Off Day, Blahhhh

I’m a bit bummed that I’ve missed the gym two days in a row now! I’ve been so good about going! But my infected throat is just making me really tired and it’s really dreary out, so there’s just no hope for me getting out of bed. I’ll be starting my antibiotics today so I hope to be feeling better by Thursday morning!

22 days until I see Jon! Woohoo!!! I’m really excited for some movie snuggles with my cats and Jon and I also can’t wait to see my friends!

I just discovered last night that I can watch all my TV shows on What?! Who knew this?! I was on Hulu and it linked me up to Comcast for an episode of something and I decided to log in and see what else I could watch on Comcast! Everything that is OnDemand! No way! I’m in TV heaven now (I like to watch a show before bed at night but am almost out of Forensic Files on Netflix).

Yesterday morning I was feeling pretty bummed out and not excited at all. I really hate my job here (I do love my coworkers) and I wasn’t feeling well. I wanted to be at home. I was just feeling off. Then I got to work and when I got to the ER door, I realized I forgot my badge. I dropped my stuff and headed back out to get my badge and it was pouring! My underwear down got soaked and I was in such a bad mood! I’m pretty sure it took me a good hour to get any sort of smile back on my face.

Anyway, I’m going to go do some dishes and shower and dread going to work tonight. I hope you all have a good day!



2 thoughts on “Off Day, Blahhhh

  1. Sorry that your job is so rough, but at least it’s temporary and you have good coworkers. I had a really bad experience at my first job and as crappy as it was, the people made it better… it was like well, we are all suffering together, so we must make the best of it.

    I missed the gym today too. Completely overslept. It happens…

  2. Hope you had a better day at work and that your throat gets better! I hate this rain, it usually doesn’t rain this much in July I feel. It does rain a lot in some months, but not so much in July.

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