Random Updates on Nothing

Any love I had for exercising is just gone this week. I’ve been doing great the last few weeks (like two) at staying motivated and wanting to go to the gym. Being sick totally ruined this. Whenever I get sick enough to actually throw up, it messes up my stomach for at least a week after (or more). I also didn’t feel well enough to eat anything other than crackers and soup for three days, and eating any bread (and larger amounts of dairy) makes it hard for me to get things moving to go to the bathroom, if you know what I mean. So I’m left feeling rather disgusting.

I think today I may try and at least do a short run near my house to get things moving, but CrossFit looks miserable today because of how plump I feel, and I normally love long WODs. I also have a test tonight that I’ve been studying for and really need to dedicate time to it and don’t think that a long noon WOD would be ideal today. So there goes another week paid for that I’m not going, but I’m not going to worry about it. I’ve got enough on my plate without worrying about a wasted $20 for the week!

I spent the first hour of my day cleaning and am really dying to clean my house! I cleaned up and swept, but I still haven’t gotten all the glue off the floors from when we installed them in December! I noticed rings appearing in my toilet yesterday (unacceptable!) and I feel like the spare bedroom is being overrun with stuff! I also really want to stain my wooden stand in the kitchen and PAINT THE WALLS! And I want to start my photo collage for the wall behind my couch! But this is a really rough month, so all of that will probably get pushed off until April/May/June.

Last night, I asked Jon to pour our cat food from our big storage container into the little one that we pour from. The container is huge and I always spill it.

He said: “You should do it yourself and learn how to be independent.”

Me: “I already was independent and now I’m getting married for a reason. Now can you please do it?”

I mean, really. I lived alone for various years throughout my adult life. Clearly I’m capable of being independent. But isn’t one of the perks of getting married that now you have somebody to do the man chores?! (Man chores include: pouring the litter into the bin- 35lbs of an awkward shape doesn’t work well for me, taking out the trash, changing light bulbs that I can’t reach, pouring cat food from big container to little container, and taking out recycling. Jon also checks the mail in this family.) I think he was feeling overwhelmed because the recycling bins had to come in, we have a light bulb out, and the cat food ran out all at the same time. He’s not used to having three things on his list all in the same day! Wouldn’t it be nice if all men were able to see the time women actually put into keeping the house clean? Clean toilets, clean laundry, clean dishes, and clean floors seem to magically appear in the mind of a man. (Clearly not all men and women function this way. I know there are men out there who are clean and women out there who are messy.)

I’m totally talking to myself now. I’m just going to stop here and go start typing up my cheat sheet for my biology test (how awesome is that- all this extra credit and cheat sheets in my lab is making me feel like I got screwed by my lab professor last semester- but we’ll see how hard this test is tonight).

2 thoughts on “Random Updates on Nothing

  1. Sorry you’re still not feeling 100% and couldn’t go to CrossFit this week. The wasted money sucks but some weeks, maybe you will get to go more so it’ll make up for it? And yeah, I do agree on the chores and housework thing, there are just certain jobs around the house that are easier for guys to do. We moved into a big house and it’s just super hard to keep everything clean!

    • I’m glad our house isn’t that big! I wonder how my mom kept the house so clean when we were younger with three kids and our house was never very small AND she was working! Jon said we should get a maid to come do our bathrooms and floors but there’s only 2 of us in a small house! I think we can manage! But it sure is a lot more time consuming than I thought when I was younger, and adding another person to the house probably close to doubled the time I spent cleaning!

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