Weekend Updates

What a wonderful weekend! I have had this whole weekend off, and I still have next weekend and the following two weekends off work! I don’t know how I worked so many weekends in a row (probably because I never worked two back-to-back twelve hour shifts lately because I hate it) lately, but this is so freeing to be off for so many weekends!

Friday we had a “snow storm” in Atlanta. I was working during the day, but thankfully, the weather deterred people from really coming to the ER. We still were steady all day, but never crazy. And I had good assignments all day long.

When I got home from work (still clear weather!), Jon was here to greet me! He got home early and it was nice to be home to my husband! I don’t even remember if we did anything on Friday night. I think maybe we went to eat? No idea. Maybe we just hung out at home? Doesn’t matter.

Saturday morning was a snowy one, so we hung out and had pajama Saturday with Jackson. But then we decided to venture out, so my mom hung out at home with Jackson while Jon and I went to REI to try to get the last of our Poland gear. We stopped at Honeybaked Ham for lunch since I’ve been craving their ham since Thanksgiving and it was so good! Then we headed over to REI, where we bought a few things (another thick pair of socks and a Smartwool shirt for me- I LOVE Smartwool, but they are way too expensive) that’ll be nice to keep us warm.

After we put Jackson to bed, Jon and I decided to head to the outlet mall in Woodstock for Ghirardelli hot chocolate. It’s a drive to get out there, but it’s the best hot chocolate ever! Unfortunately, everything was closed because of the weather. We found a coffee shop on Yelp and went to downtown Woodstock, but that was closed too! The only thing open was a cigar bar, so Jon and I decided to head in there.

Aside from the horrible stench of cigars (I have been to cigar bars that are really well ventilated- this was not one of them), it was actually kind of fun. Jon hasn’t smoked cigars in awhile, but it was pretty laid back and I have a feeling most of the people in there were regulars. Besides, sometimes it’s nice to just do something unexpected, especially since life with babies is pretty predictable.

Sunday morning we were having brunch at Rachel’s with her and her husband and baby, Kassie and Billy, and Gina and Brian. Now that it’s officially announced, the pregnant one is Kassie! I think she’s 18 weeks now with a little girl! So much fun! I can’t wait until she has her! Brunch was a lot of fun! We had originally talked about going out for brunch, but in response to a question, I mentioned that Jackson is pretty difficult to take out to eat right now. We decided on a potluck brunch at Rachel’s since it would be easier, and it definitely was! Their daughter is 6 months old and Jackson had plenty of her toys to keep him occupied! It’s still hard to focus on the adult conversation with a little person distracting you, but it was so much easier being there than a restaurant. At the end of our brunch, Kassie mentioned that she could see why we opted for an in-home brunch instead, after she saw how rambunctious Jackson is these days!


Rachel, me, Gina, Kassie.

Once we got home from brunch, I went to meet up with Laura. We ran to Target for a new steamer pot (I may have burnt that pot at my parent’s house because I forgot it was on the stove… oops), then had some dinner at Atlanta Bread Company, followed by hot chocolate at Starbuck’s.

Jon decided to stay in Atlanta last night since he doesn’t have any cases in Charleston, so we got to hang out all night too! We have been getting along wonderfully lately and I really have enjoyed our time together, so I was really happy that he was home Jon and I watched The Fundamentals of Caring on Netflix, which was a cute movie. I was in the movie for something funny and light and it was good for that! I’d recommend it.


Jon and Jackson before daycare today.

I took Jackson to daycare this morning and had breakfast at home with Jon. He just left and now I need to run to Whole Foods and then start on schoolwork. I’m getting my hair colored this afternoon, even though I always second guess if I really want it dyed again. Part of me just wants to let my hair grow out completely to my natural color, but I just never do. Today is the first day of our semester, so I’ll be working super hard to get ahead in the short time we have before we leave for Poland!

Speaking of Poland, everything is booked! I’m super excited to get there! It’s going to be a blast! Super cold, but definitely fun! I’m going to miss my little squishy boy so much though, but it will be much needed to spend some quality time with Jon! Especially since he will be in Savannah so much over the next few months. I can’t believe we leave NEXT THURSDAY! And I’m already ready to start planning my next trip!

Alrighty, time to head out to be a productive adult!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Updates

  1. Awww I love my weekends, I’m not sure I could go back to working weekends again! This sounds like a great weekend, we very rarely do couple things with my friends but when we do its always good fun. Its always funny to come across differences between here and the US, smoking in public enclosed areas has been banned in Scotland for 10 years now its so weird when you go to another country and people are smoking in bars or coffee shops, the smell always takes me back in time, ha!
    I’m so excited for your Poland trip, I wish I was going on an adventure!!

    • Smoking is banned in most places in the US too! Even in bars, smoking typically isn’t allowed. But there are a few designated cigar bars where smoking cigars is allowed! It’s state by state here, although I don’t know of any places where it’s still allowed!

  2. also Jackson is so cute, those blue eyes!!!

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