Truro Vineyards, Cape Cod, and Blue Hills

This weekend has been a totally Rachel filled weekend! Yesterday Jessica decided to head out onto a boat and neither Rachel nor I were too enthusiastic about it, so we decided to head to Cape Cod. While the boat may have been pretty awesome, I want to get out and see the land, not just the water!

Rachel got here and we headed out to the Cape and decided to get some breakfast. We didn’t find breakfast since it was fairly late, so we stopped at a little tiny restaurant in the middle of nowhere. I had a southwest burrito that was really good but upset my stomach for the entire rest of the day! Emergency bathroom breaks were had on my burrito’s behalf.

Our first big stop was at Truro Vineyards. I had seen it the other week when I was driving around and thought it looked so cute! We both loved it! The wine tasting was outside under a little roof and it was just beautiful out! We did a tasting and shared our glasses so we could test out all the wines! My absolute favorite was the Cape Blush wine, but then again, I love rose wines so that was to be expected. Rachel bought Jon and me a bottle for our wedding gift! (Jon won’t drink a rose, but he finds me entertaining after a couple glasses of wine, so I’m sure he’ll enjoy the wedding gift as well!) We also got to keep a wine glass so I was pumped!


IMG_2608 2


After our vino adventures, we decided to head to a lighthouse. The weather was absolutely perfect! I am seriously loving the summers here in Massachusetts! Although we’ve had some humid nights where I’m absolutely dying without central AC, I really do think this weather is amazing! I could definitely head up this way (or to Maine) every summer!


It was nearing 5pm but Rachel and I were determined to go to a beach! So on we went! A good thing about going after 5 is that you don’t have to pay since the lifeguards come off duty at 5! It was like we won the lottery! Woohoo! Or maybe I just felt like I won the lottery since we don’t have to pay to park at the beach in Florida and I’m anti paying to park EVERYWHERE! 


Of course I relaxed in my baby beach chair. This thing is the best. It’s so easy to get in and out of my trunk because of its small size and I fit perfectly in it. I do sometimes wish I had two cup holders, but I guess kids don’t usually double fist.


Loved the beach! We decided to stop at a little seafood house on the side of the road since Rachel was dying for lobster rolls. I just had a grilled cheese cause my stomach was still upset and then we headed back to make it to the Plymouth fireworks!

No pictures of those, but trust me, you don’t need them. They were pretty pathetic. Most of the time at the fireworks was spent wondering how many people were on heroin since it’s such a big deal here. Rachel headed home after our fireworks so we could rest up for our hike today!

Today we decided to hit up the Blue Hills, just south of Boston. We had a bit of a rough start since I forgot the Deet and since Lyme disease (along with heroin) is so common here, there was no way I was about to enjoy nature without some Deet! But eventually, we were on our merry way!


The beginning of the hike was fairly strenuous but not too bad. I wasn’t a big fan of all the little rocks all over the place because I kept slipping on them, but it definitely wasn’t terribly difficult out there. 

IMG_2654 2 IMG_2660

The best part of the hike was seeing the Boston skyline! I was definitely wishing that I had brought my long lens with me, but maybe I will try and hike it again at some point! Or not. There was an awesome breeze up at the top and it was super enjoyable to sit up there. We made friends with some rock climbers and Rachel got their numbers so we could possibly climb with them, but who knows if it’ll ever happen! They were super friendly though and just confirms that people up here really are super nice!

IMG_2664 2

Our hike was only 2 hours total (super short), so I had plenty of time to head to Target and Whole Foods. I’ve been enjoying my weekly Whole Foods visit for my fried plantains and mac & cheese (yes, I’m still against eating pasta and yes, I do really enjoy my weekly mac & cheese- I can’t help it!). I did accidentally buy decaf coffee at Target though. WTF.

I headed home to make some dinner/lunch for work.


I know that looks like vomit, but it was good! I made chicken in coconut oil and taco seasoning, some Spanish rice, and then mixed that together and added some corn, black beans, and refried beans. I even ran some up to Jessica at work and she confirmed that this was actually a delicious dish. I had 6 servings too, so plenty for my Mon-Thurs (boooo) work week this week! 

I’m going to watch some Hulu or Netflix or something now and then head to bed. It’s a 5 day work week this week and my throat is infected again! I’m going to see if one of the doctors at work can write me for antibiotics tomorrow and I think I’m going to see about having surgery in September between travel assignments! I’m so frustrated with this itty bitty little tag in my throat that gets infected repeatedly, especially since it would take all of 5 seconds to cut out and cauterize. Also, on the last random note, I was totally missing being home this afternoon! Jon met up with Crista since it was her birthday and I wished I could have gone to spend an afternoon with my friends and with Jon too, and I would love to just cuddle up and watch a movie with Jon and the cats! And yes, I know I was the one who wanted to travel, but I still miss him (since I have to constantly remind Jon of this!).

3 thoughts on “Truro Vineyards, Cape Cod, and Blue Hills

  1. I love that you know exactly what is making you sick. That sounds so painful but I really hope you are able to get it taken care of.

  2. That vineyard sounds great! That beach looks so deserted. Cranes Beach was jammed pack and I wish there was less people. Plus the water was like going into a tub of ice cubes. I should try to make it out to the Cape.

    • It was late when we got there but there were a fair amount of people! A ton of people were leaving when we arrived AND the water was FREEZING! But I do like the Cape beaches! They’re nice!

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