Reasons I hate sick days

I ended up staying home sick again today! I woke up feeling like I may be able to go to work, but since I had barely been eating for two days, wasn’t really sure how much stomach would feel once I ate something. I didn’t feel like working for 8 hours on an empty stomach either, so I decided to just stay at home. I also went to bed at 10 last night and was insanely tired at 5 when my alarm went off, which is unusual for me, so I think I needed more sleep! I feel much better now (thought still living off soup and crackers), but I’m glad to have a day to rest still.

Remember being a kid and staying home sick was so much fun? It’s really not as cool when you’re an adult. This is my list of why:

1. This is actually my first whole day that I’ve ever called out sick in my entire working career. I just don’t like having to do it.

2. Nobody is home to keep me company other than the cats, and they keep knocking over the mess from the tables onto the floor.

3. My energy is really lacking so I just sit here and stare at all the things I could be cleaning.

4. I got way behind on studying yesterday cause I couldn’t concentrate on schoolwork.

5. I don’t have benefits at work so I’ve missed out on over 10 hours of pay just for this week.

6. I have all this time to work out and feel too horrible to do anything.

That’s all I can think of. Who really wants to read a blog about a girl who just sits at home and is sick? I’m just procrastinating because next up on my list is LOTS of biology.

I did make it to the Fresh Market for the first time ever today. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I have no idea how to mail things from my condo. Not a clue. And I had to mail something today, so I had to drive over to the PO Box. The Fresh Market is right there and I was needing more sour cream for Jon’s burritos, so I finally went in. I loved it! I’ve heard rumors (and am too lazy to verify at this time- but it’s just a simple google search away for those who cares) that they are owned by the same company as Wal-Mart so we should all hate the Fresh Market too, but I don’t. It was like a mini Whole Foods and I can’t wait till I feel better and can make Jon explore it with me. I also love the area of the Fresh Market (it’s in downtown Dunwoody, which is the town I live in and is only about 10 minutes away) and found this breakfast place I want to go to! Everything is just super cute over there.

Okay, time to study. Have a good day- hope everybody stays healthy!