Love having Wednesday off work!

Today has been a really productive day! Finally! I decided not to set an alarm last night since I typically wake up earlier when I don’t set one, but I ended up sleeping till 9:45. I guess the good part about that was that at least I was well rested instead of being tired after snoozing for almost 2 hours (I really do snooze for almost 2 hours on days off). I started cleaning as soon as I woke up and cleaned until I left to meet up with Kassie at 11:50.

Kass and I just ran an errand for her boyfriend’s birthday and then I dropped her at her office. It took 1 1/2 hours, which was kind of nice since we got to hang out a little bit longer than our usual lunch dates!

I headed to the gym afterwards. I was really in the CrossFit mood but had decided to skip it (it was back squats and running) so that I could get in my friend time. I only ran a mile, did back squats, deadlifts, weighted lunges, and then some quick shoulder exercises. I stretched a bit and then left. I had a lot to do today so not a whole lot of time to just hang out at the gym!

Not sure what I did between yesterday and today, but I definitely pulled something. I can’t turn my head very far to the right or the base of my head feels like it’s about to tear off. Not fun.

I came home after that and Jon ended up getting home at the same time. We headed to my mom’s to do my taxes. I have to say- KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS FOR DONATIONS! Jon and I donated tons this year and of course, we didn’t ever fill out the stuff on the Goodwill website for tax returns (when we file next year). But it makes a huge difference! I was totally shocked at how much of an increase you get back just for donations. For $250 of clothing last year, my return went up over $50, which is huge since I would barely be getting anything back if I wasn’t a student. I’ll definitely be keeping track from here on out, especially since we have a ton of Army stuff and an entertainment center to get rid of still.

Once we got home tonight (after Jon cleaned my car at my parent’s house), I finished cleaning the whole house! Now I’m 30 minutes from Nashville and still have an assignment to do and a shower to have and some dinner to eat. I’m starving and dirty! Tomorrow I work 7-3, need to grocery shop, go to class, and then pick up Jon’s twin sister and her baby for the weekend. So don’t expect me to be around too much!

Have a good night, guys!

3 thoughts on “Love having Wednesday off work!

  1. Have fun with Jon’s sister and the baby! I love babies, their so cute!
    Yeah, you basically need to keep your receipt for everything for taxes. Textbooks, work clothes, home renovations, etc. Charity is the biggest thing, it’s why the rich donate so much because they get so much of it back.

    • For real! I am definitely keep receipts from now on! I guess this is my first real year of filing my own taxes and having BIG expenses on a regular basis, so I’m definitely going to be tracking EVERYTHING!!!

  2. I think I need to start donating more so I can get a bigger refund! We barely get anything back (I mean net, bc we pay federal and get state back). So maybe that would help me… I do agree I think that’s why people who make more $$$ donate more.

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