Life Updates

Happy Monday! I had planned on going to see Lizzie and her baby today, but Jackson threw a pretty huge tantrum when I tried to get him dressed to take him to daycare. Since he’s had a runny nose and has been fussy in the evenings, I didn’t want to expose him to a non-daycare baby, so I had planned on dropping him off at daycare today. But I guess he had other plans! Instead, I gave him a bottle before his nap in hopes of him sleeping extra long this morning and put him down for a nap at home. I guess I’ll postpone my plans again! I’m kind of itching for him to get to daycare since I kept him home on Friday to let him get some extra sleep since he has a cold, but then my productivity goes out the window.

Actually, I did take him to Carter’s to return an outfit on Friday. And then I bought two outfits since they were on mega sale, but it wasn’t until I was halfway home that I realized that they way overcharged me. So now I need to go back anyway and get my money back! Babies are so distracting. I would have caught that had he not been with me, but at the time, I just wanted to get out of the store since he was being kind of difficult (/they have no shopping carts and he was getting really heavy).

Jon got home right before Jackson went to bed on Friday night. Since my parents were home, Jon and I went out to grab some dinner. We wanted to try a Southern place nearby, but it was pretty fancy and they took reservations, so we turned around and walked out of there pretty fast! Instead, we found this Jerusalem cafe on Yelp and went there. It was much more casual and the shawarma was actually really good. It was a pretty legit place!

Saturday morning we decided to go hunt down Santa! We went to Bass Pro Shops and unfortunately, our time slot for Santa wasn’t until 2pm (it was 10:30). After a quick visit to the merry-go-round, we decided to drive around and let Jackson nap in the car. Our morning was spent driving around and stopping so one person could go inside to eat breakfast while the other sat in the car with Jackson. We finally went back to Bass Pro and walked around and stood in line for our photos. I was majorly bummed because they set Jackson on Santa’s lap for maybe 10 seconds max and never even try to get the kids to smile! I had my real camera with me, but the 3 photos I got (literally in a row- that’s how long he was on his lap) were not great. Santa’s eyes are closed in the good one of Jackson, and then Santa isn’t looking in the other, and the other one is washed out. The quality of their photos really sucked.

We spent Saturday evening just hanging out at home. I was going to go to Kassie’s Christmas party, but she was sick so she had to cancel it. It ended up being fine, since I was super tired on Saturday night and just relaxed!

I worked all day yesterday. There is nothing exciting about that. Twelve hour shifts seem ungodly long now. I never work more than 10 so the day felt like it was never going to end. And I have to work 12s on Christmas Eve and Christmas so I’m dreading that for two days in a row. HOW did I ever work so much overtime?!

Anyway, it’s now 8pm and I just sat down and saw this post still up (Jackson woke up while I was typing), so I’ll just go ahead and post this, haha.


2 thoughts on “Life Updates

  1. I’ve always heard the Santas at Bass Pro are really good but it sounds like the experience was bad with them not giving the kids much time with Santa. Things like that are why so many children hate santa and throw fits- the workers just don’t know how to deal with children (and probably should not be in that line of work in that case).

    Glad you and Jon had a good date and some relaxation! Do you at least get paid good overtime for Christmas? Maybe working it won’t be so bad…

    • I get time and a half, and since I haven’t switched my status yet at work, I still make a good hourly rate so it’ll be a good check! Especially since I work part of New Year’s too. Christmas is usually not bad at all, but the shifts just feel SO long and I’m so tired after such a long shift! I’m just not used to it anymore! The workers there seemed pretty decent, but it was just SO rushed! They were actually really nice the rest of the time and seemed pretty happy to be there, but I feel like the kids should get at least like, 30 seconds!!!

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