New Shoes & Traveling to South Oregon

I got up at 9am today and decided to try and get this travelin’ show on the road! I had a fairly quick breakfast and headed out at 11, however, quickly realized I left my deodorant at home! I wanted a new camera lens cleaner also, so I made a pit stop by an insane Wal-Mart and then got on the road, only to make a second stop at REI in Salem! I returned the hiking boots I bought and kept the shoes, so I was pretty happy to get that $195 back! (The hiking shoes were on clearance for $75.)

There happened to be a Ross right by REI and I decided to stop in there as well. When I went to the Ross by me yesterday, they had Brooks Pure Drifts for $25, but they only had a 6.5 left and they were just a tad bit too small. I was super bummed! This Ross had only one pair left too, but in a 7!!! I was going to wear them for work and still may, but I don’t wear my work shoes for anything other than work (yah no, that stepping in blood and urine thing) and I might like these shoes too much to dedicate to the hospital. They’re so light, have a wider fit, don’t smash the tops of my feet, and they have a really minimal drop. I could easily use them for hiking shoes and stop getting my Minimus shoes all dirty. Or the other way around. I actually almost bought these shoes for $60 a few weeks ago and talked myself out of it because I was feeling cheap.


Moving on with the trip! When I stopped to get gas, I was super excited to see the sign for this coffee! Definitely my new favorite!


The drive really was not very pleasant! It was so ridiculously windy for over an hour and my car was blowing everywhere! I drove through the Cascades which was awesome, but it literally rained 85% of my drive! I had to make a quick pit stop on the side of the road for a potty break (no bathrooms in the mountains), and I was fortunate enough to find a fairly decent view when it was just barely drizzling!



I actually saw tons of bright yellow aspens, but it was way too wet to get out and take pictures.

I ended up getting to Klamath Falls around 6:30pm and headed to a sushi place with 5 stars on yelp. Yelp is unreliable in small towns cause people just don’t know good food! I also waited for 25 minutes in an almost empty restaurant for two simple rolls. My food was slightly disappointing (I hate really sticky rice and that’s exactly what I got!) but I was starving so I ate it. I was also freezing since it’s in the 40s and rainy. Not used to this weather! I stopped by Sports Authority for thick hiking socks since tomorrow is a high of 49! Ah! Cold feet!

Now I’m just hanging out at a hotel, thinking about getting ready for bed, enjoying some Forensic Files (my hotel ritual) and then getting some sleep before Crater Lake tomorrow! The weather just changed today and shows sun in my forecast for tomorrow (thank goodness I moved away from the coast), so I’m really hoping that stays true! I am so tired of this rain!

Also, my hip was a bit more painful today, but I’m not sure if it’s because of my gym time yesterday or because I sat in the car and it got stiff for 6 hours today. Either way, I skipped the gym this morning on purpose so it could have a rest day before hiking! We’ll see how the next few days go with it!


4 thoughts on “New Shoes & Traveling to South Oregon

  1. I cannot believe they had the pure drifts for 25 dollars. That is an insanely good deal. My hips honestly always get sore after long car drives so I understand your pain.

  2. Those shoes are so cute! I wish I could find the PureDrifts for $25 or any pure shoes for that. They do have them at Ross and TJ Maxx a lot, I’ve heard, but I’ve never seen them or seen my size (I’ve only seen the stability version). Brooks Pure are pretty good I think, my coach wears them and so do a few other runners, and I have the first pureflow which I wear to the gym for classes.

    I hope your hip feels better soon!

    • I have NEVER seen them at Ross! Jon goes a lot too and neither has he, and I feel like a lot of the ones we go to have a lot of really nice stuff cause of the area they’re in! Maybe they just sell out that fast when they have them?

      • Okay, maybe it was TJ Maxx where I saw the Pure shoes? I dunno, we have all 3 of those stores in my area and I forget which one is which, haha. I really think it depends on the area and of course when you go, because those stores sometimes have good selections and sometimes they don’t. Anyway, $25 for shoes you can wear for the gym or even just general walking around a city is an amazing deal!

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