The Love Story Part 5: Back together!

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After Jon and I had began spending a decent amount of time together, I brought up going to Italy together. I had already planned a trip to go see Adam and Jessie (Adam has been Jon’s best friend since childhood, but Jessie and I remained friends after Jon and I broke up) since they were living out there. At first it was just a random suggestion about how cool it would be to surprise Adam for his 30th birthday by bringing Jon with me! But then I Skyped Jessie about it and we wanted it to happen.

Throughout the Italy “planning,” Jon and I were having a bit of a rough spot. I was starting to have feelings for him again and we were having so much fun and it felt like we were best friends. He said he had feelings for me but still didn’t want  a girlfriend, which I understood. But it was becoming a situation with a lot of gray area and I didn’t like it. We were starting to have some longer “discussions” about where our friendship was going.

At this point, Italy was starting to become a reality. We were already going together and we were getting close to leaving. I had a feeling that Italy may be the end of our friendship. I was getting too drained and had told myself ahead of time that if I was becoming unhappy in our friendship, that I still gave it a fair shot and things just weren’t meant to work out.

Very shortly before I left for Croatia (I went to Croatia first and met Jon in Italy), Jon and I had a big conversation where he said he actually was open to dating me. At this point (like today- February 2014), I can’t remember all the details of that conversation, but it was the first time he said he just wanted to get back in school and then he thought he’d feel ready. Also just before leaving for Croatia, I bought my condo and moved into it, which is very close to Jon’s work and much closer to downtown than where I was previously living.

I was already kind of over everything at this point. So off to Croatia I went. Fortunately, Jon was staying in my house to watch the cats until he came to Italy.

When I arrived and met Jon in Italy, things were very different. He was acting like my boyfriend! I was a little thrown off and also feeling a little distanced because of how things had been over the last few months (remember- we first hung out at the end of February, and we went to Italy at the end of June). But over the trip, things started to feel a little more real. He was definitely acting very okay with beginning another relationship.


That is not a boxing glove that I’m wearing. That’s my thumb splint that I wore for 3 months from my overuse injury.

We came home from Italy and he never went home. He often talked about how he wanted to go home, and I totally supported him spending more time at his own place. But things were still going really well with us, we just didn’t want to rush into anything. He also didn’t see a point in labeling the relationship, but I was somewhat frustrated with that because he spent every night at my house so it didn’t even make sense not to. The actual change in our relationship status was done on Facebook. I thought the whole thing was stupid so just changed that. And after about a week, it just kind of seemed normal again to have a boyfriend.


While Jon was still talking about spending more time at home, he went down to Florida for a weekend. He had a talk with his parents that basically encouraged him to take our relationship to the next level if I was as supportive as he said. And this is where it all changed.

Jon came back and we started talking about marriage. And he was totally fine with it. He decided to get rid of the room he was still paying for at his house (that he hadn’t stayed in for months) and move in with me officially. Things continued going well and then we got engaged!


And that’s the end of our love story! Well, or it’s to be continued since we’re planning our wedding now, but I finally (months later) caught you guys up on the rest of our love story, for those who are interested.


Wedding planning some more

I want to apologize for my lack of reading blogs! For some reason, my trusty old desktop hasn’t loaded any blogs in quite some time, but I happened to forget all about that in the last month of only using Jon’s laptop. Now that he takes his laptop to school and work, I can’t read blogs regularly. Also, ain’t nobody got time to be reading tons of blogs.

As I hit on in my frustrated post last night, I have been super busy. However, everybody cross your fingers and toes, I think a venue I’m going to see at 2pm today may work! Unfortunately, the woman had to move the time up in the day so Jon probably won’t be able to get out of work to go see it with me, but I’m ready to throw down some moolah if it looks good! It’s a B&B on a lake and it’s only 45 minutes away! We did really want a barn style wedding, but that’s just not happening for us! This place has a great outdoor area for us to have the ceremony and is only $1300 to rent the venue, which includes tables and chairs! By the way, at the end of this, I plan on doing a cost breakdown of everything. Anyway, $1300 is cheaper than most of the stuff that we’ve seen but does require a bartender. However, it’s also at a B&B. So hopefully the wedding party can book rooms at the B&B. We can drink Fireball and Jack all night by ourselves.

If this works today, I can buy the dress! The dress is $575 and I’m honestly hoping to get away with no alterations. David’s BRidal doesn’t carry 0s in the store unless they’re returns, so I was only able to try on one Vera Wang size 0 dress. The dress I want is made by Galina, which runs bigger. I tried the Vera Wang 0 on with a tank top and shirt on underneath and it was snug in the ribcage, but I didn’t have a real bra on (I had already gotten dressed again). If the real dress needs alterations, the price will go up. But in all honesty, if we can do that venue, it’s cheaper than we were expecting anyway so it saves us some money to put towards the dress. So, if I order it Friday, it can take up to 12 weeks to come in.

Bridesmaids dress shopping is happening this Wednesday! That’s another thing we have to get as soon as possible!

Anyway, aside from wedding talk, no workouts have been happening. I may make it to CrossFit later today, but I work tomorrow and need to clean, grocery shop, make food, do two assignments for school (should take 2-3 hours), and drive out to the lake to see this venue. Not a ton of time! I actually sat down now to work on biology but got distracted. It’s sunny out so I’d love to go hike Stone Mountain, but no time.

I really hope the day comes where I can focus just on my fitness. Obviously not just on that, but where so many things that have to get done don’t get in the way. I guess that’s what happens when you spend 10 years in school! I hope to be able to get back into CrossFit more when I’m doing travel nursing since I’ll be completely out of school by then!


Wedding woes

It’s been a busy last few days. I’m back in school and worked all 12s on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday so my nights were spent studying and being exhausted.

Jon and I had been planning on having a May wedding (very short notice), however, one of his groomsmen will be gone the first two weekends in May. That second weekend is when almost all of the venues are still available so it cuts out almost all of our option. Because of that, we basically have nowhere to get married. We have a list of probably 30 venues now that won’t work and a list of two that we are waiting to hear back from… I have two more to contact tomorrow.

There’s a venue I love (online, anyway) that isn’t super far and looks beautiful. However, it’s $1,000 more than we were originally wanting to spend on a venue. At this point though, I’m just so frustrated by the whole thing that I just want to spend that $1,000 so we can be done with this mess. We do have the money to put towards a wedding, I just feel very set on not spending a ton of money on one day! And the dress is already about $300 more than I wanted to spend!

This has been really stressful. I managed to find a dress I love today but it’s not suited for a winter wedding at all. It’s a summer wedding dress (because of the fabric). If we do a May wedding, I have to buy the dress by next week to make sure it can be altered if need be, but we don’t even know when we’ll be getting married.

We’ve been struggling with what type of wedding we want and what would work and what we should have (we both know what we want, it just doesn’t work with the other two in there). I really don’t want to elope at all but am honestly just so over all of this already. We have fought more over this wedding than anything else. I feel little bouts of depression come on because I’m realizing I’m not going to be able to get the type of wedding that I want unless we wait until spring or fall of 2015. We already will be married long before then, which we can hide and then I’ll just feel like I’m lying, or we can tell people and then I feel stupid for having a wedding after being married for so long.

I know planning a wedding is stressful, but I don’t feel any joy about this at all. I obviously want to marry Jon and want to celebrate with our friends and family and have a special day in a pretty dress, but if it has to take all this stress and arguing then I don’t really want it.

I don’t have anything else to say. However, if anybody else is trying to plan a wedding and running into the same things, at least you’re not alone!

Lazy Monday Morning and Engagement Photos!

I just stayed in bed till 10am and it was awesome. I snoozed for 2 hours. I’m a master snoozer. Now I’m watching TV shows on my new couch! I’m going to make some breakfast and sit on my couch and relax! I know my next day off isn’t until the second weekend n January, so I’m soaking this in. We’re going back to Florida this weekend and then the following we’re finally going to my parent’s cabin! We used to go all the time when we were together the first time, but now Jon needs the internet for his homework and we don’t have the internet up there, so we never go! I’m sure it’ll be freezing up there but I’m hoping for some good weather at least! I just need to make it out alive to that weekend! I hate being at the hospital for so many days in a row, so being there 4 days one week and 5 the next already makes me feel mentally exhausted!

Anyway, I’m hoping to get in a run and a workout at the gym today. My only other plans are grocery shopping and trying to do something around the house. I feel like I’m at a stopping point with putting things away cause we need most of the stuff left. Jon did make progress on the outlets last night! It takes him awhile to get one done, so it’s definitely not a fast project, but the white outlets seems so nice compared to the old yellow ones! Ah, love it! I know Jon wasn’t excited when I bought my house, but I really love having my own place! And I really love that Jon is around to make this our house together!

Okay, I was just being lazy so though I’d at least update my blog!

I’ll leave you all with a few of our engagement photos!


Our kiss right after the engagement.


One of my favorites! Always making me laugh!


This was supposed to be the background for all the photos, but Jon stopped early in all her nervousness!

Christmas Eve day!

My first full day as an engaged woman is coming to an end!


Because what you all need is another picture of my hand creeping up from the bottom of the picture.

It really is crazy. We’ve started talking wedding planning already, mostly because Jon’s sister is planning the wedding for us down in Florida so we have to give her an idea of what type of venue to look for.

Anyway, I managed to wake up at 7:30 today feeling wide awake! I was surprised but grateful! Jon and I got up and hung out with Zoe and Slade for awhile before we got ready to go get some Christmas shopping done. It was surprisingly cool when we went outside this morning! It was in the 80s all the other days and we’ve been used to our 40s in Georgia, so it actually felt kind of good not to be sweating! We had a quick breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then went on with the day of trying to find gift cards and buy food for my baked french toast casserole thing that I’m making for tomorrow morning! We also went to Dick’s and I ended up buying a new hat since I lost my North Face fleece hat that I loved (and went between another North Face hat today and a Spyder hat for like, 15 minutes before making the final decision- lucky Jon). I bought two new ear warmer headbands for running in, which may or may not actually just be headbands. I really can’t tell. I also really don’t care. They’re ear warmers for me. And then I bought another pair of the Under Armour running pants that I love. I actually prefer to just run in spandex short and compression socks, but I wear pants if it’s windy or I’m running near my house since it’s all shaded. I also live in those pants if I wear leggings or sweatpants. They’re like my long johns. Best pants ever. Anyway, so that was how Christmas shopping went for me today. But those are all things I have been meaning to buy. My last “gift” on my list (because I really only like to buy for myself at Christmas) is a green Lululemon shirt. Then I’m done.

I’m really bad at Christmas. Everybody I know can afford to buy what they want, and because I don’t like random knick knacks (aka: crap) around my house, I don’t like to give it to other people. I want people to only have things they really want- which are things I think they buy for themselves. This is how I feel anyway, and I can’t imagine how somebody who actually really likes gift giving or receiving gifts feels. So it all seems pointless. Like, I’ll spend $50 on you and you’ll spend $50 on me. How about you just go buy whatever you want with your own $50 and I’ll buy what I want with mine? In our secret Santa with Jon’s family, I asked for a gift card to Sherwin Williams so I can paint. I got a Visa gift card (note: Sherwin Williams does not have gift cards available; I imagine this is because nobody but me wants paint as a gift). I’m very happy with this.

Enough of how I feel about Christmas. This was supposed to be all about what I bought for myself today. I’m kidding. After our Dick’s outing (which I wanted to craft some clever Facebook status about how even though I’m engaged, you can’t take away my love of Dick’s but thought Jon would prefer for his mom and dad not to witness my classiest moments like that), we went to visit with Jon’s mom and dad #2 (as in, the number two, not the hashtag 2). We hung out for a bit and then headed back to Brad and Rebecca’s so I could make my french toast casserole and spend some time with the family.

I spent my whole night on failbook. I read 24 pages of it. Sorry I didn’t have time to reply to any blogs, guys. Busy on failbook. You know how it is.

Okay, time for me to rest up for the big Christmas day tomorrow. I’m assuming I’ll be up way too early for my liking since Zoe and Slade wake up way too early and I’ll be up to watch them open presents. We’re going to a movie with Jon’s parents and then we have to visit a friend of his who is coming into town, and then we’re driving back to Georgia. I have to work from 11a-7p on the 26th, which is really depressing.