Home from Iceland

Hey guys! Back in the swing of things!

I got back from Iceland on Tuesday night last week. It was an AMAZING trip! I landed in Atlanta around 4:30pm (delayed flight) and had to head back to Charleston that night. It was a long drive since I had sand embedded in my eye (and had a TERRIBLE experience at an Icelandic urgent care!) and could barely see. Wednesday morning, Jon’s sister was here since Jon had to go out of town for work. So I hung out with her and Jackson and she left around nap time.

I spent all afternoon (literally, it was terrible) at the eye doctor in the waiting room. I spent all evening packing and making food and preparing to go back to Atlanta to work.

Thursday morning, I dropped Jackson off at daycare and headed back to Atlanta to work all weekend. I didn’t get called in on Thursday evening, so I actually had dinner with Kassie and Billy. Unfortunately, my AC in my car went out, so I had to drop my car off at the shop (love it when I have to pay $1200 to fix my AC, RIGHT after spending $1300 on a 150,000 mile check… AND we spent almost $2000 on Jon’s car this month too- please remind me why we never put money in savings, ugh!).

I worked Friday and Saturday from 7a-7p. Sunday I worked from 7a-3p and then headed right back to Charleston after getting off work.

Gina came in town on Sunday night about an hour after I got home.

We spent Monday with Jackson! Went downtown to Charleston and hung out at the parks and walked around. Jackson was somewhat well-behaved. He was SUPER excited to be downtown and playing outside! The weather was fantastic for a day downtown, which was surprising for the middle of June!

Tuesday we had daycare for Jackson, so Gina and I went and had breakfast at Tricera downtown (because Breizh Pan Crepes was closed, OF COURSE, on Tuesday, when I finally made it downtown to try them) and walked around for a bit. Then we went to Sullivan’s Island and spent too long at the beach. It was cloudy and cooler, so it was a great beach day! We came home and showered after and then went for sushi. Ali texted me while we were there and said Jackson had a rough day, so we decided to go get him after eating.

I was super exhausted on Tuesday night. I think the crazy schedule after my long trip to Iceland got to me! So we hung out and watched Netflix.

Wednesday morning I ran to Costco and the chiropractor. Gina left before we ran errands! Jackson took a solid afternoon nap and woke up early, which worked out since we had a pediatrician appointment at 2:40.

Jackson SCREAMED his head off at the appointment yesterday! It was just a routine 15 month appointment and they found out he still has an ear infection. Ugh. So I’m trying to look into natural preventative remedies so this can be our last round of antibiotics.

I finally made it back to the gym this morning! WOOHOO! I actually had lost all motivation. You know how it goes when you’re out of the gym for awhile! So I took it sort of easy there and didn’t push it too much. I just felt tired and my legs were so tight.

Jackson is napping now but should be up in a sec! I think we’re going to go get markers so we can color on the porch this afternoon! I need to clean up the house and go to Target and just get things done, but I don’t want to!

I’m babysitting for my babysitter this Saturday night and then Sunday I may head back to Atlanta to see MY NEW NIECE (not really my niece, but I consider her to be my niece) and to give Jon a break. He’s been pretty busy with working such long hours and having Jackson!

Off to relax for a few before Jackson wakes up! Maybe I’ll make a trip update at some point!

5 thoughts on “Home from Iceland

  1. Welcome home! You better make a trip update because I want to read about all the awesome pictures that I saw on Facebook. So sorry about the car drama too- my last one was a money suck because it was older and I’m so glad to have a newer car with fewer issues. Monday was a gorgeous day to be downtown (I was downtown too for a bit) but I think the heat is here to stay now.

    • My last Honda was never really expensive! But I’ll call it even since it’s all paid off and typically, I feel like Hondas last for awhile! This heat sucks! So much humidity! I really do need to make a trip update, haha. I just HATE writing about traveling! I need to keep a better log of what I did!

      • I kept a paper log on my last cruise and also used my photos to look back on to write about it. I’m really excited to see/hear more about Iceland because everyone seems to be going there these days! I have two more friends going later this summer.

  2. Wow that sucks about your eye! Iceland looks so gorgeous though from your pics! Definitely still on my list to see.

    I thought Jon got a new car. Why would he have to drop $2k on it already?

    • He did just get this car! It’s a 2013 though. I’m not sure what he had to fix on it? I didn’t even ask because I don’t know anything about cars and don’t want to, either!

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