Sick weekend

Friday I was feeling pretty off, so I took a 30 minute walk around outside for awhile. My stomach definitely couldn’t handle anything more! I also got some things done that I needed to do for awhile, so it was a productive day other than not feeling well.

That night, Laura, Kassie, Gina, and I went to Zen Tea for a tea tasting cause Kass had a Groupon for it. It was actually a lot of fun, but I think we all felt kind of awkward since it was a fairly serious environment and we’re definitely not quiet.


We followed our tea tasting up with some Indian food at Himalayan Spice, which we found on Scoutmob. The food was pretty good and I ate quite a bit, but my stomach was still upset!



Saturday and Sunday I worked 12 hour shifts. Yesterday at work, I started feeling really awful. I had to go with a patient to have her MRI (which took over an hour) and when I got back, I was totally down for the count. I had been sitting the whole time in MRI and I realized there was no way I could be up walking around. I asked the supervisor to go home and after her giving me some attitude and not taking me seriously, I finally was able to leave, but not after throwing up twice at work! How unpleasant! I also had spent two hours at work, completely ignoring my patients and not able to function. I went in to medicate one patient and ran out of the room to throw up. Jon took fantastic care of me last night. I got home and laid down and didn’t get off the couch till 11am today. He held my hair while I puked into a bucket and brought me everything I asked for. Best fiance ever.

I woke up today feeling dizzy and still miserable, but it was beautiful out. Kassie works from home on Mondays, so I asked if I could come sit outside with her while I ate some Saltines and she said yes. So I did that and then started to feel really tired again. I came back home and laid back down for awhile.

Jon gave me an IV tonight:


I’m still feeling pretty pathetic but at least I have a little more energy! I’m working again tomorrow and Wednesday so hopefully I make it okay. I’m going to go try and get some homework done now since I didn’t get to it today!


2 thoughts on “Sick weekend

  1. I’m glad you have a little more energy but definitely take it easy! I hate being sick and throwing up, somehow throwing up just makes it that much worse, yuck. Glad Jon is taking good care of you, although I doubt I’d be that happy with an IV in my arm, yikes.

    Looks like you had fun at the tea tasting. I’m with you on really formal things, it’s just not for me. I’d rather have fun and go somewhere a little crazy and maybe a little loud (just not overpowering). Indian food is delicious thought and I really hope that’s not what made you sicker (and that you still feel up to eating it despite being sick afterwards!).

    • I suppose it technically wasn’t super formal or anything, but the other 4 women in our group were in their 60s and there was only one person in the store who was doing work, so we felt obnoxious (even though we were engaging in normal conversation). We ate the Indian food on Friday and I didn’t get really sick till Sunday, so I don’t think it was the food! I’m still going to keep on eating it! I think I just had a bug and it finally got to me! And I wasn’t happy with the IV, but I was so dehydrated so I knew I needed it!

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