Georgia Weekend and Charleston Week

It has been a busy week! I went back to Georgia last weekend to finish up my paperwork for my internship. I ended up picking up from 7a-3p on Saturday, but they approved my shift as a 7a-7p shift. It was a whole mess and I ended up ugly crying to my supervisor about it, but it was basically a whole miscommunication (at least, the reason I cried was- the shift approval was an error on their part) so I shouldn’t have cried. I could have made totally valid points too had I not gotten so worked up over nothing. I felt stupid, but at least everybody cries in the office, haha.

Saturday night, I had dinner with Gina, Kassie, and Laura. I picked Kassie up on the way down to Gina’s, which ended up being really nice since we sat in traffic for SO LONG (on a Saturday at 3pm- Atlanta is horrendous with that 85 bridge collapsed). We all went out to eat at La Parilla. The service was so incredibly slow but since it was nice to catch up, it was no big deal. We have just been hanging out at Gina’s every time we get together lately, so it was fun to get out and actually do something for once. We sat on Gina’s porch until about 9pm that night since it was a beautiful night out, and then I headed home.

I hung out with my mom over coffee on Sunday morning. It was actually really nice. Even though I lived there for 5 months, our weekend mornings are typically rushed and normally we have a one year old demanding all of the attention. The weather was crappy on Sunday morning and my mom wasn’t running errands, so it was just nice to relax over coffee with her. Even though it’s totally not ideal for Jackson and I to move back in there while Jon stays in Charleston, I actually really do enjoy spending time with my parents as an adult, especially working in the field that I work in. I know they won’t be around forever, and I enjoy my mom and dad so much more as a grown up so it’s just nice to have this time together.

I got my hair cut on Sunday and then met Laura to run some errands at the mall. I miss our best friend errand running together! And her and Doug want to move to Colorado next year, so I feel like these days are coming to an end! Sunday night, I went to eat at Cue (barbecue) with my mom and dad for my birthday. My mom and I started watching 13 Reasons Why and then I finished 5 episodes before going to bed at midnight!

Monday I turned 31! Woohoo! Kidding. There wasn’t anything special about it. I slept in and then met up with Lizzie and her 6 month old for brunch. She brought me balloons and a card and it was so sweet! I didn’t even know if she knew it was my birthday! It was so good to catch up with her and James just chilled the whole time! I drove home Monday afternoon and got home just in time to put Jackson to bed!

The rest of the week has been decent. I had Jackson on Tuesday, so we went to the park and played outside pretty much all day since it was nice out.

Wednesday I had a personal training session in the morning. I hadn’t worked out all week except for a quick home workout on Friday morning and I usually do some pull ups, push ups, squats, and rows at the park, but that’s it. It was nice to work out again. After that, I came home and changed and went out to the French restaurant I found awhile ago for brunch. This was a new location though and it was WAY less busy and perfect for doing work, which I haven’t really found yet. After that, I went to the beach for an hour. It was a perfect day at the beach! It wasn’t too warm and the water was a good temperature! I could have stayed forever except I knew I’d burn if I stayed! I came home in time to shower, have lunch, hang out on the couch and watch TV for a minute, and then went to get Jackson.

Yesterday morning I took Jackson to the gym with me and then we played outside for awhile after. After he napped, I took him to the chiropractor with me, which was NOT fun! I’ve never taken him to an appointment with me and he is just in a phase where he is all over the place but doesn’t comprehend directions very well. Jon was home when we got home, so we went to Target together and then Jackson was over being out, so we came home to hang out.

Today, I met up with Lisa and Nora at Bee City, which is a petting zoo about 40 minutes away. Jackson liked it, but it was kind of a gross little petting zoo. Haha. And the lemur and monkey food was Cheerios! I mean, Cheerios aren’t even good for humans, so I can’t imagine ingesting a bunch of them is good for “wild” animals. It was fun to get together with Lisa and Nora though, especially since we missed our playdate last week.

Jackson fell asleep on the way home, so I got ready and had lunch while he napped. Jon’s mom is coming in town to watch Jackson while we have a date night tonight, except I’m actually really tired. Lame. I know. We’ll still rally and go out while we have a babysitter though! I think we’re going to run to Publix right now for a few things and then I’ll try to get ready while I have a crazy boy with me.

I think this weekend, we’re going to go find a raincoat for me for Iceland. I also need to start getting clothes for my internship since I don’t think I can just wear scrubs. I have dress pants, but EVERY single pair needs to be taken in along the entire legs to fit and some need to be hemmed still. So frustrating. I wish I could just wear regular sized clothing. I may only get 2 or 3 pairs of pants altered and just wear the same ones all the time and then get some tops that go with them.

I guess I’ll go. Jackson is up and he is being super fussy. I think he’s teething, so he’s been clinging to me like crazy and not eating nearly as much.


3 thoughts on “Georgia Weekend and Charleston Week

  1. I don’t think anyone can get away with tailored pant suits lol. Even on me they can be too long and the waste is usually big.

    That petting zoo makes me sad feeding those pore animals cheerios.

    • I felt SO bad for the animals! I actually am not a fan of zoos anyway, but was really hoping this one would be good because it had such good reviews. And I think a petting zoo COULD be acceptable since the animals were injured and are smaller than regular zoos. But CHEERIOS?!

  2. I’m just catching up on reading blogs!! I can’t believe they feed the animals cheerios, that is awful!!!
    I’m the same with dress pants, so frustrating!

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