Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy end of Thanksgiving weekend! It has been a pretty decent last few days! But first, Jon and I had our Mary Mac’s date downtown last week. Or whenever it was. I was so excited to get dressed up (in jeans, not like, a dress) and put on makeup and do my hair. And then I remember that I had a super busy day and was like, “Uh, F’ that, I’m not getting dressed!” And so I wore yoga pants and my hideous cloth boots that got my swollen, pregnant feet through winter last year. I didn’t wear makeup and I probably didn’t even wash my hair that day. Or my face. But that’s real Mom life.

I like to tell myself that I’m going to start spending some time on my appearance. I could whiten my teeth and I need to dye my hair again and I should probably get dressed occasionally, although I’ve lost so much weight and my body is weird from not working out, so yoga pants make more sense. And all that other stuff just takes time. Who wants to do all of that? Not me. But I need to get it together. I shouldn’t be a slob every day.

Anyway, so Thanksgiving. Saturday we had a Friendsgiving at Gina’s house. The food was the shit. Aside from the turkey, because I don’t actually like turkey really. But everybody made really good food and then we played Cards Against Humanity. I was so tired at like, 6pm though. No joke, I told Jon that I was exhausted and I was like, “Hah, it’s probably like 6:30!” and I was totally joking, and then he was like, “Yeah, it’s actually 6:10.” We were the first couple to leave around 8:30, but that’s what happens. Jackson is in bed on a regular basis by 6:30 and then we’re usually in for the night. 8:30 is late.

Sunday was Thanksgiving with my mom, dad, and brother. We hung out around the house all day and then ate some more yummy food.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were all work days. And Jackson slept terribly at least two of those nights, so I was tired.

Thursday morning we woke up at 4am to go to Florida (seriously, we are such parents now). We wanted to leave before Jackson got up so we could knock a few hours out before he woke up and wanted out of his carseat. It worked fabulously and we only had to stop at Cracker Barrel for breakfast, which worked out since he could play with everything in the store.

Apparently the whole Tate clan had a bug going around or something, so we stayed with Brad and Rebecca and did Thanksgiving with just their family, Jessica (the oldest sister), and the kids. Jon’s parents stopped by for a minute but his mom was sick so they didn’t stay long. We had a Honeybaked Ham and it was SO GOOD! We can skip the turkey every year and Jon and I are just going to buy a ham from now on! Maybe next year, we’ll invite my mom and dad to Charleston for a holiday out there!

Friday morning was boring. But kind of nice. I left Jon to go work on my grad school paper, but I was hungry so did it over a nice, quiet breakfast alone outside! We took Jackson to the beach that afternoon for the first time! Major success! All the photos are on my camera, which I can’t upload since my computer is full and my external hard drive is in storage, but I’ll post some later! He went right into the water and took off crawling through it like a crazy person! The cold water didn’t even phase him! He was in heaven. I think he could have stayed there forever. We only really left because he face planted into the water and got a little shocked and upset, and we were kind of over it. But really, he is going to love being in Charleston! I’m going to have a little beach baby! Once we got back to Brad and Rebecca’s, I left for Starbuck’s to finish my paper. I probably could have finished it tomorrow, but I kind of wanted an excuse to go enjoy the nice weather all by myself. I sat outside at Starbuck’s too and it was wonderful, even if I was doing schoolwork. In the evening, we went out to the beach again with his sisters and the kids to look at the lights. We weren’t out super long since Jackson goes to bed early, but it was fun.

Saturday morning, Jon and I went to Maple Street for our biscuits because it’s our staple place to go in Jacksonville. Then we headed out to see Adam and Jessie at Adam’s parent’s house (we love his parents too!). His parents are currently living in a multimillion dollar house and it is beautiful (they don’t own it- they just got really lucky). Look at that view!


After hanging out with them all afternoon, we went back to the house and I ended up just hanging out and packing. Jackson was really having a tough night. Really, he had a tough time most of the time (other than out with Adam and Jessie). I think all the kids are too much for him and he just gets overstimulated and inconsolable. Bedtimes were HORRIBLE, and then bedtime tonight (at home) was perfectly fine. And now I think he’s old enough to know that he’s not at his own house, so it’s probably scary for him. Jon went out last night and I went to bed at 9:30.

We woke up 3:30am today and headed home! Jackson had a mini meltdown on the way home. Only once, so that’s pretty good, so we stopped and discovered that he loves the steering wheel! It was sunny out, but look at his teefies! Love his little face!


We made it home by noon and spent all day running errands, doing laundry, cooking food, and adulting way too much. Tomorrow is moving day! Jon has the truck rented and we have people hired here and in Charleston to load and unload. I’m taking Jackson out there on Tuesday. My mom is coming on Wednesday in my car to help unpack and hang out with Jackson while I get stuff done. And then my dad will come Thursday after an interview and I think my parents are staying for a night or two to explore Charleston! I’m only going out temporarily and will be heading back on the 9th for a few weeks, so it won’t feel “real” until I get back to Charleston in January!

Alright, it’s 9:15pm and I need to pump (although I am finally about to drop to one pump and then just quit finally) and get in bed! It’s been a long day! I’ve been up since 3:30am and only napped for about 30 minutes on the way home today. I’ll update one of these days! Just not sure when!




2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. I saw all your pics and it looked like you had a GREAT Thanksgiving in Fla.! Hooray for Jackson’s first and for all the good times with family and friends. The weather has been nice here too and great for spending time outside, I will admit. If you need anything when you get to CHS, just let me know (I can PM you my number if you need it).

  2. Sounds like such a good time for Jackson’s first Thanksgiving. That’s wicked cute that he enjoyed the beach so much. I’m surprised the beach is warm enough to go into, yet again I’m used to the freezing water up North haha. Yoga pants are so comfy though, especially during the winter, I don’t blame you at all haha.

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