9am and already home from work!

Yesterday I got off work at 3 and decided that since I really didn’t have time to go do a leg workout, that I’d at least go for a run. While running, I decided that all of my short runs from now on need to be at least 3 miles. So, that’s my new goal. I ran 3 miles in 26:29 (8:47/8:43/8:46). I was pretty excited because my times are definitely improving and I feel much more comfortable running. Still want to really start working more on distance. That run kind of is cheating because the entire 2nd mile is pretty much a decline, but the 3rd mile does have 2 small hills and some other inclines. Kind of sort of evens out.

At the end of my run (thankfully at the end), I started feeling not so great. Came home and felt fairly disgusting and sick but knew I needed to eat since I was about to spend five hours in class. So I ate and then felt awful the rest of the night. Every time I had to get up and move it would just upset my stomach again. Got home around 10 from class and took Zofran (thankful for being a nurse and having a stash of meds at home) and watched some TV before going to bed.

I woke up this morning and played around with the idea of calling in but 12 hours is a lot of money to miss out on! So I went to work and it was super slow and I was basically extra, so I got sent home. I left work a 7:24. I live 19.5 miles from work. I got home at 8:48. I hate Atlanta traffic! I almost went to my parent’s house from work because there isn’t any traffic, but I thought maybe the drive wouldn’t be horrible and I really just wanted to come home. I’m still not feeling very great (I took another Zofran this morning) and am definitely feeling like I won’t be able to tolerate food… I had a biscuit for breakfast (gluten free and the only “bread” in my house- I don’t even own crackers!) and that’s about all that I think I can eat… Whenever my stomach is upset, I always wish I bought food other than veggies, meat, and fruit. Carrots really don’t sound appetizing today.

I do have a ton of homework to do today, so I think I’m just going to start off with a Lifetime movie (they’re never good), and then take a quick nap and start on my lab report. I’m hoping to feel well enough to get a leg workout in today but it’s not looking promising… Definitely need to head to Wal-Mart and get a few hours of school stuff done. I’m hoping to be able to pick up some more hours over the weekend to make up for the lost hours today since Jon will be at work, so I’m going to try to get as much homework knocked out as possible.

After my movie… 🙂 and nap! (By the way, it’s in the 20s right now! FREEZING! And I want to light a fire but have an irrational fear of burning the house down so I’m too scared to actually light the fire… I’m also 27 and have only lit ONE match in my entire life. That was enough. Guess I’ll just move my space heater to the living room. I can pretend it’s a fire.)


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