Reasons I hate sick days

I ended up staying home sick again today! I woke up feeling like I may be able to go to work, but since I had barely been eating for two days, wasn’t really sure how much stomach would feel once I ate something. I didn’t feel like working for 8 hours on an empty stomach either, so I decided to just stay at home. I also went to bed at 10 last night and was insanely tired at 5 when my alarm went off, which is unusual for me, so I think I needed more sleep! I feel much better now (thought still living off soup and crackers), but I’m glad to have a day to rest still.

Remember being a kid and staying home sick was so much fun? It’s really not as cool when you’re an adult. This is my list of why:

1. This is actually my first whole day that I’ve ever called out sick in my entire working career. I just don’t like having to do it.

2. Nobody is home to keep me company other than the cats, and they keep knocking over the mess from the tables onto the floor.

3. My energy is really lacking so I just sit here and stare at all the things I could be cleaning.

4. I got way behind on studying yesterday cause I couldn’t concentrate on schoolwork.

5. I don’t have benefits at work so I’ve missed out on over 10 hours of pay just for this week.

6. I have all this time to work out and feel too horrible to do anything.

That’s all I can think of. Who really wants to read a blog about a girl who just sits at home and is sick? I’m just procrastinating because next up on my list is LOTS of biology.

I did make it to the Fresh Market for the first time ever today. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I have no idea how to mail things from my condo. Not a clue. And I had to mail something today, so I had to drive over to the PO Box. The Fresh Market is right there and I was needing more sour cream for Jon’s burritos, so I finally went in. I loved it! I’ve heard rumors (and am too lazy to verify at this time- but it’s just a simple google search away for those who cares) that they are owned by the same company as Wal-Mart so we should all hate the Fresh Market too, but I don’t. It was like a mini Whole Foods and I can’t wait till I feel better and can make Jon explore it with me. I also love the area of the Fresh Market (it’s in downtown Dunwoody, which is the town I live in and is only about 10 minutes away) and found this breakfast place I want to go to! Everything is just super cute over there.

Okay, time to study. Have a good day- hope everybody stays healthy!

12 thoughts on “Reasons I hate sick days

  1. I looked at the wiki page for The Fresh Market and it doesn’t seem that they’re owned by Wal-mart. Maybe Wal-mart has or had some shares in it? But they’re not ran by them. Never heard of it, but there are some in Massachusetts. Maybe I’ll check it out this weekend!

    • The one here was really cute! It had a lot more stuff than Trader Joe’s but still was fairly small for a grocery store. A lot of organic food, but the prices were comparable to Whole Foods. Some may have been cheaper. I thought I had looked it up in the past and found the link between Fresh Markets and Wal-Mart, but you’re right- I see nothing about it now. I only see the one in Hingham (in Mass)! Is that near you? How convenient if so! The website has a bunch of recipes on it though that look really good! I remember looking at that a long time ago and thinking I should make some but then I forgot all about it! Glad I looked it up again!

      • Hingham is not wicked far but getting down south of Boston is a huge pain. There’s one in New Hampshire that might be a 25 minute drive. I’ll see if a friend wants to go to make the drive worth it. If you do come to Boston and stay in the coty, Hingham would be close by from you!

      • That’s good to know! I’m planning on making it there! It’s the only license I’ll be applying for at this time since it’s so expensive to get a license! 25 isn’t too bad! That’s like my drive to work every day! And I love grocery stores, haha.

      • You’re going to love Boston, everyone does.

        Yeah but it’s 25 minutes on the highway lol. Especially since we have a pretty good farmers market with locally grown food in my town and a Whole Foods in the town over. A lot of the towns in this area have farms.

      • I’m all highway to work! I guess I’m just used to highway driving all over. I have always lived off the highway (which is how I like it) and in Atlanta, we just do A LOT of highway driving. All through college, I drove well over an hour every single weekend to hang out with friends and it was ALL highway. So to me, I guess it just seems totally normal. Also probably how I’ve put 70000 miles on my car in less than 3 years. I feel like we’re totally lacking in farms here though. We have a couple of bigger farms and they do delivery to a grocery store near by or there are some veggie/fruit co-op type things that deliver, but most of them are set days and I don’t want a bag of produce delivered to work if I’m not going to be there. We do have an awesome farmer’s market, but it’s JAM PACKED and I HATE IT! The prices are dirt cheap but it makes me want to lose my mind! When I lived in Wisconsin, we had a lot of corner produce stands in the summer and I loved it. I wish we had those around here, but I haven’t seen any in Atlanta.

      • I live right off the highway and I take it constantly because places can be far from one another here. It’s just a long drive for groceries lol.

        Western Massachusetts has a ton of farms and they have corner stands where you just pick what you want and leave the money at theyre little box thing. They use the honor code. The closer you get to Boston, the less farms of course. Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont are very big on farms. You should travel New England while here, there’s so much to see. Except in Vermont, there’s nothing but cows.

      • I want to travel it all! My friend took a road trip to Maine last year and took all these amazing pictures! I want to see everything! Traveling is like the #1 best thing about life, I think! I am super excited! That sounds really awesome with the corner stands! I would love it! I guess 25 minutes is a little far for the store. That’s what the farmer’s market is from me, but it seems pretty doable for once every other week or so for the drive. I wouldn’t do it 3 times a week or anything!

      • Yeah you should go to Cape Cod, Marthard’s Vinyard, Nantucket, the beaches in Maine and New Hampshire. Not much in Connecticut and Rhode Island but they do have their own big cities. There’s casinos in Connecticut. The end of the Appelechian trail in Western Massachusetts. There’s buses going to and from Boston and New York city constantly. Toronto, Quebec City, and Montreal aren’t too far if you want to venture into Canada lol.

  2. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. I hope you feel better soon Liz! I agree it sucks being sick and calling out of work. For me, it takes a lot to call out because I’m at home so I can work even when I’m sick bc otherwise I might call out due to being contagious or just not feeling up to commuting, etc. But being a nurse it’s different, you should be careful. And yeah, even if your body needs the rest and all, it’s easy to feel kinda guilty. I think society just conditions us to be go-go-go all the time.

    The Fresh Market sounds really cool! We have a store here called Earth Fare that is kind of like that, it’s a local healthy food store with organic stuff. I hope you feel better soon and can go.

    • It definitely sucks being sick as a nurse. Not even cause I think about spreading germs (there are already SO MANY floating around), but because when my stomach hurts to walk, there is no possible way for me to work, which is what I ran into on Sunday evening. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so useless in my life!

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