Jackson’s 15 Week Schedule

This may be boring for my readers without kids, but I haven’t ever done a “Day in the Life” or strictly baby updates because that’s not really my style. But since I will be looking back at my blog eventually, it could be fun!

Jackson was 15 weeks old day.

We have been following Babywise (BW) from the start, although, with his recent daycare adventures, we’ve gotten out of that a little bit. But we have always stressed eat, wake, sleep (immediately from waking from his nap, he eats, then has wake time, and then he sleeps.

A day now goes like this:

6:30-7am: Wake up and eat (he eats 5oz bottles of breastmilk). I’m going to assume he woke up at 6:30 today. I feed him on the couch, wash his butt in the sink (he loves this part!), get him dressed, and give him some tummy time. He’s always super happy in the morning and is all smiles and squeals.

7:30am: Down for a nap. Because we were strict from the start with BW, we have a good napper on our hands and we don’t use sleep props. No pacifier, no swaddle anymore, no noise. We just close his blinds and walk out. During this time, I pump, make breakfast, clean up, sometimes shower… (On daycare days, this is when I get ready and prep his stuff for daycare and typically I pump again).

9:30am: Wakes up from his nap, has another bottle and diaper change, and then we do more tummy time. This is typically when I would run errands with him, but now, this is when I drop him off at daycare. I try to get out of the house right after his diaper change so we end up at daycare around 10:45. If he isn’t at daycare though…

10:45: Nap time again. (He gets 60 minutes of wake time in the morning, 75-90 for the next two EWS cycles). This is when I would get stuff done around the house if we’re at home (wash bottles!), or we would be running errands. If he’s at daycare, I tend to do some errands, pumping, showering, pool, whatever!

12:30-12:45ish: He’s up again for a bottle and diaper change. We hang out again for awhile. If we had run an errand together, I would do a short wake time here (because he doesn’t nap much if we’re out) and he’d be down for a nap soon after this. Assuming we were home, then he would be up with me around the house, doing tummy time again…

1:45: Nap again.

3:30ish: Up again for bottle, diaper change, and tummy time (we do this regularly). We also work on him grabbing toys, sitting up, whatever. I talk to him about my day and he squeals and smiles more. This is also when I pick him up from daycare if he’s there. I get there between 3-3:30 almost always. If this was a daycare day (as they are most of the time now), then we come home and I top him off with a bottle (he surprisingly usually wants a whole bottle, even if he ate not long ago- he always has 2 bottles at daycare), put him in a cloth diaper (daycare doesn’t do cloth), and then we cuddle in his room and I put him down for a nap. This is my favorite time of the day. I LOVE picking him up from daycare and bringing him home to cuddle with me!

Our evenings are always different. If he was at daycare, then he sleeps from about 4-6:15pm because he doesn’t sleep much at daycare. He had a 40 minute nap today and he did two 30 minute naps before while at daycare. If he has been home with me for the day and his naps are on schedule, then he naps from about 4:45-6:00.

Once he’s up at 6ish, he’s up till bedtime. We feed him when he wakes up at 6. If he’s really tired, I’ll try to take him on a walk or take him on an errand where I wear him so he can get in a little cat nap. He just needs 15 minutes to recharge until bedtime. This is also when he does bath time (I don’t do baths- Jon does them!) and I tend to clean up the house around this time. Jon and I usually eat something for dinner. Jackson gets into his PJs, his night cloth (we add an extra insert), and gets his final bottle and is in bed by 8:30. Since I’m having to wake him up every morning though, even if I let him sleep until 7am, we just moved bedtime up to 8:15. Although, tonight he was extra tired and slept through his last feed, which started at 7:55.

Most Babywise babies sleep a full 12 hours. Since I want him up around 6:30am for his usual daytime activities, I really don’t want him doing 12 hours at night. I would LOVE if we could have him get up at 8am, but consistency works for babies and because he has to get up so early on workdays, 6:30 is just easier to stick with. If we do 12 hours at night, he’d be going to bed at 6:30 and I can’t handle that! I want Jon and I to be able to enjoy him  in the evenings! But I have a feeling our bedtime will probably get earlier over the next month or so (and then they start dropping a nap), so he’ll probably be sleeping from 7:30pm-6:30am.

My work days vary in the mornings depending on when I work. Jon will take him to daycare if I work at 7. I will take him when I work at 9, and I take him if I work at 11. I try to get a morning nap in at home if I work at 11, but when I work at 9, I’ll have to get ready and pump before 6:45 and get him up and changed so I can drop him off at daycare before work.

I can’t give Babywise enough praise for giving us this sleeper! Even though I’m not strict BW, I learned such valuable lessons about how to put babies to sleep and about proper wake times for babies based on their age! We were struggling more with getting him down for naps in the early days because I kept him up too long and he would get overtired and fight sleep. Now, we don’t have that problem. Even when he is overtired, he is so great at self soothing that he still puts himself to sleep like a champ no matter what (unless we’re somewhere else- then sometimes naps are a little more rough).

The daycare ladies always say what a great baby he is and how he is so happy and just lays there and smiles and babbles. One said the other day, “If Jackson is crying, we know he’s hungry or tired!”

Anyway, I should be getting to bed. It’s almost 11pm and I need to do my last pump (which will take awhile- I’ve accidentally dropped to 5 pumps a day instead of 6, so I’m getting super full lately). Glad tomorrow is Saturday so I have help all morning until Jon leaves for the Braves game!

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