Cabin Weekend and Pre-Poland!

I need to go get some schoolwork done, but I figured I’d do a quick update since it’ll be a few weeks until my next one.

This past weekend was our cabin weekend with the girls! This will be the last cabin trip at my parent’s cabin since it’s been for sale for a few months. I doubt they’ll be hanging onto it still by next winter! We’ve owned the cabin for 11 years, so I have a lot of memories there! Tons of naps, books read, sitting on the porch… Lots of quality time, seeing as there is no TV and we try to stay off our phones while we’re there. It’ll be sad to see the cabin go for sure.


We got there late on Friday night since everybody had to work, and the cabin is about 2 hours north of downtown Atlanta (where all the girls were coming from). This was Laura’s first trip to the cabin, and Gina and Kassie came too, but they’ve been a bunch before. We hung out on Friday night before going to bed around 11pm.

Saturday morning, we all went in town for breakfast. I actually ran into my old college roommate and more recently, my old coworker, Shelby out there! It was so good to see her! The girls and I grabbed coffee at the local coffee shop and planned Kassie’s baby shower and talked about traveling. I swear, I got so lucky by finding a group of good friends that love to travel so much. And we’ve been friends forever, so it’s not like we found each other because of that common interest. We’ve just grown up that way! After coffee and planning, we headed out to walk around downtown and to check out a huge used book store.

We had to go back to the cabin to clean up since there was a 4pm showing, so we ran there to clean up and had planned on going to the park. The check in “house” for the cabin rentals (my parent’s cabin was a rental previously and is still in with a bunch of rentals, but the owners can choose if they want to rent or not, and my parents don’t rent theirs out) is also a winery. I had never been in there before since it never looks busy, but it was so nice out on Saturday and people were on the porch! So we decided to hit up the winery!


I never drink. But the wine was so good and I got so drunk. We talked about Trump (I’m the only semi-pro Trump person out of them, and I actually don’t like Trump, but I don’t really think “grabbing women by the pussy” disqualifies a candidate and I am glad to get away from lifelong politicians for a term) and race and other things that I probably should stay away from while drunk. It was a lot of fun though and it was even kind of nice to get unexpectedly drunk off two bottles of wine, haha. Too bad Kassie couldn’t drink with us!

We went out to get pizza after that and then headed back to the cabin, where we ate dinner, played games, and chilled.

Sunday morning, we got up and got ready fairly quickly. Jon had to fly back to Charleston (he stayed the weekend on a layover from Orlando, where he went last week for a regional meeting for work) at 3, so I was trying to get home to see him before he left. We stopped at Panera on the way back, and then I got home in time to take Jon to the airport.

I had really mild UTI symptoms all weekend long and my UTIs are normally awful. But with our upcoming trip, I decided to get get checked. I went to an urgent care and while I was there, I just became miserable in like, ten seconds flat. My back hurt so incredibly bad and I was so nauseous! Thankfully, I took an emesis bag from the urgent care because I threw up in my car on the way home. I took Tramadol once I got home and went and laid down. Thankfully, my mom is wonderful and took care of Jackson while I was miserable. WTF is wrong with me this last month?! I had hand, foot, and mouth and now a UTI?! I hope things improve by Poland!

I need to get going now! I’m trying to get my schoolwork mostly done since we leave for Poland on THURSDAY! I really want to keep Jackson home on Thursday morning, but Jon lands in Atlanta around 1 so I’m going to the airport early. Jon wants to pack in a bag that I have here, so we have some stuff to do once he lands before I go into the airport with him. I am going to miss my boy so much!

Look at that face! He has no lips, just like Jon. And he started toddling around! He took 9 steps the other night, but then he barely walked at all yesterday. He’s getting there though! I wish you could see his hair curls there, but he has curls right above both ears and right on the top of his head. It’s so cute. I get so excited to see his little face and to hang out with him now! 10 days is going to be too long without him!

After we get back from Poland, Jackson and I officially go out to Charleston! I’m super excited to have our family under one roof! It’ll be busy though, since I feel like our weekend are already filling up for February, March, and April and I kind of just want to time for us to be a family in our new city!

Alrighty, I have to go get some homework done! I only have two days to get everything done for our trip!

One thought on “Cabin Weekend and Pre-Poland!

  1. I had wine on Saturday and got drunk too, really quickly! I never really drink much either so it was weird but good fun! Sounds like you had a great last weekend in the cabin!
    I hope you feel better for Poland, have a great time!

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