Charleston Updates & Life

We FINALLY found a place in Charleston! The location isn’t really where I want, but the location that I like is “too small” for Jon. I don’t understand why we need more than 1,200 square feet, but whatever. Don’t get me started. The place looks really nice and I’m just glad we have something set. It still needs to be finalized (I just signed the application), but we should be moving the Monday after Thanksgiving. I’ll be home soon after to work in December, but I’m hoping to drop down to the lowest PRN level at my work so that I can enjoy being with Jon for a few months before coming back to Atlanta for grad school stuff.

Jon and I have had a super rough two weeks though. I think probably some of our lowest times since being married, where divorce really seemed like a good option. Honestly, we barely argued, but I think the last few months of feeling disconnected kind of culminated into this one tough week. He has been out of town and I never feel like he actually is excited about spending time with me when he does get to see me (which surely is because of my attitude too- I don’t mean for this to come across as being his fault because it’s not at all). I basically got so upset about going out to Charleston to be with somebody who doesn’t like spending time with me that I said I wouldn’t go back if these next few weeks there don’t go well. Jon came home last night from Charleston though and really, it’s like everything is better. We obviously love each other and I want our family to be together in the future and I try to remind myself during these times that everything can’t be perfect. To expect that two stubborn people can be married without ever butting heads is silly, and thankfully, we just keep on moving forward. I’m hoping to find a good marriage counselor in Charleston just because I think it would be great for us to work on our communication and making the other person feel special, so hopefully we can find somebody good. We both definitely have things to work on and hopefully getting out of my parent’s house will help motivate us both to do better and put in more effort.

Also, it is so sweet seeing Jackson and Jon together. I FaceTime Jon every morning and evening and Jackson gets SO excited to see him! He always says “Hi Da!” and waves and is just so happy about their phone calls! And last night Jon was so excited to see Jackson, so they were just playing and laughing and I love it. Makes me melt!

I am kind of out of the boot now on my foot, but I’m still in pain! I should probably go back to wearing it more, but after three full weeks in it and another two weeks in it part time, my legs feel so jacked up from the weight of it and walking all wonky. I’m really not wanting to go back to wearing it more because of my legs, but I also know I need to for my foot to finally heal. I just want to work out now! I’m so glad I actually WANT to work out at least. Took long enough. Maybe it’s my pancake butt making me want to do squats again.

This week I had two social outings. That’s a big deal for this mom. I went to coffee with Laura after work the other night, so it was fairly quick and I was so tired, but it was nice to get out. And then yesterday, I met up with Lisa and her baby (she’s 3 weeks younger than Jackson). We had lunch and then went to sit outside at a park, which was so nice! The weather was amazing and the babies had so much fun. Jackson LOVED Ella’s penguin, haha. He kept hugging it up against his face and it was so stinking cute.


Tonight Jon and I are having a date night down at Mary Mac’s in Atlanta (known for their southern food) and then tomorrow is Friendsgiving at Gina’s. We’re having Thanksgiving dinner at my mom and dad’s on Sunday since Jon and I are going to Florida for Thanksgiving. I work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and I think we’ll leave for Florida super early on Thursday morning. Then we’ll come back on Sunday and head to Charleston with our moving truck on Monday or Tuesday. I’m so excited to explore a new city and to take Jackson to the beach! He’s never been and I love the beach in winter! The beach in winter wins for me over the beach in summer. Or the beaches in Massachusetts won for me all the time, because it wasn’t hot and humid like it is down south.

Alright, Jackson is in daycare so I can do schoolwork, so I better get some work done!


3 thoughts on “Charleston Updates & Life

  1. Jackson will LOVE the beach and you will too! I hope packing and moving goes well for you guys too, because I know how stressful it is. In 2012, in the span of a month, Clay and I dealt with a college graduation, new job, and a move to a new city. It is a HUGE stress on a marriage, and like you I was in the situation that this move was not for me because it was for his job and a city he chose. I love living here now and wouldn’t go back to where I lived before (granted, it wasn’t ATL…), but it was a huge adjustment. If you feel like marriage counseling is a good idea, go for it because sometimes it does help big time to talk things out with someone who is unbiased and away from the situation.

    Let me know if you need recs for anything around here… I don’t know any marriage counselors, but I’m sure I can ask around and maybe find someone (at least I can help with most things health/fitness related… and food related… haha!)

    • Thank you! I’m sure I’ll be reaching out for plenty of recommendations and asking lots of questions about the area! I think it would be easier if we were jumping all in to a new city, but knowing that I have to come back in August kind of keeps me from trying too hard to build new relationships and establish a life there. But maybe I’ll surprise myself! I think I need to remember that all these moments in marriage are fleeting, and things WILL change. I need to stop getting ahead of myself!

  2. Finding a place and not having that stress is probably making things easier. I think it’s healthier to argue once in awhile then to live in perfect harmony bliss lol. Hopefully the foot will heal soon!

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