Everybody Poops! But What Does Your Poo Tell You?

I’m going to do something really unladylike here. I’m going to talk about poop and then I’m going to post this and go to sleep before I change my mind cause the world doesn’t need to know about my poop.

The thing about poop is that it reflects upon your digestive tract, so everybody really should pay a lot of attention to their poop. In the last few weeks, I’ve been eating tons of sugar and tons of dairy. I’ve mentioned before that I cut out my Noosa (yogurt) all together, even though it’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. I noticed I was feeling much better when I wasn’t eating it. I was pooping less. I wasn’t feeling such an urge to go all the time, and I had way less gas (I can talk about poop, but hate talking about gas).

I’ve been eating Noosa every day at work again because it’s easy and it’s good. I get a lot of breaks at this job and it’s easy to just eat something cold instead of having to heat something up and then eat it (10 minutes is too short for that). I’ve also been snacking on a lot of chocolate lately. I just bought a gallon of Tillamook Fireside S’mores ice cream (to die for!) and I’m already almost done with the whole gallon! And aside from the chocolate/ice cream combo goin’ on, my Noosa has 27g of sugar just in one container!

After two weeks of eating all this mess, I’ve been noticing an increase in gas over the last few days. Today, I noticed today that there was a lot more clear “jelly” in my poop. I’m quite in tune with my normal poo, and this is not it! Your intestines creates lubricant to help everything move through nice and smoothly, but when the lining of your intestines becomes irritated, it creates more of this lubrication. So clearly, something is causing this irritation in my intestines. I can take my guess and assume it’s a combination of all of this mess I’m eating! Oh, and I’ve had two beers in the last two weeks too- also abnormal for me.

I’m going to attempt to really clean up what I’m eating. I felt so fantastic when I ate Moo Paleo (but I only ate small amounts of cheese- I seem to do fine with cheese), but I also felt absolutely miserable when I strayed from that diet. It would take one muffin to have me up with palpitations and feeling sick all night long! (Oddly enough, after being a vegetarian for 13 years, when I went back to eating meat, I never once got sick and always assumed that I would.) And I don’t need “gluten free.” I just don’t really do well with processed foods at all and have just been ignoring it because I’m surrounded by delicious food in Portland!

Also, when I decrease my veggie intake and eat too much bread (which is not super common, but happens every once in awhile), I get super constipated. It really only takes about 2 days to mess up my BMs if I start eating bread (on sandwiches or an English muffin at breakfast, usually when I’m road tripping), and I can feel disgusting and constipated for days after I start eating normal again. Not to mention that my stomach gets hugely bloated when I eat grains.

I even had a short stint of drinking avocado smoothies every morning. After a few days, my gallbladder threw a dang fit. I ignored it and kept on drinking my smoothies every morning (they were so filling! I could go till 1-2pm at work without needing a snack), and about 20 minutes after I finished, my gallbladder would get severe pain and then an hour later I’d be having the biggest BMs of my life. I’m pretty sure I could have had a colonoscopy on a daily basis without needing any other prep for it. Finally I had enough and quit drinking them, no matter how good or filling they were.

So, the moral of this story is really not all about my poop, but just to really pay attention to what your body is telling you. It always surprises me when people discuss their bowel issues with me and then act like I’m a fool for telling them that it’s probably what they’re eating, or when they act like they can’t stop eating a certain way. Really? You can stop. Your poop is a direct reflection of what you eat. For that matter, so is your entire GI tract. It responds to what you put into it. If you notice something seems off, don’t do it. It can take 14 days for the inflammation in your GI tract to go down after you go eating something it doesn’t like, so is it really worth it if it causes that many problems? (Luckily, I just get a little gas and jelly poop, not severe pain at this point.) I read a lot of blogs about “intuitive eating” that never even touch on this topic, and I think your poop (and urine, for that matter) are really good indicators of how intuitively somebody is actually eating.


6 thoughts on “Everybody Poops! But What Does Your Poo Tell You?

  1. I just read and entire article about your digestive habits, and would feel totally weirded out but since I’m also a nurse I can appreciate anyone who listens to their body that well! Haha. And that’s all fine and dandy, but what I REALLY wanted to comment on is the Tillamok s’mores ice cream! Oh man, I have fallen in love with Tillamok products since moving out west and the s’mores ice cream has got to be my all time favorite! I have only seen it once in the store so consider yourself lucky for even finding it! Haha I’m so jealous!

    • I found it at Safeway! But I’m only an hour from the Tillamook factory so maybe they have more flavors in this area? I’m not sure but it’s SO. FREAKING. GOOD! The creaminess! I’m never going to be able to eat regular ice cream ever again! Thankfully I’m leaving the area in 6 more weeks so won’t have to struggle too much with the ice cream, haha.

  2. I love how you’re not scared to talk about poo. Yeah, it’s an uncomfortable subject to discuss for most but it happens, just like gas (I always thought it was really funny when I’d go running with a guy and he’d fart and apologize and I’d be like um, ladies do that too… everyone who eats does!). I too find that eating a lot of bread, especially whole wheat bread, is not very good for my digestive system, which is weird because so many people tout that as a food that’s good for you. Plus everything is so fortified with fiber these days… even snacky foods (do we really need fiber *gummy bears*?)

    • No fiber gummy bears! I think it’s just because most people eat so little real food that they need it in everything else, but I eat enough fruit and veggies and definitely don’t need to add it to anything else!

  3. And you would know considering your a nurse. I do agree and I think poop is the most underrelated aspect of health. People should def look more into it with nutrition problems.

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