A list for Thursday

A list. Because I feel like it and my thoughts are all over the place.

1. I wanted to go to the gym last night, but was crazy at work and too exhausted to go. Oh well.

2. Amy’s Gluten Free Mac & Cheese is 100x better made with Greek yogurt than milk and it reheats up way better too.

3. I met Kass at the gym at 7 this morning. It was easy. 20 minutes on the elliptical, two shoulder exercises, some dips and pull ups. Nothing crazy.

4. I then napped all morning long instead of doing anything productive. I hate cloudy weather.

5. I did make it to CrossFit! I was excited about it today! We did:

1 RM back squat

138# (Let me tell you, after taking months and months off, this was huge! My PR is 155# and that was during a powerlifting cycle!)

21-15-9 (6:37)

Deadlifts (113#)

Box jumps (24″)

6. I am super happy that my muscle is reappearing! My upper body seems more noticeable to me than my legs, but I’m sure my legs are getting bigger too and I’m not noticing. My butt seems to be getting bigger again too!

7. I’ve been struggling with the amount of food that I eat. Struggling is way overdramatic, actually. I’m only 100lbs so my appetite is that of a 100lb person. Not huge. When I work 12 hours, I eat a much larger portion of food for a day. But when I don’t work, I don’t eat nearly as much. And I have no appetite after working out but don’t believe in protein drinks because of all the additives. So now that I’m lifting again and running, I really need to find a diet that is suitable to this. And luckily, I have noticed that the day after a high activity day, my appetite is definitely much bigger than my more inactive days (when I used to do CrossFit all the time, I never had a problem with eating enough because I was always hungry). But still. I’m going to have to up the calories somehow. And I’m going to have to get that food in sooner after  working out than I do.

8. I’m going all rBGH free (the growth hormone used for cows). I try not to have a ton of dairy (I’ve quit drinking milk completely again), but I do like dairy and my stomach doesn’t seem to have issues with it in smaller amounts. But I can’t do the hormones. No bueno. So I’ll be spending $6 on a bag of cheese since I don’t have my own cheese farm.

9. I finally feel the passion for working out again. Passion sounds silly, but it’s true. After burning myself out and then being forced to take time off because of my thumb injury, I’m really enjoying being active again. I also like that I’m becoming a little more well rounded in terms of what I do to stay in shape. It’s not all CrossFit and I like that.

10. I’m sitting on my porch and my cats are out here too. Tom is in the recycling bin. I love those fur balls.

11. I need to go make some food. My stomach has been a little upset today though so I haven’t wanted to eat much (but ate a little gluten free biscuit at 6:30 and 2 scrambled eggs at 10:30). But I need to. So I’ll cook me up some bacon, of course.

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