Happy 5 years of CrossFit


Yesterday (/2 days ago, depending on how you look at it- I haven’t gone to bed yet) I celebrated my 5 year CrossFitaversary. The top left picture is in my WOD notebook that I got when I first started CrossFit. My wise coach told me that I should write down anything I do in there and I haven’t missed writing down a WOD yet. You can see what nice handwriting I have there since page 1 always needs to be pretty.

The top right is at my height of my CrossFit time (I just reread that phrase and can’t decide at all if that’s the phrase), sometime in mid-late summer 2012. Clearly my shoulders were way more beastly than they are now. I used to be awesome at pull ups. I could easily knock out 25 without a break and not even think twice about it. Not anymore.

Bottom left was this year’s WODS. I haven’t gotten any cuter while working out. And after 3 rounds of that EMOM with 65#, I had to take off weight to make it 55#. My shoulders are so pathetic these days.

Bottom right was me this morning after the “11 July” WOD. I’m still not cute when I work out. That was after a car ride home to air out or I’d look worse. I promise. The tomato face left me a bit on my ride home.

I still definitely love CrossFit. I still think it’s a great way to work out. How I work out has definitely changed though. I think an injury really puts things into perspective and honestly, I’m probably lucky I never injured anything worse than I did. I had one minor back problem for about two weeks at one point, a shoulder issue for about a month, and then the torn ligaments in my thumb, which was a total of 7 months off. I would have never dropped weight in the middle of a WOD before like I did yesterday (and that is probably one of the few times I’ve ever taken weights off). I would have just sucked it up and did 65# and my form would have been ugly. Not these days. If my form feels like it’s off, I drop weights or I stop. I do sometimes wonder if people think I’m crazy at the gym (mostly the coaches cause everybody else is busy dying while they work out), but at the same time, I’ve realized that it’s just not worth it to risk your body. I can’t put myself into a position where I can’t work and I can’t make money. I don’t have paid time off in the bank. I don’t have any sort of healthcare coverage for extended periods of time off. And besides, it’s my health.

I don’t even feel like talking about CrossFit. That’s how you know when you’ve been doing it for 5 years. It’s boring to talk about. Then again, I had a crazy day at work and don’t really feel like thinking about anything. I couldn’t even have a conversation with Jon tonight without getting pissed off about USAA again!!!! If you’re a man, you should probably listen to your wife when she asks you to do something a certain way so that all of these issues could have been avoided in the first place. And while you may call your wife “controlling,” there is clearly a method to her madness because all of these banking issues that you’re having as a couple wouldn’t have existed if you had just let yourself be controlled for the 5 seconds it would have taken to just add the bank accounts to the same log in as yours instead of CREATING A NEW ONE which your wife specifically asked you NOT TO DO!

(But, man out there, your wife loves you. But just listen, okay? She’s a really smart woman. And while she may think that you can pour water on an engine which is totally crazy and you know is totally wrong, she actually does know how to take care of all of these silly organizational tasks and knows how to take care of banking and most other money/bill related things.)

3 thoughts on “Happy 5 years of CrossFit

  1. You were the first person I knew to ever do CrossFit. I think you’re the first person I even heard about it from… and yeah I remember when you were really, really into it but I don’t blame you to not go as hard because people definitely get hurt doing it! I don’t think it’s dangerous and I really hate the criticism it gets, though. It’s a great workout option for people who enjoy it just like running, yoga, Zumba, BodyPump, spin, etc are great for others, and you can push yourself too far in any sport. But I digress…

    You have super neat handwriting too. There’s a reason I log my runs online…

  2. Yeah, I think it’s very important to know your limits. It’s not like you’re an athlete competing pushing to your max and this is your life and you need to because your income depends on this. Your health is much more important. Happy 5 years!!! It’s shocking that CrossFit has been here that long already.

  3. That’s awesome! Happy Anniversary!

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