Family time!

Real quick, let’s get in my weekly round up.

Monday: 1 hour of yoga

Tuesday: CrossFit (I worked on cleans and split jerks and then did an 8 min AMRAP of 5 DB snatch per arm, 8 T2B, and 20 double unders)

Wednesday: 1 mile run and legs at the gym with a few shoulders

Thursday: So busy! Literally no time for anything!

Friday: 3 mile run- no time because it looked like it was about to pour so I left my phone at home

Saturday: Stone Mountain hike (2 miles total- and we walked around all day)

That’s it! So Jon’s family is in town since his mom’s birthday was today and she is presenting at a convention in town on Monday. All of the kids (except David- Jon’s brother) came in town with the kids. We have Jon’s twin sister staying with us this week with her son. It’s been a little rough sleeping with a 9 month old in our house, but we’re managing- tiredly, but managing. And it’s nice to have Jon’s family stay with us for once!

We met up with his family at Stone Mountain this morning and started our day walking around all the kid stuff. We rode the train that goes around the base of the mountain:


Jon and Zoe. She decided not to smile for me today.

The kids had some naps in the car and Jon and I, his sister and brother-in-law, and his parents all sat outside and talked for awhile. His mom really wanted to climb Stone Mountain and I was volunteered to go, which was totally fine. Everybody else wanted to take the little sky ride up to the top, so his mom and I headed over to climb up! She did awesome and it was actually a really perfect day to hike up! Jons’s mom and I haven’t had any alone time before, so this was our first time really spending some time together and it was actually pretty nice! We met up with the rest of the family up top and hung out!


That’s not my Elsa. That’s Zoe’s Elsa that I somehow ended up carrying for an hour. But that’s the top of Stone Mountain overlooking Atlanta.

Jon and Brad (his brother-in-law) and I walked down to the bottom and met up with the rest of the family again and then we headed out to Olive Garden for dinner!

I’m pretty sure we were all struggling to stay awake. All the kids haven’t been sleeping so everybody was tired (or pregnant). We had planned on the Stone Mountain light show tonight, but there was just no way we could make it! So everybody headed home and I considered meeting friends downtown, but no can do! Once our nephew is asleep, I’m heading to bed too! We have an early breakfast at Cracker Barrel tomorrow morning before the family heads out of town! Jon’s twin and her son leave on Monday and then it’ll be back to normal around here! Definitely a good time with the future in-laws though!

One thought on “Family time!

  1. Whew, what a week! It’s great you had family time at the end. Those moments are the best. Beautiful family

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