face! My favorite!


Lot of snow!


Played Bingo with Annie and Beth (Beth is my step grandma- but she’s been around since I was little and is my last grandparent left!)

ImageWent to the Milwaukee Zoo with this little guy!

2. Florida was also awesome. Jon’s sister (Rebecca) took our engagement photos on Saturday night and I can’t wait to see them! However, my hair doesn’t do well in humidity because it’s so naturally wavy, so despite all the oil I put in my hair, it was a huge fro when I looked in the mirror after the shoot. Hopefully that’s not captured on camera… She’s still editing, but I’ll share when they’re done!



I love beach time with Jon! It was super windy and the first day, I laid out with my yoga pants and long sleeved shirt on and took a killer nap. It was the best. The second beach day was so windy that the sand was painful, so Jon and I took a long walk along the beach!


A friend of mine from high school opened Crave Food Truck in St Augustine. The food is all really awesome and healthy! I surprised her by showing up out of the blue and it was really awesome to see her! It was also in a fantastic location on a marina. Jon and I were daydreaming about future houses when he’s a doctor.

4. Jon and I spent $300 on groceries last night to welcome us back. That’s a new record by a TON! We did stock up on some bigger food items that cost more, but I was in shock when that came up on the cash register.

5. I’m starting to take protein again. Just one scoop a day, and for now I’m not coinciding with my workouts. This is how I did it a few years back when I had lost a lot of weight and I put on weight fairly quickly, which is my goal. I don’t even know what I weigh now, but from the looks of me, I’d like to gain about 10lbs again. I need to get back into lifting heavier again, so I’m going today for a run and some legs. I did skip CrossFit today because it entailed 5 rounds of 800m run, 5 rope climbs, and 50 push ups. I don’t think I can muster through that long of a workout when I feel like this. That’s one month off, so I’ll talk to the owner about applying my last month of payment to this coming month.

6. I’m already cooking. Although I really don’t love to cook, I was so happy to get home and be able to eat my own food. Already working on a casserole for tonight and for lunches this week. I’m basing it off a recipe but I’m making changes for some more flavor.

7. I have a test tomorrow, so aside from cleaning, cooking, and some gym time, I’ll be studying ALL DAY LONG. Bummer.

Time to go be productive!


I’m going to Wisconsin tomorrow to visit my sister! I’m one assignment, an updated driver’s license, and ALL of my packing behind! So tomorrow will be busy! I come home Wednesday night, work Thursday 11-3 and have a class at work from 4-6, and then we’re heading down to Florida until Monday night and then I come home to work and a test on Tuesday! SO- I will not be around! Enjoy your week! I may catch up on a few blogs here and there, but maybe not 🙂