Date Night at Slightly North of Broad

Hey-o! HAPPY SATURDAY! I love Jackson’s nap time on weekends because it’s just our chill time. I mean, his nap time is always my chill time, but I guess it’s just nice having Jon home for it too. I was actually planning on napping today, but then I just drank coffee instead. I’m sure it’ll wear off at 2pm, just in time for Jackson to wake up.

Jon and I had a date night last night! WOOHOO! Jon’s mom got here around 6:15, so I did my hair real quick (hard to do while caring for a child) and we got dressed to go. Jon and I didn’t actually plan anything and figured we could wing it, but apparently you can’t do that in Charleston. All the restaurants we looked at had a 2-3 hour wait OR reservations after 9:30 at night. WTF. When we called Magnolia’s, they said there were plenty of seats open at the bar, but when we got there 20 minutes later, it was jam-packed.

We ended up at Slightly North of Broad. They said it was a 10 minute wait so we said we’d eat there. We hung out by the bar and then got seated. Our server was awesome. The menu wasn’t my type of menu (but most places in Charleston are seafood/Southern type stuff, which is right there with Chinese for foods I’m not big on), but they had triggerfish on the menu of the day, so I went with that. Jon got the braised pork cheek appetizer too. The food was SO good! So far, that was my favorite meal at a restaurant (I still love my Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit). The sauce on the fish was so good! The pork cheek was super good, but I love all pork cheek that I’ve had. Even their bread basket was awesome. Definitely not a cheap place (although Jon suggested a chophouse that had $50-$60 plates, so this was much more reasonable), but super good. Also, while I sort of cringe spending over $100 on dinner, we also almost never go out to eat anymore. Our date nights every 6 weeks or so at over $100 a meal is still far cheaper than what we used to spend eating out in Atlanta. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t live near babysitters! I actually sort of prefer it this way. It’s kind of fun to explore the nicer restaurants, and we really enjoy our date nights since they’re so infrequent. Definitely much more satisfying in both ways than just running out to grab Mexican every Friday night. Jon really wants to get a babysitter so we can go out more frequently, but I just can’t spend $15/hr for somebody to watch Jackson. I’d rather just start being intentional about our time together at home, and splurge on our rare date nights when we get them!

Anyway, after SNOB, we went to Revelry Brewing, which was right next to a really awesome looking gym (Big Work Fitness Factory, for any Charleston peeps or people visiting). I want to go do a drop in at that gym because it just looked awesome! But anyway, Revelry was not really my scene. Definitely a younger crowd, and last night was pretty cold! We stayed for one drink and then Grandma over here (me) wanted to go home and relax. I also was hoping to get a few minutes to chat with Jon’s mom before she went to bed, since she drove four hours to let us go on a date night. We did make it home in time to see her and stayed up until midnight chatting.

This morning, we went to the gym as a family (Jon’s mom left early). We did last Saturday too, since they have daycare on Saturday mornings. Since the daycare girl at the gym is different on the weekends, I try to make the time a little shorter on Saturdays since Jackson doesn’t really know her. We were there for 45 minutes. I did a leg workout that was good, and tomorrow I plan on doing more upper body. Jon pretends he doesn’t know me when we’re working out, but I’m really trying to get him to go to the gym more often. I want us to be as healthy as possible for the rest of our lives, since we have a little bub to raise.

I have no idea what our day has in store. I’m about to shower, but it’s SO nice out today. I’m hoping we get some park time in with the boy since it’s probably going to get hot again soon. I also need to find a rain jacket for Iceland (19 days until departure!!!!!). I really need to take my rings to get inspected for their warranty too, which is hopefully still valid since we haven’t gone in like, a year to have them inspected (supposed to be every 6 months).

Oh, also, I’m contemplating switching to a more public blog (I know that this is public). Not necessarily to make money off of it, but just to have something I wouldn’t mind people I know seeing. I don’t know if I will, just because I don’t know that I’ll have much time to commit to well thought out blog posts (or at least, more thought out than what I write now) once I move back to GA in September. Life is going to be insane when I get back, so maybe I’ll wait… But, just thinking about it!

5 thoughts on “Date Night at Slightly North of Broad

  1. You should check out The North Face outlet for Iceland stuff and for Jackson- it’s at Tanger and they have some great stuff and some good sales as well. I went in when I was out that way last weekend. Glad SNOB was good too! I still need to make it to Callie’s Biscuits :).

    • I can’t believe you haven’t had a biscuit there yet! They’re so good! But I love breakfast sandwiches! I used to go to the North Face outlet in Atlanta, but they never have anything that runs small enough for me! I’ll have to try the one here.

      • This one at Tanger has kids stuff. The last jacket I bought there, I just got the kid’s size. Looks exactly like adults but it was a lot cheaper, you can probably do that too!

  2. $15/hr for a babysitter is a bit pricy. I think I made $12/hr babysitting for doctors in college.

    • They go up to $20 an hour! My friend in Atlanta babysat her way through her grad school internship and made $17-$20 an hour (for rich families though). But here, it’s $12-$15 for a date night sitter. I used to make $10 an hour but that was 15 years ago!

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