Perfect day off of work!

I’ve had a pretty fantastic Monday, which I find really exciting because I work every day between tomorrow and Saturday (off Sunday though!). I woke up at 8:30 so I could go make sure the school took care of the registration holds on my account and I was expecting a huge hassle. It’s my last class that I need for graduation and everything else related to being a transient student has been a pain in the ass. Surprisingly, it was taken care of immediately!

I came home and made breakfast and started working on my lab report for biology. I did that for a little over an hour (still a lot to go on it) and then I went to the hospital to have lunch with Jon (he works there, not as a patient!). I love that I live so close to his work and to Kassie’s work because I have lunch with both of them fairly regularly. I was in such a bad mood last night and totally took it out on Jon, so it was nice to actually talk to him and be friendly over lunch!

It is an absolutely beautiful fall day today, so I texted Kassie to see if she wanted to meet me at Piedmont Park for a run this afternoon. She works from home on Mondays and lives right across the street from the park, so she was able to. I haven’t ran with anybody since I’ve started running lately and it was so nice! We went 2.5 miles in 25 minutes and the time flew by! I wore my new shoes and had no complaints during the run! I actually felt amazing and wanted to keep running but Kass hasn’t been running distances lately, so she was done! We went back to her house and got her dog and then took a walk around the park for awhile. I noticed a small little pain in my left knee walking around, but it was minor and I didn’t feel it when I got home. I actually considered going back out to run more because it’s so nice out and I just didn’t feel satisfied yet, but I’m trying to be smart about it since I’m in new shoes. So I didn’t. I’m still hesitant about pushing too much and getting any kind of injury. I know I don’t run that far, but I’m also not used to running much at all. It is really nice though because all those years that I spent in the Army, I wanted to die at the end of a 2 mile run! And today I felt great at the end of 2.5 miles! Even though I wish I could run 10 miles it’s no big deal (I’m so impatient!), it’s still nice to notice little improvements like that.

piedmont park

Anyway, I had planned on going to the gym after the run, but it was already 3:30 and the gym starts getting busy at 4 on Monday. Not in the mood to deal with that and I wanted to enjoy the weather, so I skipped the gym. I can go tomorrow after work! Instead I came home, made a cup of coffee, and am sitting on the porch blogging! Jon came home from work early though and needs his computer for homework, so I guess I’ll be moving back into the house to work on my lab report from my desktop 😦 I want a laptop! For free! Nobody wants to spend $1000 on computers when there are trips to be had and floors to be installed!


Crista is coming over a little later to cook with me. Since I work all week, I’ll make a bunch of food tonight. I think I’m going to make Paleo pad thai tonight too. I had planned on trying a bunch of new recipes this week, but got to Whole Foods at 8:30 last night after work and they close at 9 so I felt really rushed, and all I had to eat at work was a thing of yogurt so I started getting really shaky (hence my bad mood when I got home- poor Jon). It’s hard to think under those conditions, so almost everything on my grocery list is still sitting at the store.

Not looking forward to working at all this week, but I guess that’s life! I just want to enjoy the fall weather since it has been such a nice fall this year! I think the leaves are prettier than usual and the weather has just been perfect! I’m hoping to get a few more runs in this week, even though I probably won’t do anything too long until I’m positive that these shoes are okay!

Mmmkay, everybody have a good day.


5 thoughts on “Perfect day off of work!

  1. Enjoyed reading your post! I love running with a friend, it really does help the time fly! As far as your photos are concerned, check Media option, then Edit photo under your selected photo – I usually set my photos to 300×250 and that works perfectly. Hope that helped a bit!

  2. Glad you got a run in with a friend, sometimes the shorter ones with friends where you just relax are the best runs. As far as running double digit runs like 10 miles goes, it takes a LONG time. Sometimes I feel like I make it seem easy, but I’ve been running for years now and it’s still tough, both mentally and physically. It’s all in what you’re used to though, I can’t imagine doing some of the CrossFit workouts you’ve done! Good luck making the Paleo Pad Thai (sounds tasty- I love Thai food) and the pictures are so pretty where you live! I wish our leaves changed like that.

    • It’s beautiful out lately! I love that Georgia still has a fall and spring but the weather isn’t horrible in the winter! The Paleo pad thai really wasn’t anything special! But I definitely didn’t follow the directions 100% either! It really does make me feel better when I read people who run far that still have hard runs at times! I feel like people who can run far and fast just do it effortlessly, which I know isn’t really true!

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