It’s almost the end of my first week in Charleston. I drove out here on Tuesday with Jackson. We arrived pretty early, but much to my dismay, Jon hadn’t actually called to turn on our water and he didn’t tell me until two hours into my drive that the water wouldn’t come on until Wednesday. I wasn’t about to start that trip over, so I continued to Charleston. That day, we were told our water would come on by 9pm on Tuesday night, but it didn’t. Of course. Even worse, I got my first period since having a baby, which wasn’t bad at all (I had been told that it’s awful), but no water! Gross.

Tuesday I spent all day putting away kitchen stuff. I also made a run to Whole Foods for a super expensive stock up. It cost $403! HOLY. MOLY. But the Whole Foods is pretty comparable to the ones in Georgia and they carry Atlanta Fresh products! Jon and I went to Costco in the evening with Jackson and stocked up on a few other items.

Wednesday my mom came. She got here around 11am and we put a huge dent in the unpacking! The water finally came on at 3pm so I hopped in the shower and then we made a Target run (this has happened daily). Thursday was a lot of the same, except my dad also came and I had to go look at some daycares. I’m undecided on the daycares. I need to make a decision or keep looking at places. Jon and I ran out to Costco again (ALONE!) and got a Shiatsu back massager from there. Best massager ever! It is amazing! I’ve used it like, three times a day since then.

Friday we had most of the stuff unpacked, so my mom and dad went out for lunch and I hung out with Jackson. That night, my parents stayed home with Jackson while Jon and I went out. We went to this little sushi place downtown. It was pretty small and nothing fancy at all, but the sushi was pretty good. We walked around and I got an ice cream sandwich (not the best, even though Yelpers gave it almost 5 stars). Then we drove around and did some sightseeing, which is actually really hard at night in Charleston because it’s so dark here! I’m definitely used to a much brighter city!

My parents offered to keep Jackson on Saturday morning while Jon and I went to the Christmas market. We planned on taking Jackson but we decided to take advantage of having a baby-free outing. We went to Eli’s Table for breakfast. Hardly any places were open for brunch in the mornings! A few were open at 9am, but not that many! Breakfast and brunch in Atlanta is a big thing, so a ton of the places open at like, 6 or 7am! Our options were kind of limited, and the food scene is totally different here. The brunch seems like a lot more seafood type stuff instead of French toast, eggs, and bacon. But our brunch was really good (/breakfast, because we literally got there at 8:45am). We walked around after that through the market and went down by the water. We did a lot of sightseeing and enjoying the town! It was much more enjoyable in the light. My parents wanted to leave by one and we had some pictures to hang, so we headed back home.

That afternoon, Jon and I went to Home Goods. It’s far away and there is only one in the whole city and it was PACKED. I could barely stand it! We’re so used to Atlanta where there are like, three Targets within 10 miles of each other and Home Goods every few exits and grocery stores every mile. I swear, Atlanta has like, 30 gyms in every 10 mile radius. I really love the downtown area, but it’s going to be a huge adjustment from big city living. I don’t think I realized how small Charleston is! I thought metro-Charleston would be more like metro-Atlanta, but it’s not. I don’t think there even is a metro-Charleston, haha.

Jon and I headed to Sullivan’s Island with Jackson after we went to Home Goods to hang out at the beach for a little bit, and then we had to head home to get Jackson to bed.

It was kind of lonely waking up today without my parents! I’m used to living with them now and having them here in the mornings. It really is sort of lonely with just the three of us. And it really felt kind of lonely not having friends nearby to call up for lunch or to go grab coffee. Usually if I had a free day at home, that’s what I’d do… I think it’s kind of starting to sink in that I don’t actually know anybody! I have become much more of a homebody since having a baby and especially since moving in with my parents two months ago, but I still like the option to run out and meet up with people.

This afternoon, Jon and I ran some more errands (Target again) and then went out to Folly Beach real quick. Nothing too exciting! And now I’m cleaning up and trying to get some stuff done for school and just other random stuff that I need to do.



3 thoughts on “Charleston

  1. No metro Charleston, sorry. There’s downtown/peninsula, and North Charleston has a lot of businesses too (the Tanger Outlets exit by the airport), that’s where Walmart, Sam’s, and the Convention Center are. But no, no metro because Charleston isn’t a big city :).

    It’s VERY hard to find breakfast here on a Sunday morning. Bluerose Cafe starts at 9, and so does Three Little Birds (but I don’t like it). The only place I can think of downtown that starts breakfast early is Marina Variety Store which is on Lockwood and it’s delicious.

    We need to meet up soon, and you can call me up to go to lunch sometime. I kinda want some sushi too now that you mention it… Zen has a great lunch special and I’m down most days in the next few weeks.

    • When I came in the past, my friends lived in North Charleston and I really just didn’t remember as much as I thought! I really thought when we came, there was a much bigger surrounding area. I’ll have to keep the Marina Variety Store in mind! I’m heading back to GA this week and won’t be back until January, but we will definitely have to get lunch when I get back!

  2. I wouldn’t expect for Charleston to have a metro area. I prefer smaller cities because it’s how I grew up, but leaving a city is difficult because yoh loose all the convenience from it.

    I’m sure if you joined a crossfit gym there you’d have no problems meeting new friends. There’s this app called Bumble, it’s a dating site but you can use it strictly to find friends. A lot of girls who moved into a new area use it to find friends.

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