Hey! I figured I’d write two days in a row, since I probably won’t again for a few days. I had another session with Jeremy this morning (my personal trainer), but it wasn’t nearly as hard as usual. We normally do supersets the entire time and we didn’t do any today. I can’t say I really minded, but then again, it’s kind of nice to go get my butt kicked for 30 minutes without having to think about it. I’ll go back tomorrow though, so it’s not that big of a deal. I’ve been doing legs pretty frequently and I think they’re starting to get a little tired. I feel like I need a real leg rest for a good week or so to just let everything get back to normal.

Yesterday was a tough day at home. Jackson was so difficult and didn’t want to nap for his second nap, which I usually let slide. But I had woken him up early from his first nap so we could get that second nap, and I wasn’t about to make it until 7pm on an hour of sleep before 10:30am. So, I was irritated, even though he’s cute.

So last night, Jon was like, “Why don’t you just go do something?” I normally just stay home because I don’t have much to do in the evenings since I don’t know anybody, but I went and looked at stuff at Marshall’s and Kids to Kids. I drove out on a back road to the next town west of here and tried Amazing Sweet Spot (I think), that’s a little shop that basically makes fair food. The food was decent and I wasn’t a big fan of my strawberry shortcake at all, but the people were super nice. Still nice to get out, anyway!

I just finished up one assignment and just need Jon to read my last paper tonight so I can make edits and submit it. Then I’m ALL DONE for the semester! I had planned on trying to go to the beach today if I had time, but I thought I’d spend the day watching a movie for school. Turns out, I couldn’t watch any for free, so I chose to write about a movie I’ve already seen a bunch instead. Worked out! I’m considering either cleaning (probably not going to happen), running out to DSW (might happen), or just watching TV and hanging out on the couch (will definitely happen before anything else).

Next week, I think I might take Jackson to Magnolia Plantation, which is way closer than I thought it was. It’s supposed to be nice and I figure we should do it before it gets too hot. I’m also taking Jackson to Bee City (not totally sure what this is, but they have a petting zoo and Jackson loves animals) on Friday with Nora and Lisa next week, so I’m excited to get out of the house and do stuff.

I’m working this Saturday (in GA, obviously) from 7-3 and then I think the girls are getting together Saturday night. I’m finally get my hair cut on Sunday and can’t wait! I always let it go for so long and then I decide one day that I’ve had enough and I need it cut ASAP! That’s exactly what happened. I’m thinking I might go a little shorter. I’ve been considering going shoulder length or even shorter, but I doubt I will. I need to be able to do ponytails in Iceland. Sunday night, I’m going out to eat with my mom and dad for my birthday dinner (my 31st birthday is Monday). Then Monday, I may try to pick up 7-11am, or I may just go the gym in the morning and head home after that. We don’t technically -need- the money, so it’s hard to just want to pick up when I FINALLY get free time in GA, but we also haven’t saved much money (although, we have paid off a lot of Jon’s car). So I feel like if I want to go to Iceland in May, road trip to Wisconsin with Jackson (and hopefully Jon!) in June, road trip to Canada with Gina in July, go to Scotland in October with Jon, and maybe go to South Africa in December (or possibly Cambodia on a medical relief trip), then I better work if I can. Even if it’s $100 extra dollars, that $100 more than we have now. I feel like I’ll be back to work in September though, but realistically, between doing my internship, doing the assignments associated with my masters, driving to SC to see Jon with a kid, and working enough to pay for daycare, I doubt I’ll be making a whole lot extra. But I’ll probably be too busy to spend a whole lot too!

Just a random last thought- I bought a plain gray tank top last night (it’s looser). It was cheap at Marshall’s but Jon was like, “Do you NEED that?!” (he was kidding- he really never questions how I spend money, which is good because as seen above, I spend all of our money on vacations for myself). This whole mom thing makes getting dressed tough. I’m actually finally super content with my body again, minus the belly a little bit but that is totally because I eat bread and I will never have a flat stomach if I eat bread, but now I have a one year old! With dirty hands! I have so many clothes in my closet and I look at them and I’m like, “Um, no. I’m not letting sticky fingers all over that shirt.” Not that they’re even super fancy or anything, but I don’t want all my clothes getting ruined by little kids. Most of the clothes I have, while not fancy, were still not super cheap since I stopped buying cheap clothes and went for higher quality clothes (not like, $100, but most of my shirts are like, $30- still too much for me to want to ruin by guacamole covered sticky baby hands). But I also get tired of wearing Target v-necks (I actually don’t get tired of them, but I do sometimes want to dress a little nicer). I just feel like a frump all that time. Probably because I come home from the gym in the morning, shower, only wash my hair every few days, throw on underwear and a sleep shirt, and only put gym shorts and a bra on to go get Jackson. I just need some decent, cheaper shirts that I don’t mind getting ruined just in case Jackson ruins them. I also have a lot of tighter tank tops and that’s just not happening. This mom wants clothes that aren’t super clingy. I just want to look put together, but be comfortable, and be in clothes that are cheap enough to not stress over Jackson putting his hands all over. And to have something that I’m comfortable in other than v-necks.

Alright, time to go be lazy for one last day. Since school is almost over, I’m hoping to get out and spend many more days exploring and being active. And hopefully finding a pool or somewhere with water to spend our days in. I think I might just buy a little plastic kiddy pool. I think Jackson would love that!

8 thoughts on “Wednesday!

  1. Do the kiddie pool! Jackson will love it. We don’t have a kiddie pool but a little shallow section for the kids. There are always tons of kids at our pool. I am bookmarking Amazing Sweet Spot to try next time I’m out that way too. I’ve never even heard of it.

    • It wasn’t totally worth it, really. The service was GREAT, but eh, food wasn’t anything special. Although I read their funnel cakes are good. I want to go to Charleston Bakery or something like that. I thought it was the place you mentioned out in Summerville, right near 61 and Dorchester Rd, maybe?

      • OH YEAH… Charleston Bakery is good! My friend Tami introduced it to me one day after track. It’s really not a bad drive just head down 61. Magnolia Plantation is on Hwy 61 too although much closer to West Ashley than Summerville.

        I’ve only had desserts from Charleston Bakery but heard they do good food too. The red velvet cheesecake is good and so are the salted caramel brownies. The desserts are huge and very reasonably priced for what you’re getting.

      • I drove that way out last night. That road is so pretty with all the trees! There were some decent looking neighborhoods too just past Bees Ferry on 61 too. I saw Magnolia Plantation too. I definitely thought it was farther out than it is.

      • Yeah, traffic is crazy in those neighborhoods, too. We used to live at Shadowmoss and that was before traffic got so bad. Village Green is a rough one for traffic too… Hwy 61 in the mornings, headed toward Charleston, is pretty rough.

        I also drove that way last night when I was on my way back from Summerville. It’s really not a bad drive, as I go out there to run a lot with no issues. I love driving that way and by all the plantations and the trees!

      • That’s where my old daycare was before! On 61, between Bees Ferry and Magwood. I hated it! Jackson goes to an in-home daycare now off the back entrance of your neighborhood, actually. It’s MUCH better getting that way in the mornings! I had no idea there were so many plantations out that way! I need to get out and see them!

  2. I feel you on the leg day rest. When I started working out again 2-3 weeks ago, every night in bed I could feel my legs just be so tight! Legs are such an important workout though, works out that core and back muscles as well!

    Isn’t it so tough being somewhere new and barely knowing anyone? All there is to do is explore and look at shops but then that costs money so you need to limit that. When I was living with my ex, I used get driven insane just staying with the three dogs. He would try to help get me out, but it would be like why don’t you check out the dog park. Yes, just what I want, more dogs lol.

    You can still wear a ponytail with shoulder length! You may need a few clips depending how they cut it. Or you can do a blob, long bob. It’s still relatively at shoulder length but the front is a little longer.

    Wow so many trips! I’m very jealous! Scotland sounds so amazing!

    Can you buy cheaper but nicer clothes at like H&M, Forever 21? There’s this UK store that has opened up a couple locations in the US called Primark and it’s even cheaper than H&M. Maybe there’s one in Atlanta where you can get cheap clothes that aren’t just v-necks?

    • I’ve looked at H&M but didn’t find anything that I really liked there, unfortunately. I think I have a few things from there, but not anything super casual. I’ve never heard of Primark before. I definitely am hoping to find some cheaper clothes to wear, but I haven’t really been out shopping a ton! I had shorter hair before and had to use SO many bobby pins to keep it out of my face. Jon hates bobs too, haha. I like them, but it’s the one style of hair that he absolutely hates. Whenever I go shorter though, I always regret it and miss my hair! It’s not as hard as I thought not knowing anybody, but I am definitely starting to want more social interaction. It took a full 3 months to get there though! I’m meeting up with a new girl next week though, so hopefully that’ll help, and I have a longer playdate with Lisa and Nora too.

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