Vacation Vacation VACATION!! WOOHOO!!

Hey guys! I’m back in Atlanta, living the daycare dream, haha. But really, it’s been wonderful having daycare again! Jackson had adjusted back to his two nap schedule really well, with fairly set meal times, and we just had a good routine down in Charleston. I feel bad having him back on one nap a day since it’s not nearly enough for him, but FREEDOM! I dropped him off at daycare on Tuesday morning and spent a few hours at a coffee shop, planning our January vacation and working on my Shutterfly album for Jon’s 2nd Father’s Day. It was wonderful!

Speaking of our January vacation, we FINALLY decided on a place! Since Jon is still paranoid about the Muslim influx/ISIS in France (dumb, I’m SURE it’s fine!), we are going to Poland! I can’t freaking wait! I have actually wanted to go to Poland for a long time and it is going to be so cold there, but I don’t even care! We aren’t renting a car because of the weather, so we will have to navigate the trains there, which I hear can be difficult because of the language barrier. It’s like most European countries- in bigger towns, English is pretty common, but not so much in smaller places. We hope to fly into Warsaw, then go to Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, and Gdansk. If we have to cut one out, it’d be Krakow, but I really want to go since I’ve always wanted to go to Auschwitz-Birkenau. And the AirBnBs are like, $30-40 a night for very nice apartments in the center of the old towns! Super super super excited! I feel like a whole new woman now that I have a vacation to go on! I just need to get some real Ambien (not the short acting stuff that did nothing!) so that I can sleep on the flight!

I hung out with Gina, Kassie, and Laura last weekend for Gina’s birthday. We just got together on Saturday night and did some crafts and relaxed. It’s always nice to see friends again and I hate being so far! However, Kassie is moving a few hours away in August, and Laura and her boyfriend are planning a move to Colorado sometime in the next year, so it’s not like we’ll have many friends left here anyway! I went over to Crista’s house on Sunday night and just hung out with her and her husband. I hadn’t seen her since her wedding, so it was definitely nice to see them! I’m off this Saturday, so I think Jon and I are going to take Jackson to their house on Saturday morning, and then I’m going to a Christmas party at Kassie’s in the evening while Jon watches Jackson.

I’m working all day Sunday. BOO! I actually will be working more coming up anyway. I had planned on going back to Charleston in January for two weeks, but then I decided to stay in Georgia. If we go out of town in January, I need to try and get ahead on schoolwork so I’m not spending our whole trip doing that. Since I don’t have daycare there, it makes sense to stay here so I can actually get stuff done, instead of entertaining a baby. I might as well work some shifts to help cover the cost of our trip since I’ll be home! And then in February, Jackson and I will go to Charleston for the next 6 months or so “permanently.” I’m actually excited to get back and start getting settled again. It is nice to be here again with my parents, but I miss Jon and our family life.

Anyway, I should go. I was called into work from 3-7 today, so I need to do my pump and maybe take a quick nap before heading in. Hopefully it won’t be a bad day. We keep getting texts for incentive pay (an extra $20 per hour), but now that we don’t need extra money, I just can’t do it! I worked on Monday for 4 hours and they begged me to stay longer for incentive pay and I just couldn’t, haha. I think I’ll have to do it next week or in January though, because I don’t want to be irresponsible and spend all of our money on our vacation! Besides, I’m going to Iceland this summer too and I really want to take a 3rd big trip, so we’ll see! I just need to find somebody to go on a trip with me, or maybe do 2 more smaller ones with Jon! WOOHOO VACAAAATIONNNNN!!!!!!!!!



9 thoughts on “Vacation Vacation VACATION!! WOOHOO!!

  1. Hooray for going on vacation! I can’t say I’ve ever thought about going to Poland but seeing a concentration camp like Auschwitz might be a very moving experience (if I could handle that… I’m not sure I could, emotionally). I’ve always been kinda jealous of your friendships with Gina, Kassie, and Laura and how you still keep in touch with your high school friends! I don’t talk to anyone from high school anymore… let alone even see them. But it has to be hard because you guys have had the amazing friendship for so long and are now moving away! I would totally be up for the incentive pay, but I’m salaried so if I could make extra money I would do it unless it sacrificed my sanity… haha.

    • It will be so crazy living away from everybody! But Kassie lived in Spain for a year and I left for Iraq for a year, so we’ve had time away! Kassie’s family and her husband’s family are here, so they’ll be back! Laura and Gina have more adventurous parents so they probably won’t stay here forever. I would be lost without them though! I haven’t really had many good friendships after high school! You’ve made so many friends in your adult life, which I wish I had done! But maybe we will once we get settled in a permanent location, especially since I won’t have all my close friends to rely on!

  2. I can actually feel your excitement!!! So happy you are finally going a trip!
    I am way to emotional and couldn’t handle Auschwitz, I also get so creeped out with stuff like that, even graveyards make me feel really uneasy.

    I haven’t been to Poland since I was in High School (15 years ago!!! Ouch I wish I hadn’t calculated that)

    I’m going to Iceland too, i booked flights for my sister for her 30th last week but we aren’t going until October next year, I wanted to go in summer but she really wants to try see the Northern Lights so I have a long wait!! BOO!

    I am still really close with my school friends too but we don’t hang out all that often together, they all have 2 and 3 kids so a group catch up takes 3 months advance arranging!

    • Ah I was hoping you’d be going to Iceland soon so I could hear all about it! We actually talked about going to Finland to see the Northern lights, but apparently you need a whole specific visa to enter Lapland, so we couldn’t do that! I’m so jealous that you live so much closer to all the awesome countries and I’m just stuck all the way over here in the US 😦 And of course, while we were researching this trip, we threw around a bunch of ideas and I looked at like, 4 new countries that I am DYING to go to now! Like Scotland! But Iceland has always been my dream country! I am SO excited to go this year!

      • That’s so cool that you are getting to go to your dream country, it’s been high on my list for a while too!
        Really, I didn’t know that about the visa thing, do you guys need a visa for EU travel and then another one for Lapland?! I hope European travel doesn’t change for us with the whole Brexit thing, I’ve really not taken advantage of living so close to and being able travel freely to all these cool places. We usually travel to the US or Middle East big trips now I’m like I want to see ALL of Italy and ALL of Croatia…

        We’re waiting till October but probably won’t even see them then anyway, my friend is just home from Lapland with her kids visiting Santa, I’ve been so jealous of all her Facebook and Instagram posts but she didn’t see the lights either, I guess it’s just your Luck! I’m so excited to hear about your trips!

      • You just need a passport for most EU travel, but there is an actual Visa for Lapland. I had no clue that Lapland even existed until looking into it now! Which would be fine with me, except it’s short notice to get all of that in order. I think I had to have a Visa for China and Australia and it wasn’t an issue. I don’t like Italy, haha. I think I’m the only person on this planet who doesn’t really like it, but I wasn’t impressed the first time I went, and then I went back again since our friends lived in Trani and I STILL just didn’t love it. Croatia was nice, but also super crowded and I had no idea it would be so crazy. I have major travel fever right now! I just want to go EVERYWHERE this year! But Jon only has so many days off, and my friend who I have always traveled with can finally travel with her boyfriend since he has a good job now, so her vacation days are limited with me! I need to find other people who can afford to travel and who love it as much as I do! Is there any word of Brexit changing how easy it is to travel for you guys? I feel like it’s still easy for us to travel to most places, so I wouldn’t think it’d get too difficult!

  3. It actually won’t change much at all for me as I only travel for 2 weeks in the summer usually (working full time SUCKS) except maybe the cost of travelling (although I do consider packing up and moving to Paris almost every day!!) However I know a lot of people who work and/or live outwith the UK for 6 months of the year, it may mean they might need visa’s/work permits also there are a lot of eastern Europeans who live and work here that are worried about what it means for them, but nothing has been decided yet.

    I’m not sure if our ‘visa free’ travel is a British passport thing or an EU thing. I read thing recently about powerful passports and we were in the top 4, that being said our Foreign Secretary is an absolute joke, so I’m pretty sure there are a few countries who’d happily score us off the list!!!!!

    Everyone loves Italy, ha!
    I have visited the Amalfi coast, Bologna and Rome but I’d like to see more, Lake Garda is on my list. I think of all the European countries I’ve visited Greece is my all time favourite, Berlin and Barcelona are my favourite European cities. I didn’t imagine Croatia would be overcrowded, although it has become a big holiday destination for Brits the last few years as countries that don’t use the Euro tend to be cheaper for us.

    You should post about travelling, your favourite places and places that didn’t meet the hype, I’d love to read that, especially your thoughts on Italy, ha!!! We have been looking at houses this week and its making me want to just spend all my savings on travelling, why must we settle down and have commitments like home-owning and partners!?!?!
    I hate being a grown up! LOL

    • I have thought about doing travel posts but for as much as I love to travel, I just don’t actually like writing about it! I really wish I did, but I HATE trip recaps! I think I started one for my Eurotrip in 2015, but I’m pretty sure I only wrote one post about 3 days and then I was bored with it. Besides, I’m almost out of memory for photos, so I don’t know that I’d be able to add many photos unless I learn how to compress them. My photos take up a ton of space since I shoot in one of the highest settings. I liked Amalfi and even kind of liked Trani when we went to Italy! I also did Italy on my first trip out of the US (and then later on I did Rome, Amalfi, and Trani) so I don’t think we planned as well as I would now! I have a lot more experience with traveling these days! Croatia was PACKED! I heard it’s a major summer tourist destination. I also went in July and I actually think that was my first “tourist” trip. The others are always in December or May, so we purposefully miss the busiest time of the year. I LOVED Greece! We did 21 days there and it was SO cheap! I’m excited that Poland uses another form of currency too, which is in our favor and the places to stay are SO cheap! Where in Poland did you go? And I totally feel you on just wanting to spend all of your money on traveling! Story of my life! Haha.

      • We went to Krakow, Lublin and Warsaw on a school trip, I really don’t think I appreciated traveling at all back then, especially if the place was even colder than home! A lot of stag(bachelor) parties go to Krakow from here as the beer is soooo cheap. I work with a lot of Polish people and they are all so lovely , I’d like to go back and visit properly!
        Haha, I love reading trip recaps!
        I haven’t been anywhere exciting since Santorini last year and I think it’s getting to me, maybe I’ll manage one big trip before we buy a place?!? I just need to convince Kevin!!!

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